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  1. Fast swimmers make fast pools, but science lends a hand
  2. Swimming-Fast swimmers make fast pools, but science lends a hand
  3. Fast swimmers make fast pools, but science lends a hand
  4. China completes world's largest amphibious aircraft: Xinhua
  5. Scientists capture rare images of wolverine in Sierra Nevada
  6. Mysterious Green Foam Spews from Drain in Utah
  7. Ultrathin Electric 'Tattoo' Can Monitor Muscles and More
  8. That's Insane! Daring Skydiver 'Surfs' on Storm Clouds
  9. Bloody Leaves from King Albert's Deadly Fall Are Authentic, DNA Shows
  10. Depressed Patients Do Well with Cheaper Treatment
  11. Bartender, Beware: Squeezing Limes Can Cause 'Margarita Burn'
  12. Why Quiet Is Important for Kids' Learning
  13. What If the Moon Disappeared Tomorrow?
  14. Solar-powered plane circles globe, returns to UAE
  15. Great White Shark Dangles Seal Meal from Its Maw
  16. Smelly 'Corpse Flower' About to Bloom in NYC: How to Watch It Live
  17. Vibrantly Colored 'Starburst' Scorpionfish Discovered in the Caribbean
  18. Belgian scientists make novel water-from-urine machine
  19. Belgian scientists make novel water-from-urine machine
  20. Bizarre-Looking 'Graham' More Likely Than You to Survive Car Collision
  21. Scientists caught off-guard by record temperatures linked to climate change
  22. Healthy clones: Dolly the sheep's heirs reach ripe old age
  23. Why 5 or More Hours of TV Daily Is Bad for You
  24. More Kids Consuming Pot by Accident in Colorado
  25. Juicy, Exotic, Decadent: Food Porn Is Actually Centuries Old
  26. Scientists caught off-guard by record temperatures linked to climate change
  27. Meter-wide dinosaur print, one of largest ever, found in Bolivia
  28. New Speckled Venomous Snake Discovered in Cloud Forest
  29. Goodbye, Weasels! New Zealand to Wipe Out Its Invasive Predators
  30. These Honeybees Have Mastered Twerking: How They Do It
  31. Belgian scientists make novel water-from-urine machine
  32. Ancestor of All Life on Earth Had Steamy Beginning
  33. Washington scientist launches effort to digitize all fish
  34. Prehistoric Village Likely Torched by Bronze-Age Warriors
  35. Huge Quake for the Himalayas? Ancient Hindu Temples Hold Clues
  36. 'Grow' Your Own Glowing Flowers: The Science of Fluorescence
  37. Transgender Identity Is Not a Mental Health Disorder, Study Finds
  38. Dolly the Sheep's Clone 'Sisters' Are Healthy in Old Age
  39. Police Killings and Race: Do the Numbers Tell the Whole Story?
  40. Great Red Spot storm heating Jupiter's atmosphere, study shows
  41. Scientist Brian Cox holds summer master class in London for kids
  42. Scientists find potential new antibiotic, right under their noses
  43. Scientists find potential new antibiotic, right under their noses
  44. 'Game of Thrones' Ant Has Dragon-Like Spikes
  45. Ice Bucket Challenge Cash Helped Pay for ALS Gene Discoveries
  46. How to Get People to Step Up Their Exercise
  47. Here's the US City with the Highest Pot Use
  48. World's Deepest Blue Hole Is in South China Sea
  49. Rare Pottery Workshop Discovered in Galilee
  50. Study finds cosmic rays increased heart risks among Apollo astronauts
  51. Facebook's Internet-Delivery Drone Completes First Test Flight
  52. Nestle says to collaborate with Samsung to explore nutrition science
  53. Mysterious Purple Sea Orb Stymies Scientists
  54. Death Spiral: 4th Phase of Life May Signal the End Is Near
  55. Hyena Meets Tasmanian Devil: Ancient 'Hypercarnivore' Unearthed
  56. Putrid-Smelling Corpse Flower Finally Blooms: Watch It Live
  57. North America Has Only 1 True Species of Wolf, DNA Shows
  58. 4 Florida Zika Cases Were Likely Contracted in the US, Officials Say
  59. Fungal Disease 'Valley Fever' Is Often Misdiagnosed
  60. Australia's tectonic speed leaves cartographers behind
  61. Little Hope for Breeding Healthier English Bulldogs, Study Shows
  62. What Really Caused the Voices in Joan of Arc's Head?
  63. Most of World's Biggest Beasts Could Be Extinct by 2100
  64. Unique 3D Views of Alaskan Forest Captured with Laser Scanner
  65. Pharma and tech converge in "fantastic voyage" to fight disease
  66. Some fish tackle ocean global warming by pretending it's night
  67. 'The Hubble Cantata' Weds Live Music with VR Views of the Cosmos
  68. Where Do the World’s Tallest and Shortest People Live?
  69. Theranos CEO tells scientists it is working to address problems
  70. Holy Mola: Scientists Spot World's Largest Bony Fish
  71. Scientists' annual physical of planet: 'Earth's fever rises'
  72. Zika Warning: Pregnant Women Urged to Avoid Section of Miami
  73. What's Worse Than Death? Breathing Machines & Dementia, Patients Say
  74. When NASA Visits Comic-Con, Science Fiction Meets Space Inspirations (Video)
  75. Turkish police raid science council, many detained, in post-coup purge: NTV
  76. Turkish police raid science council, many detained, in post-coup purge - NTV
  77. Hookups Trend Down: Millennial Sex Lives Lag Behind Gen X
  78. Virtual Light Particles May Boost Quantum Computing
  79. 'Zombie' Anthrax Goes on a Killing Spree in Siberia: How?
