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  1. A Kong-sized controversy hits the gaming world
  2. How Westworld's William Evolved Into the Man in Black
  3. Google Arts & Culture explores remote world heritage sites in virtual reality
  4. Eliud Kipchoge and Vivan Cheruiyot Win Hottest-Ever London Marathon
  5. Does a Space Race to Mars Exist? | Opinion
  6. The British are coming — for the rocket-launching industry
  7. Police Took Suspect's Guns, Dad Gave Them Back: The Latest on the Nashville Waff
  8. Neil deGrasse Tyson Has A Sobering Reminder For You This Earth Day
  9. Ancient Egypt: Bust of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Discovered in Temple of Kom Ombo
  10. Southwest Cancels 40 Flights as It Works to Inspect Plane Engines After Deadly Explos
  11. 57 Killed in Kabul Suicide Bombing – and ISIS Is Claiming Responsibility
  12. Police Went to a Funeral Home to Unlock a Dead Man's Phone With His Finger
  13. People Thought Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Were Ridiculously Cute in Matching Outf
  14. James Cameron Speaks Out On New AMC Sci Fi Series, Oscar Snubs, A Return To ‘Terminat
  15. NASA celebrates Earth Day with highlights on studying our home planet
  16. BHP, Vale given extension to settle Brazil mine disaster claim
  17. Last Known Person Born in 19th Century Dies at 117
  18. Earth Day 2018 Photos: Nasa Images From Space Show Climate Change's Impact on Ou
  19. McKalya Maroney Says She Reported Larry Nassar Sex Abuse to Coach in 2011 – and Nothi
  20. Mitt Romney Forced to Compete in GOP Primary for Utah Senate Seat After Losing Party
  21. Neo-Nazis Burned a Swastika After Their Rally in Georgia
  22. Emmanuel Macron Takes a Risky Bet with Visit to U.S. to Charm Donald Trump
  23. A Memorial Service Has Been Held for the Woman Who Died After Southwest Airlines Engi
  24. The Russian Lawyer Who Met With Donald Trump Jr. Says the Special Counsel Hasn't
  25. Turkish Opposition Lawmakers Are Switching Parties to Challenge President Erdogan
  26. Your Next Home Could Be 3D-Printed
  27. Threatened Cambodia river dolphins making 'historic' rebound
  28. Shania Twain Has Apologized After Saying She Would Have Voted for President Trump
  29. The Man Who Snatched an AR-15 From the Waffle House Shooter Says 'It Was Life or
  30. A Traffic Accident in North Korea Has Killed 36 People, Mostly Chinese Tourists
  31. Barbara Bush Laid to Rest at Presidential Library
  32. Exploding Ants: New Species Bursts Into Toxic Goo to Destroy Its Enemies
  33. Meet the Founder of Impossible Foods, Whose Meat-Free Burgers Could Transform the Way
  34. Census finds increase in Mekong River's Irrawaddy dolphins
  35. Construction robots weld, bolt, lift to beat worker shortage
  36. Here's the TV Clip That Sparked President Trump's Latest Twitter Tirade Abo
  37. Kate Middleton Has Been Admitted to Hospital in 'Early Stages' of Labor Wit
  38. Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Obesity and Diabetes in New Study on Mice
  39. CDC’s PulseNet tracks bad lettuce, eggs, or unknown source of foodborne illness
  40. Human Evolution: Walking Upright Evolved at Least 3.6 Million Years Ago—Long Before M
  41. Michael Bloomberg Pledged $4.5 Million to Uphold U.S. Commitment to the Paris Agreeme
  42. Storm damage to forests costs billions – here's how artificial intelligence can
  43. Nigerians demand air quality data over pollution fears
  44. Here's how to catch the most spectacular views of the Lyrid meteor shower when i
  45. Titleist AVX ball takes its softer feel from trial run to full status alongside Pro V
  46. Shipwreck found in Lake Erie could be nearly 200 years old
  47. The Planet X Apocalypse Conspiracy Theory Is Back
  48. Totally Random Non-Royal Couple Exits Hospital to Great Fanfare
  49. What Your Moon Sign Reveals About Your Emotional Personality
  50. Britain's mass surveillance regime is directly opposing human rights
  51. Where's mum? Three bear cubs rescued in Bulgaria
  52. AI will be used by humanitarian organisations –*this could deepen neocolonial tendenc
  53. Blockchain R&D Project Shivom Garners Support from Government Officials in Several Co
  54. 23andMe’s most popular DNA test kits got deep discounts in Amazon’s big sale
  55. How to Cope When You're Being Bullied at Work
  56. Kate Middleton Just Gave Birth to Royal Baby Number 3
  57. Royal Baby Number 3 Is Here and the Internet Is Already Smitten
  58. Neuroscience is unlocking mysteries of the teenage brain
  59. Amazon's Next Secret Project Could Be Robots That Follow You Around
  60. Michigan water activist, 6 others win environmental prize
  61. Dear Royal Baby: Being the Youngest Child Comes With Some Surprising Advantages
  62. Melania Trump Is Using Ingredients From Michelle Obama's White House Garden at H
  63. Princess Charlotte and Prince George Have Very On-Brand Reactions to Their New Baby B
  64. The Trailer for Crazy Rich Asians Has Arrived — and It's Insanely Opulent
  65. People 'Strewn All Over the Road.' At Least 8 Hit in Toronto After Van Smas
  66. The Man Who Stopped the Waffle House Gunman Was Shot at and Burned. He Still Says He&
  67. Does alcohol cause PMS?
  68. New Twisted 'Knot' Human DNA Structure Discovered—and It Looks Nothing Like
  69. 10 Dead, 15 Injured: The Latest on the Van That Plowed into a Crowd in Toronto
  70. Flight Records Shed New Light on President Trump's Infamous 2013 Moscow Trip
  71. Prince William Might Have Just Hinted at the New Royal Baby's Name
  72. 'Shoot Me in the Head.' Video Footage Shows the Toronto Van Attack Suspect’
