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  1. USAF honored at 2017 Royal International Airshow Tattoo
  2. The House of Lords is going to carry out a public inquiry into artificial intelligenc
  3. We still have no idea why humans speak over 7,000 languages
  4. Evolution: Brains and Grandchildren Drove Emergence of Menopause in Women
  5. What makes a dog man's best friend? It's in the genes
  6. This mud volcano has been erupting for more than a decade — and scientists are still
  7. Researchers in Cambodia find nest of rare riverine bird
  8. What Would You Say To An Extraterrestrial?
  9. Scientists want to use this robot to measure quakes on the moon, but first they’re ta
  10. Astronauts and Google Team up to Let You Explore a Space Station
  11. Tunnel visions: China bets big on subways as cities expand
  12. Humans Could Be Radically Changing Rainfall Patterns Worldwide
  13. This model could be why humans speak so many languages
  14. Neil Armstrong’s Moon Dust Bag Sells for $1.8 Million
  15. Hyperloop or hyperbole? Musk promises NY-DC run in 29 mins
  16. Corning to add 1K jobs, invest $500M as part of 'Made in America' week
  17. Curiosity as an answer for income inequality
  18. Scientists might have solved the mystery of why the Easter Island people died
  19. Almost 100,000 people were watching a fake Facebook Live of a tornado GIF
  20. Peru reconstructs face of pre-Columbian ruler
  21. A last-resort ‘planet-hacking’ plan could make Earth habitable for longer — but scien
  22. Five comic book superpowers that really exist in animals
  23. Neil Armstrong's moon bag sells for $1.8 million at auction
  24. Killing of Cecil's son highlights peril facing African lions
  25. Possible melted fuel seen for first time at Fukushima plant
  26. Struggling to ditch meat? Here are five ways to resist the temptation
  27. Personality and Mental Illness: What's the Link?
  28. USS Gerald Ford: The latest warship to join the Navy’s fleet
  29. Trend-Following with Valeriy Zakamulin: Types of Moving Averages (Part 2)
  30. AI Might Help In Schizophrenia Research By Analyzing Brain's Blood Flow
  31. Here's an incredible view of North Carolina's new (and growing) island, tha
  32. Targets and Treatments That May Hold Promise for Treating MS
  33. Elon Musk gets verbal 'okay' for Hyperloop train
  34. Solar eclipse offers millions a chance at citizen science
  35. Swole Jeff Bezos joins Instagram to tease his new rocket factory
  36. Research shows people’s brainwaves sync up when they converse
  37. Pregnant Women Can Do These 2 Things to Lower Odds of a C-Section
  38. Deadly Kiss: Can a Baby Contract a Lethal Virus from a Cold Sore?
  39. Yes, Dads Give Kids Less-Healthy Food: Here's Why
  40. Can We Cure Climate Change? Scientists Debate If We Should
  41. National Weather Service cancels its union contract
  42. Jeff Bezos Says He’s Using Amazon ‘Lottery Winnings’ to Put Humans in Space
  43. 9 most important space exploration moments in history
  44. This Summer's Eclipse Will Offer More Than A Good View
  45. 48 years after Apollo 11 moon landing, lunar dust bag sells for $1.8 million
  46. From self-driving cars to Zoomtubes: an expert imagines the evolution of transport in
  47. Marvel's Inhumans: Is It an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Spin-Off?
  48. Buzz Aldrin tweets about how the iconic image of him on the moon was taken
  49. Sen. John McCain's Brain Cancer: What Are Glioblastomas?
  50. Scientists have a new plan for finding extraterrestrial life in our Solar System
  51. People with Alzheimer's May Have More Bacteria in Their Brains
  52. Largest Neutrino Detector In US Starts Construction
  53. These unique fidget spinners will make your kid the envy of his or her class
  54. 6 of the most notable discoveries that have been revealed by melting ice
  55. NASA Is Studying Propulsion Systems for Its Moon Station
  56. Peru reconstructs face of pre-Columbian ruler
  57. How the Mustache on Dali's Corpse Remained Intact After 27 Years in the Grave
  58. 7 Iconic Photos Taken On The Moon
  59. Scientists Create a new 3D Chip Capable of Making A.I. Systems Work
  60. Intelligent drive and sensing technologies
  61. Could humans learn to ‘speak ape’? This quiz will help you find out
  62. This mayor is leaving politics to fight climate change full-time
  63. Cute Japanese Drone Sends Back Photos From Space
  64. Tech breakthrough could give us more efficient LEDs and invisibility cloaks, too
  65. Newly discovered Nevada toad species already under threat
  66. Robot finds possible melted fuel inside Fukushima reactor
  67. NASA: Mars Moon Phobos Orbits Red Planet in Beautiful Time-Lapse Captured by Hubble
  68. Robot finds likely melted fuel heap inside Fukushima reactor
  69. Elon Musk Has a Brand New Pipe Dream for a Subterranean East Coast Hyperloop
  70. 5 weird, and very expensive, space artifacts sold at auction
  71. Everything you need to know about the 2017 solar eclipse
  72. Life On An Icy Moon? Researchers Hope Holographic Microscopy Might Help Find It
  73. NASA needs your help for the upcoming full solar eclipse in the U.S.
  74. Safety Tips For Watching The Solar Eclipse
  75. Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the moon 48 years ago — here's the speech Nixon would
  76. A satellite captured a video of its fellow satellites rocketing to space
  77. How cows are helping researchers fight HIV
  78. Adam Savage explains why space suits are his happy place
  79. How Blowing Up Atoms Could Revolutionize Cosmology
  80. How scientists and Google are engaging in a war of the sexes to battle Zika
  81. You can help NASA out during this summer's solar eclipse
  82. When Research Becomes A Creative Display Of Emotion
  83. The Northern Lights Can Be Hard To Catch, But NASA Has Some Beautiful Photos Of Them
  84. Punishing drought takes toll on crops across Northern Plains
  85. Supernova Explosion Brighter Than The Milky Way
  86. Humans On Mars? That's No Moonshot!
  87. Melted Fuel Hunt Marks Advance in Japan's 40-Year Atomic Cleanup
  88. Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks Joining Forces with George R.R. Martin on a Space Video Gam
