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  1. Russian pranksters call heads of WADA, U.S. anti-doping agency
  2. Woman drove for days in Alaska with husband's body in casket
  3. Thai police charge two eight-year-old girls who tore down pink lists
  4. Hemingway (no relation) wins look-alike contest in Key West
  5. Hemingway (no relation) wins look-alike contest in Key West
  6. Fight between driver, passenger results in crash in Phoenix
  7. Man arrested after spending 12 hours in tree in Seattle
  8. Romania: hang glider dumps contraband cigarettes in field
  9. Band of monkeys raid Thai polling place, tear up voter lists
  10. Police reunite traveler with lost turtle at NYC bus station
  11. Italy party head under fire for likening Chamber speaker to sex doll
  12. Canadian woman fires pellet gun at Pokemon GO players
  13. Vegas judge orders swastika face tattoos covered for trial
  14. Transport truck rolls, spills chum salmon across Alaska road
  15. Man, 62, playing 'Pokemon Go' at night gets stuck in mud pit
  16. Think Trump and Clinton fall flat? Vote for Cat in the Hat
  17. Bottoms up! Man leaves clothes in pub as he goes to get cash
  18. No typical salmon run: Fish spills across Alaska highway
  19. Credit card records lead cops to New York bank burglars
  20. California wildfire displaces exotic animals, horses, cats and dogs, too
  21. Crews battling California wildfire face renewed blast of heat
  22. US Marine Corps horse honored for Korean War valor
  23. Man uses power spray to blast carjacking attempt at car wash
  24. Circus acrobats tie the knot on tightrope during show
  25. Michigan biker nabbed after Facebook post about eluding cops
  26. Oops! Trump: Clinton's VP pick was bad New Jersey governor
  27. British 'donkey whisperer' translates 'ee-aws' using technology
  28. Beekeeping is all the buzz in New York City
  29. Police: Bridal shop co-owner stood naked in store window
  30. He's a skydiver working with a net _ but no parachute
  31. Satire site blames Merkel for burnt pizza, Pokemon problems
  32. It's so hot in New York that manure is bursting into flames
  33. Oregon State Fair to feature marijuana
  34. GPS tells driver to turn around; car ends up almost vertical
  35. Norway mulls giving mountain peak to Finland
  36. 'Pokemon Go' player finds $2,000 at Pokestop in New Jersey
  37. Florida man arrested; doughnut flakes test positive for meth
  38. Bikini-clad Swedish cop makes arrest while sunbathing
  39. Are Swedes having less sex? The government wants to know
  40. Mounted police officer rides through drive-thru on horseback
  41. Rare, foul-smelling 'corpse flower' blooms in New York City
  42. Man sues to get license to marry Kentucky prison inmate
  43. 13-year-old boy reels in 200-pound shark on New Jersey beach
  44. Alaska whale-watchers rescue swimming deer in distress
  45. Heck, yeah! Rednecks hold their blanking Summer Games
  46. English bar blocks cell phones, tries to get patrons talking
  47. Maine restaurant cooks up 100-pound burger
  48. Vandal spray paints 'I'm drunk' on side of police station
  49. Red Sox slugger records wake-up calls for Boston students
  50. UK animal rescue center advices Downing Street on cat fights
  51. Police in New York hunt bandits who made off with pet bunny
  52. Some fish tackle ocean global warming by pretending it's night
  53. Police: Man scaling jail fence was trying to get in, not out
  54. Man takes to tree to avoid police, surrenders after 5 hours
  55. Boston police add $89,000 ice cream truck to patrol fleet
  56. Iranian official acknowledges porn actress visited country
  57. Nearly 100 ducks illegally released up for adoption soon
  58. After 'Pokemon Go' players knock on his door, man files suit
  59. Dog en route to Asia escapes, ends up New Jersey swamp
  60. 'Miracles can happen': Ring recovered in Lake Michigan
  61. Prankster changes western NY road sign to read 'I Love You'
  62. Germany: woman argues she didn't damage 'crossword' art work
  63. Pakistani lawmaker seeks to protect nation's youth: from Doraemon cartoons
