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  1. The U.S. Navy's Newest Nuclear Sub Uses an Xbox Controller for Key Operations
  2. The Internet Is Inconsolable Over the Death of Keyboard Cat
  3. Does Crispr Therapeutics AG Deserve This Massive Rally?
  4. Jim Carrey Under Fire for a Painting That Looks Like Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  5. Millennials Struggling to Care for Aging Baby Boomer Parents Call for Better Paid Lea
  6. Officials Wanted Suspected Florida Shooter Nikolas Cruz Committed in 2016
  7. Was This Stephen Hawking's Theory of Everything?
  8. This New Hamilton-Dear Evan Hansen Mashup Is Raising Money for the March for Our Live
  9. Facebook criticized for relationship with analytic firm
  10. Our 1st interstellar visitor likely came from 2-star system
  11. Scientists detect more bizarre radio bursts from deep space, still can’t explain wher
  12. What Nelson Mandela Would Have Seen in President Trump
  13. Climate change could force millions of people to move within countries
  14. A Senate Vote Could Spoil the Saudi Crown Prince's Arrival in Washington
  15. Donald Trump's New Lawyer Once Argued Presidents Can Be Indicted
  16. New York's Governor Orders a Review of a 2015 Harvey Weinstein Sex Abuse Case
  17. Sweet science: Putting corn syrup to work on Earth's origins
  18. The Philippines Is Moving Toward Allowing Divorce. It’s One of Only Two Countries Whe
  19. President Xi Jinping Says China Will Defend Itself From Any Attempts to 'Divide
  20. Uber pulls self-driving cars after first fatal crash
  21. Why Everyone Fell for Theranos
  22. The U.K. Is Seeking a Warrant for Access to Cambridge Analytica's Servers
  23. The way kids are drawing scientists is changing
  24. Every March Madness Bracket Has Officially Been Busted
  25. Stephen Hawking's Final Paper
  26. Explosion at Texas FedEx Plant Is Fifth Attack Linked to Austin Serial Bomber
  27. Police Officer Exchanges Fire With Armed Student After Maryland School Shooting That
  28. Mississippi Bans Abortions After 15 Weeks of Gestation
  29. US lab brews up hoppy beer... without the hops
  30. Bird populations in rural France 'collapsing'
  31. Scientists Say Mysterious Georgia Creature Is Likely Just a Rotting Fish or Shark
  32. Lawmakers Demand Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Explain Cambridge Analytica Breach o
  33. Florida School Shooting Suspect's Younger Brother Arrested
  34. US, EU hardwood imports fuel Amazon destruction: Greenpeace
  35. Monsanto backs new company focused on gene editing, not GMOs
  36. Jordan Clarkson's Thoughts On Dinosaurs, the Moon Landing and Mermaids Will Blow
  37. 5 Ways to Defend Science in 2018
  38. Kids Today Are Drawing More Female Scientists
  39. People Start Caring About Their Reputations In Kindergarten
  40. Scientists Are Studying Rotting Animal Carcasses to Understand Why Complete Dinosaur
  41. 16-Year-Old Boy Beat His Friend to Death With a Baseball Bat in Jealous Rage, Police
  42. ‘Oumuamua Interstellar Object: Scientists Shed New Light on Origins of Cigar-shaped S
  43. How to Test if a Kid Will Believe Conspiracy Theories
  44. Stem Cell Treatment Could Be a Game-Changer for People With MS
  45. Mark Zuckerberg Asked to Testify as Cambridge Analytica Suspends CEO
  46. Researchers Asked Kids to ‘Draw a Scientist.’ Here's What They Came Up With
  47. People Won't Let Avengers: Infinity War Outshine These Other Crossovers
  48. Children more likely than before to draw scientists as women, study shows
  49. Wreckage of ship blown apart in WWII found, offering closure
  50. An Elementary School Teacher Left a 4-Year-Old Alone So She Could Buy Marijuana, Poli
  51. Black Hole Belches Bright Radio Flashes as It Devours Nearby Star
  52. Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Justine Damond Charged With Murder
  53. McConnell Says Trump Should Allow Mueller to Finish Russia Probe
  54. SpaceX Is in Early Talks With Port of L.A. for More Land
  55. 5 Ways to Defend Science in 2018