  89. Melted Fuel Hunt Marks Advance in Japan's 40-Year Atomic Cleanup
  90. Rhino poaching dips slightly in South Africa
  91. Booze in space: how the universe is absolutely drowning in the hard stuff
  92. NASA Has a Way to Cut Your Flight Time in Half
  93. This app will analyze your DNA to help you lose weight
  94. Sri Lanka navy rescues two elephants washed out to sea
  95. DNA testing startup Helix just launched its app store for genetics
  96. Want a piece of scientific history? The former home of Joseph Priestley, who discover
  97. Britain Is Launching a Major Initiative to Boost Battery Technology
  98. Endurance Identifies Four Chargeability Anomalies On The Elephant Property, Alaska
  99. Why Do Humans Speak So Many Languages?
  100. There might be a whole bunch of water hiding inside the moon
  101. Moon Dust Bag Fetches Nearly $2 Million at Auction
  102. Archaeologists Return to Legendary Birthplace of King Arthur
  103. South Africa moves ahead on domestic trade in rhino horn
  104. Biggest Ocean Sunfish Found in New Zealand Is the First Species of Its Kind Discovere
  105. Billionaire space prospectors are racing to mine the moon, and that’s a good thing
  106. NASA Has a Way to Cut Your Flight Time in Half
  107. Cool the Planet? Geoengineering Is Easier Said Than Done
  108. Five comic-book superpowers that animals actually have
  109. Anybody who did high school debate knows it's the worst way to tackle climate ch
  110. The Thing You Need to Do in Order to Be a Happier Person Will Surprise You
  111. 'chemoWave' app helps cancer patients collect medical info
  112. Did Oxygen Therapy Really 'Reverse' Child's Brain Damage? Experts Are
  113. You Can Be A NASA Scientist For A Day By Collecting Data During The Solar Eclipse In
  114. Time, not material goods, 'raises happiness'
  115. A British Doctor Is Selling Land on Mars for 10 Acres Per Penny
  116. Robots, race cars and weather: Girl Scouts offer new badges
  117. People Are Calling This NASA Statement a "Warning" - Read It For Yourself
  118. Pressure mounts to curtail surgery on intersex children
  119. The Moon Is a Lot Wetter Than Scientists Originally Thought
  120. Water on the Moon Is More Plentiful than Scientists Suspected, Study Shows
  121. The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has*already been solved, scientist says
  122. Tokyo to begin seeking names for star giant panda cub
  123. Money Is the Secret to Happiness, Science Says
  124. Inside the tech that makes 'near-miss' air collisions almost impossible
  125. A solar eclipse is coming to America. Here’s what you’ll see where you live.
  126. The Mayak Satellite: Why Has Russia Sent a 'New Star' Into the Sky?
  127. Total solar eclipse 2017: everything you need to know
  128. Google Street View travels to the final frontier, capturing images from outer space
  129. Moon could be wetter than thought, say scientists
  130. Snooty, Oldest Manatee in Captivity, Dies at Age 69
  131. Scientist offers simple explanation for Bermuda Triangle disappearances
  132. Do you expect service with a smile? There's a dark side to putting on a happy fa
  133. Psychopaths Aren’t Natural Liars—They’re Just Better at Learning How to Do It
  134. France appeals for help in fighting Cote d'Azur fires
  135. Elon Musk Slams Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Limited’ Understanding of A.I.
  136. The bizarre physics of fire ants
  137. How to Invest When Market Volatility Picks Up
  138. Scientists Stumbled on a Surprising Thing About Dark Matter
  139. Earth's 2017 resource 'budget' spent by next week: report
  140. How Sugary Drinks May Change the Way Your Body Burns Fat
  141. Total Solar Eclipse 2017: How to Watch Safely and When
