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  1. Many Teen Girls Mistakenly Think HPV Vaccines Cut Risk for All STDs (HealthDay)
  2. US warns two drugs may have sexual side effects
  3. Merck recalls vaccine after accidental release: FDA
  4. House votes to repeal Obama healthcare law, again
  5. McCaskill reports $5.8 million raised in Akin contest
  6. UK: New law could jail doctors for negligence
  7. Exclusive: Expert to warn Congress of Healthcare.gov security bugs
  8. Cardiovascular Fitness Of Today's Kids Worse Than That Of Their Parents: Study
  9. Intentions and Effects
  10. The Best Predictor Of Who Your Teen Will Be Friends With At School
  11. Dips vs. Kickbacks: What's The Best Exercise For Stronger Triceps?
  12. Losing Weight While Taking Insulin
  13. 10 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Workout
  14. How to Beat 6 Everyday Infection Spreaders
  15. 15 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
  16. Will Tweet for Food
  17. How We Can Find the Strength to Go On After a Seemingly-Horrific Incident Occurs
  18. Dare to Be 100: Reformulating Global Health
  19. Weight-conscious drinkers lured with low-cal wines
  20. Wheelchair Wisdom: All I've Got Is Yours
  21. Appreciation Motivates Employees To Work Harder, Study Says
  22. Are Sugar and Sloth the Causes of Obesity -- Or Just Convenient Whipping Boys?
  23. Vitamin B12 Correlated With Higher Cancer Risk (But Don't Panic Just Yet)
  24. Philippines typhoon crop damages worth $110 mln-FAO
  25. Study: Kids are less fit than their parents were
  26. South Africa mall collapses, one worker dead, 50 trapped
  27. One Day at a Time
  28. My Privates Have a Personal Trainer: Stories From Pelvic Floor Rehab (Part Two)
  29. How to Keep Your Bones Healthy and Strong -- Part 1
  30. Daiichi blood thinner safer, as effective as warfarin in major study
  31. GlaxoSmithKline to divest $740 million stake in South Africa's Aspen
  32. A Family Christmas Tragedy: Psychological Reflections on One Mother's Road to Recover
  33. Author Tom Rath On The Health Wake-Up Call He Got At 16 Years Old (VIDEO)
  34. My Cancer Baptism by Fire
  35. Broccoli not burgers: Cancer patients favor healthier foods
  36. Obamacare insurance applicants' data is secure: White House
  37. Freefall
  38. Obama was briefed on McKinsey report on website problems: White House
  39. What This Personal Trainer Wants in Her Gym Bag This Holiday Season
  40. You Are What Your Grandparents Ate
  41. Slow Head-to-Toe Workout
  42. Have a Happy Holiday Without Tipping the Scale
  43. Some babies born very small do just fine as adults
  44. U.S. official says Obamacare subsidies function due mid-January
  45. The Weekly Rune: Othala
  46. DSM to fold pharma arm into venture with private equity firm
  47. How to Feel Great About the Way You Look: Lessons I Learned After Being Blinded
  48. Common Drugs That Can Change Cancer Survival NOW
  49. John Patrick Shanley On What To Do When Life Becomes 'Repugnant' (VIDEO)
  50. Autism Fantasy, Autism Reality
  51. NYC bans tobacco sales to anyone under age 21
  52. Death and Dying: Personal Goals at End of Life
  53. Those Who Mind: The Case Against Trying to Win People Over
  54. U.S. Justice Department rape statistics understate problem: study
  55. One Man's Journey From Obesity and Diabetes to Health
  56. Running or Exploring
  57. Gene analysis fails to help predict best warfarin dose
  58. FDA panel backs approval of BioMarin's Morquio A Syndrome drug
  59. Obama says rebranding Obamacare will be hard given politics
  60. Breast MRI use increasing among U.S. women
  61. Sebelius says 'Come back,' insists Obamacare website improved
  62. Setting the Record Straight on Supplements
