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  1. 2017 Kia Niro
  2. Triumphant Erdogan swats away Western criticism of referendum
  3. The Latest: Turkish leader gets call from Trump after vote
  4. Prosecutor: Suspect in Washington mall shooting found dead
  5. Jakarta election exposes deep political, religious divide
  6. T-Mobile got an amazing deal on its $8 billion spectrum haul
  7. Prince Harry Close to ‘Complete Breakdown’ After Mother’s Death
  8. Pence takes message of U.S. resolve against North Korea to Japan
  9. Now I Get It: Justice Neil Gorsuch's impact on upcoming Supreme Court decisions
  10. Netflix misses subscriber target, but firm outlook helps shares higher
  11. Pence visits Tokyo to reaffirm security ties as N. Korea tensions rise
  12. Trump Team's Mixed Messages On North Korea
  13. 15 Free Printable Mother's Day Cards
  14. Barack Obama Takes Vacation Snap of Michelle and the Internet Goes Crazy
  15. U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis to talk Islamic State, Syria in Middle East
  16. AP FACT CHECK: Trump flip-flops also turn truth upside down
  17. AI Could Help Predict Heart Attacks
  18. Crest Has a Terrible Leaking-Toothpaste Problem
  19. Tesla just gave the Model S a $7,500 price cut
  20. Bernie Sanders kicks off cross-country tour, wants change
  21. Appealing for calm, China says US wants talks on North Korea
  22. Watch First 360-Degree Stream Of NASA Rocket Launch
  23. Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Survives Slicing, Stabbing
