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  1. Microsoft Has a New Surface Book to Take on Apple's MacBook Pro
  2. Senate Candidate Roy Moore Says NFL Protesters Are Breaking the Law
  3. Trump Tells Widow of Fallen Soldier He 'Knew What He Signed Up For,' Congre
  4. Explore our solar system with Google's new maps of Pluto, Venus, and more
  5. We Know Why and How Pot Can Be Addictive
  6. President Trump's Approval Rating on Hurricanes Drops 20% After Maria Hit Puerto
  7. Mom Who Feared Being Deported Drowned Her Children in a Bathtub, Police Say
  8. The Recently Released Taliban Hostage Caitlan Boyle Has Been Rushed to Hospital
  9. Australia just ditched its Clean Energy Target for a new plan, and it's terrible
  10. A New Health Care Deal Is Already in Doubt After Trump Changed His Mind
  11. Winning Amazon's New Headquarters Could Come With Hidden Costs
  12. 'This Is a Person With No Conscience.' Manhunt Underway for Maryland Shoote
  13. FEMA Chief Blamed for Katrina Response Says the Same Problems Are Happening in Puerto
  14. Trump Says He Called 'Every Family' of Soldiers Who Died. But Some Never He
  15. Sean Spicer Has Been Interviewed by Robert Mueller's Team in the Russia Probe, R
  16. Now we know how the EPA's Scott Pruitt will replace science advisors with indust
  17. 'You Should Recognize the Sovereignty of God.' Roy Moore on How the Constit
  18. China's Future Is Bright But Its Economic Challenges Are Severe, Says Xi Jinping
  19. Parts of unmanned Russian spaceship burn up over Dubai
  20. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Says He Urged Firing of Former FBI Director James Come
