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  1. Air Force Will Launch X-37B Spaceplane on SpaceX Falcon 9 for the First Time
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio and Mexico team up to save the cutest little porpoise ever
  3. Climate deal pull-out may speed up damage to Trump property
  4. 99 Million-Year-Old Baby Bird Trapped in Amber Discovered in Myanmar
  5. ‘Growing danger’ that asteroids could be hidden in meteor swarm which intersects with
  6. Shocking discovery shows that zapping your brain can boost creativity
  7. Activists block logging in Poland's ancient forest
  8. 3,000-year-old copper mask found in mass grave is oldest ever discovered in South Ame
  9. Herbal Tea Linked to Man's Psychosis in Unusual Case
  10. Solar power price slump casts shadow on India's green future
  11. Crowdsourcing the fight against mosquitos
  12. Scientists discover 2D magnet that could lead to new information technologies
  13. 5 true stories about the military's bizarre research into paranormal activity
  14. Taking Vacations Helps Your Career, Study Says
  15. 17 facts everyone should know about tampons
  16. It's Time to Sweeten Your Portfolio With Sugar
  17. Elon Musk: SpaceX may launch its biggest and most powerful rocket in 3 months
  18. The UK just hit a major renewable energy milestone
  19. Why Conservatives Have Always Distrusted Science
  20. AI may beat humans at everything in 45 years, experts predict
  21. Corporate News Blog - NASA Awards a $620 Million Engineering Services Contract to SAI
  22. 'Indoor GPS' could stop you getting lost – or going hungry – ever again
  23. 99-million-year-old bird found preserved in amber stuns scientists
  24. Plastic in rivers major source of ocean pollution: study
  25. Newly created 2-D magnet could point the way to slimmer, faster computers
  26. Top court green-lights Guatemala suit against Canada mining firm
  27. How yoga makes us happy, according to science
  28. Archaeologists unearth the oldest Homo sapiens ever discovered
  29. US war veteran now fighting to save Africa's elephants
  30. With Autism Research, Sisterhood Is Powerful
  31. New ‘synthetic tongue’ can best whisky sommeliers at guessing your Scotch
  32. NASA Picks a Dozen Astronauts From a Pool of 3 Million
  33. Snake venom improves safety of common heart attack drugs
  34. It sounds impossible, but physicists created a magnet that is one atom thick
  35. New Tech Finds Hidden Teeth In Old Dinosaur
  36. 1,000-Foot-Wide Asteroids That Could Hit Earth Discovered by Astronomers
  37. Apple's latest ad explains why our planet is so important (AAPL)
  38. 7 products to remind everyone that yes, science is real
  39. Elon Musk: SpaceX may launch its biggest and most powerful rocket in 3 months
  40. Mining this asteroid between Mars and Jupiter would net $10,000 quadrillion
  41. Hong Kong activists dress as sharks to protest finning
  42. The New Jersey Germ That Probably Saved Your Life
  43. Scientists figured out a simple way to discover what's troubling bees
  44. How Did Life Form? Astronomers Find a Clue at a Distant Star
  45. The Weight of a Star: Einstein’s Impossible Hope Finally Achieved by Scientists
  46. Autism Risk: Why Are Girls More Protected From Diagnosis?
  47. How to Watch NASA Broadcast Russia’s Progress 67 Spacecraft Launching and Docking on
  48. Nasa unveils six-wheeled Mars rover complete with full laboratory and life support sy
  49. Russian nanotechnology official arrested for fraud
  50. Macron really wants to 'Make Our Planet Great Again' with grants for U.S. s
  51. 6 Amazing NASA Cassini Images
  52. Russian scientists develop invisibility cloak for soldiers to hide from enemy radars
  53. New research on the biology behind over-thinking shows how it makes us less creative
  54. Working Memory: What Is It, Why Is It Important and How Can You Improve It?
  55. How NASA's Satellites Can Help Solve the Middle East Water Crisis
  56. 'Super Corals' on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef May Save it From Climate C
  57. NASA's New Astronaut Class Is Full Of Talented Women
  58. Trump administration takes a 'drastic' step to stop youth climate lawsuit
