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  1. Black Mirror, season 4, Crocodile, review: a hoary, predictable plot makes this one o
  2. Goodbye to 2017, a Prime, Sexy, Odious Year
  3. A Murder Case Breakthrough Comes From a Discarded Cigarette
  4. A Zimbabwean Family Has Been Stranded in a Thai Airport for Almost Three Months
  5. Russia Just Lost A Rocket Worth £43 Million
  6. Ancient and Creepy Doll Head Discovered in Prehistoric Child Grave Joins World's
  7. British Polar explorer Ben Saunders echoes Shackleton has he abandons quest to cross
  8. Apple apologizes for slowing down older iPhones
  9. Branch Davidian follower calls 911 as ATF raids compound: 'There are children and wom
  10. NASA captures glimpse of monster near-Earth asteroid 3200 Phaethon
  11. Man at Walmart Was Carrying Human Teeth and 3,000 Doses of Heroin, Police Say
  12. Blue Apron Is Launching A Whole30 Meal Plan Just In Time For The New Year
  13. NASA just released a gorgeous photo of Saturn’s moon Enceladus that holds a secret
  14. 2017 in space: NASA’s best images from all over the solar system
  15. Spate of rare animal deaths in Malaysia sparks alarm
  16. At Least 9 People Killed in Shooting Outside of Egypt Church
  17. At Least 12 People Have Died After Fire Breaks Out in a Bronx Apartment Building
  18. Ancient Stone Weapons, Including One of a Kind Giant Handaxe, Could Tell Story of Whe
  19. 30 years after Prozac arrived, we still buy the lie that chemical imbalances cause de
