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  1. Vaccine created to protect Ebola-ravaged chimps
  2. New antivenom nanogel neutralizes snake bites, might work for spiders & scorpions too
  3. The serial entrepreneur behind 'period-proof underwear' wants you to give up toilet p
  4. IBM Says It Managed to Store Data on the Smallest Thing Possible
  5. Patient shows brain activity for 10 minutes after death
  6. 'Ancient Earth' series brings rare and wonderful dinosaurs back to life
  7. Do Women Really Need a Yearly Pelvic Exam?
  8. Raspberry Pi-powered coding kit snatches first UK school curriculum endorsement for S
  9. Bone-inspired steel could make our buildings stronger
  10. Brain activity can continue for 10 minutes after death - new study
  11. 45,000-Year-Old Dental DNA Reveals Startling Neanderthal Habits
  12. IBM has figured out how to store data on a single atom
  13. Construction unearths centuries-old coffins in Philadelphia
  14. From grave to lab, she throws science, passion at cold cases
  15. The pioneering 'great men' of Victorian science were once attacked for being unmanly
  16. Scientists discover why the urge to scratch, and maybe yawn, is contagious
  17. Off the Coast of Southern California, a Threatening Fault Line Just Became More Dange
  18. Long journeys to Mars puts astronauts at greater risk of leukaemia
  19. ALMA Image Reveals Intricate Spirals Around An Evolving Planetary Nebula
  20. Cosmic stardust from the dawn of the universe detected by Alma telescope
  21. Scientists rewrote the DNA of an entire species
  22. CIA hacking Q&A: can your TV spy on you and is your phone listening in?
  23. Silk Road was shaped by ancient nomads and their herds 4,000 years ago
  24. Australia sees second year of Barrier Reef bleaching
  25. Spain's Repsol announces big Alaska oil find
  26. Australia's 'extreme' summer a sign of things to come: researchers
  27. Report: China developing advanced lunar mission spaceship
  28. Cancer And Autism Might Be Linked, Scientists Say
  29. SpaceX Zeros In on First Reused Rocket Flight
  30. Our Black Hole Has Been 'Eating Snacks' For The Last 6 Million Years
  31. This rare whale has never been captured on film — until now
  32. Scott Pruitt is a clear and present danger to American national security
  33. How Brain Recognition Software Could Be the Ultimate Weapon Against Security Breaches
  34. Do Brexit and Trump show that we're living in a computer simulation?
  35. The Big Deal Behind ‘IBM Q’ Quantum Systems
  36. MIT climate scientists turn on their former colleague after he tells Donald Trump to
  37. The brain is 10 times more active than we thought
  38. Maths: why many great discoveries would be impossible without it
  39. The Woman Searching for a New Universe
  40. Itching is contagious and hardwired into the brain
  41. Humanity might have received a signal from aliens that it isn’t checking, says Harvar
  42. Can the woolly mammoth play a role in saving rhinos from extinction?
  43. New US environment chief questions carbon link to global warming
  44. Could Bill Gates' plan to tax robots really lead to a brighter future for all?
  45. Billionaire Paul Allen hopes his ‘ginormous’ Stratolaunch plane will fly this year
  46. There's new evidence that brain activity continues after death
  47. Could an auto logic checker be the solution to the fake news problem?
  48. Green groups vexed by Canada PM's award from oil sector
  49. Scientists just proved an Earth vegetable can grow on Mars
  50. Energy flashes in distant galaxies 'could be proof of aliens'
  51. Eyes, not legs, prompted animals to move from sea to land 385 million years ago
  52. Lego is going to sell a fan’s design featuring women in NASA, which is seriously out
  53. Remains of Jack the Ripper's last victim Mary Jane Kelly are 'unlikely to ever be fou
  54. Visit the International Space Station with your Oculus Rift in ‘Mission: ISS’
  55. Truckloads of baby fish hauled to river in restoration plan
  56. Mars One Ventures AG: New shares issued after the company's valuation at US$ 389,300,
  57. Cruise ship crashes into one of the most biodiverse coral reefs in the world
  58. Congress Passes Bill Funding NASA's Future Human Exploration In Mars By 2033
  59. 'We are entering uncharted territory' - Australian scientists' alarm at Great Barrier