  56. President Trump Wants to Discuss 'Out of Control' Arms Race With Vladimir P
  57. MTA Worker Killed in 20-Foot Fall Inside Manhattan Tunnel
  58. Facebook's Latest Crisis Has Earned it a Federal Investigation
  59. Ivanka Trump's Latest Photo Op Became a Meme Because Of Course It Did
  60. Sea level fears as more of giant Antarctic glacier floating than thought
  61. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Controversy Could Be Big Trouble for the Social Networ
  62. NASA Is Preparing for an Asteroid
  63. Delta Mistakenly Flies Puppy Bound for Boise to Detroit, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City
  64. Commentary: These Technologies Could Save the Northern White Rhino From Extinction
  65. 35 People Have Been Killed in a Rocket Attack on the Syrian Capital
  66. This Is the Last State to Not Send a Woman to Congress
  67. Even after death, Stephen Hawking stirs up fresh cosmological tiffs and tributes
  68. Astronomers Studied Weird Empty Pockets in Space to Understand How the Universe Works
  69. Turmoil at Facebook post-Cambridge Analytica scandal
  70. How to Avoid Getting Sick on a Plane, According to Science
  71. Exclusive: Russia Secretly Helped Venezuela Launch a Cryptocurrency to Evade U.S. San
  72. Idaho joins other red states with 'abortion reversal' law
  73. EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Spent Almost $68,000 on Seven Months of Travel, Report Says
  74. Melania Trump Is 'Well Aware' of the Criticism Over Her Anti-Cyberbullying
  75. San Francisco Becomes the Largest U.S. City to Ban Fur Sales
  76. Biology Explains Why Your Teen Seems 'Crazy'
  77. An Explosion at a Goodwill Store in Austin Was Not Related to Package Bombs, Authorit
  78. Turing Prize Winners Paved the Way to Smartphone Chips
  79. 3-Year-Old Encased in Concrete Could Have Been Saved Multiple Times, Official Says
  80. More Than 3,000 People Have Been Sentenced to Death in Iraq for Alleged Terror Links
  81. Stephen Hawking spent his final days attempting to solve the parallel universe myster
  82. A Series of Bombings Leaves Austin on Edge as Police Search for Answers
  83. How technology caught the Austin serial bomber
  84. Sea plastic set to treble within a decade, Government scientists warn
  85. Here's How Cheap Oil Is Pushing Saudi Arabia to Reform
  86. Hawking's remains to be buried at abbey near Newton, Darwin
  87. Today Is the Start of Nowruz. Here Are a Few Festive Ways to Celebrate the Persian Ne
  88. The Austin Serial Bombing Suspect Is Dead, Police Chief Says
  89. A Passenger Bus in the Philippines Has Plunged off a Cliff and Killed 19 People
  90. Humanity Star: Space Disco Ball Will Plunge to a Fiery Death Much Sooner Than Expecte
  91. Happy Nowruz 2018! Everything You Need to Know About the Persian New Year
  92. Australia to open more marine parks to commercial fishing
  93. Novichok: the deadly story behind the nerve agent in Sergei Skripal spy attack
  94. The Israeli Military Has Acknowledged Striking a Suspected Syrian Nuclear Reactor in
  95. Scientists think they know where that bizarre ‘alien probe’ asteroid was born
  96. The Austin Serial Bombing Suspect Is Dead. Here's What to Know About Mark Anthon
  97. Where Is Tiangong-1 as It Falls Toward Earth? Chinese Space Station on Collision Cour
  98. Court as class: Judge gets climate change lesson in oil suit
  99. If you want to find Nemo, you may need SoFi, the robotic fish
  100. Cities Need More Workers
  101. Sacramento Police Shot Unarmed Black Man in His Yard 20 Times
  102. MIT’s ocean-exploring robotic fish takes a test swim through a Fiji reef
  103. New technology uses face recognition to find explicit photos
  104. Want to Fix Facebook? That'll Cost You About $75 a Year
  105. Children more likely than before to draw scientists as women, study shows
  106. How Bomb Investigators Piece Together the Clues After an Explosion
  107. Family of Mexican Teen Shot and Killed by U.S. Agent Across Border Can't Sue, Co
  108. 16-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Michigan Was Strangled, Officials Say