  20. Deadly Bronx Fire Caused by Child Playing With Stove, Officials Say
  21. Deadly Police Shooting May Have Been Result of Online Gaming Prank
  22. Look Up! A Super Blue Blood Moon Is Coming in January
  23. Niagara Falls is a frigid, beautiful wonderland right now
  24. At Least 15 People Have Been Killed in Mumbai After a Fire Engulfs a Building
  25. 2 Dead and 1 Injured in California Law Firm Shooting, Police Say
  26. Intersex Shark Found in Taiwan Has Both Male and Female Sex Organs
  27. Most Americans Like Melania Trump Even Though She's Not Keeping Her Word
  28. Where Are All the Aliens? Zoo Theory Has Creepy Explanation for Why We Haven’t Made C
  29. Decades-old gas explosion is still leaking methane into groundwater, researchers find
  30. ISIS Claims Responsibility for Egypt Church Shooting
  31. Threatening to Punish People Will Never Lead to Peace, Study Shows
  32. President Trump Said the Freezing East Coast Could Use Some 'Good Old Global War
  33. Swimming with whale sharks in Mexico
  34. Nobody's Ready for the Killer Robot
  35. Boston Trolley Accident Sends 16 People to the Hospital, Officials Say
  36. Man Nearly Decapitated Girlfriend With Samurai Sword, Police Say
  37. Videos of Egypt Church Shooting Show Gunman Calmly Leaving Scene
  38. Are Aliens Out There? Why 2017 Was the Year To Believe In UFOs and Life in the Solar
  39. Everything that’s wrong with Donald Trump’s latest climate change tweet, according to
  40. Former Soccer Star George Weah Wins Liberia’s Presidency After Historic Election
  41. Anger Grows as Half of Puerto Rico Remains Without Power Months After Hurricane
  42. Could TRAPPIST-1 Host Alien Life? Two Planets in the Solar System Could Hold Onto The
  43. American Girl of the Year is Headed to Infinity and Beyond!
  44. A 7-Year-Old Boy Died After His Father's Girlfriend Shot Him in the Chest, Polic
  45. Serbia launches probe after toxic waste dumped near Belgrade
  46. Man Killed Wife and Left Crying 2-Year-Old Daughter With Her Body, Police Say
  47. The 25 Most-Read Inverse Science Stories of 2017 Are Wild, Wonderful & Strange
  48. 'Shaking' 2-Year-Old Girl in Diaper Found Wandering Into Traffic on Frigid
  49. American Girl’s 2018 Girl of the Year Is an Aspiring Astronaut and STEM Role Model
  50. 'Make America Gay Again.' Mike Pence Gets Trolled With Rainbow Banner
  51. Physics: Record-Breaking Nanochip Reaches One-Thousandth of a Degree From Absolute Ze
  52. 15 Times Designers Trolled the Fashion World With Ridiculously Expensive Designs
  53. Man Arrested After Taking 11 Hostages at Ukraine Post Office
  54. New Year Kicks Off With Supermoon Lunapalooza
  55. The Powerball and Mega Millions Jackpots Are Both More Than $300 Million Right Now
  56. Donald Trump Ups Show of Support for Economic Protests in Iran
  57. NHS doctors 'not up to speed' with life-saving genetic science
  58. Chinese ban on ivory sales goes into effect
  59. Suspect in Quadruple Homicide Knew One of the Victims, Police Say
  60. Apple apologizes for tampering with iPhones
  61. Ringo Starr and Barry Gibb Knighted in Queen's 2018 New Year's Honors List
  62. Astronauts at the International Space Station Hint at New Year's Eve Celebration
  63. Dinosaur-Era Shark With Insane Teeth and Four Other Amazing Shark Stories From 2017
  64. First Briton in space 'absolutely thrillled'
  65. Russian space experts regain control of 1st Angola satellite
  66. 3200 Phaethon: How the Still-Recovering Arecibo Telescope Saw This Asteroid Coming
  67. England plans to map the entire country in 3D using planes equipped with lasers
  68. The Navy's Ultimate Fantasy: Underwater Submarine Bases to Fight Russia
  69. Why It's So Hard to Cure Your Hangover, According to Experts
  70. Photos and videos reveal 2017's extremely icy exit
  71. New Image from NASA Shows Antarctica's Melting Iceberg Broken Into Pieces
  72. Iran's Revolutionary Guard Vows to Crush Anti-Government Protests
  73. Artificial Intelligence's "Holy Grail" Victory
  74. Facebook admits major flaws
  75. AI in 2018: Still more hype than reality, AI is nothing to be scared of yet
  76. Jay-Z Confesses to Beyoncé in Star-Studded 'Family Feud' Video Directed by
  77. Not An Easy Phase Ahead For Elon Musk, The Man Who Wants To Transform Humanity's