  142. Wait — How Do The Stars Affect My Horoscope?
  143. Surreal, Right? Why Dalí's Preserved Mustache Isn't Weird
  144. Sour Note: In Ancient Rome, Lemons Were Only for the Rich
  145. Detecting water leaks in your home
  146. Your flight times could be cut in half thanks to NASA's supersonic tech
  147. Don't Believe the Spin: Fidget Spinners Have No Proven Benefits
  148. History's 1st Emoji? Ancient Pitcher Shows a Smiley Face
  149. Get your sous vide machine and a Field Company skillet, all from Anova
  150. New species of sunfish discovered by scientist in New Zealand
  151. Chipotle Outbreak: How Does Norovirus Get into Restaurant Food?
  152. Space shuttle junk gives shape to Lockheed Martin’s new habitat prototype
  153. New High: Nearly Half of Americans Have Tried Pot, Gallup Poll Says
  154. Trump's EPA enlists controversial think tank to find climate 'experts'
  155. Elon Musk’s Tunnel Plan Isn’t as Crazy as SpaceX or Tesla
  156. Lockheed Martin is Building a Space Habitat Out of an Old ISS Part
  157. King Tut's Wife May Be Buried in Newly Discovered Tomb
  158. APNewsBreak: Man charged in igniting massive Utah wildfire
  159. Lockheed Martin Is Building a Prototype Moon Habitat From Old Space Shuttle Parts
  160. How Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Could Work For Space Travel
  161. How Binge Drinking Affects Teen Brains
  162. Can an Airplane Door Actually Open Mid-Flight?
  163. Scientists Build DNA From Scratch Using Yeast
  164. Greenland is changing colour because of global warming
  165. California knocks Trump as it extends climate change effort
  166. 'Textalyzer' aims to crack down on texting while driving
  167. AP Interview: China to lead in organ transplants by 2020
  168. What is SpaceX and is it the future of space exploration?
  169. Free-floating ‘rogue’ planets the size of our Earth are everywhere in our galaxy
  170. How Scientists Redesign DNA Codes
  171. NASA: There Are Far More Massive Comets Hiding at the Edge of the Solar System Than W
  172. How scientists redesign DNA codes
  173. 'Pharma Bro' won't stop talking, except to jury in trial
  174. Adobe to kill Flash by 2020
  175. Science says money does buy happiness, but not in the way you think
  176. One NASA Experiment During The Eclipse Will Look At The Sun And Mercury
  177. 3D-Printed Tools Will Soon Brave the Vacuum of Space
  178. Bizarre Marine Worm Resembles a Christmas Ornament from Hell
  179. The Fermi Paradox: Why Haven’t We Found Alien Life Anywhere Else in the Universe?
  180. Everything You Need To Gear Up For Watching The Total Solar Eclipse
  181. Asteroid Mining Has a New Champion
  182. Watch Elon Musk Send a Tesla Model S Underground
  183. Scientists Build DNA From Scratch to Alter Life's Blueprint
  184. Appia Reports on Prospecting Program on Loranger Property, Athabasca Basin
  185. Mammoth Antarctic iceberg is on the move, while the ice shelf it left behind grieves
  186. Video shows rainbows are actually circles, not arches, and your life will never be th
  187. Transgender Military Ban: 5 Facts That Rebut Trump’s Claims
  188. Science Channel Travels ‘Path of Totality’ to Capitalize on Eclipse Fever
  189. Nasa plans to build a new plane that could halve flight times
  190. The data that transformed AI research—and possibly the world
  191. Better, or worse? Google joins Tri Alpha Energy to find better paths to fusion power
  192. Scientists dim sunlight, suck up carbon dioxide to cool planet
  193. Astronauts gear up for space with tough Russian training
  194. Humans actually come from another galaxy - along with everything else
  195. Here’s how NASA will use jets to make next month’s solar eclipse last longer
  196. Climate change will feed wildfires: experts
