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  1. Meet Granddad: Weird, Ancient Reptile Gave Rise to Mammals
  2. Are the Nobel Prizes Missing Female Scientists?
  3. Apes show complex cognitive skills watching 'King Kong' videos
  4. Scientists announce discovery of Brazil's largest dinosaur
  5. What Makes the Google Pixel Different from Other Smartphones?
  6. New Prostate Cancer Screening Rules Fail to Curb PSA Testing
  7. 4-Year-Old Overdoses on 'Natural' Supplements, Ends Up in ER
  8. 3D mannequin helps cyclist go for gold
  9. The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
  10. Do Interruptions Hurt Presidential Candidates? What the Science Says
  11. 'Martian Gardens' Help Scientists Find the Best Veggies to Grow on Mars
  12. Unexpectedly Deep Seismic Activity Found Along California Fault
  13. Back from the Dead? Goliath Worms 'Drown' and Recover
  14. The Spooky Secret Behind Artificial Intelligence's Incredible Power
  15. 2,000-Year-Old Pompeii Home Reconstructed in 3D
  16. Hair Plugs? Joe Buck Puts Cosmetic Addictions in Spotlight
  17. Why 'Hoppy' Beer May Be Better for Your Liver
  18. 'Safe' Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batteries Are Still Exploding
  19. Obama vows to send people to Mars by the 2030s
  20. 25 New 'Dead Sea Scrolls' Revealed
  21. Why You Shouldn't Do a Hard Workout When You're Upset
  22. Debate 2016: What Goes on in Your Brain When People Invade Your Space
  23. Nestlé Drumstick Recall: How Does Listeria Get into Ice Cream?
  24. New High-Tech Friendship Bracelets Teach Kids How to Code
  25. Mice Sing Love Songs Like a Jet Engine
  26. How Did a Chunk of India and Eurasia Just Disappear?
  27. How the Heck Did Black Widow Spider DNA Get Inside a Virus?
  28. Dutch firm Avantium to IPO to fund plastics from plants
  29. Experience the Thrill of an Everest Expedition in New Virtual Reality Film
  30. Hurricane Sandy-Level Floods Likely to Hit NYC More Often
  31. How Accurate Are Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitors?
  32. Promising Ebola Drug ZMapp: The Real Lessons of an Inconclusive Study
  33. Many Parents Who Think They Have Food Allergies Actually Don't
  34. Deadly Mixture: Scientists Uncover Harmful Drug Interactions
  35. Blast from the past: comet may have hit Earth 56 million years ago
  36. The Universe Has 10 Times More Galaxies Than Scientists Thought
  37. Scientists seek to map all human cells in vast atlas
  38. 5 Misconceptions About Sexual Assault
  39. Brain-Implanted Device Restores Sense of Touch in Man with Spinal Cord Injury
  40. Heart-Harming Supplements? Calcium Pills Linked to Artery Buildup
  41. Scientists seek to map all human cells in vast atlas
  42. 80 Years Later, Polar Explorer's Sunken Ship Floats Again
  43. How One Scientist Decoded the Mysterious Sounds of the Northern Lights
  44. Your Brain on Tetris: How Video Game Seduced Millions
  45. The Bizarre History of 'Tetris'
  46. Women's Brains Grow a Bit During Menstrual Cycle
  47. Why Sexual Assault Victims Wait to Speak Out
  48. Twin Hurricanes Matthew and Nicole Could Herald More Storms to Come
  49. BMW's Futuristic Motorcycle Balances on Its Own
  50. European-led Mars lander to start descent to red planet
  51. China to launch manned space mission Shenzhou 11 on Monday
  52. European-led Mars lander starts descent to red planet
  53. China launches longest manned space mission
  54. European-led Mars lander starts descent to red planet
  55. This Man Was Killed by Brutal Boomerang Blow 800 Years Ago
  56. B. Rex: Giant Armored Fish Was King Before Dinosaurs
  57. Jumping Spiders 'Hear' Long-Range Audio with Their Hairy Legs
  58. 5 Intriguing Uses for Artificial Intelligence (That Aren't Killer Robots)