  78. Watch 12 Cities Around the World Ring in 2018
  79. 8 Moments in 2017 That Were Really, Really, Really Bad for Science
  80. Sheriff's Deputy Killed in Colorado Shooting
  81. Houston Police Find Arsenal in Man's Hotel Room Hours Before New Year's Par
  82. A Delta Flight Had to Turn Around Because a Bird Got Into the Cockpit
  83. Look Up! A Super Blue Blood Moon Is Coming in January
  84. Science shows this is how you can make better investment decisions
  85. Thousands Gather in Times Square for New Year's Celebration
  86. Night sky – January 2018: Once in a Blue Moon
  87. A Decorated Soldier Died While Trying to Rescue His Neighbors from the Bronx Apartmen
  88. Egyptian mummy can 'live forever' after development in scanning technique
  89. Virginia Man With Suspected Ties to ISIS Arrested for Destroying Evidence
  90. Opening Artificial Intelligence's Black Box
  91. A Prominent British Businessman and His Family Were Killed in a Seaplane Crash in Aus
  92. President Trump Predicts a 'Fantastic' New Year at Exclusive Mar-a-Lago Gal
  93. Google Rings In the New Year With a Festive Penguin-Themed Doodle
  94. 'One More Face to Kiss in 2018.' America Ferrera and Ryan Piers Williams Ar
  95. California Turns Over a New Leaf as Legalization of Marijuana Takes Effect
  96. Police Look for Motive in 'Ambush-Type' Attack That Left 2 Security Guards
  97. Supermassive Black Holes Suffocate Star Formation By Sucking The Energy From Their Ga
  98. Protests in Iran See Their Most Violent Night as Deaths Reach 12
  99. Authorities Are Cracking Down on Opioid-Peddling Doctors
  100. China’s Tiangong-1 space station is out of control and will soon fall to Earth
  101. 12-Year-Old Girl Charged With Criminal Homicide After Killing Teen, Police Say
  102. Convicted Murderer Had Plan to Escape Maximum-Security Prison
  103. Donald Trump: Pakistan Has Given U.S. 'Nothing But Lies and Deceit'
  104. Las Vegas Rings in 2018 Under Unprecedented Security
  105. Israel Indicts Palestinian Girl Who Slapped Soldiers
  106. Mike Pence Postpones Mideast Trip Again, Israeli Official Says
  107. Months Before Fatal Shooting of Deputy, University Had Warned Students About Suspect
  108. Floral Floats Take to the Streets for the 129th Rose Parade
  109. The History Behind 25 Holidays Coming Up in 2018
  110. American Girl Debuts New Doll, an Aspiring Astronaut Named Luciana
  111. U.S. General: Islamic State Is Still a Danger
  112. Customers Line Up for Broad Legal Pot Sales in California
  113. The Moon Was the Distraction America Needed in 2017
  114. Candy Company Enlists Genetic Engineers To Save Chocolate from Extinction
  115. Should a 40-Year-Old Man Sent to Prison as a Teen for Murder Get Another Chance?
  116. 13-Year-Old Girl Killed and 11 Others Injured in Bus Crash
  117. Families From New York and Florida Killed in Costa Rica Plane Crash
  118. 'The Coldest Year Yet.' Hundreds Run Into Freezing Water for New Year'
  119. Kim Jong Un: North Korea's Nuclear Forces Are a Reality, Not a Threat
  120. North Korean defector claims Kim Jong-un has ordered biggest missile yet for nation&a
  121. Nine Inmates Dead, Dozens Escape as Riot Erupts in a Brazil Prison
  122. Chicago's Homicide Rate Plummeted in 2017, but Gang Violence Remains High
  123. The Bachelor Recap: Arie Returns to the Scene of the Crime
  124. Here's How a Few Clever New Zealanders Evaded an Alcohol Ban on New Year's
  125. Israel's Spacecom expands deal for satellite service to Nepal
  126. Pope Francis: War, Injustice and Pollution Spoiled 2017
  127. Killer robots, free will and the illusion of control
  128. Supermoon Pictures: See 2018 Wolf Moon Light up Skies Around the World
  129. Ancient Egypt: Mysterious 2,600-year-old Temple and Statues Point to Holy Site at Hil
  130. How science is working to turn sugarcane into fuel for jet travel
  131. There's a super blue blood moon on the way this month
  132. These Are the Top 10 Risks to the World in 2018
  133. Breakthrough drugs offer hope for the 360 million people with hearing loss
  134. If someone has a poor sense of smell, it could be a warning sign they're a psych
  135. Single Metalens Focuses Entire Light Spectrum Into One Point For First Time—Tech Coul
  136. 'Let's Not Extinguish Hope in Their Hearts.' Pope Francis Calls for Em