  63. Tea Party Florida congressman to be arraigned on drug charge
  64. U.S. Supreme Court declines to block Texas abortion law
  65. The Food Ties That Bind: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2013 Conference
  66. Cabinet switch buttresses Argentina's left-leaning economic model
  67. Amgen cholesterol drug appears safe, cut LDL 52 percent at 1 year: study
  68. 20 Questions for Thanksgiving
  69. Signs of 'sudden' cardiac death may come weeks before: study
  70. Be an Animal! Act on Instinct
  71. Thanksgiving Thanks for a Healthy Life
  72. Coffee Drinking Linked With Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk
  73. Obama to meet state health insurance regulators on Wednesday
  74. My Name Is Tom
  75. Treatment, survival for colon cancer differs by race
  76. Obama was briefed in spring on widespread website problems
  77. Obama was briefed earlier in year on health website problems
  78. J&J unit to pay $2.5 billion in U.S. hip implant settlement
  79. Cabinet switch buttresses Argentina's left-leaning economic model
  80. U.S. Supreme Court declines to block Texas abortion law
  81. Rice: Obama not feeling down over low poll numbers
  82. New Daiichi drug succeeds in major study; set to face rivals
  83. The Mayor of Mayors
  84. First batch of Chinese aid arrives in typhoon-struck Philippines
  85. Crucial Obamacare financial technology still unfinished: U.S. official
  86. Florida Tea Party congressman to be in court on drug charge
  87. U.S. judges grant Missouri convicted killer stay of execution
  88. Tacloban bustles with life as Philippines counts the dead
  89. Measure to limit abortions appears headed for defeat in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  90. Small health insurers fear Obamacare woes will tilt playing field
  91. Early Obamacare data show older Americans more apt to sign up
  92. Rescue workers search for survivors after South Africa building collapse
  93. GlaxoSmithKline completes sale of Aspen shares, raising $694 million
  94. Don't resort to rapid mass burials of Philippine dead, ICRC says
  95. Roche says Kadcyla wins European approval
  96. Yoga for an Immune System 'Boost Up'
  97. Happy Fall!
  98. The End of Life
  99. Oregon healthcare exchange website never worked, has no subscribers
  100. Mediclinic says CFO to step down in March 2014
  101. Music That Keeps Us In The Moment
  102. 7 Ways to Lift Your Spirits on a Bad Day
  103. One-Minute Training Video Could Spur Faster CPR Action
  104. Bitter Melon Could Slow Head And Neck Cancer Growth, Animal Study Suggests
  105. A Family Member's Bold Remark Inspired Cayla Duncan To Lose 100 Pounds
  106. The Do-Anywhere Workout (VIDEO)
  107. Consistent Sleep, Wake Times Linked With Lower Body Fat Levels
  108. The Unexpected Source That Inspired Whole Foods, Apple's Sleek Design and The White A
  109. U.S. television journalist Elizabeth Vargas out of rehab
  110. The No. 1 Killer of Teens in the U.S
  111. The Most Prevalent and Devastating Disease Your Doctor Has Never Heard Of
  112. 57 Sneaky Sugars to Avoid
  113. Photos: Flexible Celebrities
  114. Your Money IQ
  115. New Mothers Need More Than Medication
  116. Study Uncovers Possible New Way to Help With Hearing Loss
  117. Republican Senator Corker to support Yellen as Fed chief
  118. Smokers who quit may cut heart risk faster than had been thought
  119. Longevity, Anyone? Top 20 Reasons to Go Vegan During World Vegan Month
  120. Surgeons Practice On Brains Made On 3D Printers
  121. Shady amphetamine-like compounds found in weight-loss supplements
  122. Evangelist Billy Graham in hospital for respiratory issue
  123. Children at risk of AIDS should be tested at birth - UN