  59. Companies are trying to use your DNA to give you personalized diet advice — here&apos
  60. This Ancient Maya Pyramid Was Destroyed To Build a Road
  61. Despite conflicts, Mideast research center to launch in fall
  62. Ikea and NASA are partnering on furniture that’s out of this world
  63. Despite conflicts, Mideast research center to launch in fall
  64. Japan zoo celebrates birth of panda cub
  65. Overweight Kids More Likely to Be Ostracized
  66. FDA Asks Drug Company to Pull Painkiller in First
  67. These Photos of One of the Saltiest Seas on Earth Are Drop-Dead Gorgeous
  68. Teen Pot Use Linked to Illegal Drug Use by Age 21, Study Suggests
  69. Death by Vampire Bat: How Rabies Kills
  70. When you crash a Lambo in Qatar, these are the ‘doctors’ that fly out to fix it
  71. How Googlers Avoid Burnout (and Secretly Boost Creativity)
  72. France steps on climate accelerator as US allies sidestep Trump
  73. A UK train station’s tribute to a famous mathematician got everything right except hi
  74. Trump's Climate Retreat Is About Fear, Not Just Greed
  75. Alien life could be discovered within the next decade, says astronomer
  76. How to Watch NASA Create Colorful Clouds Over New York and the East Coast
  77. US official makes brief appearance at G7 environment summit
  78. Babies Can Recognize Faces Before They're Even Born, Researchers Find
  79. A Famous 19th-Century Shipwreck Has Vanished from the South Pacific
  80. Defeat SAT Science Content With This Summer Prep Plan
  81. Einstein letters on God, McCarthy, Israel go up for auction
  82. Sweet sizzlin' beans! Fancy names may boost healthy dining
  83. NYC's Hidden Marine Wonderland Revealed in New Map
  84. Stratolaunch's Gigantic, Rocket-Hauling Aircraft Could Fly in 2019
  85. The benefits that a digital healthcare system could bring aren't out of reach
  86. Charmed Existence: Mysterious Particles Could Reveal Mysteries of the Big Bang
  87. Review: Interstellar virus makes trouble in new sci-fi novel
  88. This bread from Bake In Space will literally be out of this world
  89. California Prepares for Solar Power Loss During the Great Eclipse
  90. Scientists find that space travel does some really weird things to flatworms
  91. A severely sunburnt dolphin is recovering swimmingly because nature is resilient
  92. Brain Architecture: Scientists Discover 11 Dimensional Structures That Could Help Us
  93. Your Calendar For The Lunar Events Of 2017 Is Here
  94. The largest planet in the solar system could also be the oldest
  95. You’re probably not rich enough for this luxury submarine
  96. A dinosaur picked a fight with the dictionary on Twitter and it was brutal
  97. NASA Discovers 10 'Potentially Hazardous' Asteroids
  98. NASA Sees How Ancient Mars Environment Changed Over Time
  99. How Elon Musk Is Leading The Charge On Brain Connectivity
  100. China busts a group recycling used medical supplies and selling the plastic back to f
  101. Girl Boss: 5 Things To Know About NASA's Newest Black Astronaut Candidate
  102. Google wants to guilt you into installing solar panels on your roof
  103. War-torn Kabul becomes a protected site for migratory birds
  104. 100-Million-Year-Old Amber Holds Tiny, Feathery Chick
  105. 'Surf Syria': a refugee in Lebanon finds a dream at sea
  106. Bringing ancient tapestries back to life in Belgium
  107. 5 Inventions You Didn't Know Came From Australia
  108. Radiation, risk and robots: Ripping out a reactor's heart
  109. Surprising Find: Ancient Mummy DNA Sequenced in First
  110. Comey 'Stunned' by Trump: Why We 'Freeze' in Uncomfortable Situat
  111. Research Shows As Climate Changes, The Tropics Will Get More Rainfall
  112. Malaysia seizes 300kg of pangolin scales
  113. After Life of Adventure, Attenborough Regrets Missed Family Time
  114. Medieval Farmers May Have Skinned Cats for Pagan Rituals
  115. Eavesdropping on fish sex in the name of conservation
  116. 5 Fascinating Things About Money and Happiness That You Probably Didn’t Know
  117. Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Google Simulator Lets You See What the Eclipse Will Look li