  137. NASA 2018 To-Do List: Land on Mars, Bring Space Rock Home, Touch the Sun and More
  138. Thermo Fisher Scientific: A Growth Story (TMO)
  139. When the World Turned Green: Age of Plant Photosynthesis Revealed
  140. 'You Are Pure Trash.' YouTube Star Logan Paul Under Fire After Filming Appa
  141. Why Hoda Kotb Is a Revolutionary Pick to Replace Matt Lauer
  142. Ancient Egypt: 'Glowing' Ink Reveals Hidden Writings on Papyrus Covering 2,
  143. Alabama Newspaper Publisher Apologizes After Allegations He Spanked Female Employees
  144. 23 People Injured in Bronx Fire Expected to Be OK
  145. 5 Ways to Keep Your House Warm During the Cold Weather
  146. Supermassive Black Holes Stop Galaxies From Making New Stars
  147. Massive And 'Potentially Dangerous' Asteroid Will Approach Earth Tonight
  148. The Creepy Source of the Blood in the First Blood Bank
  149. NBC Announces Hoda Kotb as Matt Lauer's Official Replacement on the Today Show
  150. Here's Why More Droughts and Wildfires Are In Our Future, Say Scientists
  151. President Trump Made 1,950 Untrue Claims in 2017. That's Making His Job Harder
  152. 'Absolutely Beautiful.' See Niagara Falls Covered in Ice
  153. How Japan Is Trying to Stop Deaths in the ‘Suicide Forest’ Where YouTuber Logan Paul
  154. Chocolate is Going Extinct, But Scientists Have a Wild Plan to Save it
  155. Rich People Make Worse Relationship Decisions, Study Says
  156. Iran’s Wave of Protests Show a Split at the Heart of the Country
  157. Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Be Fueled By Churning Chunks of Pacific Ocean Plate, N
  158. New DNA vaccine could lead to a one-dose universal vaccine for the flu
  159. Orrin Hatch Will Retire From the Senate Despite President Trump's Pleas
  160. 'You Created the Crisis.' The Fight With President Trump Over Dreamers Heat
  161. Teen Boy Was Shot in the Head Before Crashing Car Into House, Police Say
  162. New York City to Install 1,500 Metal Barriers After Deadly Pedestrian Attack
  163. Hollywood Women Launch Time’s Up to End Sexual Harassment. Here’s Their Plan
  164. Republicans Will Need Democrats' Help in 2018. Here's Why That's Unlik
  165. 12 Couches For Small Spaces That Are Actually Roomy
  166. Galaxies stop making stars earlier if they host supermassive black holes
  167. Sex Is Big Business in Dairy Farming and the Focus of Legal Battles
  168. President Trump Threatens to Cut Off Aid to Palestinian Authority Amid Stalled Peace
  169. Washington Is Backing Iran's Protestors and Hinting at Fresh Sanctions
  170. President Trump Took Credit for Airline Safety in 2017. But Here's the Truth
  171. 'I Too Have a Nuclear Button.' President Trump Hits Back at North Korea&apo
  172. Pakistan Calls Donald Trump's Tweet 'Completely Incomprehensible'
  173. South Korea Offers High-Level Talks With Northern Rival on Olympic Cooperation
  174. China Plans Far Side of the Moon Landing for 2018 in World First
  175. A Businessman Arrested for Making a Bomb Threat Says He Was Just Trying to Check His
  176. California's New Marijuana Tracking System Kicks Off To A Slow Start
  177. January 2018: NASA’s Top Tips to Watch the Quadrantids and a Total Lunar Eclipse
  178. How Facebook could stop a disease outbreak
  179. Operation Ice: Melting the Heart of Man
  180. The Two Koreas Have Reopened a Key Communications Channel
  181. This Is NASA’s 2018 To-Do List
  182. More than half of Norway's new cars electrified: data
  183. Byzantine Monastery with Colorful Mosaics Unearthed in Israel
  184. Ancient DNA gives glimpse of ancestors of Native Americans
  185. Wafer-Thin 'Metalens' Uses Nanotech to Blow Glass Out of the Water
  186. Woman Goes Absolutely Bonkers After Winning $11.30 In Online Trivia
  187. The Top U.S. Commander In Afghanistan Wants to Launch a More Aggressive Military Stra
  188. 4 Things President Trump Wants to Accomplish in 2018
  189. Look at These Incredible Photos of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket
  190. Elon Musk Had A Pretty Great 2017
  191. Turkish Banker Convicted of Helping Iran Evade U.S. Sanctions
  192. Thomas S. Monson, the President of the Mormon Church, Has Died at 90
  193. New NASA Image Shows How Unbelievably Lonely And Special Earth Is
  194. What Scientists Learned About Fathers in 2017