  60. Is Dopamine A Mind Control Drug?
  61. Military-Grade Tech to Monitor Eggplants Rather Than Explosives
  62. America's Clovis people mysteriously disappeared 12,000 years ago. It now appears a m
  63. These Two Extinct Reptiles Are Actually The Same Darn Thing
  64. People who speak multiple languages make the best employees for one big reason
  65. Bird flu cases revive fear of repeat of major 2015 outbreak
  66. Enormous dead fin whale washed up on Devon coast 'shows whale populations are recover
  67. Trauma to lives, economy from tsunami persists 6 years on
  68. How the Dehumanization of Certain Groups Leads to a 'Vicious Cycle' of Hate
  69. Mississippi River: North America’s Mighty River
  70. Physicists have created an “impossible” state of matter that could power quantum comp
  71. Fusion energy: Mastering plasma hotter than the centre of the Sun with tiny tokamaks
  72. Can training your working memory make you smarter? We reviewed the evidence
  73. Mysterious flashes could be alien spacecraft at work,*Harvard scientists say
  74. A Boy Named Lucas part 4: Back to Alabama
  75. New Zealand's 3,000 Glaciers Are Retreating NASA Images Show
  76. Teens who say they were sent away because they were gay
  77. Complex synthetic life moves closer with designer yeast genome
  78. Trauma to lives, economy from tsunami persists 6 years on
  79. How NASA found India's long-missing moon probe
  80. Buried treasure: huge statue of Egyptian king unearthed in Cairo neighborhood
  81. Daylight Saving Time is hot garbage
  82. A Fully Synthetic Life Form May Soon Be A Reality
  83. ‘Planet Earth II’ Preview: Giraffe vs. Lioness in the Desert
  84. Nature's loners, humpback whales are now showing unusual social behaviour and forming
  85. Clocks go blurry in a quantum world: There is a fundamental limit in our ability to m
  86. USDA has $80 million-$90 million to fight bird flu
  87. Consultant talks impact of leaked alleged CIA hacking codes
  88. How to protect your smart devices from getting hacked
  89. Round-the-moon trip intrigues billionaire spaceflier Charles Simonyi, but he won’t go
  90. New app determines how often men interrupt women
  91. Scientists use lasers to detect weapons-grade uranium from miles away
  92. How easy is it to hack the President's phone?
  93. Egypt: Ancient Pharaoh Statues Found in Cairo Suburb
  94. Scientists grow potato under Mars-like conditions in Peru
  95. George A. Olah, who won Nobel Prize in chemistry, dies at 89
  96. Mona Lisa's smile decoded: science says she's happy
  97. An Ebola vaccine trial yields promising results for protecting wild primates
  98. George A. Olah, who won Nobel Prize in chemistry, dies at 89
  99. 'Doorway to the underworld' crater in remote Siberia tells story of ancient climates
