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  1. Officers stop deer on California bridge for 'toll evasion'
  2. Save the date: Next Philly Naked Bike Ride just days away
  3. Crew to attempt removal of mysterious object from beach
  4. Authorities searching for heavily tattooed escaped inmate
  5. Bicyclist follows app into Lincoln Tunnel, issued summons
  6. Deputies: Man uses AK-47 to shoot tires in horse dispute
  7. Maine woman, 2 goats unhurt after crash on interstate
  8. Postal workers charged with taking bribes to deliver drugs
  9. UFO enthusiasts heading to Wyoming for upcoming rendezvous
  10. Tiger the tabby is one of Sing Sing prison's last felines
  11. Wayward alligator found in motel pool was part of rap video
  12. Lottery retires machine that printed record $758.7M ticket
  13. LA's popular Angels Flight about to reach for heavens again
  14. 'Suspect apprehended!' Police nab 6-foot Miami Beach python
  15. Easy collar: Men accused of robbing bar during police party
  16. Residents find alligator in backyard pool
  17. Woman posts picture of premature baby born in amniotic sac
  18. Man convicted of using false name at jail to avoid prison
  19. Professors get $300,000 grant for digital fake-news detector
  20. Political anxiety, disaster add fuel to Zozobra fire
  21. New Mexico village to hold Bigfoot festival
  22. Cleaning crew finds decomposed body inside empty house
  23. Yellow lobster joins Boston aquarium's colorful collection
  24. Back from watery grave: car stolen in 1979, owner, reuniting
  25. Ex-Ohio library worker receives probation for stealing DVDs
  26. Ex-New Jersey funeral worker charged in sidewalk casket case
  27. Heavily tattooed escaped inmate found in Pennsylvania
  28. Retired police officer steps off with college marching band
  29. World's highest sandcastle built in German city
  30. 'Smart vest' turns stray dogs into Thailand's street guardians
  31. Yacht's distress call leads to big Greek marijuana bust
  32. Mystery continues after removal of object off beach
  33. A monkey named Spiderman dies in New York at age 43
  34. Library: Fines can't be paid with Chuck E. Cheese tokens
  35. Authorities put up drug dealer's sneaker collection for sale
  36. Ghostly, translucent lobster hauled from ocean off Maine
  37. Mexico breaks world record with 3-tonne guacamole
  38. Prost! German beats his own world record for carrying beer steins
  39. Kitten walking on highway rescued after traffic is shut down
  40. Maine's 'Passy Pete' lobster predicts 6 more weeks of summer
  41. Dog helps sniff out invasive ants on California island
  42. Police 'terrified' by red 'It' balloons tied to sewer grates
  43. Police officer delivers son in hotel parking lot
  44. Cops: Man who robbed Pittsburgh-area bank hired jitney
  45. Jersey shore town bans elaborate tents to help overcrowding
  46. Fowl play: Dutch man imprisoned for stealing plastic duck
  47. Nebraska woman lends her wedding dress to brides on a budget
  48. Fake architect sentenced in 'Operation Vandelay Industries'
  49. Cops: Frat party cited for indoor waterfall, minors drinking
  50. Sheep get loose, dodge traffic in Alaska's biggest city
  51. Texas woman jailed after slipping cuffs, stealing police SUV
  52. Police officers help deliver baby girl for panicking parents
  53. Teen takes credit for red 'It' balloons tied to sewer grates
  54. Best-in-show baked goods eaten during masked Ohio burglary
  55. Police shoot and kill tiger that wandered on busy interstate
  56. Guinness records include long-tailed cat, old bodybuilder
  57. Oregon town seeks solutions to wild turkey, their droppings
  58. Dozens screened after beer found at prep football game
  59. Accelerator? Brake?: Elderly driver trashes German petrol station
  60. Yuck or yum? Swiss offer insect burgers of mealworm larvae
  61. Indiana farmer plants corn maize tribute to Carrie Fisher
  62. Minnesota university teaches philosophy through Harry Potter
  63. Cops 'find' red balloon floating in Stephen King's hometown