  64. Famed flamingo Pinky dead in Florida after man attacks it
  65. University of Connecticut loses track of 15 skulls, skeleton
  66. New Mexico bear hitches a ride on top of a garbage truck
  67. Schools receive request for after-school 'Satan Club'
  68. Woman pleads guilty to robbery, says prison is like home
  69. Philadelphia tells residents: Don't swim in dumpster pools
  70. Bears put on a show by splashing around busy Lake Tahoe
  71. Mysterious light over Gateway Arch stumps St. Louis
  72. Creepy clown scares Wisconsin city
  73. Dutch man's 10 day-wait at Chinese airport for woman ends in hospital
  74. Extreme runner wants to be reunited with Chinese stray dog
  75. Restaurant takes down Trump photo amid Yelp complaints
  76. Wardens seize mounted polar bear from Oklahoma airport
  77. Man's dueling obituaries name wife in 1, girlfriend in other
  78. Bees escape in Wal-Mart parking lot, sting several people
  79. Italian sailor uses mouth-to-mouth to revive kitten
  80. Prosthetic leg found in beaver dam, returned to owner
  81. Chinese tourist loses wallet, ends up at refugee home
  82. Pet tortoise found mile from home after daylong escape
  83. Ohio wants pot-growing expert to adhere to drug-free policy
  84. New Jersey banning coffee while driving? Not so fast
  85. Idaho man finds mammoth tusk while digging on his property
  86. Homemade flamethrower used to kill cockroaches sparks fire
  87. 1823 schoolhouse moves to new foundation behind 44 oxen
  88. Indiana group helps turtles trying to cross Indiana highway
  89. Uh-oh: Driver backs into $290,000 Ferrari while parking
  90. Dolphin snatches iPad of woman taking its photo at SeaWorld
  91. Ukulele player gets legal break to perform with Matisyahu
  92. Bright green Olympic pool overshadows events
  93. Alaska restaurant serving elk fined for calling it reindeer
  94. Rome police 'rescue' elderly couple with 2 plates of pasta
  95. Police: Train car derails in Iowa, hits bar called DeRailed
  96. Suspected meth lab found under parking lot of NY Wal-Mart
  97. After 18 years, alligator gets new home at LA Zoo
  98. Twice lucky: Dubai crash-landing survivor wins $1 million
  99. Man snags rare bright blue lobster _ his 2nd time in decades
  100. Hidden monkey on Las Vegas-bound flight causes stir
  101. Alaska fishermen snag nearly 400-pound halibut
  102. Chinese couple dangle from suspension bridge for wedding
  103. 'You Want to Be a Doctor'? Surgeon returns book decades late
  104. Oregon man finds portable toilet filled with pot
  105. Suit: Bar relatives from visiting those buried in cemetery
  106. Judge allows lawsuit over creepy letters to move forward
  107. Chilli-powder condoms, firecrackers boost Tanzania elephant protection
  108. Want a drive with De Niro? Hail a Sarajevo taxi
  109. Stolen rubber duck returns after odd globe-trotting mystery
  110. California burglars caught passed out in their car at crime scene
  111. Newspaper publisher extends essay contest to find new owner
  112. Woman settles lawsuit, now OK to use '8THEIST' license plate
  113. At the Russian Mosquito Festival, the more bites the better
  114. Former pro BMX rider Robinson sets power-aided jump record
  115. Rescuers free squirrel with head stuck in cup
  116. Con artist posing as cop bilks elderly Swiss woman of 45,000 francs
  117. Ultralight pilot spends night in tree awaiting rescue
  118. Search resumes for Nazi gold train that might not even exist
  119. Thousands of Bolivian Catholics break rocks to change fortunes
  120. New York farm creates 8-acre 'Super Mario Bros.' corn maze
  121. Winds whip up firenados out of Oregon field fire
  122. Sausage strife in Germany: Pedestrian hits BMW with bologna
  123. German cop hops on kid's bike to pursue, nab suspect
  124. Donations pour in for Baltimore 'Mom of Year' after house fire
  125. Newspaper: Sorry for mixing up Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas
  126. Bee rescue mounted after hospital breaks out in hives
  127. CERN officials investigate 'spoof' sacrifice caught on video