  100. Thousands of people could live in space colonies orbiting the Earth in 20 years, expe
  101. 'Future Crimes' author on protecting against hackers
  102. Bezos’ Blue Origin Lands First Paying Client
  103. What’s In Store For U.S. Shale Oil?
  104. Despite poaching, South Africa plans for rhino horn trade
  105. Are you a spaceflight company? You may want to rethink your logo
  106. Under Trump, the Moon regains interest as possible destination
  107. Inside the GOP's Latest Effort to Gut Science at the EPA
  108. World's oceans are warming 13% faster than previously thought, scientists warn
  109. More great white sharks appear to be visiting off Cape Cod
  110. Apollo astronaut: 'You go to heaven when you are born'
  111. Nasa finds India's lost Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft missing for 8 years orbiting the moo
  112. Apollo astronaut: 'You go to heaven when you are born'
  113. Watch this Mexican volcano blow some serious smoke
  114. Scientists race to prevent wipeout of world's coral reefs
  115. Boaty McBoatface to set off on first polar mission
  116. Researchers Study 'Superballistic' Electron Flow
  117. Big data unites the study of stars with cancer research
  118. A Nearby Star Could Be Among The Largest Ever
  119. Nasa has made raw data on Trappist-1 from its Kepler observations free for all space
  120. Of Abundance And Scarcity In Venture Capital
  121. The science of liquorice: whether you love the dark root – or hate it
  122. Atheists at risk of dying out due to belief in contraception, study claims
  123. How do animals see in the dark?
  124. Geoengineering: What is it, how does it work and is it good or bad?
  125. Dark Matter Experiment Enters Final Stages Of Construction
  126. Meet the start-up founder who lived in a dumpster to help fix the homeownership crisi
  127. ESO Images Reveal Stellar Nurseries In Dwarf Galaxy
  128. Depression Rates Spike in Teen Smokers
  129. Trump really doesn't want to face these 21 kids on climate change
  130. Second part of ancient Egyptian statue lifted from site
  131. Kids Interrupt Dad on Live TV: 5 Facts About Today's Working Dads
  132. Boaty McBoatface submarine named after public vote is ready for first Antarctic missi
  133. Marijuana Labels Could Mislead Kids and Consumers
  134. George Michael's Death: What Causes 'Dilated Cardiomyopathy'?
  135. How Inflammation Spreads Through the Brain
  136. 'Pokémon Go' Players May Double Their Daily Step Counts
  137. A brief history of Pluto’s 87-year planetary identity crisis
  138. Author's Heartbreaking Story: What Are the Signs of Ovarian Cancer?
  139. Humans to blame for bulk of Arctic sea ice loss: study
  140. Going Gluten-Free Won't Help You Avoid Diabetes
  141. Humans to blame for bulk of Arctic sea ice loss: study
  142. How mapping teenagers' brains has helped us understand more about schizophrenia
  143. Belgian astronomers who found solar system name it after a beer
  144. MIT Recruited a Superhero for a Pi Day Quest
  145. Meet the fluorescent tree frogs of South America
  146. 400,000-year-old skull of human ancestor found by remains of fire and set of stone to