  59. Ingested Porcupine Quill Pokes Hole in Woman's Aorta
  60. Twins Conjoined at Head Now Separated: What Causes Rare Condition?
  61. Woman Puts E-Cig Liquid in Her Eye After Mistaking It for Eyedrops
  62. Orbital's Antares rocket blasts off from Virginia: NASA
  63. Orbital rocket blasts off on space station cargo run
  64. Maggots under microscope for superbug-killing secretions
  65. Bloomberg to make $50M gift to Boston science museum
  66. Mothers' Obesity Linked with Biologically 'Older' Newborns
  67. Model Contracts Eye Infection from 'Dirty' Makeup Brush
  68. Don't Fret Step Counts: These Fitness Tracker Measures Are More Important
  69. The New Science of Willpower: Can Self-Control Really Get Used Up?
  70. Left at the 1st Neuron: Project Will Map Every Human Cell
  71. Birthplace of Rosetta Probe's Comet Pinned Down
  72. 'Life on Mars' lander aims for risky touch down on red planet
  73. U.S.-Russian crew blasts off for space station
  74. Chinese manned space mission docks with space station: Xinhua
  75. UNICEF clinches vaccine deal to protect children from five diseases
  76. Chambers Hidden in Great Pyramid? Scientists Cast Doubt
  77. UNICEF clinches vaccine deal to protect children from five diseases
  78. Bendable Battery May Power Future Wearable Devices, Smartphones
  79. Rare, Neolithic 'Goddess' Figurine Discovered in Turkey
  80. Mysterious Bison Hybrid Revealed from Ancient DNA and Cave Paintings
  81. The Surprising Reason Some Foods May Trigger Migraines
  82. Adults Usually Can't Catch Kids in a Lie
  83. New Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Help Treat Depression
  84. European Mars lander touches down on red planet: ESA
  85. Scientists find 500 U.S. seabed vents of powerful greenhouse gas
  86. NASA spacecraft loses computer before close encounter with Jupiter
  87. NASA spacecraft loses computer before close encounter with Jupiter
  88. Scientists find 500 U.S. seabed vents of powerful greenhouse gas
  89. European scientists puzzle over Mars lander's radio silence
  90. European scientists puzzle over Mars lander's radio silence
  91. Scientists in Europe downplay likely loss of Mars lander
  92. Two Faults 'Holding Hands' Could Trigger Big Earthquakes in California
  93. 3D-Printed Gadget Lets Kids Turn Smartphone into Microscope
  94. Should Marijuana Be Legal? 60 Percent of Americans Now Say Yes
  95. Spiders can 'tune' webs for good vibrations, researchers say
  96. Hot Flash Genes? Symptom Linked to DNA Variation
  97. Placebo Pills May Help with Back Pain
  98. Smart mouth: Chinese fish fossil sheds light on jaw evolution
  99. 'Planet Nine' Can't Hide Much Longer, Scientists Say
  100. Spaceship carrying three-man crew docks with ISS, NASA TV reports
  101. Monkeys Break Rocks, Show Humans Aren't So Special
  102. Denali Dinos: Ancient Bones Are First of Their Kind in National Park
  103. 500 'Champagne' Methane Seeps Discovered Off Pacific Coast
  104. Too Hot to Handle? Ghost Pepper Leads to Torn Esophagus
  105. Fact-Checking Trump: Can Abortions Really Happen on the 'Final Day' of Pregnancy?
  106. Rich People Really Do Ignore You When They Walk By
  107. Heavy Marijuana Use May Be Bad for Your Bones
  108. At Mars, ExoMars Science Mission Goes on Despite Missing Lander
  109. European Mars probe destroyed after plunging to surface
  110. Britain Will Pardon Thousands of Gay and Bisexual Men