  128. Biologists remove dead conjoined twin from endangered turtle
  129. Antlers taken by Hunter S. Thompson return to Hemingway home
  130. Naked Donald Trump statues pop up in cities across the US
  131. Raccoons caught after evening romp through Oklahoma Capitol
  132. Naked Trump statues draw dozens of onlookers in U.S. cities
  133. Undersea surprise: Big-eyed squid looks more toy than animal
  134. Hemingway home gets back antlers taken by Hunter S. Thompson
  135. Undersea surprise: Big-eyed squid looks more toy than animal
  136. Tennessee infant triplets nearly break world record for size
  137. Cops: Angry man throws pizza and punches at police station
  138. Grocer is 1st in Pennsylvania to sell wine since Prohibition
  139. High court sides with employee fired for smoking pot at work
  140. Woman's funeral had no attendees, so 30 strangers showed up
  141. Ohio woman who missed bus is charged with stealing ambulance
  142. Royals' secret behind their surge? It's a Rally Mantis
  143. Police find 'elderly man' is young fugitive in Massachusetts
  144. Homeless awareness campaign breaks fist-bumping record
  145. Mysterious sale at horse auction sparks scandal in Poland
  146. Cheers! 1st drink in 81 years sold in formerly dry town
  147. Uh, Oh, Canada: 1,500 people on rafts returned to Michigan
  148. Michigan couple weds to sweet sound of tornado sirens
  149. Hundreds of Americans wash up illegally in Canada after river party
  150. Firefighter will get back dog after it escaped, got adopted
  151. Man kicked out of bar bites off bartender's finger in fight
  152. Maine snake with Twitter following want to give Trump a hug
  153. Was painting by famed living artist? US judge to decide
  154. Police hunt men who dumped crocodiles in Australian school
  155. Florida man returns lost wallet with $3,400 inside
  156. Couple offers $500 reward for missing potbellied therapy pig
  157. Health board: Decorative port-a-potties can stay by driveway
  158. Cops: Man jailed for cutting sappy tree that hit apartments
  159. Parrot that can do wolf whistle, sounds like R2-D2 is on lam
  160. Crews free man stuck between buildings after bid to impress
  161. Illinois minor leaguer sends homer into own truck windshield
  162. Twerking, lowriders shut down Route 66 in New Mexico
  163. Howard Johnson's restaurant to close, leaving only 1 more
  164. Russian cat adopts abandoned baby squirrel monkey from zoo
  165. Dog-gone: Canine candidate re-elected Minnesota town mayor
  166. Childless Bosnian couple stage and attend their own funeral
  167. Purdue entomologist returns moth library book 60 years late
  168. Explorer: No train or tunnel at search site for Nazi train
  169. Texas students use sex toys to protest new gun laws on campus
  170. Officers penalized for taking recruits to play 'Pokemon Go'
  171. Nigerian man faces charges for naming his dog after president
  172. Japanese truck driver playing Pokemon Go kills pedestrian
  173. Filipino fishermen find possibly world's biggest pearl
  174. Pizza by drone: unmanned air delivery set to take off in New Zealand
  175. Cops: Man in Batman costume, Captain America mask stole beer
  176. London flight delayed for hour as easyJet crew members argue
  177. Woman drives through store after refused gift card purchases
  178. Crafty! Beer-testing lab helps students learn chemistry
  179. Man strips, drives pickup into Southwest plane in Nebraska
  180. Woman jostled on NYC subway loses grip on crickets and worms
  181. Florida man survives lightning strike, spider, snake bites
  182. Three charged with selling horsemeat as beef in Britain
  183. Ultra-marathon runner reunited with stray dog from Gobi race
  184. Welcome to the fourth grade: Teacher's rap targets students
  185. Spieth has no chance against Spelling Bee co-champion
  186. Owner: Missing potbellied therapy pig is found, now home
  187. Oldest floating US post office scrapes rock, runs aground
  188. Panic on NY subway train as crickets, worms let loose in apparent prank