  147. Oxford scientists are building robots that ‘wear’ artificial skin before it’s transpl
  148. It's the Golden Age of Climate Denial
  149. A 400,000-year-old fossil offers new clues on how humans evolved
  150. Our Brains May Be Much More Powerful Than Previously Thought
  151. America's next generation of self-made millionaires will have this in common
  152. A DNA computer has a trillion siblings and replicates itself to make a decision
  153. Do Brexit and Trump show we're living in an advanced alien civilisation's computer si
  154. Can you solve the chess problem which holds key to human consciousness?
  155. Mystery system stabilising CO2 concentrations prevents Earth from freezing over
  156. Boaty McBoatface set for maiden voyage in the Antarctic
  157. Today in History for March 14th
  158. How To Make Your Desk Into The Most Productive Space Ever
  159. Official says Pakistan promises nuclear arms responsibility
  160. Watch SpaceX launch a communications satellite on its Falcon 9 rocket tonight
  161. NASA backs Kymeta’s mini-antennas and Tethers Unlimited’s 3-D printer/recycler
  162. UK cruise ship damages pristine Indonesian coral reef
  163. Google, NASA will install D-Wave’s latest 2,000-qubit quantum computer at Ames
  164. B vitamins may have 'protective effect' against air pollution
  165. Google CEO Schmidt Flags Promise of New Goodenough Battery
  166. Ritual group pain: Strong negative experiences help explain evolutionary puzzle of su
  167. Huge mammoth discovered beneath Mexico village reconstructed
  168. SXSW: Buzz Aldrin Uses Virtual Reality To Communicate His Vision For Sending Humans t
  169. Immigrant, flirt, physicist, thinker: Celebrating 138 years of Albert Einstein in quo
  170. Mysterious celestial object could be an elusive brown dwarf or a free-floating planet
  171. Reggie Fils-Aime: Nintendo is focused on the next big idea
  172. If surveillance cameras are to be kept in line, the rules will have to keep pace with
  173. Arctic ice loss driven by natural swings, not just mankind: study
  174. SXSW: Buzz Aldrin Uses Virtual Reality to Communicate His Vision for Sending Humans t
  175. How well can you hear in a noisy background? Try it here
  176. Bumblebees make flowers grow bigger and smell sweeter
  177. Phosphorus is vital for life on Earth – and we're running low
  178. Neanderthals Munched on 'Aspirin' and Woolly Rhinos
  179. Bill Nye has a few tips for President Trump on how to manage NASA
  180. New Policies Would Threaten Autism Research, Experts Say
  181. Decline of bees threatens evolution of plants, study suggests
  182. Wealthy Viking woman buried in Denmark was in fact Norwegian-born
  183. How well can you hear in a noisy background? Try it here
  184. Where did Pi come from? How a Welsh farm boy pi-oneered the most important number in
  185. Scientists race to prevent wipeout of world's coral reefs
  186. Medical Mystery: Why Are Some Obese People 'Metabolically Healthy'?
  187. Czech zoo to saw off rhino horns after French killing
  188. Albert Einstein Quotes To Celebrate His 138th Birthday
  189. Stroke, Heart Failure Linked to Marijuana
  190. Fossils from 1.6 billion years ago may be oldest-known plants
  191. OceanGate reveals plan to send scientific expedition to Titanic shipwreck in 2018
  192. Bill Nye, The Planetary Society Have Five Space Goals for the Trump Administration
  193. European team announces superconductivity breakthrough
  194. Bird-Eating Spiders: 3 Massive, Furry Tarantulas Discovered
  195. Now hear this: Loud sound may pose more harm than we thought
  196. Time Crystals Created, Suspending Laws of Physics
  197. See what a rocket engine’s 512K pounds of thrust looks like up close — and in 360
  198. Five simple science-backed tricks to boost your memory instantly
  199. 5 successful CEOs who majored in math
  200. Little fiddler crabs attract females by waving and drumming at them with their one ma
  201. Alaska residents warned to give grumpy moose their space
  202. 5 successful CEOs who majored in math
  203. World's oldest plant-like fossils push back evolutionary timeline 400 million years
  204. Boaty McBoatface Is Heading to Antarctica on its First Mission
  205. Look Inside the Sleekest Helicopter That Will Never Fly
  206. Sex Essential to Human Colony On Mars
  207. French astronaut enjoys sax in space
  208. Buzz Aldrin explains his new virtual-reality Mars experience
  209. 400,000-Year-Old Skull Fragment Points to Undiscovered Neanderthal Ancestor
  210. Headphone batteries explode on flight to Australia
  211. Antarctic penguin numbers double previous estimates: scientists
  212. Australian Mangrove Trees Decimated By Climate Events
  213. Why it's easier to quit smoking than your smartphone
  214. Imagine a Silicon Valley of the Sea
  215. What Caused The ‘Snowball Earth’?
  216. Ancient Colorado stone circles reveal history of sacrifice and ritual among Pueblo pe
  217. DOJ to make announcement on Yahoo hack attack
  218. At a glance: Insurance coverage for hearing loss is spotty
  219. New 360-degree NASA video shows what it's like to get blasted by a moon rocket engine
  220. What’s creating these mysterious fast radio bursts? Maybe aliens, say Harvard physici
  221. New 3D Display Uses Bubbles to Project Images
  222. Spiders devour up to 800 million tonnes of prey every year
  223. Here's how you can profit from the race to Mars
  224. Elon Musk's SpaceX has landed a $96.5 million contract to launch a military satellite
  225. Apple Rumors: What's So Great About a Curved iPhone Screen?
  226. Trump set to challenge Obama-era fuel standards in Michigan
  227. Russian hackers to be blamed for the Yahoo data breach
  228. Betting on the first disease to be treated by gene editing
  229. Sick of solo selfies? You can hire some friends
  230. Sea lion evades rescue from California farmland canal
  231. DOJ charges 2 Russian intel officers in Yahoo data breach
  232. If you live in Asia, your bedbug traps might be useless
  233. The 5 second rule might not be that gross after all, scientists say
  234. The seal whiskerers: Navy looks to sea life for new ships
  235. Popular weedkiller doesn't cause cancer: EU agency
  236. Smoggy in Beijing? A lack of Arctic sea ice may be to blame
  237. Look Inside the Sleekest Helicopter That Will Never Fly
  238. The seal whiskerers: Navy looks to sea life for new ships
  239. Beacon wants to improve your quality of life by improving your quality of air
  240. Buzz Aldrin says this is the problem with Elon Musk's plans for Mars
  241. Indonesia vows action after UK cruise ship ruins coral reef
  242. Google Maps can now take you deep inside this fiery volcano
  243. Gene variant linked to ageing makes people's brains look 12 years older
  244. Watch out: Mammals shrink when Earth heats up, study says
  245. Great Barrier Reef may never recover from bleaching: study
  246. Boaty McBoatface Heads Off to First Mission in Antarctica
  247. Volcanoes on exoplanets make potential for alien life even higher than we thought
  248. Pentagon chief says climate change threatens security: report
  249. Welp, humanity had a good run: Humpback whales organize into mysterious 'super-groups
  250. Did humans turn the Sahara from a lush, green landscape into a desert?