  73. 81-Year-Old Town Crier Is Everyone's Favorite New Royal Baby Meme
  74. Dark Matter: Have Scientists Finally Figured Out What Makes Up the Mysterious Materia
  75. Here's How Kate Middleton and Prince William's Royal Baby Just Changed the
  76. How Working With Rude People Can Destroy Your Sleep—And How to Stop It
  77. Kate Middleton Just Appeared After Giving Birth to Third Child. Her Red Dress Has a S
  78. Thandie Newton Confirms That She Will Be Earning Equal Pay on Westworld
  79. New NASA boss gets 'hearty congratulations' from space
  80. Waffle House Shooting Suspect Got His Confiscated Guns Back After Moving to Tennessee
  81. New NASA boss gets 'hearty congratulations' from space
  82. Nashville Waffle House Shooting Suspect Arrested
  83. Police Used a Taser on an American Airlines Passenger Accused of Touching a Woman Wit
  84. 'Maximum' security as Philippines readies Boracay shutdown
  85. A Judge Has Ordered Arrests Over Killing of a Canadian in the Peruvian Amazon
  86. Your Complete Guide to the British Royal Family Tree and Line of Succession
  87. Oregon Officials Knew of Abuse Probe Into the Family That Plunged off a California Cl
  88. J.K. Rowling Is Hilariously Live Tweeting Her Royal Baby Thoughts
  89. A Court Has Rejected the 'Monkey Selfie' Lawsuit Seeking Animal Rights to P
  90. Uranus actually stinks like eggy farts, scientists finally admit
  91. The New CDC Director Is Being Paid Nearly Twice as Much as His Predecessor
  92. Kate Middleton Just Left the Hospital With Royal Baby Number 3
  93. Armenia's Prime Minister Has Resigned After Days of Protests. Here's What t
  94. A Woman Says Smallville Actress Allison Mack Tried to Recruit Her Into an Alleged Sex
  95. The Royal Baby Was Born on St. George's Day. Here's Why That's Signifi
  96. Mummified body found in Iran could be father of last shah
  97. 'Promiscuous' Monkeys Mate Outside their Species, Create Hybrids
  98. NASA’s new administrator, Jim Bridenstine, touts bipartisanship after divisive debate
  99. Why a Kentucky Dad Is Keeping His AR-15 After His Daughter Was Wounded in a School Sh
  100. 5 amazing discoveries the Hubble space telescope is responsible for
  101. Facebook user guidelines revealed: Which posts will get removed?
  102. Amazon Will Start Delivering Packages Straight to Your Parked Car
  103. Xi Jinping and Donald Trump Need to Sound Tough on Trade. But Here’s Where They Could
  104. Construction Workers May Have Found the Mummy of a Long-Lost Iranian Shah
  105. President Trump's Pick to Lead the VA Hit With Claims of Inappropriate Behavior
  106. China's 'makers' battle mistrust in hi-tech community
  107. President Trump Was Asked About Pardoning His Lawyer. He Called It a 'Stupid Que
  108. Facebook's new content removal rules spark censorship debate
  109. US court rules monkey does not own selfie copyright
  110. President Trump Praises U.S.-French Alliance After Meeting With President Macron
  111. More Than 100 Retired Military Leaders Raise Concerns About CIA Nominee Gina Haspel
  112. Pruitt's EPA will now classify burning wood as 'carbon neutral,' baffl
  113. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Announced the Official Music Lineup for Their Wed
  114. EPA chief signs proposal limiting science used in decisions
  115. 2 Dallas Police Officers, 1 Civilian Shot at Home Depot
  116. The Chemical Process of Learning in Brain Cells Revealed by Advanced Microscope
  117. WASP-104b: Hot Jupiter Could Be Darkest Planet Ever Discovered