  64. Bikers in the buff ride through Philadelphia's streets
  65. 2 stranded manatees helped after Irma sucks water from bay
  66. Police: Thieves take SUV pulling U-Haul with a casket inside
  67. Lawsuit settled over rights to monkey's selfie photo
  68. Bikini baristas sue Washington city over dress code law
  69. Alaska teens petition for statewide climate change policy
  70. Complaints about festival's cold pizza prompt state inquiry
  71. Sides agree to stop monkeying around in primate selfie suit
  72. Monster "fatberg" found in east London sewer
  73. Vermont police seek panda-costume wearing theft suspect
  74. No more monkey business: lawsuit over macaque's 'selfie' is settled
  75. UK engineers launch 'sewer war' against giant fat blob
  76. Babies born on back-to-back days outside same Burger King
  77. Portable Czech brewery brings home-made beer garden dreams a step closer
  78. Germany fights invasion of American crayfish in Berlin park
  79. Museum bids to acquire huge 'fatberg' clogging London sewer
  80. Cops: Man's GPS led him to drive into Pennsylvania river
  81. Arkansas woman admits using county cash to buy dog tuxedo
  82. Police: Man nabbed trying to rob just-burglarized restaurant
  83. Hunky cops photo prompts Facebook users to ask for arrests
  84. Police: Woman took taxi home after robbing bank
  85. Injured hawk 'Harvey' that gained online fame to be released
  86. Grave humor: House next to cemetery has 'quiet neighbors'
  87. Goodbye Cassini: Saturn spacecraft gets funny opera send-off
  88. Pathologist suspected of drunken driving toted human organs
  89. Sock horror! Terrifying lizard turns out to be dirty clothing
  90. Venezuela's new plan to beat hunger: Breed rabbits
  91. Tall tail: Record-setting cats share home near Detroit
  92. No use in crying: Spilled milk turns Indiana creek white
  93. SpaceX bloopers video: 'How NOT to land an orbital rocket'
  94. Help! Help! There's a kangaroo loose on Highway L
  95. Tied down with late budget, lawmakers warned to keep on ties
  96. French city to send misspelled Montpelier jerseys to Vermont
  97. Liquid cats, crocodile bets and didgeridoos win Ig Nobel science prizes
  98. Research on big ears, crocodile gambling wins Ig Nobels
  99. Liquid cats, crocodile bets and didgeridoos win Ig Nobel science prizes
  100. Man to trial on charges he sent Hannibal Lecter pic to judge
  101. Police: People dressed as ninjas started fires in building
  102. Trump invites 11-year-old boy to mow Rose Garden lawn
  103. Dirty money? Wads of cut-up cash found in Geneva toilets
  104. Oh, man! Town might change Board of Selectmen to Selectwomen
  105. Fish tale: Fisherman gets up close view of humpback whale
  106. Gas station robbery suspect's getaway car runs out of fuel
  107. Dog that disappeared in Florida in 2016 is found in New York
  108. Koala survives 10-mile Australia trip in wheel arch
  109. Pet deaths in Japan: dignified but dog-gone expensive
  110. Staying fit: Japan's elderly hits record in challenge to labor market
  111. Cops: Man who didn't want to drink alone breaks in with beer
  112. Geneva toilets flush with cash
  113. Michigan lottery tickets with 4 zeroes are worth $5,000
  114. Pierogis made for Broadway find new home in restaurant
  115. Pennsylvania Turnpike warns of 80-mile detour this weekend
  116. Hospital allow kids to drive themselves to operating room
  117. Colorado cops search for poop-and-run jogger
  118. Diamond on the highway: Officer comes to driver's rescue
  119. Police: Man steals green chile burger after slapping victim
  120. Tractor trailer makes wrong turn, gets stuck on boardwalk
  121. Chocolate overload: Rig chock-full of candy bars overturns
  122. Ex-Mountie headed to US prison for smuggling narwhal tusks
  123. Woman: I'd rather go to jail than take down pro-Trump signs
  124. 'Nasty' to have service dog in restaurant, customer says
  125. Pennsylvania high school golfer has 2 holes-in-one in round
  126. 300 bats caught by janitors at Salt Lake City high school