  24. Prince Harry Reveals Mental Health Struggles After Mom's Death: 'Very Close
  25. Rejoice: Barack Obama is now a husband of Instagram
  26. Trump: I won’t say whether we sabotaged North Korea missile test
  27. Catch this recent episode of Charlie Rose
  28. Democrats aim to 'make Trump furious' in Georgia race
  29. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is already a smash hit
  30. Cleveland police widen manhunt for Facebook murder suspect
  31. Japan Planning To Deploy Troops Amid North Korea Threats
  32. Hear the Chilling 911 Calls After Shooting of Beloved Grandfather on Facebook Video
  33. Apple Rolls Out Gifts Page For This Year's Mother's Day
  34. 2018 Honda Accord Spied: Zestier Bread and Butter
  35. Pence says South Korea-U.S. free trade agreement to be reviewed, reformed
  36. Apple’s Beats Solo3 and Powerbeats3 have never been cheaper than they are right now
  37. Man gets 25 years in 1979 case of missing boy Etan Patz
  38. Boeing to cut hundreds of engineering jobs
  39. US Supreme Court rejects Arkansas request to allow execution
  40. One big question still surrounds Apple’s iPhone 8
  41. Trump Celebrates 139th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll
  42. iPhone 8 hype is getting out of hand
  43. Google Earth Just Received A Major Upgrade
  44. Chemical Weapons Aren’t the Real Problem in Syria
  45. Eight Mummies Discovered In Ancient Egyptian Tomb
  46. 20,000 Convictions Dropped After Massive Drug Lab Scandal
  47. The Latest: Congressional race: Democrat leads early returns
  48. Volkswagen continues to rebuild its identity with its latest electric concept car
  49. Here’s What Erdogan’s Referendum Means for Turkey, the EU, and the U.S.
  50. Trump eyes reform of H-1B visas for skilled workers
  51. Victim’s family wishes Facebook killer had been captured alive
  52. Gorgeous World Heritage sites you can visit
  53. Florida state senator to publicly apologize for racial slurs
  54. North Korea Botched a Missile Test This Weekend
  55. GOP Sen. Ernst says Trump should spend less time at Mar-a-Lago
  56. Ex-NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Hangs Himself In Prison
  57. Large asteroid to pass close to Earth on Wednesday: NASA
  58. Ex-NFL star Hernandez hangs self in prison; family seeks probe
  59. Ossoff to face Handel in Georgia runoff
  60. The Latest: Missing hikers related to Merrell Boot founder
  61. The Latest: Georgia congressional race heads to runoff
  62. Arkansas judge who joined protest barred from execution case
  63. Trump inaugural attracts record $107 million in donations
  64. Trump's threatened 'armada' still far from N. Korea: official
  65. UN court rejects Ukraine request to block rebel funding
  66. Setback doesn't deter Arkansas plans for later executions
  67. The Latest: Hernandez pal can't believe he killed himself
  68. Venezuela's Maduro seeks to expand armed civilian militias
  69. Many people stop taking life-saving drugs after heart attacks
  70. Venezuela braces for 'mother of all protests'
  71. How To Sign Into Your Microsoft Account Without A Password
  72. In photos: The best cities for Millennials 2017
  73. Ann Coulter vows to speak at Berkeley despite cancellation
  74. White House defends portrayal of 'armada' push toward Korean peninsula
  75. Volleyball games at North Korean nuke test site: monitor
  76. Egypt discovers 3,000-year-old tomb of nobleman
  77. Man gets deportation reprieve after drawing clergy support
  78. Fox dropped O’Reilly, but activists want more from the network
  79. Venezuelan protests against government leave two students dead
  80. 2 victims identified in Fresno shooting rampage
  81. Kelly says critical lawmakers should changes laws or shut up
  82. Yemen war needs a political solution: U.S. defense secretary
  83. US tells North Korea: We don't want a fight, don't start one
  84. McDonald's order trips up Facebook slaying suspect
  85. Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide In Prison
  86. The Latest: Congressional vote count: Democrat lead narrows
  87. Why 4/20 became a pot smoker's holiday
  88. Mama Bear Splashes Around With Cub During Debut at Zoo
  89. The Latest: US official expresses concern over Venezuela
  90. Did Aaron Hernandez Leave A Suicide Note?
  91. Bomb in Syria's Aleppo kills six, injures more than 30: state TV
  92. China EV makers to take on Tesla's Model 3 through price, local manufacture
  93. Trump praises China for helping on North Korea
  94. Fox dumps embattled host over harassment allegations
  95. Tillerson accuses Iran of 'alarming provocations' as U.S. reviews policy
  96. Sanders urges Democrats to reach out to Trump supporters
  97. New England Patriots Visit White House Hours After Aaron Hernandez's Suicide in
  98. PHOTOS: Corvette ZR1 Testing at the Nurburgring
  99. Bomb, gun attacks kill two in Thailand's deep south