  118. Trump VA Chief Nominee Ronny Jackson Fights on Despite Alleged Misconduct and Workpla
  119. The Victims of the Toronto Van Attack Include a Grandmother and an Avid Volunteer
  120. Once 'Little Rocket Man,' Kim Called 'Very Honorable' by Trump As
  121. Scientists release most detailed star chart of the Milky Way
  122. Scientists fear Scott Pruitt's new EPA rule will hurt health-related regulations
  123. Millie Bobby Brown Finding Out Cardi B Wasn't at the TIME 100 Gala Is So Good It
  124. Man Arrested in Dallas Home Depot Shooting That Injured Two Police Officers and One C
  125. President Trump Brushes 'Dandruff' Off French President Macron’s Suit as th
  126. Finland Will End Its Experiment With Universal Basic Income After a Two-Year Trial
  127. TIME 100 Honorees Praise the Parkland Shooting Survivors
  128. Michigan State University Maintained Ties With a Volleyball Coach Accused of Sexual A
  129. TIME 100's Adam Rippon Praises 'All the Moms' Who Have Helped Their Ki
  130. James Shaw Jr., the Man Who Disarmed the Waffle House Shooter, Is Hailed as a Hero
  131. The bizarre holes NASA found in the Arctic sea ice are actually a sign of a more worr
  132. Three Mexican Film Students Were Murdered and Their Bodies Dissolved in Acid by a Dru
  133. What The Handmaid's Tale Gets Right—and Wrong—About the History of Women and Res
  134. Giant sloth vs. ancient man: footprints reveal prehistoric hunt
  135. Monsanto develops product to deactivate controversial farm chemical
  136. Facebook Post by Toronto Van Attack Suspect Suggests His Rampage Was Fueled by Frustr
  137. Record Concentrations of Microplastics Found in Arctic Sea Ice
  138. 'Our Hands Are Already Full.' For Young South Koreans, the Inter-Korea Summ
  139. Aliens might actually be trapped on their home planets by gravity
  140. America's best scientists stood up to the Trump administration
  141. Janet Mock, Maxine Waters, and Ben Platt On What Makes Them Optimistic About the Worl
  142. Ronan Farrow Discusses the 'Wholesale Immolation' of U.S. Diplomacy
  143. President Trump Is Nominating Adm. Harry Harris as U.S. Ambassador to South Korea
  144. Amazon's New Echo for Kids Will Train Your Children to Say 'Please'
  145. Ronan Farrow on the #MeToo Movement: 'This Was Never About Taking Out Powerful P
  146. Suspected Golden State Killer Unmasked: Former Police Officer, 72, Arrested in Case L
  147. Millennial Health Study Reveals a Widespread Driver of This Generation’s Illnesses
  148. Republican Debbie Lesko Wins Arizona Special Election, Keeping the House Seat in GOP
  149. How President Erdogan Is Turning Turkey Into Putin's Russia
  150. Your Genetics Could Make You Vulnerable to Opioid Addiction | Opinion
  151. Here’s What Makes Certain Strains of E. Coli Deadly to the Human Body | Opinion
  152. President Trump Appears Likely to Win His Travel Ban Case at the Supreme Court
  153. The Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak Is Sending an Unusually High Number of People to
  154. A 'Caravan' of Asylum Seekers That Infuriated President Trump Has Arrived a
  155. "You did it, Michelle." Patton Oswalt Celebrates His Late Wife's Quest to Catch
  156. Michael Cohen Plans to Plead the Fifth Amendment in Stormy Daniels Suit
  157. Geologists Say North Korea's Main Nuclear Test Site Has Collapsed
  158. The Latest DACA Ruling Could Open the Door for New Applicants. But Not Yet
