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  1. Decades on from Henrietta Lacks, we're still struggling to find an adequate cons
  2. Peru: Ancient pyramid excavation reveals extremely complex society 15,000 years ago
  3. Tainted Food Fear Spurs New Breed of Chinese Farmer
  4. Pope Francis just threw some serious papal shade at Donald Trump
  5. Fossils cast doubt on human lineage originating in Africa
  6. Science Channel Experiments With 'Outrageous Acts of Danger' in New Series
  7. Using Bubbles To Find Dark Matter
  8. Bag containing moon dust from Apollo 11 expected to sell for millions at auction
  9. Science Says: Whale of a mystery solved? How they got so big
  10. Learning to Read Can Dramatically Change the Adult Brain
  11. Plasma Jet Engines: Is Flying At 20Km Per Second Possible?
  12. DARPA just announced it's one step closer to building a hypersonic space plane
  13. Electric vehicles are now the cleanest cars in America
  14. How Do You Scale a Company to 15,000 Employees?
  15. Why are whales so big?
  16. A Company's Plan to Fix Fisheries Has Scientists Feeling Skeptical
  17. Science Says: What's known and not known about marijuana
  18. Meat Mystery in Hong Kong as Apparent Beef Eating Soars: Chart
  19. Nerd Nite meets NASA, sparking memories for an astronaut with deep Northwest roots
  20. Agency takes tectonics study to earthquake-prone Alaska
  21. How obsessive gamers can quit playing
  22. Here's what we'll lose with Trump's proposed NASA budget cuts, and why
  23. A science-backed trick to reduce fear and anxiety takes just 30 seconds and a pen
  24. Scientists balanced a dead flamingo on one leg to unlock the bird's standing sec
  25. Obesity Cure? Scientists Discover Antibody That Reduces Body Fat in Mice
  26. Snowy plover chick hatches on Oregon beach
  27. 7-million-year-old teeth add new layer to human origin story
  28. Jaxon Identifies High Conductivity Anomaly Under High-Grade Silver in Massive Sulphid
  29. Fossil Skeleton Shows Human Evolution Of Running
  30. Agency takes tectonics study to earthquake-prone Alaska
  31. Researchers Propose New Name for a Molten Planetary Object
  32. Science's Weakness Is Also Its Strength
  33. What It Costs To Go To Space
  34. LHC Starts 2017 Physics Season
  35. Bag containing moon dust from Apollo 11 expected to sell for millions at auction
  36. The Winners and Losers in NASA's New Budget Proposal
  37. How the Zika virus stealthily swept the Americas
  38. Teraphysics to Present at the 7th Annual LD Micro Invitational
  39. New Zealand launches into space race with 3D-printed rocket
  40. Artifacts From Ancient Americans Show Advanced Culture
  41. In Europe, Trump feels the heat on climate
  42. Will This Miracle Material End All Energy Storage Problems?
  43. Everest rescuers retrieve bodies of two Indian climbers
  44. Mystery floating rocks: Weird phenomenon where stones don't sink finally solved
  45. Brain scans show how fathers are more attentive to daughters than sons
  46. New Zealand test rocket makes it to space but not to orbit
  47. Wild horses could be sold for slaughter in Trump budget plan
  48. Time Travel and Parallel Universes: a Scientist vs a Literature Professor
  49. Less Than 1 Drink Per Day May Raise Your Breast Cancer Risk
  50. Monstrous cyclones churning over Jupiter's poles
  51. First results from Juno mission show surprisingly strong magnetic field and huge pola
  52. How Regular Exercise May Make Your Body 'Younger'
  53. Scientists discover a star that exploded 970 million years ago - long before dinosaur
  54. Biggest exhibit of human-like fossils goes on display in South Africa
  55. These science emoji could appear on your keyboard soon
  56. Failed computer replaced during U.S. astronauts' spacewalk
  57. Saturn’s stunning north pole actually changed colors
  58. Ancient Bizarre Sea Monster the Size of a Bus Discovered in Russia
  59. In "Massive Fail," Dying Star Mysteriously Reborn as Black Hole
  60. NASA’s Juno orbiter maps Jupiter’s super cyclones and monstrous magnetism
  61. How the Media Has Failed -- The Invitae (NVTA) Story is Strong
  62. Secretive US research agency Darpa to build new hypersonic 'Phantom Express&apos
  63. Scientists prove that our brains have a little bit of Jedi in them
  64. How whales went from just big to absolutely enormous
  65. How Alcohol & Gut Fungus Team Up to Damage Your Liver
  66. 'Shape-Shifting' Pasta Could Transform Food Shipping
  67. NASA Moves Up Date Of Metal Asteroid Mission
  68. Ancient Hunter Gatherers And Farmers Had Children Together, Study Finds
  69. From 'Magic' Mushrooms to Meth: The ER Rates for Drug Users
  70. Forget Supersonic. Hypersonic Is the U.S. Military’s New Speed
  71. A Very Confusing Makeup Guide for Field Scientists
  72. Sweet Therapy: Chocolate May Help Prevent Irregular Heartbeat
  73. Sergey Brin is building the world’s biggest aircraft for humanitarian missions and fa
  74. Survey finds US honeybee losses improve from horrible to bad
  75. Boxing Day Tsunami: Scientists drill deep in ocean to find out why Indonesia earthqua
  76. On This Day: President John F. Kennedy Asked Congress To Send A Man To The Moon
  77. Trump's budget cuts West Coast quake warning system funding
  78. Billionaire Ex-Oilman Plans 1st Nonstop World Solar Flight
  79. Climate Change Is Making It Harder to Sleep
  80. Scientists found a way to turn ordinary clothes into power generators using body move
  81. Nasa fast-tracks Psyche mission to explore a $10,000 quadrillion metal asteroid
  82. Marijuana Extract Reduces Seizures in Kids with Rare Disorder
  83. Tech makes dirty water drinkable — with a little help from carbon dioxide
  84. First results from Juno mission show surprisingly strong magnetic field and huge pola
  85. Hunting Big Game: Why People Kill Animals for Fun
  86. 'Plant Factories' Churn Out Clean Food in China’s Dirty Cities
  87. Ladybug Wings Fold Up For Science [VIDEO]
  88. Mortician Offered Peeks at John Glenn’s Remains, Pentagon Alleges
  89. US military training space warriors for 'extraterrestrial conflict'
  90. This Small, 3-D Printed Rocket Could Make It Easier to Get to Space
  91. The long lives of Greeks could be attributed to a gene that protects their hearts
  92. Here's how flamingos balance on one skinny leg
  93. Get hyped for this year’s total solar eclipse by watching a partial one seen from spa
  94. Did first humans really evolve in Greece? 'Extraordinary' claim lacks cruci
  95. Boy, 7, With Congenital Heart Disease Becomes First Person on Saturn, Thanks to Virtu
  96. British Airways cancels thousands of flights
  97. NASA Lunar Observation Craft Hit By Tiny Meteoroid
  98. This is probably the wrong Internet of Things solution to watering plants
  99. Storage of nuclear waste poses threat to U.S., scientists warn
  100. Tainted Nacho Cheese: Why Botulism Is So Deadly
  101. MIT's shape-shifting noodles amuse diners, could revolutionize packaging
  102. 4 Baby Squirrels Get Tails Entangled in Bizarre Video (Here's How)