  189. Owner: Pig found after 6 weeks in 'pretty good' condition
  190. Headstone of Civil War soldier to be fixed after 154 years
  191. Woman admits crickets, worms spilling on subway was a stunt
  192. Police sergeant who filmed himself taking pot is released
  193. Lightning strike kills more than 300 reindeer in Norway
  194. Pokemon, just go: France doesn't want creatures in schools
  195. Lightning strike kills more than 300 reindeer in Norway
  196. Police: Driver playing 'Pokemon Go' hits parked cruiser
  197. With help from goat, wily Clydesdale goes on lam for 5 days
  198. Welcome center becomes rescue center for cross-country cat
  199. Girl strikes gold by finding stolen Olympic medal in trash
  200. 500 cows rustled from New Zealand farm in unusual case
  201. Officials: Guinea pigs, calf, 300 rabbits found at home
  202. Lawyer: Don't punish client for buying car from drug dealer
  203. Phoenix-area woman finds 7-foot-long boa snake near trash
  204. Oklahoma mother charged with using crucifix to kill 'possessed' daughter
  205. A corny tribute: Red Sox slugger immortalized in corn maze
  206. Believed python perplexing Maine city actually an anaconda
  207. Australian senator caught napping still fan of press freedom
  208. Dog swims over 6 miles, walks 12 more to find family
  209. Buzz-ted: Bee swarm ousts Pennsylvania police department
  210. 'Bad apple culprit' hits Pacific Northwest homes
  211. Pokemon Go hunters snare real thief in New Zealand
  212. Patient who stole ambulance to go home is going to prison
  213. Man charged with shooting corncobs at neighbor's home
  214. Tarantulas looking for love in California; hikers warned
  215. Bears swim, rummage through garbage while roaming LA suburb
  216. Pair sentenced for taking turkey that had to be euthanized
  217. Man accused of egging Ohio home 100-plus times enters plea
  218. Louisiana boy finds bag of meth in video game package
  219. Not quite 'The Birds,' but geese causing problems for school
  220. Deer interrupts surfing tryouts in California
  221. Millions of bees in traffic accident near Kansas City
  222. Vandal damages Justin Bieber sand sculpture at NY state fair
  223. That's not the ticket: Toddler's littering citation dropped
  224. Funny money: Inmates called to pick up fake $100s by road
  225. Wooden sculpture of London goes up in flames to mark Great Fire anniversary
  226. Is it a bird? A plane? Smartphone sent into sky for record attempt
  227. Germany: driver rams through car park wall, falls 10 feet
  228. NYC bay to get oysters on beds made from recycled toilets
  229. Extra crispy bacon, ribs: Truck carrying pork catches fire
  230. Red truck, red truck! Town's mundane webcam grips YouTube
  231. Police: Masked man was sleeping in vehicle he'd broken into
  232. Seeking escape from home, Kansas man robs bank, goes straight to jail
  233. Seeking escape from home, Kansas man robs bank, goes straight to jail
  234. Neighbors, town officials cry foul over 'WTF' sign on lawn
  235. Seeking escape from home, Kansas man robs bank, goes straight to jail
  236. Bruce Springsteen again breaks record for longest US show
  237. Interstate non-cents: Unstamped coins spill in Delaware
  238. Holy cow! California steer vies for world's tallest bovine
  239. Harvard rounds up hungry goats to clear weeds at arboretum
  240. New Zealand library shelves annoying, high-pitched 'mosquito' device targeting loiter
  241. German motorist smashes 15 cars in parking lot mayhem
  242. Study: Five-second rule is too generous for fallen food
  243. ATM at Ohio school doles out next best thing to cash _ pizza
  244. Accused teen 'doctor' arrested on new charges in Virginia
  245. Vermont town hopes Kevin Bacon will attend its 3rd Baconfest
  246. A literal shotgun wedding: Couple weds at shooting club
  247. Slow train crosses marathon course, hurts finish times
  248. New England bride hitchhikes to wedding after limo fails her
  249. Britain's new money is plastic, easy to launder (in machine)
  250. Pizza man dons pink bikini bottoms for fantasy football loss