  159. North Korea's pledge to dismantle nuclear site sounds good, but verification will be
  160. Diamond and Silk to make their case on Capitol Hill
  161. The FDA Is Cracking Down on 'Juuling' and Youth E-Cigarette Use
  162. Edward Felsenthal on the Future of TIME and the Power of the TIME 100
  163. Ukraine says Chernobyl remains an 'open wound' 32 years on
  164. Melania Trump's Massive White Hat Has Caused Quite the Stir
  165. Hack into a hotel room with any key
  166. Snapchat's New Spectacles Can Do One Important Thing the Old Version Couldn&apos
  167. TIME 100's Giuliano Testa: We Should Think About Infertility As a 'Wellbein
  168. Geologists say N. Korea's nuclear test site likely collapsed
  169. Philippine 'castle boys' in shifting sands of Boracay closure
  170. A Court in Turkey Has Convicted 13 Journalists on Terrorism Charges
  171. Police Say the Golden State Killer Has Been Caught. Who Is Suspect Joseph James DeAng
  172. The True Cost of the Chernobyl Disaster Has Been Greater Than It Seems
  173. Ben Carson's New Public Housing Proposal Would Make Rent More Expensive for Mill
  174. Manhunt Underway For Man Who Police Say Killed Officer and Robbed Store in Maine
  175. Jeff Bezos says he liquidates a whopping $1 billion of Amazon stock every year to pay
  176. Vast Galactic Megamerger In the Early Universe Is 'Truly Unique' Discovery
  177. Congresswoman Maxine Waters' Advice for President Trump: 'Please Resign&apo
  178. Jurors in Bill Cosby Trial Are Hung Up on the Definition of 'Consent'
  179. Ronny Jackson Withdraws Bid to Lead Veterans Affairs – as President Trump Bashes Demo
  180. West Africa gorillas more numerous than thought, but still endangered
  181. President Trump Gives Himself 'A+' Grade for His First Year in Office in Ra
  182. NASA creates first 3-D model of melting snowflake
  183. New Enzyme Structure Discovery Could Lead To Drugs That Slow Aging Process
  184. Satellite Collisions Could Become More Common and Scientists Want to Understand Why
  185. Lawmakers Assail EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Over Ethical Missteps
  186. Bill Cosby Lashes Out and Calls Prosecutor 'A--hole' After Jury Finds Him G
  187. President Trump's Interview on Fox Caused Prosecutors to Change Their Strategy i
  188. In Call to 'Fox & Friends,' President Trump Admits Michael Cohen Represente
  189. Priyanka Chopra Absolutely Gushing Over Meghan Markle Is Just the Best
  190. Tucker: Why YouTube's alleged censorship matters
  191. The White House Just Released Photos of New Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's Mee
  192. Mike Pompeo Confirmed as Secretary of State by Historically Narrow Margin
  193. George R.R. Martin Has Some Bad News for Game of Thrones Fans
  194. Almost 1,500 Migrant Children Placed in Homes by the U.S. Government Went Missing Las
  195. As North Korea's Kim Jong Un Makes a Historic Trip to the South, Here's Wha
  196. How Did They Catch the Golden State Killer? A Genealogy Website and His Genetic Relat
  197. The CDC Is Telling Consumers to Stay Away from Romaine. Here's What You Should E
  198. Enzyme that affects ageing, cancer decoded: study
  199. Study triples number of known depression genes
  200. A look at DNA testing that ID'd a suspected serial killer
  201. Mass Graves with 2,000 Bodies Discovered Two Decades After Rwanda Genocide
  202. Why South Korea’s Conservative Christians Don’t Want to Get Cozier With the North
  203. 'He Wanted to Find Peace.' Avicii's Family Gives Details of the Swedis
