View Full Version : Stack-On 14 Gun Fire Resistant Heavy Duty Safe--$450

Kendra Hughes
01-12-2015, 01:19 PM
This safe was a retail display and the combination was lost in the shuffle at some point. I have the paperwork for a new combination which requires the buyer to fill out a form, have it notarized, and pay $10 for Stack-On to send the combination. We have had several safes arrive like this; getting a replacement combination is not a problem.

It came in the box, and the shelves have never been set up. It does have a couple of scratches on the right-hand side (if facing) which I have photographed. Overall, however, this is a great opportunity to get a fantastic safe at a tremendous discount. This safe retails for $588 at Walmart, plus tax, and it is higher at other retail outlets.

Model #: FS-14-MG-C

Fire rated to withstand temps up to 1400 degrees; this safe weighs over $200 lbs. Bring help.

Call or text 479.244.5649.