  21. What Causes Dyslexia? Scientists Think They May Know, and There Could Be a Cure
  22. Scientists identify perfect place for moon base
  23. Fallen Soldier’s Father Says President Trump Promised Him $25,000, But Never Sent the
  24. North Korea says it plans to launch many more satellites
  25. The Defense Department Is Looking Into Why Four U.S. Soldiers Died in Niger
  26. U.S. Mass Killings Occurring at 'Uniform' Rate, Say Scientists
  27. Republicans Worry They'll Lose Congress. Their Solution? Tax Cuts
  28. Google Maps Just Added a Bunch of Planets and Moons for You to Explore
  29. Delhi braces for pollution 'airpocalypse' as smog looms
  30. Father of Soldier Killed in Niger: Trump Was Respectful When He Called Me
  31. Archaeologist spots hundreds of mysterious, ancient stone 'gates' on Google
  32. Before S Chandrasekhar won the Nobel Prize in 1983, his theories were overlooked beca
  33. Mother of Fallen Soldier Says President Trump Disrespected Him
  34. How Volcanoes May Have Contributed to the Fall of Ancient Egypt
  35. Trump Said This Dead Soldier 'Knew What He Signed Up For.' Now a GoFundMe I
  36. It Rains Diamonds in Space
  37. A Jury Has Convicted a White Ex-Cop of Killing His Daughter's Black Boyfriend
  38. See the Heartbreaking Moment Sgt. La David T. Johnson's Widow Received His Remai
  39. Here Are the Disturbing Numbers on Puerto Rico One Month After Hurricane Maria
  40. Senators Are Pushing Ahead with a Health Care Deal as President Trump Sends Mixed Sig
  41. AlphaGo Zero: Google DeepMind supercomputer learns 3,000 years of human knowledge in
  42. 'We Will Keep Suing.' 17 States Slam Betsy DeVos for Blocking Rules on For-
  43. Lots of people are going to be staring at Uranus tonight
  44. Puppy eyes: The tail wagging the dog?
  45. Chimp Cannibalism Extends to Babies in Gruesome Science Study
  46. Jake Tapper Fires Back After Bill O'Reilly Calls His Ratings 'Low as You Ca
  47. 6 Wacky Ways Cities Are Trying to Win Amazon's New Headquarters
  48. Manhunt in Deadly Maryland Shooting Rampage Ends With an Arrest
  49. Colonizing the Moon: Scientists Discover Lava Tubes That Could House an Underground C
  50. Teen Stabbed His Young Siblings to Death So He Could Be Alone, Police Say
  51. Are dogs trying to tell us something with their expressions?
  52. 'Magic Mushrooms' Might Ease Depression Symptoms
  53. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar explained what happens when humongous stars die
  54. Self-taught, 'superhuman' AI now even smarter: makers
  55. Where's the buzz? German study finds dramatic insect decline
  56. Urine-powered combat equipment?
  57. Want to Clap Your Heart Out for Xi Jinping? There's an App for That
  58. Israel: Biblical Roman Stables Discovered in Area Where Jesus Lived and Preached
  59. Amazon’s second headquarters: Craziest ways cities wooed the company
  60. World's deepest lake in peril, scientists warn
  61. Ancient Monument Found in Abandoned Greek Settlement
  62. Kids Are Spending More Time On Mobile Devices Than Ever Before
  63. 'It Stuns Me.' Trump's Chief of Staff Accuses Democratic Congresswoman
  64. Scientists shocked by 75 percent decline in flying insect numbers
  65. This is the Surprising Reason Why Chad Was Included in the Most Recent U.S. Travel Ba
  66. 'You Cannot Complain If You Didn't Vote': Barack Obama Returns to the
  67. 'We Don't Want Your Nazi Hate.' Protesters Drown Out Richard Spencer&a
  68. Trump says Puerto Rico hurricane response was a '10' but these numbers prov
  69. Google Maps Just Added a Bunch of Planets and Moons for You to Explore
  70. Man Accused of Helping and Filming a Teen Hang Herself Is Facing a Murder Charge
  71. Ancient Egypt: 4,000-Year-Old Statue Of Pharaoh Queen Uncovered Near Great Pyramid
  72. World's deepest lake in peril, scientists warn
  73. DeepMind AlphaGo: AI Teaches Itself 'Thousands of Years of Human Knowledge'
  74. Huge cave found on moon, could house astronauts: Japan scientists
  75. The CIA Fired a Dog Because Sniffing Bombs Just Wasn't Her True Calling
  76. Blade Runner's "False Memory" Problem Could've Been Solved by Science
  77. Waves of Rohingya Refugees Are Overwhelming Aid Workers and Authorities in Bangladesh
  78. The Pentagon Is Being Pressed for Details on the Deadly Attack on U.S. Troops in Nige
  79. Google Earth for Brains? Scientists Zoom In With X-Rays to Make 3-D Maps of Brain Sli
  80. ‘Bigotry Seems Emboldened.’ Read George W. Bush's Speech Attacking Nationalism i