  118. Do Fidget Spinners Contain Lead? What Parents Should Know
  119. Hair Regrowth Products for Women & Men: Who Pays More?
  120. 2 Cases of Legionnaires' Disease in Newborns Linked to Water Births
  121. Trump was 'wrong' to leave climate change deal: UK minister
  122. A hedgehog blown up 'like a beach ball' was popped in life-saving procedure
  123. Germany to welcome two giant pandas
  124. Renaissance Mom: Leonardo Da Vinci's Mother Identified
  125. It's in the genes: songbirds really do sing their own tune
  126. Cybersecurity firms warn new malware could threaten US grid
  127. NASA experiment to color the skies to learn about Earth’s atmosphere
  128. Historic shipwreck discovered off Southern California coast
  129. Garbage dumped in sea off Lebanon sparks outrage
  130. Why a private space balloon company is sending KFC chicken to the stratosphere
  131. The U.S. is reduced to a tiny footnote on a key climate statement
  132. Einstein letters on quantum theory and God to be auctioned
  133. ‘Love Hormone’ Makes Moms Risk Lives For Children
  134. Despite Stigma, 'Electroshock' Therapy Gains Patient Appreciation
  135. Apple is investing $1 billion in clean energy with this unique approach
  136. Indonesia seizes pangolins, scales worth $190,000
  137. Hong Kong launches ivory ban bill
  138. The Machine of Tomorrow Today: Quantum Computing on the Verge
  139. 'Flammable Ice' Harvesting Could Spell Trouble for the Climate
  140. New solar eclipse simulator shows you what to expect this summer
  141. The Mind-Boggling Math That (Maybe) Mapped the Brain in 11 Dimensions
  142. Albert Einstein Letters on Science, Politics and God Could Be Yours
  143. Giant flying turkey once roamed Australia
  144. NASA Plans To Reveal New Kepler Findings On Exoplanets
  145. KFC Is Sending Fried Chicken Into Outer Space
  146. Changing your meal times could help you beat jet lag and shift work
  147. The Machine of Tomorrow Today: Quantum Computing on the Verge
  148. Good news for redheads: a tanning drug for the pale-skinned
  149. Rare Genetic Mutation Makes People Prone to Colds
  150. The pigeons of Passchendaele – and why animals still suffer and die in modern conflic
  151. Scientists Solve Turkey’s Turquoise Puzzle in Bosphorus Strait: A Plankton Invasion
  152. The most important invention from every state
  153. An AI just beat 'Ms. Pac-Man.' We're doomed.
  154. New Amazon dams would be 'massively' destructive: study
  155. Trump to mayor of sinking island: Don't worry about sea level rise
  156. Brain Augmentation: How Scientists Are Working to Create Cyborg Humans with Super Int
  157. Elon Musk and linguists say that AI is forcing us to confront the limits of human lan
  158. A 45-year-long study discovered trends in successful hyper-intelligent children
  159. Two-Headed Porpoise Found Near the Netherlands
  160. Drones with defibrillators could save lives before the ambulance arrives
  161. EU's Juncker says no Paris climate deal renegotiation
  162. World's Oldest Fossilized Mushroom Sprouted 115 Million Years Ago
  163. How Your Education Level May Be Linked to Your Risk of Heart Disease
  164. How clean energy is transforming the world, in 5 charts
  165. Scientists may have found a way to tan skin without exposing it to UV rays
  166. Heroin Vaccine Could Turn Body's Defenses Against the Drug
  167. Japan kicks off Pacific whaling campaign
  168. Astronomers Keep Finding More Moons Around Jupiter
  169. Why Some Galaxy Clusters Have Massive Radio Emissions
  170. This new info about tornadoes on Mars is *so* fascinating
  171. This Simulator Will Give You An Idea Of What The Solar Eclipse Will Look Like In Your
  172. The 'space nation' Asgardia will attempt its first launch this summer — with help fro
  173. Zesty Zucchini? Indulgently Named Veggies More Appealing
  174. China probes academic fraud by cancer researchers
  175. Nano Dimension, in Collaboration with Semplastics, Receives Grant to Develop Unique M
  176. Ancient Israelites Demand for Wine Revealed on 'Invisible' Hebrew Inscripti
  177. Outcrop of 19.65 g/t Gold Leads to Newly Exposed Vein Over 80 Meters
  178. Good news for redheads: a tanning drug for the pale-skinned
  179. Moon Mining Mission Planned For 2020
  180. Two-headed Conjoined Porpoises Hauled Up from the Deep
  181. Drones give North Dakota farmers a new tool to grow crops
  182. Scientists attached an electronic backpack to a genetically modified dragonfly and tu
  183. Darwin's Tree of Life to Become Multi-Dimensional
  184. New Selfie Danger? Camera Flash May Trigger Seizure-Like Response
  185. KFC, I'm Not Sure You Know What 'Space' Means
  186. APNewsBreak: Official says more Hanford nuke mishaps likely
  187. Off on holiday? Here's the best time to book flights and hotels
  188. The maths of life and death: our secret weapon in the fight against disease
  189. Magnetic Chaos Can Exist Around Newly Formed Stars
  190. Warmer climate threatens malaria spread in Ethiopia: study
  191. Primates at play show why monkeying around is good for the brain
  192. Solar eclipse 2017: The best places to see the rare phenomenon this August
  193. E3 2017: 4k gaming leads the way
  194. Satellite sends quantum-spooky signals to Earth – raising hopes of secure global comm
  195. Must-have Father's Day gifts with a tactical twist
  196. Elon Musk Reveals Vision for a SpaceX City on Mars
  197. San Andreas Fault Earthquakes Are Triggered by Winter Rain and Snow, Scientists Disco
  198. 'Plankton explosion' turns Istanbul's Bosphorus turquoise
  199. 100-Year-Old Shipwreck Discovered Off California Coast
  200. Czech Cave Sheds Light On Neanderthal-Homo Sapiens Transition
  201. New algorithm predicts how faces can change, could help find missing persons
  202. 2020 or bust: Planetary Resources is getting more bullish about asteroid mining