  127. Police: Shop owner fires warning shot, gets stolen beer back
  128. Prosecutors say Texas lawmaker spent $51K on online psychic
  129. Better late than never? Library book returned 78 years later
  130. California TV viewers alarmed by apocalyptic emergency alert
  131. Cops: 8-year-old girl helps drive drunken Pennsylvania man
  132. Cops: Owner taken for ride when test driver leaves with car
  133. LL Bean publishes outdoors ad only visible in the sunlight
  134. Raccoon jumps on moving Colorado police van, takes a ride
  135. Batman comic series to feature scenery from Portland, Maine
  136. New Mexico college bake sale charged prices based on race
  137. Etching of German rifle ground off AK-47 monument in Moscow
  138. Police: Stolen RV recovered with about 10 dogs still inside
  139. Graveyard plaque of Wild West figure was buried, not stolen
  140. Corn maze marks 100 anniversary of women voting in New York
  141. It took 66 million years, but California gets state dinosaur
  142. Japan's baby panda now has a name: Xiang Xiang, or fragrance
  143. Rangers: Woman armed with frying pan helped stop forest fire
  144. Bum rap? Sri Lankan arrested for trying to smuggle gold in rectum
  145. German police arrest wanted man after he tries to vote drunk
  146. New Alaska highway stripes are crooked, paint staining cars
  147. No more flying with reindeer: Unique Alaska planes to retire
  148. Baby left on side of Oklahoma freeway in car seat with cash
  149. Titanic 'fatberg' of congealed waste clogs Baltimore sewer
  150. Man claims he found maggots in convenience store sandwich
  151. Velcro's video implores consumers to say 'hook and loop'
  152. ERA and UFO: Indians pitcher Bauer loses drone in park
  153. Virginia police catch pot-bellied pig on the loose
  154. Police: New Jersey man arrested twice in 1 day for DWI
  155. Crayfish staff help Czech brewery keep its water as pure as can be
  156. Police officer avoids stinky situation during skunk rescue
  157. 'Nacho man' relates Cub's collision with snacks in St. Louis
  158. City council candidate dressed as clown makes voters nervous
  159. Oklahoma longhorn bull with record horn span sold in Texas
  160. The Pixies conclude Maine show with smoke and firefighters
  161. Pair of giant pandas from China welcomed in Indonesia
  162. McLaren owner in Germany claims donkey damaged car
  163. Fish fall from sky with rain in northern Mexico
  164. Fish fall from sky with rain in northern Mexico
  165. Escaped dog back home after surviving Hurricane Irma
  166. Grandma charged with smuggling drugs to jailed grandson
  167. Mystery couple picking up tabs at Pennsylvania restaurant
  168. Wayward couple rescued after driving into Atlantic Ocean
  169. Having the right name at the right, or sometimes wrong, time
  170. 2 cows, 2 cars, 2 crashes minutes apart in Maine
  171. Giraffe helps Missouri man propose to girlfriend
  172. Rugby: 'Stupid' Wales hooker misses Cheetahs match after lion bite
  173. Rugby player pays the penalty as lion bites his hand
  174. Police: Moving help unwitting accomplices in Montana theft
  175. Ohio residents say monkeys on the loose in neighborhood
  176. Goats, donkey corralled after getting loose in Pittsburgh
  177. Police: Man facing charges after fight over stolen pork roll
  178. Born in same hospital, on same day. Now they're married
  179. Joint pain: Man charged with hiding weed in courthouse weeds
  180. Naked Gun: Police say nude, drunk Florida man fired weapons
  181. FDA: 'Love' is not a real ingredient in bakery's granola
  182. Arrested drunk man claims he time traveled to warn of aliens
  183. Would-be thief in Rio chased out by jiu-jitsu students
  184. Burglar empties register, fills belly, makes clean getaway
  185. New Jersey state trooper tells cow to mooove it
  186. South Dakota St. Bernard has record-longest tongue for a dog
  187. Exorcism excise: U.S. psychic pleads guilty to $3.5 million tax evasion