  103. Has Everest's iconic Hillary Step really collapsed? Here's the science
  104. Small university outranks many others in black physics grads
  105. What science can reveal about the psychological profiles of terrorists
  106. Google’s latest Go victory shows machines are no longer just learning, they're t
  107. Construction begins on world's largest telescope in Chilean desert
  108. When chance intervenes
  109. US nuclear lab's future up in the air after recent fire
  110. Badged and searched: Sicily G7 fortress town irks locals
  111. KIC 8462852: Alien Megastructure Star Starts Dimming Again—What Does It Mean?
  112. New Map Tracks Germs' Travels Around Hospitals
  113. New species of meat-eating sponge found off the coast of Canada
  114. Juno sees something familiar looking out from Jupiter's rings
  115. Mars, Stephen Hawking and the Selfish Gene: Why Humans Are Programmed to Self-Destruc
  116. NASA Juno Mission: Jupiter’s Giant Cyclones, Extreme Magnetism and its Fluffy Core Re
  117. Quora: Is a Mars landing in the near future?
  118. Why We Probably Can't Use Tech to Become More Moral
  119. A dazzling aurora borealis light show captivates the internet
  120. How worried should we be about artificial intelligence? I asked 17 experts.
  121. The way our brains age helps us develop more self-control as we get older
  122. NASA Has Incredible Photos Of Mars In All Its Glory
  123. How Humans On Mars Will Evolve Into A New Species
  124. Massive Ice Wave Cut Through Rink Glacier
  125. Great white shark jumps into Australian fisherman's boat
  126. Watch magnificent partial solar eclipse in space captured by Nasa's SDO
  127. Here's How Big A Massive Black Hole Can Actually Get
  128. Is US downplaying the threat of a nuclear disaster? Scientists slam regulators for no
  129. Manhattanhenge 2017: When and Where to Watch the Sunset Line Up With The City's
  130. This is what a micrometeoroid striking a spacecraft sounds like
  131. Nasa is all set to announce first ever mission to 'touch the Sun'
  132. 130 million-year-old skull of unknown marine reptile species found in Russia