  80. New Tech Lets You Watch 3D Movies Without the Funky Glasses
  81. How Skydiver Jumped Without a Parachute (and Survived)
  82. Did Rembrandt Use Mirrors and Optical Tricks to Create His Paintings?
  83. A Rosy View: Dinosaurs Likely Saw Shades of Red
  84. Lifestyles of the Rich Attract a Wealth of Insects
  85. Donald Trump's Draft Deferment: What Are Heel Spurs?
  86. New Zika Vaccine: Testing in People Underway in US
  87. Heavier, Not Taller: How American Bodies Have Changed
  88. Australia orders climate change U-turn at peak science body
  89. Alien Life May Be Common in the Far Future
  90. The Science Behind Hawaii's 'Smiley Face' Volcano
  91. Science of Politics: Why Trump and Clinton Should Be Nice to Each Other
  92. Blisters and Burns Prompt Fitness Tracker Recall
  93. Why Amish Kids Get Less Asthma: It's the Cows
  94. Ouch! Duck-Billed Dinosaur Had Arthritis in Its Elbow
  95. Hear! Hear! Exquisite fossils preserve ear of prehistoric whale
  96. Da-Na, Da-Na ... Spooky Music Makes People More Afraid of Sharks
  97. Knot Possible! 3,000-Year-Old Thread Found in UK
  98. Why Scientists Are Rearing Bird-Killing Parasites on Chicken Blood
  99. US Military's Robotic Submarine Hunter Completes First Tests at Sea
  100. For Otter Moms, Nursing Burnout Is Sometimes Deadly
  101. Divers Recover Hong Kong’s Oldest Maritime Artifact
  102. Thaw could release Cold War-era U.S. toxic waste buried under Greenland's ice
  103. 'Expanding Bead' Toys May Cause Serious Ear Injuries, Docs Warn
  104. Swipe Right for Self-Esteem? Why Tinder Users May Need It
  105. Eye Injuries from Chemicals: Who's Getting Them, and Why
  106. Just a burp: Intriguing hints of physics particle evaporate
  107. Woman's Deadly Infection Linked to Horse Riding
  108. Women Held Important Role in 'America's 1st City,' Burial Mound Reveals
  109. Unseen Singles: How Science Misrepresents the Unmarried
  110. Rare 'Whale Fall' Spotted by Deep-Sea Scientists
  111. Nature Documentaries May Help Ease Aggression in Prisons
  112. Strange Beasts: Why Human-Animal Chimeras Might Be Coming
  113. Are People More Likely to Cheat at the 'Danger Age' ?
  114. Study links global warming to rise in waterborne illnesses
  115. Michael Phelps' Weird Bruises: Does Cupping Therapy Really Work?
  116. Beyond 'Pokémon Go': Future Games Could Interact with Real Objects
  117. Do the Robot: 1,000-Plus Dancing Droids Break Record
  118. Almost All Lice Are Now Resistant to Over-the-Counter Treatment
  119. 3 Human Chimeras That Already Exist
  120. High Numbers? 1 in 8 US Adults Smokes Pot
  121. Spiders and scorpions join fight against superbugs
  122. ‘Flying Bum’ edges out of hangar before debut flight
  123. Is Vulcan Real? Its Star Is, But Scientists Can't See Habitable Planets
  124. Piltdown breakdown: new details about a famed scientific hoax
  125. Cooked Medium Rare? This 'Bloody' Burger Is Actually Vegan
  126. Wow! Northern Lights Glow in Breathtaking Image from Space Station
  127. 'I Contain Multitudes' Is the Story of Microbes: Q&A with Ed Yong
  128. The Science of Olympic Rivalries: Do Adversaries Help or Hurt?
  129. Scientists Dive to WWII-Era Japanese Warship: How to Watch Live
  130. Paralysis partly reversed using brain-machine interface training
  131. Tethered drone could fly 'forever’
  132. This Mysterious Gliding Mammal Is a 'Sister' to Primates
  133. Shark-Toothed Power Saw Reveals Most Durable Chompers
  134. First Americans Took Coastal Route to Get to North America
  135. Perseid Lore: The Legend and Science Behind the Epic Meteor Shower
  136. In Surprise Recovery, Paralyzed Patients Move After Using Brain Devices