  81. Mars Has a Mysterious "Tail," According to New Find From NASA Spacecraft
  82. Roy Moore Is Rising in Alabama. Here's How He Could Disrupt Trump's GOP
  83. 400 Mysterious Ancient Stone Structures Discovered in Saudi Arabia
  84. Warning of ‘ecological armageddon’ as number of flying insects drops 75%
  85. America Is Finally Starting to Take Space Seriously (Could It Lead to Star Wars?)
  86. The 2 main steps Richard Branson is taking to prepare for his trip to space
  87. 'Women of NASA' Lego Set Missing a Hidden Figure
  88. Moving machinery using mind power alone
  89. The LAPD Is Investigating a Sexual Assault Allegation Against Harvey Weinstein
  90. NASA Just Tapped SpaceX to Continue One of the Scariest Climate Studies
  91. The Senate Has Passed the GOP's $4 Trillion Budget Blueprint
  92. 'I Wish I Had Taken Responsibility': Quentin Tarantino Knew About Harvey We
  93. Next-gen space probes finding water in outer space: NASA'...
  94. Woman says she may have sold 'Killer Clown' murderer the costume
  95. Paul Ryan's Best Jokes About President Trump From the Al Smith Dinner
  96. 'It Really, Really Frightened Me': Tourist Thinks He Was Hit by Sonic Attac
  97. 4,000-Year-Old Statue Of Pharaoh Queen Uncovered
  98. Bernie Sanders Skips the Women's Convention Amid Outrage and Heads to Puerto Ric
  99. Calls to Bring U.S. Nuclear Weapons Back to South Korea Are Getting Louder
  100. The California Wildfires Have Caused at Least $1 Billion in Damage to Insured Propert
  101. Astronomers discover how gold was created
  102. Driving for Uber can feel a lot like playing the slot machines
  103. Donald Trump Pushes for Republican Senators to Pass $4.1 Trillion Budget Plan
  104. EPA's climate change website reappears, missing the word 'climate'
  105. NASA tests engine for manned flight into deep space
  106. The Future Sucks
  107. Here's What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Election in Japan
  108. Spain's Government Has Called a Special Cabinet Meeting to Resume Control of Cat
  109. UN says plague cases in Madagascar almost doubled in 5 days
  110. Mexico catches, releases endangered vaquita porpoise
  111. Trump gets a 10 on Puerto Rico response from San Juan mayor — but on a very different
  112. Somalis Try To Hold On To Hope in Mogadishu
  113. 3 Men Arrested After Shooting at Richard Spencer's University of Florida Speech