  188. State yanks NY vineyard's liquor license over rowdy crowds
  189. Man sets up fake speed trap to curb smelly deer carcasses
  190. 'Psychic' paid $3.5M for exorcisms admits to tax evasion
  191. 'Jeopardy!' champ wins fans with quirky antics, big bets
  192. Pumpkin spice air freshener prompts evacuation of school
  193. Doomsday prepper sends all of his food to Puerto Rico
  194. Have wife will carry: Couples vie in wife-carrying contest
  195. Montana mayoral candidate needs only 1 vote _ his _ to win
  196. Hundreds of undead people take part in annual zombie walk
  197. Shark-suit wearer runs afoul of Austria's "burqa ban" law
  198. Alaska's popular reindeer, Star, dies in owner's arms
  199. Great pumpkins! Grower wins trifecta of giant food titles
  200. Police: Man calls in bomb threat to avoid paying bar tab
  201. Fire department fights brown recluse spiders after 2 bitten
  202. Turtle that swallowed fishing line released in ocean
  203. Report: Motorist falls short in bid to jump car over canal
  204. Heaviest is best: Pumpkin sets record at California contest
  205. School locked down after students fight, then parents brawl
  206. Russia's dog-loving leader gets another puppy as gift
  207. Leaders gifting live animals uncommon, but not unheard of
  208. Teacher who won $1M prize is accused of stealing $28 leash
  209. Oklahoma prisons selling inmates cold case playing cards
  210. Swiss flushing away millions in gold and silver every year
  211. Skinny dippers disrupt Massachusetts wedding reception
  212. Dog days? In Italy, count them like family sick days
  213. Nebraska city sells $43 house, may save thousands in deal
  214. Driver tells troopers that car chase was on his bucket list
  215. Paramedics save man after Dover sole jumps down his throat
  216. She can keep the cat! Student wins fight to keep support pet
  217. TV news report leads man to old shirt, $24 million jackpot
  218. Half-smoked Winston Churchill cigar sells for $12,000
  219. Man cited for painting over mural designed by children
  220. German man in hot water for running taps non-stop for a year
  221. Deer lassoed, rescued from Pittsburgh reservoir
  222. Crowd scrambles as man tosses cash into the air (on purpose)
  223. Friday the 13th: Flight 666 makes it safely to HEL
  224. Mike Diamond rescues fiancee's trashed engagement ring
  225. The high way to heaven? Man who hid drugs in Bible gets jail
  226. Drugs in prayer card with Jesus' image mailed to inmate
  227. Breaking mad: 'Breaking Bad' house gets fence to block fans
  228. Teacher who works at supermarket to vie for US bagging prize
  229. Sheriff: 2 briefly escape Oklahoma jail to visit girlfriends
  230. Northern Michigan University offers marijuana degree
  231. Man arrested after trying to light cigarette with nozzle
  232. Man wounded in shooting during fight in Tombstone saloon
  233. Hogwarts Express rescues stranded family in Scotland
  234. Man builds 2-story 'Star Wars' vehicle replica for Halloween
  235. Pathologist toting human organs while drunk gets probation
  236. FAA looking after pilot drops turkeys on Arkansas festival
  237. Candidate touts apparent hoax idea of drug-sniffing bunnies
  238. Crash leads to fight, stun gun, arrests on Indiana racetrack
  239. Attorney: Convicted tax schemer is too fat for prison
  240. Police: Man sprays foul-smelling brown liquid on produce
  241. FBI nabs 2 women suspected of bank heist try dressed as nuns
  242. Curiosity does in bear cubs after escape from wildlife park
  243. Cops: Man tried to rob market to get money for drug fines
  244. Man vows he's penniless in court; deputies find $4K on him
  245. New York City police pursue unusual Brooklyn suspect: a cow
  246. Newspaper lands easy scoop: Corvette crashes into its office
  247. Sweet Surrender: Detroit-area man arrested with doughnuts
  248. New York police round up wandering cow in Brooklyn park
  249. Baltimore workers remove "fatberg" of grease from sewer pipe
  250. Newlyweds' pot-bellied pig gets second reprieve from borough