  195. Here's Exactly What Donald Trump Would Have to Do to Launch Nuclear Weapons
  196. Scientists Don't Know How Turbulence Works
  197. Sanctuary on side of Mexican volcano could be universe model
  198. SpaceX: Falcon 9 Will Finally Launch With Mystery Zuma Payload Friday Night
  199. Donald Trump Has Burned Steve Bannon After Calling Him a Friend for Years
  200. Incredible NASA image of the Earth and the moon shows how small we really are
  201. Pro-Regime Rallies Have Been Held in Iran as the Government Tries to Downplay Deadly
  202. 3 Things to Expect at CES 2018, The Biggest Tech Show of the Year
  203. The Top 5 Diets to Try in 2018, According to Experts
  204. Paul Manafort Sues Robert Mueller, Claiming Russia Probe Is Exceeding His Authority
  205. The Surprising Thing Daydreaming Says About Your Brain
  206. Scientists think they have found the reason some people are left-handed — and it has
  207. A global chocolate crisis looms, but scientists believe they can genetically engineer
  208. Suspect in Deadly 'Swatting' Hoax Has a History of Making Phony Calls
  209. 'An Error the Contemporary World Cannot Understand.' Tony Blair's Star
  210. Incredible Shark Fossil Hints At Split from Human Ancestors 440 Million Years Ago
  211. The Nintendo Switch Just Surpassed Another Huge Milestone
  212. Former Taliban Hostage Joshua Boyle Charged With Sexual Assault
  213. Nobody Had Last Night’s Winning Powerball Numbers. The New Jackpot Is $550 Million
  214. Jeff Sessions Expected to Rescind Obama-Era Policy That Let Legal Marijuana Flourish
  215. 12 Killed and Hundreds Injured in South Africa Train, Truck Collision
  216. President Trump's Lawyers Have Sent Steve Bannon a Cease-and-Desist Letter, Repo
  217. Cancer Deaths Have Dropped 26% in Recent Years
  218. Woman says mom made her use a wheelchair and invented illnesses leading to years of t
  219. Letting Kids Exercise At Their Own Pace Boosts Ability To Learn
  220. Climate Scientists Exiled by Trump Form Panel to Continue Work
  221. Everything you need to know about the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket
  222. Colorado Shooter Made 6-Year Descent From Budding Attorney to Killer
  223. The 4 Learning Hacks Bill Gates Swears By
  224. Everything We Learned in One Year About Thousands of Years of Human Evolution
  225. The Explosive Book About President Trump's White House Will Be Published 4 Days
  226. Colorado Lawmakers Are Not Happy About Jeff Sessions' New Marijuana Restrictions
  227. This Is What the Future of Food Looks Like, According to Chef Marcus Samuelsson
  228. White House Calls Steve Bannon's Treason Accusation 'Ridiculous'
  229. Dating site ad banned for claiming that its algorithms work better than fate
  230. 15 Of The Best Furniture Stores For Small Spaces
  231. White House Bans Staffers From Using Personal Cell Phones
  232. Police Investigating Death of Fresno State Student at Fraternity House
  233. President Trump Calls Chain Migration a 'Gateway for Terrorism' in Meeting
  234. 'I Screwed Up': Sean Spicer Says He Regrets Comments on Inauguration Crowd
  235. What to Know About Trump's Cease-and-Desist Letter to Steve Bannon
  236. Animal Rights Activists in South Korea Want Dog Meat Banned Before the Winter Olympic
  237. KIC 8462852: How a Mysterious Star Went from Alien Megastructure to Dust Magnet
  238. President Trump Says the Explosive Fire & Fury Book Is 'Full of Lies'
  239. Cardi B Is Convinced She Inspired This Magically Delicious New Cereal
  240. Legendary physicist Freeman Dyson talks about math, nuclear rockets, and astounding t
  241. Big data could bring about workplace utopia – or the office from hell
  242. White House bans personal cell phones
  243. Plant breeding offers golden future for rapeseed fields
  244. A New Book Claims the White House Is Dysfunctional. Trump's Response Proves It
  245. Lead Negotiator In Iran Deal: Trump Is 'Misreading Situation'
  246. Elon Musk to launch a SpaceX rocket with a Tesla on board
  247. Tech firms battle to resolve major security flaw
  248. Steve Bannon Just Lost Big Financial Backer Rebekah Mercer
  249. Bill Gates Shares His 4 Favorite Ways to Give Back
  250. Tiangong-1: Chinese Space Station Will Crash to Earth in March Carrying a 'Highl