  133. On the importance of political science blogging
  134. Researchers test self-destructing moth pest in cabbage patch
  135. Scientists find that smoking harms livers of unborn babies
  136. The Weirdest Star
  137. Superintendent Jay Eitner Brings Local Science to Space
  138. Companies are making human skin in labs to curb animal testing of products
  139. First science data from Juno shows Jupiter is a complex and chaotic planet
  140. Rice Was First Grown At Least 9,400 Years Ago
  141. BA meltdown: crisis researcher caught in the chaos reports on a massive airline failu
  142. You've Never Seen a Photo of Jupiter -*and Its Cyclones*-*Like This One!
  143. ISS To Get Instrument To Study Neutron Stars
  144. On What Would Be JFK's 100th Birthday, The Words That Put A Man On The Moon
  145. Treasure trove of jade stones used in Mayan rituals discovered in Guatemala
  146. NASA's Mission to 'Touch the Sun': Scientists to Make Live Announcemen
  147. Italy backs Merkel call for stronger Europe in age of Trump
  148. People caught rare glimpses of the Northern Lights, and the pictures are breathtaking
  149. Great white shark leaps into tiny boat, fisherman treats it like NBD
  150. Plants Affect Climate, Too
  151. Venus has very few volcanoes – weirdly, this might be why it's as hot as hell
  152. Massive California Landslide Visible from Space
  153. NASA’s insane plan to ‘touch the sun’ is actually happening
  154. Deaths from Alzheimer's Increase 50 Percent
  155. Vikings Wintered and Planned Raids at 9th-Century English Site
  156. Lavau Celtic Prince: 2,500-year-old royal tomb starts to reveal its secrets
  157. Zombies in Sci-Fi Novel Have Gruesome Real-World Inspiration
  158. Mummy DNA reveals surprise discovery about ancient Egyptians' ancestry
  159. How prehistoric water pit stops may have driven human evolution
  160. Double First: 19th-Century Book Is 1st with Photos, by 1st Female Photographer
  161. Earth is a jewel, says astronaut after six months away
  162. Human evolution: Ancient water springs in East Africa shaped hominins' genes for
  163. Remains of Mini 'Komodo Dragon' Found in Greece
  164. Enlightening: Meditation May Trigger Unpleasant Experiences
  165. Brian Greene on Science and the Universe
  166. In this field, being attractive could work against you
  167. The Overwatch team may be teasing the game’s next hero
  168. A NASA moon mission got smacked by a piece of space debris and lived to tell the tale
  169. Rat fathers pass on cocaine addiction to their babies
  170. Who's your mummy? Genetic secrets of ancient Egypt unwrapped
  171. Space industry CEO is ‘absolutely convinced’ that aliens have visited Earth
  172. New potentially habitable 'super-Earth' orbiting star 21 light years away h
  173. Narwhals Use Tusks to Stun Prey, Drone Footage Reveals
  174. As US weighs climate pullout, UN wants world to be more ambitious
  175. The Most Charismatic Leaders Aren't the Most Effective Ones
  176. U.S. could be 'left behind' if Trump exits the Paris Climate Agreement
  177. Airplanes have a secret engine hidden in the tail
  178. Here's Why Editas Medicine Fell as Much as 15.7% Today
  179. One email to the UK visa service from abroad will now cost you almost £6
  180. UN chief urges action on climate change as Trump debates
  181. Why Sleep Is So Important for People at Risk for Heart Disease
  182. Tobacco kills 7 million a year, wreaks environmental havoc: WHO
  183. In this field, being attractive could work against you
  184. Bigelow Aerospace, Time To Put Up Or Shut Up About UFOs
  185. Sky-high PNG trees cause re-think on forest assumptions
  186. Ancient Greece: 2,000-year-old shipwrecks tell story of mythical island of Delos
  187. Researchers Invent Device That Warns User When Robots Are Impersonating Humans
  188. Massive Marine Reptile Terrorized Squid During the Dinosaur Age
  189. Trouble Sleeping? Air Pollution Could Be the Culprit
  190. Ancient Egyptian Mummy DNA Shows Links To Asia
  191. NASA spacecraft will aim straight for sun next year
  192. A former Google data scientist explains how liking curly fries could help you get hir