  109. Relativity strikes deal with NASA to use rocket engine test complex in Mississippi
  110. Last call for the Humanity Star satellite!
  111. Meet the 7 Lawyers Advising Trump on Robert Mueller and Stormy Daniels
  112. Wearable brain scanner is gamechanger for neural care
  113. Plant Fats Are Healthier Than Animal Fats, Study Says
  114. Invasive beetle threatens Japan's famed cherry blossoms
  115. Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Has Offered to Resign Amid Political Turm
  116. Why Google Doodle Celebrates Astronomer Guillermo Haro Today
  117. 'We Have a Basic Responsibility to Protect Peoples' Data.' Mark Zucker
  118. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg breaks silence on data scandal
  119. Why it's a smart plan for the US to ramp up drone exports
  120. Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and the data double standard
  121. Supervolcano find as researchers discover 215-mile ‘plume’ of magma under Yellowstone
  122. Indonesia women face daily swim for clean water
  123. Zuckerberg: Facebook has responsibility to protect user data
  124. The U.S. and Both Koreas Wrap Up 'Constructive' Talks in Finland Ahead of L
  125. Couple in so-called 'Gone Girl' case on the comparison of their ordeal to the film
  126. The Internet Is Not 'Feeling Satisfied' With Mark Zuckerberg Amid Facebook&
  127. Video reveals moments leading up to self-driving Uber crash
  128. President Trump Says 'Crazy' Joe Biden Would Go Down Crying If He Assaulted
  129. The School Shooting Generation Has Had Enough
  130. Rep. John Ratcliffe on privacy and trust in the digital age
  131. Cheap, available technologies could make monitoring bridges easier and prevent traged
  132. The Billionaire Behind Bratz Dolls Is Leading a Last-Minute Push to Save Toys R Us
  133. President Trump Feels Good About White House Shake Ups. His Staffers Don't
  134. Kristin Davis Endorses Cynthia Nixon for Governor of New York Because Friendships Nev
  135. US-Russian crew blasts off for International Space Station
  136. Pacific plastic dump far larger than feared: study
  137. Congress Unveils a $1.3 Trillion Budget Bill Even as Some Conservatives Balk at Its S
  138. Kurtz on Zuckerberg's 'weak' response to data scandal
  139. Black Female Astronaut Mae Jemison Explains the Origin of Life and How to Save Earth
  140. What Is 4-D Printing? Georgia Tech Researchers Demo Self-assembling Creations
  141. Mark Zuckerberg Just Revealed 3 Steps Facebook Is Taking to Address the Cambridge Ana
  142. Here’s When China’s Space Station Will Fall Back to Earth
  143. MIT built a robot fish that can explore coral reefs in the name of science
  144. Instagram Is Making a Change That Might Make You Love the App Again
  145. Parkland Students on Life After a Shooting: 'I Am Not Actually Fine'
  146. Mercury Is Entering Retrograde Again. This Is Why So Many People Care
  147. World's carbon emissions on the rise again: IEA
  148. How Authorities Caught the Austin Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt
  149. A San Francisco Art Museum Tackles Art’s Instagram Dilemma
  150. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is up to 16 times more massive than thought
  151. Professor Who Mistook Mars for New Space Object Is Glad His Mistake Made Some People
  152. President Trump Wanted $25 Billion for a Border Wall. Congress Gave Him a Fence Inste
  153. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Convinced Me He’s a Force to Be Reckoned With