  114. This Video Shows John Kelly Misrepresented a Speech Rep. Frederica Wilson Gave in 201
  115. Syria's Raqqa Lies in Pieces After Islamic State Defeat
  116. Tonight Is the Best Night of the Year to See Shooting Stars
  117. Trump Is Feuding With a Congresswoman Over a Soldier Killed in Niger. Why Was He Depl
  118. President Trump Is Personally Interviewing U.S. Attorney Candidates. Is That Normal?
  119. Why Amazon's new $5 billion headquarters may ruin your city
  120. Missing Hikers in Joshua Tree National Park Died in a Murder-Suicide, Police Say
  121. Scarlett Johansson organized a special, star-studded benefit to help Puerto Rico
  122. Senate Republicans Finally Got Something Done. They Should Thank Steve Bannon
  123. Study: Pollution kills 9 million a year, costs $4.6 trillion
  124. Jupiter's Been Hiding A Big Stormy Secret Inside
  125. There’s a simple trick to ‘read’ other people’s emotions more accurately
  126. Science says there’s a very, very good reason why you’re afraid of spiders
  127. Killer clown suspect's husband insists she's 'falsely accused' of murder: Part 6
  128. Mystery Tooth Fossil Baffles Archaeologists and Could Mean First Humans Lived in Euro
  129. Sheriffs arrest woman in 'Killer Clown' murder 27 years later: Part 5
  130. How I Found My Family in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria
  131. Rohingya Refugee Children Are in Desperate Need of Aid, the U.N. Says
  132. This Is the Real Reason Women Get Their Periods at the Same Time
  133. The Families of Fallen Troops Have a Complicated History With U.S. Presidents
  134. The Latest: Spacewalker's jetpack bad; ordered back inside
  135. Teenage Dinosaur Fossil Discovery Reveals What Puberty Was Like for a Tyrannosaur
  136. A Texas City Will Only Give You Hurricane Aid If You Promise Not to Boycott Israel
  137. I Posted a Graphic Selfie of My Beating to Tell the World #MeToo
  138. Is North Korea's Nuke-Testing Mountain at Risk of Collapse?
  139. Google Earth Reveals Hundreds of Ancient Stone 'Gates' in Saudi Arabia
  140. Black AI Workshop Becomes Latest Flashpoint in Tech’s Culture War
  141. Why I Became a Doctor Who Treats Torture Victims
  142. There's a Cave on the Moon Large Enough For a Future Lunar Colony
  143. All 5 Living Former U.S. Presidents to Attend Hurricane Relief Concert
  144. Prosecutor: Pharmacist in meningitis case gambled with lives
  145. Trump Links Crime Surge in U.K. to 'Radical Islamic Terror.' Here Are the F
  146. Orionid Meteor Shower: How to Live Stream the Light Show of Shooting Stars
  147. First joint France-China satellite to study oceans
  148. Lawmaker Draws Backlash After Asking If HIV Patients Could Be 'Legally' Qua
  149. ‘We Have Someone Terrorizing the Neighborhood.’ Autistic Man’s Death Could Be Linked
  150. Scott Pruitt Casts Doubt on EPA Document Showing the Dangers of Climate Change
  151. Scientists Invent Incredibly Thin Metal That Can Be Made in Your Kitchen
  152. Spain Says It Is Ready to Suspend Catalonia's Autonomy in Response to Threats of
  153. What We Miss When We Ignore Asian Americans
  154. Women Say They Were Burned and Branded by Doctors During Initiations Into a Secret So
  155. Man Killed by Rock That Teens Threw From Highway Overpass, Police Say
  156. Suspect Arrested in Munich Knife Attack That Injured 8
  157. Funeral Held for U.S. Soldier at Center of Donald Trump Fight
  158. “Burnout” is not only a personal problem, it’s a workplace problem
  159. Trump Responds After Congresswoman Says White House Is 'Full of White Supremacis
  160. IRS Wants Wounded Veteran to Pay $62,000 Tax Bill From the Cancellation of His Studen
  161. Tonight Is the Best Night of the Year to See Shooting Stars
  162. A String of Bomb Blasts in Sweden Is Prompting Questions and Alt-Right Conspiracy The
  163. 'Unprecedented' $1.18 Million Reward Offered for Information on Slain Repor
  164. Hikers May Have Died in 'Sympathetic Murder-Suicide' After Battling the Ele
  165. There's Still Time to Get This Year's Most Popular Halloween Costumes
  166. Technology that makes children smarter
  167. Steve Bannon: George W. Bush's Presidency Was the Most 'Destructive' i
  168. We now know when China’s ‘Heavenly Palace’ will crash to Earth. But where?
  169. Response to Flyer Urging LGBT Students to Kill Themselves Was 'Inadequate,'
  170. Teenage Tyrannosaur Fossil Discovered in Utah
  171. DNA techniques could transform facial recognition technology
  172. Scotland's new Queensferry Crossing reveals how smart technologies monitor and m
  173. Meet the Women Who Are Breaking Glass Ceilings All Over the World in When Women Rule
  174. This Might Be the Source of Dyslexia—and It's Not the Brain
  175. We Finally Know What That "Temporary Moon" Around Earth Is
  176. NASA just discovered that Mars has a tail, and it’s incredibly unusual
  177. Jeff Bezos built a huge rocket engine and now Elon Musk has real competition
  178. A Photo of Lone Theresa May Arrived. The Internet Could Not Ignore the Meme Opportuni
  179. Einstein's theory of happy living emerges in Tokyo note
  180. Artificial intelligence could spark 'radical' economic boom, according to new researc
  181. 63 Dead After Suicide Bombers Attack Mosques in Afghanistan
  182. Coral reefs in Florida Keys took a beating this hurricane season, but there's st
  183. Fox Renewed Bill O'Reilly's Contract Despite Knowing of Sexual Harassment A
  184. All 5 Former U.S. Presidents Team Up to Raise $31 Million for Hurricane Victims
  185. Lego Is Making a Women of NASA Set, Since "Ladies Rock Outer Space"
  186. Artificial intelligence could spark 'radical' economic boom, according to n
  187. This new rocket thruster could revolutionize space travel
  188. China Races to Catch Up to SpaceX
  189. Lindsey Graham: Trump Administration Has a 'Blind Spot' on Russia
  190. 'It's Been a Rollercoaster.' Shawn Johnson East Reveals Miscarriage in
  191. President Trump on North Korea: 'We're Prepared for Anything'
  192. NASA decides to hang out at dwarf planet Ceres just a little while longer
  193. Astronomers measure Milky Way with radio waves
  194. Elon Musk wants to whisk you from NYC to DC in 30 minutes with a new Hyperloop
  195. Jimmy Carter Wants to Help President Trump Resolve the North Korea Crisis
  196. It Was a Good Weekend for Scary Movies at the Box Office
  197. Transgender fish filmed changing sex for BBC’s Blue Planet II
  198. Stephen Hawking's Ph.D. thesis is now available online for anyone to read
  199. Director James Toback Accused of Sexual Harassment by 38 Women
  200. 'It was going to eat her' - Aussie teen survives shark scare
  201. Prepare for liftoff! 17 upcoming space missions worth getting excited about
  202. Technology takeover in the kitchen
  203. Justin Timberlake Will Headline Next Year's Super Bowl Halftime Show
  204. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Wins Big In National Elections