  193. Bizarre Faceless Fish Among Mysterious Species Discovered in Australia’s Eastern Abys
  194. Cassini images suggest asteroid strike forced Enceladus poles to shift
  195. UK space firms may need EU units after Brexit - space chief in FT
  196. Israel reaches for the skies and the moon
  197. For second time, U.S. to withdraw from major climate treaty, this time the Paris Agre
  198. 82nd Airborne Division displays America’s military firepower
  199. This creepy ‘faceless fish’ species was just discovered in the depths of the ocean
  200. Astronaut demonstrates eating pudding in space
  201. Your smart home is trying to reprogram you
  202. A match made in heaven, or in the brain?
  203. Five incredible facts about Nasa's world-first journey to 'touch the Sun&ap
  204. Humans pose ever-bigger extinction risk to animals: review
  205. EU, China summit to back climate deal even without US: EU official
  206. Webb Space Telescope to Undergo 100-Day Freeze
  207. Mysterious volcano-shaped pyramid discovered in Peru hosted celebrations in honour of
  208. Have aliens visited Earth? Space tycoon Robert Bigelow certainly thinks so
  209. European Commission leader blasts Trump on climate plans
  210. SpaceX taking recycling all the way to orbit with cargo ship
  211. The world’s largest pyramid is not in Egypt
  212. Here’s why you shouldn’t totally despair if the U.S. ditches the Paris Climate Agreem
  213. Scientists created a 'black hole' using this ultra-powerful laser
  214. ‘Black Hole’ Created by Strongest Ever X-Ray Laser
  215. Could cold spot in the sky be a bruise from a collision with a parallel universe?
  216. Scientists may have found evidence of a parallel universe
  217. NASA to send unmanned probe to investigate the sun up close
  218. A guide to global warming, Paris pact and the US role
  219. From politicians to celebrities, few are happy to see Trump pull out of Paris Agreeme
  220. Here's how close a supernova would have to be to wipe out life on Earth
  221. Chaste peacocks, cosmic cows: Indian judge baffles with theories
  222. Weird 'faceless' fish found in dark cold depths of Australia's abyss
  223. NASA Mission To Sun Live Stream: Watch Announcement For The Solar Probe Plus Craft
  224. NASA spacecraft will aim straight for sun next year
  225. ViaSat-2 launch: How today's small step for spaceflight is a giant leap for airp
  226. World's Oldest Art Studio Found in Ethiopian Cave
  227. What Happens When You Fall in Love? Researchers See Brain Changes in Smitten Prairie
  228. China, Europe take lead on climate as world waits on Trump
  229. World leaders reaffirm commitment to fighting climate change
  230. Cape Town cuts back to survive worst drought in 100 years
  231. NASA Announces First Mission to the Sun
  232. Dads' Brains React Differently to Sons and Daughters
  233. Life in Space: Venus Looks a Lot Like Earth But It's Hotter Than Hell
  234. Life on Mars? Curiosity rover finds new evidence of long-term groundwater on the red
  235. A huge ice crack in Antarctica grew 11 miles in 6 days, and a giant iceberg is coming
  236. Special vehicles made for U.S. Special Ops
  237. Purdue joins Microsoft in five-year mission to create topological quantum computer
  238. Climate: The Paris Agreement at a glance
  239. China rejects Uganda ivory trafficking claims against diplomats
  240. Scientists spot rare gravity waves for the third time
  241. Baa-humbug! Scientists develop face test for sad sheep
  242. When Did The First Animals Evolve On Earth?
  243. CRISPR gene editing causes hundreds of unintended mutations? Yes, but that's not
  244. Storms delay SpaceX station delivery using recycled capsule
  245. Donald Trump makes disastrous climate announcement, but first, some smooth jazz
  246. California governor looks abroad for climate changes allies
  247. The Latest: Clinton calls withdrawal "a historic mistake"
  248. States, cities pledge action on climate even without Trump
  249. Enormous Stratolaunch aircraft rolled out for first time
  250. Scott Kelly Says View From Space Shows Earth Is Covered in Pollution and 'We Nee