  154. Hundreds of Kids Need Places to Stay During March For Our Lives. An Underground Netwo
  155. Putin Won. But Russia Is Losing
  156. New ‘swarm technology’ develops emergency rescue drones
  157. Stormy Daniels Took a Lie Detector Test About Her Alleged Affair With Donald Trump. S
  158. H.R. McMaster Resigns. John Bolton Named Trump's New National Security Advisor
  159. South Korean K-Pop Stars Plan to Perform in Pyongyang for the First Time in More Than
  160. Toby From The Office Is the Perfect Person to Blame for This Spring Snow Storm
  161. What We Can Learn From the Student Teachers From Parkland
  162. Air Force "Hardens" Satellites to Prepare for Space War (Think Russia or China)
  163. Rex Tillerson Tells State Department to Be Kind As He Says Goodbye to 'Mean-Spir
  164. The Teenage Maryland School Shooting Victim Will Be Taken Off Life Support
  165. Katsuko Saruhashi Google Doodle: Quotes From the Geochemist
  166. 'You Are Going to Make an Enormous Difference.' Read Barack and Michelle Ob
  167. Stocks Plunge on Trade War Fears After China Sanctions
  168. Inside the Last Days of the Hillary Clinton Campaign
  169. Rescuers Are Searching for the Survivors After 150 Whales Wash Ashore in Western Aust
  170. NASA Still Doesn't Have an Administrator 6 Months After Nomination
  171. At Least 13 People Have Died in a Fire at a High-Rise Apartment Building in Vietnam
  172. The Good News: The World Economy Is Doing Great. The Bad News: That Means More Greenh
  173. 'Nothing Short of Catastrophic.' Hurricane Harvey's Toxic Impact Worse
  174. Couple in so-called 'Gone Girl' case believe there are co-conspirators out there
  175. It’s Time to Tell Your Kids It Doesn’t Matter Where They Go To College
  176. This $55,000 Desktop UFO Tells the Time, Weather, Your Quirky Taste
  177. China Threatens Pork and Aluminum Duties in Response to Trump's Trade Tariffs
  178. Biodiversity 101: Are Earth's wild megafauna doomed?
  179. We may know when China's space station will fall to Earth, but we still don&apos
  180. Psychology and neuroscience professor explains conduct disorders
  181. NASA's Mars rover Curiosity marks 2,000th day on red planet
  182. Here's Why Trump's Spending Bill Veto Threat Is So Baffling
  183. Protests Over Police Shooting of Stephon Clark Block Thousands From Entering Sacramen
  184. Apple Is About to Release a Cheaper iPad to Take on Microsoft and Google
  185. Shocking video of the self-driving Uber hitting a pedestrian
  186. Astronaut Andrew Feustel Says He Has a Fear of Heights, Despite Working 250 Miles abo
  187. SpaceX: Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Blew Hole in Earth's Atmosphere, Produced Huge Sh
  188. Why Tai Chi Works So Well For Pain Relief
  189. Scientists Got Vodka-Guzzling Rats to Stop Acting Like Alcoholics by Giving Them Huma
  190. Kansas Militia Members Known as 'The Crusaders' Wanted to Kill Muslims, Pro
  191. Peru's Congress Allows Embattled President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to Resign
  192. Maryland High School Shooter Was Lovesick Teen, Police Say
  193. Robert Mueller Examining President Trump's Connections to Cambridge Analytica: R
  194. Donald Trump is Blaming the Democrats Again for Not Passing a DACA Bill. But It'
  195. President Trump Bashed Wasteful Spending. Then He Praised Over-Budget Military Projec
  196. Answer These 8 Questions to Find Out How Private Your Personal Data Really Is
  197. Scientists detect signals from what could be the oldest stars in the universe
  198. Waterslide That Decapitated 10-Year-Old Boy Was a 'Deadly Weapon,' Indictme
  199. Prosthetics, Guide Dogs and Wheelchairs: Here Come Apple's Proposed Accessibilit
  200. California city to settle with couple in so-called 'Gone Girl' case: Part 5
  201. Military ATVs equipped with lasers help troops on the battlefield