  137. Scientists Home in on the Human 'Sociability' Gene
  138. Suicide Risk May Rise in People Hospitalized with Infections
  139. What3words keeps Olympics visitors on track in Rio
  140. Long in the tooth: the Greenland shark may live four centuries
  141. Scientists Identify 20 Alien Worlds Most Likely to Be Like Earth
  142. Scientists estimate a Greenland shark lived about 400 years
  143. As Earth swelters, global warming target in danger of being missed
  144. Newfound Glow-in-the-Dark Fish Identified
  145. Ancient Greek Skeleton May Be Remains of Human Sacrifice to Zeus
  146. Ghost in the Machine: Atom Smasher's 'New Particle' Was Illusion
  147. Greenland Sharks May Live 400 Years
  148. These Jobs Are Linked to the Worst Heart Health
  149. The 'Doping Arms Race': How Athletes Evade Testing
  150. Woman's 'Double Uterus' Case Highlights the Mysteries of HPV
  151. Why Guys Should Not Drink After Exercising
  152. Rare tarantulas hatch at British zoo
  153. Junk food fight: Science tests how birds compete for Cheetos
  154. UK promises to maintain EU funding for farming, science
  155. NASA Is Painting Rocket and Plane Models Hot Pink … for Science
  156. Can You Trick Your Body into Burning More Fat?
  157. Skydivers Transform Into 'Shooting Stars' During Perseid Meteor Shower
  158. 'Vegetarian Piranhas' With Human-Like Teeth Found in Michigan Lakes
  159. Self-Destructing Battery Can Dissolve Itself in 30 Minutes
  160. 'Superlens' Sets New Limits on What You Can See Under a Microscope
  161. Giant Heart: Unusual Condition Means Heart is 80% of Man's Chest
  162. China launches 'hack-proof' communications satellite
  163. Bad Timing: Biological Clock Linked to Infections
  164. Kids' Behavior Linked to Moms' Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy
  165. Brain Region Associated with Generosity Uncovered
  166. What's the Most Challenging Gymnastics Event, According to Physics?
  167. Long-term study links neonicotinoids to wild bee declines
  168. Did Hydrogen Peroxide Really Turn Olympic Pools Green? Not So Fast
  169. 200 Rare Tarantulas Hatched in Captivity for First Time
  170. China Launches Pioneering 'Hack-Proof' Quantum-Communications Satellite
  171. Googly-Eyed Purple Squid Sighting Delights Scientists
  172. Ford Aims to Have Self-Driving Cars Take to Roads by 2021
  173. Serious Head Injuries from Baby Strollers on the Rise
  174. New Medical Marijuana Policy Is a Catch-22, Researchers Say
  175. Political Psychology: The Presidents' Mental Health
  176. Newfound Galapagos Bird Species Already Went Extinct
  177. What If We're Wrong? History Suggests Everything Will Be Disproved
  178. Search for Mythical Nazi Gold Train Resumes
  179. Ancient Bling: Exquisite Jewelry Found in Tomb of Chinese Woman
  180. No, That Ancient Mausoleum Is Not the 'World's 1st Pyramid'
  181. Coral Reefs Flourish Thanks to … Fish Pee?
  182. 16th-Century Shipwrecks Found Amid Rocket Debris Off Florida Coast
  183. What's Causing Louisiana's Historic Flooding?
  184. Scientists to probe ways of meeting tough global warming goal
  185. Exxon, GT find way to cut carbon emissions for chemicals: Science
  186. Flying Cockroaches! Heat Sends Your Favorite Pests Soaring
  187. NASA Opens Research Portal for Scientists
  188. U.S. astronauts prepare station for commercial space taxis
  189. Differences in Brain Activity May Determine How Smart You Are
  190. Catastrophic Louisiana Flooding Measured from Space
  191. Calcium Supplements Linked to Higher Risk of Dementia in Some Women
  192. Are Black Holes Truly Black? Lab Test Supports Stephen Hawking's Theory
