View Full Version : Vintage Carvin PA speakers 400.00 obo

08-28-2014, 09:04 AM
For sale is a pair of Vintage Carvin 15 inch PA speakers dating back to around 1975-77. I have never seen a vintage pair this clean and hate to part with them but I have too much stuff to move as it is. These are 100W 8 ohm cabs with 2 horns and a baffle port. They are solid birch ply cabs, made like they still should be today in all cabs. The cabinets measure 11 1/2 deep x 20 wide x 25 inches High. The speakers sound great and have no voice coil rubs. The cabinet hardware, tolex, handles, are in excellent shape. The 15 in speakers are USA made Professional Series MagnaLab 15 inch 8 ohm. The cabs have insulation on the inside back panel and a port on the front baffle board... These cabs work great for small venues and would find their selves at home with a vintage Carvin mixer board, but not restricted to being used with just about anything. I pushed them with a DC300A back when I was playing Van Morrison for the town. They would also make nice stereo speakers as well. These speakers are from back in the day when Carvin built their name for having quality music gear. You won't find a cleaner vintage pair of Carvin speakers.

I also have the crown amp in it's original walmut case and the sc300b preamp for sale. Also a vintage SAE amp and pre-amp also in walnut cases. I'm still thinking on all My Mac gear. It might be for sale, it's just so hard to move, but it would be pricey.

http://i57.tinypic.com/34glzkp.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/1195jrk.jpg