  204. AT&T Continues to Slowly Grind Lower
  205. Revealed: Gaia's Best Pictures of The Milky Way and Beyond From Most Accurate Su
  206. Why Donald Trump Hasn't Fired Scott Pruitt
  207. Going to Mars is going to cost a lot of money that NASA doesn’t have
  208. Bill Cosby Lashes Out and Calls Prosecutor 'A--hole' After Jury Finds Him G
  209. President Trump Says He Got 'a Lot' of Support From the Black Community. No
  210. Genetic sleuthing bolsters food poisoning searches
  211. President Trump Says Comey Is 'Either Very Sick or Very Dumb'
  212. Amazon's Alexa catching cheating spouses
  213. President Trump Will Finally Visit the U.K. in July
  214. NASA'S TESS Satellite Could Find Planet Hosting Life By 2020
  215. Bill Cosby's Conviction Is an Unexpected Win for #MeToo. But There's a Long
  216. Prince William and Prince Harry's Most Iconic Moments Together
  217. Golden State Killer Suspect Was Caught Through Genealogy Data, Revealing the Privacy
  218. A look at DNA testing that ID'd a suspected serial killer
  219. 'The Korean War Is Over.' Kim Jong Un Begins 'Writing a New History&ap
  220. SpaceX is going to start charging NASA a lot more for ISS resupply missions
  221. Footprints provide clues to how humans stalked and hunted giant sloths
  222. Democrats Are Demanding to Know Why Paul Ryan Forced Out the House Chaplain
  223. Mars: NASA to Partner With Europeans to Bring a Piece of Red Planet to Earth
  224. Cybersecurity company offers technology to secure voter data
  225. George H.W. Bush Health Update: Former President to Remain in Hospital
  226. 3 Palestinians Killed, Dozens Wounded in Latest Violence at Israeli Border Fence
  227. How DNA led to the elusive 'Golden State Killer'
  228. 3 Golden State Killer Podcasts That Go Deep on the Case
  229. The New Royal Baby Name Prince Louis Has a Tragic Backstory
  230. Suspected serial killer caught after relative shares DNA with genealogy website
  231. Why Adam Rippon, Lindsey Vonn and More Winter Olympics Stars Skipped the White House
  232. European Space Agency releases 1st image from Mars orbiter
  233. Tom Brokaw Cancels Upcoming Commencement Speech Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations
  234. Restaurants Tell Jittery Customers to Romaine Calm Amid Lettuce Recall
  235. The Touching Reason Tony Stark Has a Flip Phone in Avengers: Infinity War
  236. What America Must Do Now, After North Korea's Summit with South Korea
  237. Republican-Led House Panel Clears Trump Campaign in Russia Investigation
  238. Fracking may have caused rare S. Korea quake: study
  239. A DNA Site Helped Authorities Crack the Golden State Killer Case. Here’s What You Sho
  240. AP Explains: A look at DNA-sharing services and privacy
  241. Scientists shot rocks out of a cannon to prove asteroids might have brought water to
  242. You're Probably Pronouncing the New Royal Baby Name Wrong
  243. DNA search for California serial killer led to wrong man
  244. 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin Is Remembered With a Star on the Hollywood W
  245. Earlier search for California serial killer led to wrong man
  246. Teams compete to create a personality for Alexa
  247. Jennifer Lopez Pulls Off Miraculous Costume Change During Her TIME 100 Performance
  248. Mars 2020 Rover Heat Shield Flaw Won't Stop Lander Mission Launch Next Week
  249. Mother's Day gift ideas: Top tech gifts for mom
  250. What the Modi-Xi Meeting Tells Us About China and India