  111. Snakes Used to Have Legs and Arms … Until These Mutations Happened
  112. Why Are Thousands of 'Scrotum Frogs' Dying Off in South America?
  113. Did UNESCO Deny That the Temple Mount Had Jewish Temples?
  114. Eels Consume Their Own Bones to Survive Migration
  115. Beautiful Earth Visualization Shows the World's Weather in Motion
  116. Embryo Fish Face, Cow Dung & Beetle Feet Win Small World Photo Contest
  117. Ancient 'Frankenstein' Bug Mixed Grasshopper, Wasp & Roach Parts
  118. Scientists Untangle Chemistry of Frankincense to Develop 'Perfume'
  119. Alan Alda asks scientists to explain energy to children
  120. U.S. scientist dies in snowmobile plunge in Antarctica
  121. 'Spiders' on Mars: Citizen Scientists Investigate Strange Martian Terrain
  122. What's Up with 'Niku'? Object's Weird Orbit Puzzles Scientists
  123. Man Dies of Flesh-Eating Bacteria from Ocean: What Is Vibrio Vulnificus?
  124. Lies Breed Lies: Brain May Get Desensitized to Dishonesty
  125. High-Potency Pot Doubles Risk of Marijuana Dependence
  126. Mysterious 'Dark Energy' May Not Exist, Study Claims
  127. No, 'Honeycomb' Clouds Don't Explain Bermuda Triangle Mystery
  128. Tweet #SnailLove to Help Lonely Mollusk Find a Mate
  129. Prescription Testosterone Gets New Warning
  130. Astronauts' Back Pain Has Surprising Cause
  131. Heart-Healthy Cities: These Spots Have the Least Heart Attacks
  132. Men's Resting Heart Rates May Be Linked with Their Mental Health
  133. HIV's 'Patient Zero' Wrongly Blamed for AIDS Epidemic
  134. ER Visits for Alcohol Intoxication Are Going Up
  135. New 3D printed microscope lets kids 'play' microbiology
  136. Huge Magma Chamber Created Enormous Dome in Central Andes
  137. Encoded Bling: Diamonds Could Store Huge Amounts of Data
  138. Original Emoji Will Go on Display at Museum of Modern Art
  139. Scientists identify fossilised dinosaur brain tissue for first time
  140. Scientists identify fossilized dinosaur brain tissue for first time
  141. Scientists identify fossilised dinosaur brain tissue for first time
  142. Study predicts deserts in Spain if global warming continues
  143. European space lander left crater on surface of Mars in crash-landing
  144. Ancient Battle Left 'Sea Monster' With Tooth Stuck in Its Face
  145. Hairy Liaisons: Ancient Chimps and Bonobos Hooked Up
  146. Ancient Bird Coughed Up 'Fishy' Pellet 120 Million Years Ago
  147. NASA's Pluto Probe Beams Back Final Data from Historic Flyby
  148. Robo Beer Run: Self-Driving Truck Delivers Budweiser
  149. 'Frankenstein' predicted concept key to modern biology: study
  150. Jesus' Tomb Opened for First Time in Centuries
  151. Scientist: Breach dams to save orcas off Washington state
  152. SpaceX says rocket accident probe focusing on fueling system flaw
  153. Multinational crew leave space station and head back to Earth
  154. Italian earthquakes could go on for weeks in domino effect - scientist
  155. Interview: Italian earthquakes could go on for weeks in domino effect - scientist
  156. Scary Science: How Your Body Responds to Fear
  157. Snowy 'Veins' of Siberia Captured in Haunting Image from Space
  158. 2,500-Year-Old Burial Hints at Ancient Cannabis Use
  159. Getting in Character: The Psychology Behind Cosplay
  160. Man's Death from 'Heartland Virus' Shows Wide-Ranging Effects on the Body
  161. Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Can Hitch a Ride on Hospital Scrubs