  205. Jurors to begin deliberating in meningitis outbreak case
  206. Fusion Energy: How Scientists Are Creating Plasma Hotter Than the Sun in Quest for Li
  207. Trump Urges House Republicans to Move Quickly on the Budget and on Tax Cuts
  208. Rex Tillerson Seeks Help From Arab Nations in the U.S. Effort to Isolate Iran
  209. Scientists find blood molecule that attracts wolves, repels humans
  210. Ports, Pipelines, and Geopolitics: China's New Silk Road Is a Challenge for Wash
  211. Japan's Shinzo Abe Conjures Stunning Election Victory in a Boost for Donald Trum
  212. So you’ve learned you’ve got a “pitifully” low IQ. How worried should you be?
  213. These two brains both belong to three-year-olds, so why is one so much bigger?
  214. The Spanish Prime Minister Has Moved Aggressively to Crush Catalonia's Independe
  215. How to watch this weekend’s incredible Orionid meteor shower
  216. China Is Creating a Database of Its Citizens' Voices to Boost its Surveillance C
  217. 3 reasons why Gravitational Waves are such a big deal!
  218. The EPA Has Pulled Its Scientists from a Climate Change Conference
  219. More than 1.3 million demand EU weedkiller ban
  220. Fighting a deadly banana disease
  221. Dozens of Packaged Vegetable Products Recalled Amid Listeria Fears
  222. 50 Years Ago This Week: Washington's Biggest Peace Protest
  223. VR Experience Takes You into Famed WWII Shipwreck
  224. America's 1,200 Mountain Glaciers Are Shrinking Dramatically, Disturbing Images
  225. Statue of Egyptian Queen Unearthed Near Giza Pyramids
  226. When Winter Hits, Tiny Shrews Survive by Decreasing Head Size
  227. Extremely Rare Case: Man's Artificial Hip Infected with 'Rabbit Fever'
  228. Police May Have Found the Body of a 3-Year-Old Who Disappeared After Being Sent Outsi
  229. 30 Ultimate Tech Gifts for Every Person on Your Holiday Shopping List
  230. ‘I Had a Very Respectful Conversation.’ President Trump Denies Forgetting Slain Soldi
  231. Middle School Football Players Post Racially Charged Snapchat Video With Simulated Se
  232. Happy Mole Day! Mayors Celebrate Scientific Date with Research Push
  233. Study: NYC could see bad flooding every five years
  234. Ancient tree which tore itself apart only to regrow 'most complicated' ever
  235. A Cub Scout Asked a Lawmaker About Gun Control. Then He Got Kicked Out of His Den
  236. Shrews' skulls shrink in winter, then grow back, study finds
  237. We've Already Encountered Alien Intelligence
  238. Einstein's theory of happy living emerges in Tokyo note
  239. The Internet Is Loving That George W. Bush Made Barack Obama Laugh During Bill Clinto
  240. How Tailgating Trucks Can Save Us All Money
  241. Nicaragua signs Paris climate agreement: official
  242. The Smartphone Made by the Creator of Android Is Now Much Cheaper
  243. Is Recess Important for Kids or a Waste of Time? Here’s What the Research Says
  244. Game of Thrones' Missandei Gave Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke a Fiery Birthday
  245. John McCain Takes a Veiled Swipe at Donald Trump's Medical Exemption From the Vi
  246. A Satellite Chunk Could Fall on Your Head at Any Moment. Get Used to It.
  247. Stephen Hawking's Thesis Is So Popular It Crashed Cambridge's Website
  248. Watch Live: Chairman of Joint Chiefs Addresses Army Deaths in Niger Amid Trump Feud W
  249. CRFB President: Trump Tax Cuts Could Cost Your Kids Dearly
  250. Bad Blood? Why Transfusions from Women May Be Risky for Men