  124. Meditation Is a Place of Refuge
  125. Health spending growth slows as economies struggle-OECD
  126. Why Men Never Discuss Body Image Issues
  127. Antibacterial Products: More Harm Than Good
  128. FDA warns of heart risks with Astellas stress test chemicals
  129. The Power of Love
  130. Bird Brains Need Testosterone For Strong Song
  131. Trans Fat -- On the Way Out
  132. 10 Promises to Make to Yourself Today
  133. Jaw-Dropping Parkour Stuntman Alexander Rusinov Cheats Death In Photos You've Got To
  134. Lab Challenged on Brittany Murphy Poison Conclusion
  135. How to Find Yourself, When You've Lost Yourself
  136. Fat But Fit? Study Reveals That Fitness, Not Weight, Predicts Risk Of Early Death
  137. Target empty calories in kids' diets at the source: study
  138. No Tray, No Salad
  139. FAA To Require Obese Pilots To Undergo Sleep Apnea Screening
  140. Get Over Yourself and Start Living an Awesome Life
  141. Statin Drugs, Profits, Politics, and Compassion
  142. Positive Statuses and Challenges From a Dating Perspective
  143. Accused of child sex abuse, Massachusetts man proposes castration
  144. University of California hospital workers launch daylong strike
  145. Thanksgiving: Is It Only One Day a Year?
  146. Hosting Morpheus
  147. 8 Tips for Surviving Depression and Anxiety During the Holidays
  148. White House says rise in health costs slower, Obamacare a factor
  149. Banks seek help with U.S. law when doing business with pot shops
  150. Kids Know Better
  151. No More Resolutions! 9 Strategies for Fast and Lasting Fat Loss in 2014
  152. The 11 Cardinal Sins Of Email
  153. Statins for Women? Not for My Patients
  154. Fixing Food Stamps for All? Could be a SNAP
  155. 3 Ways to Listen to Your Body Before Your Brain Explodes
  156. Teen athletes prone to drink, less likely to use drugs
  157. Eating nuts tied to fewer cancer, heart disease deaths
  158. What It Means to Be a Gentleman
  159. Target empty calories in kids' diets at the source: study
  160. Temp jobs linked to childlessness for women
  161. How many nuts should you eat for your health?
  162. Study ties nuts to lower cancer, heart death risk
  163. White House says rise in health costs slower, Obamacare a factor
  164. VIDEO: Quick and Easy Dinner Idea
  165. So Long, Pen Pal
  166. Insurance commissioners say Obamacare changes create uncertainty
  167. You Should Be Dating a CrossFit Girl. Here's Why
  168. U.S. Colleges and Universities Deserve an 'A' for Going Tobacco-Free
  169. Necessary Change for Happiness
  170. Health spending growth slows as economies struggle - OECD
  171. (500) Days of Cancer
  172. Bangladesh makes 'exceptional' health progress despite poverty
  173. Oregon healthcare exchange website never worked, has no subscribers
  174. Insurance commissioners raise concerns about healthcare fix with Obama
  175. Sticker Shock: Investigating the High Costs of Hospital Bills
  176. U.S. urges North Korea to resolve issue of detained Americans
  177. China hospital ship to set sail for Philippine typhoon zone
  178. FDA declines to approve new Forest, Richter drug
  179. Buying in Bulk? Easy Tips That Equate to Better Portion Control
  180. In start of long operation, Fukushima removes first fuel rods
  181. Health spending growth slows as economies struggle -OECD
  182. L'Oreal says travel retail boom creates 'sixth continent'
  183. You ve Got Mail about STDs
  184. Tama Lane, Psy.D.: Why PTSD Flares Up During the Holidays--And What You Can Do About
  185. Portraits Of Laughter Prove It Can Be The Best Medicine (PHOTOS)
  186. Headache docs list top-5 tests and treatments to avoid
  187. Dangerous Diet Trend: The Cotton Ball Diet