  202. Trump's New Tariff on China Sparks Fears of a Trade War
  203. The Humanity Star satellite is officially dead, months earlier than expected
  204. This Device Can Produce Drinking Water From Even the Driest Desert Air
  205. Mummy Mystery Solved: Alien-Like Skeleton Related To Indigenous Chileans
  206. The Navy Has Finally Solved the Mystery of the Missing Man From the Sinking of a WWII
  207. Philadelphia Eagles Player Michael Bennett Charged With Injuring a Paraplegic Woman
  208. Trade War Fears Deal U.S. Stock Market Its Worst Week in 2 Years
  209. Where will free-falling space station land on Earth?
  210. A study found a link between genetics and divorce. Should we believe it?
  211. Scientists release mammoth survey of Nature's vital signs
  212. More than 150 whales strand themselves on Western Australian beach
  213. President Trump Averts Government Shutdown and Signs $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill – De
  214. President Trump Announces Ban on Bump Stocks for Guns
  215. Scientists Have Finally Pinpointed the Reason You HATE the Sound of Chewing
  216. Republican Donor Launches Gun Control Advocacy Group During the March For Our Lives
  217. 7 months after Harvey, flood-control projects' fate unclear
  218. Man Posted Photos of Dead Wife and Child Online After Murdering Them, Prosecutor Says
  219. Doctors inject lab-grown genes into boy's eyes to treat blindness
  220. Bored 6-year-old discovered a 65-million-year-old fossil on Oregon soccer field
  221. Trump Order Would Ban Most Transgender Troops From Serving
  222. Trump Says Tariffs Will Help Americans. But U.S. Farmers Fear They'll Be Hurt
  223. Tucker: Left colluding with companies to suppress gun rights
  224. 2 Americans, 1 Russian dock with International Space Station
  225. 'He Fell a Hero.' French Officer Who Offered Himself to Gunman to Save Host
  226. Australian volunteers save 5 of over 150 stranded whales
  227. Orlimar TriMetal fairway back with update to 1990s super club; adds 'revolutiona
  228. Do you want to live forever? 6 ways tech could extend your life
  229. FBI Investigating Why Man Drove Flaming Minivan Full of Propane Tanks Onto Air Force
  230. Coffee Is Receiving a First-Class Treatment at This Storied New York Restaurant
  231. This School District Is Arming Its Classrooms With Rocks in Case of a School Shooting
  232. 'No More.' Parkland Survivors Take the Stage: The Latest on March for Our L
  233. UN reports see a lonelier planet with fewer plants, animals
  234. I'm a Historian, and I Think Women's History Month Is a Mistake
  235. President Trump Condemns 'Horrible Attack' in France
  236. China Targets Pork, Apples and Steel for $3 Billion Tariffs in Retaliation to Preside
  237. Glastonbury: archaeology is revealing new truths about the origins of British Christi
  238. Daylight Saving Time Could Soon Be Year-Round in Florida
  239. 3 Explosive Devices Found at French Supermarket After Deadly Rampage, Official Says
  240. Scenes From the March For Our Lives Rallies Around the World
  241. 'I Have a Dream That Enough is Enough.' Martin Luther King Jr.'s Grand
  242. 'Justice for Jaelynn.' Students Join March For Our Lives to Honor Maryland
  243. Achille Salvagni's Mayfair atelier blasts off
  244. 'It Came in Like a Hurricane.' 1 Dead After Driver Plows Into Crowd in Hous
  245. Lights Around the World Go Dark for Earth Hour
  246. H.R. McMaster Worked for Me. His Retirement From the Military Reveals A Lot About Pre
  247. 'One of My Best Friends Was Killed in Gun Violence.' Paul McCartney Honors
  248. Boko Haram to Free 1 More Kidnapped Girl, Nigerian Police Say
  249. Do rockets blast away the ozone layer? It’s no biggie today … but watch the skies
  250. NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has been on the Red Planet for 2,000 days