  193. Lochte's Lies: How Science Explains Fibbers
  194. Scotland's Ancient Stone Circles Built to Align with Solstice Sun
  195. Earth's Oldest Oceanic Crust Uncovered in Mediterranean Sea
  196. 500-Year-Old Hidden Images Revealed in Mexican 'Manuscript'
  197. Eat your food packaging, don't bin it - scientists
  198. 'RNA World': Scientists Inch Closer to Recreating Primordial Life
  199. Smartphone-Connected Contact Lenses Give New Meaning to 'Eye Phone'
  200. Glass Half Empty? Why You May Be Less Optimistic Than You Think
  201. Eat your food packaging, don't bin it - scientists
  202. What are the origins of life? There's a rocket for that
  203. Alien Megastructure? 'Tabby's Star' Continues to Baffle Scientists
  204. Breadwinner Men May Have More Money, But Poorer Health
  205. This Tree Started Growing During the Viking Age
  206. The Maya Were Tracking the Planets Long Before Copernicus
  207. Deadly Case of 'Bagpipe Lung' Highlights Danger of Fungal Infections
  208. Sea Anemone Proteins Could Help Fix Damaged Hearing
  209. Here's How Many US Mothers Breastfeed
  210. Scientists: Puffin chicks starving with less food available
  211. China shows first images of Mars rover, aims for 2020 mission
  212. Male Termites Pair Up When Females Are Scarce
  213. Hate Parallel Parking? New 'RearVision' Camera and App Can Help
  214. Condoms Filled with Chili Powder and Firecrackers Teach Elephants to Stay Away
  215. It's Splitsville: Divorce May Be Seasonal, Study Finds
  216. Mental Toll of Bad Jobs Lasts Decades
  217. Man Swallows 40 Knives: What's Behind His Weird Craving
  218. Scientists find Earth-like planet circling sun's nearest neighbor
  219. Italy Earthquake: Complex Geology Drives Frequent Shaking
  220. Jackpot: Scientists find Earth-like planet at star next door
  221. Scientists find Earth-like planet circling sun's nearest neighbour
  222. Scientists find Earth-like planet circling sun's nearest neighbor
  223. Scientists hope new test could help contain meningitis outbreaks
  224. India government panel clears GM mustard but hurdles remain: sources
  225. Soft, Rubbery 'Octobot' Can Move Without Batteries
  226. In Babies, Zika Can Linger for Months, Brazilian Case Suggests
  227. How Do EpiPens Work?
  228. America's No. 1 Killer Is Changing
  229. SpaceX Dragon heads back to Earth with station science, gear
  230. Riskiest Hurricane Day Approaches
  231. Trousers, Heal Thyself: Squids Make Self-Fixing Clothes Possible
  232. Lost WWII Ships Explored in Underwater Expedition
  233. Who's Really Happier: Young People or Older People?
  234. Science-Proven Way to Reduce Teen Drinking
  235. Buried Tectonic Plate Reveals Hidden Dinosaur-Era Sea
  236. Deaths from Fentanyl, Drug That Killed Prince, Rise Sharply
  237. Why Areas with More Men Have Higher Marriage Rates
  238. Venus and Jupiter Imagined: From Galileo to Science Fiction
  239. How Long Will Your Caffeine Buzz Last? Genes May Tell
  240. Dead Sea Transforms Deathly Dress Into Gorgeous Salt-Encrusted Jewel
  241. Scientists hope new varieties can start Africa rice revolution
  242. Scientists exit Hawaii dome after yearlong Mars simulation
  243. More Parents Are Refusing Vaccinations, But Their Reasons Are Changing
  244. EpiPen Alternatives Exist, and They May be Cheaper
  245. Facial Features and Genes: Study Taps New Connections
  246. Will You Make More Money If You Attend a Top-Tier School?
  247. Video: Adorable Baby Panda Loves Rolling Around
  248. More Than 300 Reindeer Killed By Lightning: Here's Why
  249. Anthony Weiner: Do Cheaters Always Do It Again?
  250. Kenya close to ending drought crises, says local scientist award winner