  100. France plot suspects had serial identities, multiple addresses
  101. Bill O'Reilly to leave Fox News
  102. 19 Mother's Day Lunch Ideas She'll Seriously Appreciate
  103. Rising seas could push some U.S. migration to areas far from coast: study
  104. Is a mini SNES coming for Holiday 2017?
  105. Exclusive: Putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 U.S. election - document
  106. The Mercedes-AMG S63 Now Makes 603 Horsepower
  107. Police officers shot on Champs-Élysées in Paris and more: April 20 in photos
  108. Karina Vetrano's Killer Blames 'Emotions' For Murder
  109. Verizon is losing customers like crazy, even with unlimited data plans
  110. Conservatives stymied by latest Arkansas execution setback
  111. Australia to raise English language standard for citizenship
  112. Scientists just unearthed an absolutely terrifying new sea creature
  113. Tech firms urge court to toss Trump travel ban
  114. GM quits Venezuela after government seizes its factory
  115. GM says Venezuela has illegally seized its manufacturing plant
  116. Police: Suspect pointed gun at officer who fatally shot him
  117. Pot fans observe 4/20 holiday with smoke-outs, high hike
  118. Marijuana activists arrested at US Capitol on '4/20' day
  119. Watch Munich Startup Lilium Test All-Electric Flying Car, Lilium Jet
  120. Tillerson declares the Iran nuclear deal a failure
  121. Today’s Alexa smart plug sale on Amazon is even better than yesterday’s
  122. U.S. pushes U.N. Security Council to focus on Iran not Israel
  123. 10 Things to Know for Thursday
  124. US tries to clear waters after N. Korea 'armada' confusion
  125. Defense, finance, telecoms donated heavily to Trump inauguration: U.S. filing
  126. Russian army denies building up forces near North Korea: Ifax
  127. Bose accused of tracking and sharing users' personal information without their knowle
  128. 16 'WYD After Smoking This' memes that will leave you giggling
  129. The Latest: Runoff in Georgia House race could test Trump
  130. Samantha Bee fixes Bill O'Reilly's lame 'apology' in one perfect
  131. The Latest: Arkansas governor disappointed by court ruling
  132. Trump's Mexico Border Wall To Start By Summer End, John Kelly Says
  133. The 89 Most Delish Holiday Appetizers
  134. Ahmadinejad barred as Iran Guardians pick vote candidates
  135. Berkeley reverses decision to nix speech by right-wing commentator
  136. Wendy Walsh Reacts to Bill O'Reilly's Ouster: 'I Have Compassion for t
  137. Off-duty Santa Monica police officer travels from LAX to Taiwan with gun in carry-on
  138. This photo of Earth peaking out between Saturn's rings will make you feel small
  139. The Latest: Trump says charges against Assange would be 'OK'
  140. Death toll spikes to 20 in Venezuela protests
  141. Gunman kills 2 St. Louis utility workers, turns gun on self
  142. Arrest of WikiLeaks's Assange a 'priority': US top cop
  143. Man Beats Tiny Yorkie to Death for Vomiting in His Car: Cops
  144. Lawyers: Dismissed drug convictions mostly for freed inmates
  145. Flying car costing more than $1 million goes on show in Monaco
  146. Tillerson to meet with Southeast Asian foreign ministers in May
  147. Terror strikes Champs Elysees in deadly attack
  148. Trump raps Iran as violating 'spirit' of nuclear deal
  149. How To Make Your Very Own Unicorn Frappuccino
  150. Keep evidence from ex-NFLer Hernandez's prison suicide: judge
  151. Conservatives fault Arkansas court for halting executions
  152. Trump tells young immigrants in US illegally to 'rest easy'
  153. Russian navy visits Philippines as Duterte tightens ties with U.S. foes
  154. 3 Pakistani women confess to killing man over blasphemy
  155. Obama's photographer takes down Sarah Palin with one very classy Instagram photo
  156. U.S. judicial panel finds Texas hurt Latino vote with redrawn boundaries
  157. Turkey at 'final stage' with Russia over S-400 missile system: Defense minister
  158. US congressional leader Ryan: US stands with NATO, Poland
  159. The best plans for your new Galaxy S8
  160. GM faces hard road getting compensated for Venezuela factory
  161. Further clashes in Venezuela after deadly unrest
  162. Social media outrage as Sessions calls Hawaii 'island in the Pacific'
  163. Goodbye Lenin? Russian lawmakers try to tweak law to get him buried
  164. A catalogue of terror in France
  165. Tiny Harris Responds To T.I.-Bernice Burgos Rumors
  166. Power outage cripples San Francisco for hours
  167. Trump invites Vietnam's prime minister to visit U.S.
  168. Barack Obama returns
  169. Judge criticized by Trump to rule on 'Dreamer' lawsuit
  170. Hunting party held hostage in Iraq since 2015 freed
  171. Fresno killings suspect shouts out during 1st court hearing
  172. Latest Bill O'Reilly Accuser Opens Up About His Fox News Exit: 'I Felt Triu
  173. The Latest: US, Russia discuss Syria chemical weapons probe