  203. Marine Dinosaur Fossil Shows Diverse Evolution
  204. Jeff Bezos just asked his Twitter followers for ideas on how to spend his billions
  205. Looking for Man's origins in a Bulgarian savannah
  206. How close are we to a real Star Trek-style medical tricorder?
  207. As homelands devastated, Indonesian tribe turns to Islam
  208. $1.2 million of pangolin scales seized in Malaysia
  209. Please and Thank You: How DARPA Is Teaching Robots Manners
  210. Human head transplant surgeon claims ‘breakthrough’ in rat experiment
  211. Long-Lost 'Faceless' Fish Shows Up Near Australia
  212. London fire may have destroyed DNA needed to ID victims
  213. Climate change efforts still 'not nearly enough' to meet Paris targets
  214. Microscopic organisms turn Istanbul's shores turquoise
  215. A Politician's Name & Face: Why a Good Match May Win Votes
  216. Lost Ancient Muslim City Discovered in Ethiopia Could Reveal Details of Islam’s Histo
  217. New antibiotic potentially big in fighting drug-resistant bacteria
  218. China Will Overtake U.S. As World Number One in Scientific Research, New Study Finds
  219. Lonely? Take the Focus Off Yourself, Study Suggests
  220. Human voices are unique – but our study shows we're not that good at recognising
  221. Global Coal Production Takes a Dive
  222. 'Wired' Roads Could Power Electric Cars As You Drive
  223. China Launches Space Telescope To Study Black Holes
  224. Elon Musk Thinks He Has a Way to Make Colonizing Mars Cheaper
  225. Inbred California Pumas Need Help From Humans
  226. Harvard is building air-powered spider robots out of drinking straws. ‘Nuff said
  227. Boeing, Airbus take dogfight to Paris Air Show
  228. Are Left-Handed People More Gifted?
  229. Cover-up of Nixon's campaign espionage begins to unravel: Part 5
  230. The legacy of Richard Nixon's presidency: Part 11
  231. A Tiny Tweak to Gut Bacteria Can Extend an Animal’s Life
  232. Opportunity rover’s roll on Mars eerily echoes Apollo 16’s stroll on the moon
  233. Alexander Lakhanpal - Discusses How Astronomers Study the Edge of the Universe
  234. It’s time to explore Uranus and Neptune again — and here's how NASA could do it
  235. What Can Animal Play Teach Us About Children's Education?
  236. New Evidence Points to Jupiter as the Solar System's Oldest Planet
  237. Parkinson's May Begin in Gut Before Affecting the Brain
  238. It’s summer on Saturn’s moon Titan, but you wouldn’t want to visit
  239. Demi Moore's Missing Teeth: Can Stress Really Make Teeth Fall Out?
  240. Author lays out all you need to know about August’s all-American solar eclipse
  241. AI Could Target Autism Before It Even Emerges—But It's No Cure-All
  242. Air Pollution From Wildfire Smoke A Serious Problem
  243. This Surgeon and Army Pilot Just Became 1 of NASA's Newest Latino Astronauts
  244. Benefits Of Pukhraj Gemstone: 'The Yellow Cosmic Gift' That Can Alter Your
  245. New Quantum-Entanglement Record Could Spur Hack-Proof Communications
  246. Why Megyn Kelly may help spread Alex Jones's lies even if she calls them bullshi
  247. A computer is frantically giving guinea pigs the cutest names ever
  248. Here's why NASA keeps postponing its really cool mission to make glowing clouds
  249. A Florida woman discovered a treasure trove of rare space documents in the trash
  250. Big scientific breakthrough at sub-atomic level holds promise for secure comms