  188. Even These Successful People Are Terribly Misguided About This One Important Thing
  189. Redefining Self-Care
  190. 6 Sources of Burnout at Work
  191. Twitter Could Tell You Where Flu Is Ramping Up, Study Suggests
  192. We Tried It: Dream Body Cardio Series DVDs
  193. 10 Things Only Runners Understand
  194. How to Eat Healthy for Under $6 a Day
  195. These Surprisingly Colorful Cold-Weather Superfoods Are Anything But Boring
  196. 6 Fun Ways to Stay Fit This Winter
  197. Foods that Make You Feel Better
  198. CDC report card: Good, bad marks on target battles
  199. Health Care Opens Up
  200. Damage From Concussions Could Last Up To Four Months, Study Finds
  201. Bone Cancer Vaccine for Dogs Promising for Humans
  202. Get Clean Before The Holidays
  203. People With Autism More Likely To Have Synesthesia, Study Finds
  204. New Views Into the Octopus's Bizarre Moves
  205. Hologic adopts poison pill after Icahn reports stake
  206. Hungary Nobel-laureate Kertesz, 84, has surgery for broken hip
  207. Acupuncture Could Ease Joint Pain From Breast Cancer Treatment
  208. New Vaccine Teaches Immune System to Battle Melanoma
  209. Polio-Free Countries Still Face Threat, Scientists Say
  210. Experts Alarmed After Amphetamine-Like Compound Found In Some Weight Loss Supplements
  211. Testing Out the Ultimate 'Butt School' -- Pop Physique
  212. How to Eat Well and Feel Well for Thanksgiving and Christmas
  213. Republicans to keep cuts if budget talks fail: Boehner
  214. U.S. Life Expectancy Ranks 26th In The World, OECD Report Shows
  215. I Have the Disease Known as 'Obesity'
  216. Exercise may help pregnant women quit smoking
  217. 13 Gym Fails
  218. In Mice Anti-Inflammatories Ameliorate Medical Marijuana's Memory Mishaps
  219. Five children pulled from Minnesota pond after car crash
  220. A Little Too Big
  221. You Can Never Write Too Many Love Letters
  222. Thanksgiving Calories: How Much Exercise It Takes To Burn Off That Feast
  223. The Cost and Benefits of Emotional Honesty
  224. A Man, a Turkey: Thanksgiving Unplugged
  225. More Americans believe in taking all measures to save life: poll
  226. 5 Keys to Peace That You Already Have
  227. 3 Steps to Outsmart Cravings, Part 1
  228. Canada's Angelcare recalls 600,000 baby monitors after deaths
  229. Oncolytics head-and-neck cancer drug study fails to impress
  230. White House wants insurers to send Obamacare info to all customers
  231. Rethink Time Management: 11 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time
  232. Rings 'Translate' Sign Language Into Spoken Words
  233. Canadian PM to Toronto mayor: Don't even think about it
  234. Food Label Details Could Have Big Influence On Consumer Purchasing, Says Study
  235. Goodbye Trans Fats: What That Really Means for You
  236. Evangelist Billy Graham released from hospital after tests
  237. Nearly 80,000 Californians sign up for Obamacare plans
  238. Better diet tied to higher quality of life in old age
  239. How to Find Happiness in a Hectic World
  240. Distancing Ourselves From a Loved One's Pain: Why Friends and Loved Ones Appear Callo
  241. Passive Outrage, Passion and Social Media
  242. Physical fitness may be tied to slower memory decline
  243. Using A Smaller Bowl Could Curb Kids' Overeating
  244. Facial Flushing From Alcohol Linked With High Blood Pressure
  245. Heal Alzheimer's Disease With Art
  246. 5 Tips for Minimizing Family Tensions Over Thanksgiving
  247. Five children pulled from Minnesota pond after car crash
  248. Floridians overwhelmingly support medical use of marijuana: poll
  249. How to Eat Less on Thanksgiving
  250. Hugh Jackman Treated For Skin Cancer: What Is Basal Cell Carcinoma?