  197. Gene therapy helps dogs with muscle dystrophy, humans next?
  198. Corn Could Be Major Victim of Climate Change
  199. Iran in 'successful' test of satellite-launch rocket
  200. China to build first Mars simulation base
  201. Child Born with HIV is Virtually Virus-Free for 9 Years, Without Meds
  202. Prosecutor: Martin Shkreli repeatedly lied to investors
  203. US scientists have genetically modified human embryos
  204. Striking Study Shows How Football Affects the Brain
  205. Indonesian villagers cut down forest in orangutan sanctuary
  206. Half of Everything in the Milky Way—Including Humans—Comes From Far Flung Galaxies
  207. Scientists in Oregon take first step towards ‘designer babies’ by editing human embry
  208. Iran claims launch of satellite-carrying rocket into space
  209. The Surprising Passion Project Shared By 5 of the World’s Billionaires
  210. Future Sunscreen May Contain DNA — and It Gets Better the Longer You Wear It
  211. Could shark blood aid in chemical weapon detection?
  212. First editing of human embryos carried out in United States
  213. Iran claims launch of satellite-carrying rocket into space
  214. First editing of human embryos carried out in United States
  215. Adorable Hedgehogs Want You to Know About This Common Health Problem
  216. Rare birds, wildflowers: 'Secret garden' opens after century
  217. Judge recommends contested giant Hawaii telescope for permit
  218. The Surprising Passion Project Shared By 5 of the World's Billionaires
  219. Drinking Water Database: Put in Your ZIP Code and Find Out What's in Your Water
  220. Scientists Hope This Volcanic Island Holds the Answer to Stronger Concrete
  221. 'I Was Sexually Harassed by My Professor': After Years of Silent Struggle,
  222. How Drinking Affects Your Memory
  223. The Hidden Bones Of A Historic Fossil Have Been Found
  224. U.S. says Iran rocket test breaches U.N. resolution
  225. Prehistoric Humans Ate Wheat As They Hiked Across Mountains
  226. Watch Why We Don't See a Total Solar Eclipse Every Month
  227. Slimy slugs inspire 'potentially lifesaving' medical glue
  228. NASA delays satellite launch to replace damaged antenna
  229. This Pattern on CenturyLink Has My Attention
  230. Watch NASA Freeze Its Alien-Hunting Telescope
  231. The Stratosphere Will Be Mars-Like During The Total Eclipse, So NASA Is Sending Ballo
  232. Angelina Jolie's Facial Paralysis: What Is Bell's Palsy?
  233. U.S. says Iran rocket test breaches U.N. resolution
  234. U.S. says Iran rocket test breaches U.N. resolution
  235. How Brain's 'Helper Cells' Could Contribute to Schizophrenia
  236. NASA launches 2017 eclipse app to inspire citizen scientists
  237. This Fish With 3 Rows Of Teeth Once Ruled The Ocean
  238. Study disproves the Bible's claim that the ancient Canaanites were wiped out
  239. What Happens When You Die? Scientists Say Near-Death Experiences Share Elements but V
  240. New species of dinosaur found in China - and it looks like a turkey
  241. Professor Einstein: Your Personal Genius educational toy review
  242. Explorers snuck into a Russian military base and captured footage of abandoned space
  243. 4 Places You Can Still Find Eyewear for Viewing the Solar Eclipse Safely
  244. Slimy slug mucus inspires glue which can mend internal injuries without stitches
  245. Meteor Shower: How And When To See The Delta Aquariids
  246. Study: Alcohol Might Boost Memory, Help Improve Retention Power
  247. Protecting your home with Amazon Echo
  248. Robot that dived into Washington, D.C., fountain not victim of 'foul play'
  249. Bright lights and feelings of peace - why are so many near-death experiences so simil
  250. Scientists set sail to unlock secrets of 'lost continent' Zealandia