  174. Fears shroud French election after Champs Elysees attack
  175. Russia denies Reuters report think tank drew up plan to sway U.S. election
  176. Tourists venture back to Champs Elysees after attack: 'Vive Paris!'
  177. Missing Tennessee student found, former teacher arrested
  178. GE shares fall on cash, business worries though profit beats
  179. Sanctuary cities must cooperate with immigration authorities
  180. Airline to slap belligerent passengers who delay flights with hefty fines
  181. Police officer killed in Paris was on duty at Bataclan
  182. Arkansas execution drugs intended for surgery, heart issues
  183. American tries to learn from United's mistakes in incident
  184. Clashes as German anti-immigration party power struggle spills over
  185. March for Science draws big crowds across U.S.
  186. How Trump's swamp-draining words compare with his actions
  187. Champs-Elysees gunman was detained in February
  188. Elon Musk’s grand plan for your brain includes adding new senses
  189. IS claims deadly attack on FSB office in Russia
  190. March for Science draws big crowds, clever signs across U.S.
  191. Thousands join March for Science to fight 'alternative facts'
  192. 'Silent protest' over 20 deaths in Venezuela
  193. Justice Dept. warns cities, what about sanctuary workplaces?
  194. VIDEO: Passengers defend mother allegedly hit by flight attendant at SFO
  195. UC Berkeley students threaten to sue over Ann Coulter visit
  196. VIDEO: Passengers defend mother allegedly hit by flight attendant at SFO
  197. Tiffany Trump Parties With Bella Thorne In New York City
  198. Trump meets freed US-Egyptian
  199. Should The Bible Be Taught In Schools?
  200. Peaceful outcome for Korean peninsula still possible: Pence
  201. Australia, New Zealand hit back at North Korea threat
  202. Abu Sayyaf militants behead kidnapped Philippine soldier: army
  203. The March for Science stretched all the way to the North Pole
  204. Bernie Sanders Aims To Revamp Democratic Party
  205. Egypt's Sisi visits Saudi Arabia as tensions ease
  206. Three Iraqi policemen killed in suicide attack south of Mosul
  207. Pence says United States will honor refugee deal with Australia
  208. The Latest: Cheers, silence as French election results fall
  209. French election will be 'major test' for populism
  210. Report: Anti-Semitism rises, but violence against Jews falls
  211. US Treasury will not waive Russia sanctions for oil companies
  212. Saudi king names son as US envoy as ties boosted with Trump
  213. U.S. charges Russian arrested in Spain with operating spam botnet
  214. Ryan: Russian election meddling probe will help US allies
  215. Human rights advocate found stabbed to death in the Maldives
  216. Russian lawmaker's son gets 27 years prison in U.S. hacking case
  217. Grand Canyon tram project stalls before Navajo council vote
  218. 26 hostages, including Qatar royals, freed in bargain
  219. 7 Tips For Traveling More Efficiently
  220. 2017 Ford Transit 350 Cargo Van EcoBoost V-6
  221. Transcript of AP interview with Trump
  222. 4-Year-Old Marks Seventh Child To Die From Drug Overdose In One County
  223. Overseas voters kick off crucial French presidential election
  224. Italy prosecutor stirs migrant 'taxis' row with NGOs
  225. Mexico says 2 top drug traffickers killed near US border
  226. Dutch 'abortion boat' arrives off Mexico
  227. 6 Things To Know About The French Election
  228. Canary Islands battles two-mile oil slick after ferry crash
  229. These ‘Married At First Sight’ Couples Are Still Together
  230. McDonald's braces for the apocalypse with chic new uniforms
  231. Author and conservationist Kuki Gallmann shot in Kenya
  232. Melenchon, France's failed hard-left presidential candidate
  233. Macron, Le Pen leading French vote: initial projections
  234. For One Minnesota Man, Tax Season Is Best Time of the Year
  235. Terror charges for suspects in French election plot
  236. German foreign minister to press Israel for two-state solution
  237. Russia boosts military spending despite sanctions: study
  238. Tight, tense French presidential vote echoes around world
  239. Florida evacuation orders lifted as rain quells wildfires
  240. Pope likens migrant holding centers to 'concentration camps'
  241. The Latest: California police ask for help to find boy
  242. French consulate in New York evacuated after bomb threat
  243. Police search for missing boy in California; father arrested
  244. Schumer: Boost communication after Penn Station stampede
  245. France's Macron appears set for Elysee in runoff with Le Pen
  246. Top conservationist wounded in Kenya gun attack
  247. Tears of joy and frustration after French election count
  248. NKorea detains US citizen, the 3rd American being held there
  249. Trump says Mexico 'eventually' will pay for border wall
  250. Tips For Paying Off Credit Cards