  162. Male Birth Control Shots Lower Pregnancy Odds, But Have Side Effects
  163. Deadly Measles Complication More Common Than Doctors Thought
  164. Telescope group chooses Canary Islands as alternative to Hawaii
  165. From gene editing to death traps, Seattle scientists innovate in race to end malaria
  166. Would You Use Pot If It Were Legal? Here's What Americans Say
  167. Facebook & Real-World Friends: What's a Healthy Balance?
  168. Naval Special Warfare Trainees Face Tiny Enemy: Bacteria
  169. A.I. 'Nightmare Machine' Knows What Scares You
  170. Experts concerned by SpaceX plan to fuel rockets with people aboard
  171. Brain-Infecting Parasite May Be More Common in NY Than Experts Thought
  172. Mouse Brain Visualized in Stunning 3D Detail
  173. Original Bedrock of Jesus' Tomb Revealed in New Images
  174. 3,800-Year-Old 'Tableau' of Egyptian Boats Discovered
  175. Ancient Cave Lion Cubs Found Crushed and Frozen in Russia
  176. Bomb-Sniffing Bionic Plants Could Look for Pollution
  177. Mummified Poop Reveals Ancient Sloth Ate Mormon Tea and Saltbush
  178. Calling All Wizards! Cast Spells Like Harry Potter on Your Smartphone
  179. Iron Age Brew Recreated from Ancient Cauldron's Remnants
  180. 3D-Printed 'Lego' Bricks Could Bend Sound into Acoustic Holograms
  181. Ancient Scratched Stones: World's Earliest Maps or Magic Artifacts?
  182. 'Shotgun' Marriages Up Among Some Groups
  183. China boosts space program with new heavy rocket launch
  184. 'Doctor Strange' Astrophysicist Talks Mind-Bending Marvel Science
  185. Tadpoles Prefer Vegetarian Meals During Heat Waves
  186. Ancient 400-Pound Salmon Fought with Dagger-Like Teeth
  187. Investigation Sheds Light on Final Moments of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
  188. SpaceX aiming to return to flight next month: CEO Musk
  189. Citizen Scientists Jump Aboard NASA's Jupiter Mission to Create Amazing Images
  190. What Makes an Earworm So Catchy?
  191. Pap Smear Early in Pregnancy Could Reveal Genetic Disorders Earlier
  192. Did Too Many Energy Drinks Trigger Man's Liver Problems?
  193. Oldest Megamouth Shark on Record Had Chipped Tooth
  194. World's Oldest Stone Tablet Containing Ten Commandments Up for Auction
  195. Cancer-Causing List: 7 New Substances Added by US
  196. First-Ever Dinosaur Brain Tissue Found
  197. Inside Ireland's Oldest Grave, an 'Exceptional' Find
  198. Weird 'Gravity' Waves Above Antarctica Caused by Ice Vibrations
  199. 'Lazy mosquitoes' mean more women than men get chikungunya: scientists
  200. Why Are Thousands of Snowballs Popping Up on a Siberian Beach?
  201. 'Lazy mosquitoes' mean more women than men get chikungunya: scientists
  202. 'Lazy mosquitoes' mean more women than men get chikungunya: scientists
  203. Stem Cell 'Patches' Could Help to Fix Injured Hearts
  204. Janet Reno's Death: How Does a Person Die of Parkinson's?
  205. Kendall Jenner's Fear: What Is Sleep Paralysis?
  206. Clinton or Trump for President: What Happens If the Election Is a Tie?
  207. Stranger Pings: Weird Noise Coming from Arctic Seafloor
  208. Do Kids Take Years Off Your Life? Giving Birth May Make Cells 'Older'
  209. Inflammatory Bowel Disease on Rise in US
  210. Successful Weight 'Losers': Here's How Much Less Time They Spend Sitting
  211. Election Day 2016: How Are Votes Counted?
  212. Astro Cameras Help Mosques Schedule Prayer Times
  213. What Triggered Tsunamis that Demolished Bronze-Age Civilization?
  214. Female researchers underrepresented, but collaborate widely
  215. Scientists develop new type of HIV test on a USB stick
  216. 3 More States Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana: How the Map Looks Now
  217. Breast Cancer: The First Sign Isn't Always a Lump
  218. More Science Says Smartphones Spoil Sleep
  219. Bird Beaks Are Cooler Than You Think — Literally
  220. Why Humans Don't Have More Neanderthal Genes
  221. Newfound Ancient 'Sea Monster' Is Largest Yet from Antarctica
  222. Low Vitamin D Linked with Higher Asthma Risk
  223. Why Do Sleepy People Drink More Soda?
  224. Climate scientists say Trump win means U.S. emissions may not fall as pledged
  225. Scientists try bacteria to halt invading cheatgrass in West
  226. 'Mud Dragon' fossil shows dinosaurs thrived on eve of destruction
  227. Mars show home goes on display in London
  228. Climate scientists say Trump win means U.S. emissions may not fall as pledged
  229. Pakistan ratifies Paris Agreement to fight global warming
  230. Night delight: 'supermoon' to grace Earth's skies
  231. How Trump Could Erase Decades of Climate Change Action
  232. Diver Finds Long-Lost Nuke While Hunting Sea Cucumbers
  233. 'Impossible' Space Engine Might Actually Work, Study Suggests
  234. What Will a Trump Presidency Mean for Science?
  235. 'Firework' Drones Swarm the Sky, Setting New World Record
  236. Dave the Giant Earthworm Sets Record in UK, World
  237. New Record! Robot Solves Rubik's Cube in Less Than a Second
  238. iPad Game Helps Treat Lazy Eye in Kids
  239. Mysterious Unidentified Object Crashes in Myanmar
  240. John Kerry says he'll continue with global warming efforts
  241. Kerry says he'll continue with anti-global warming efforts
  242. Michael Bublé's Son Diagnosed with Liver Cancer: How Rare Is It in Kids?
  243. Constipation Linked to Risk of Kidney Disease, New Study Finds
  244. Red Squirrels Harbor Leprosy-Causing Bacteria
  245. Marijuana Use May Weaken Your Heart Muscle
  246. Boys' and Girls' Brains May Show Opposite Effects After a Trauma
  247. Flu Risk May Depend on Birth Year
  248. Fit for a King? Medieval Book 'Illuminates' Likely Theft by Henry VIII
  249. Saber-Toothed Cat Had a Huge Skull, But a Puny Bite
  250. Supermoon delights world's star gazers in full moon, eclipse combination