View Full Version : Free Llama/Alpaca Poop

01-17-2015, 03:00 PM
For all the gardeners out there, this is fantastic manure. My container tomatoes looked amazing this year, and the only difference from years past was alpaca poop!

I've raked it into piles for easy shoveling, but I will only wait until Monday before I move this round to the large compost pile at the back of the property. It's accessible now and free, so call and bring a couple buckets. 479-981-1955. I don't see my PM's regularly, so call or use this email innkeeper at eurekaspringspeabody dot com

The manure will be available all year, but do call ahead of time as a few gardener friends who are already on the list. I also have donkey manure, but it needs composting before being added to the garden.

From GardeningKnowHow.com:

"Using alpaca manure as fertilizer is beneficial. Even with its lower organic content, alpaca manure is considered a rich soil conditioner. Alpaca fertilizer improves the soil quality and its ability to retain water. It is also good for plants with a fair amount of nitrogen and potassium and about average levels of phosphorus.

Since alpaca manure is mostly found in pellet form and doesn’t have the same components as other livestock feeders, like cows and horses, it does not need to be aged or composted before use. You can spread it directly onto garden plants without burning them. Best of all, it does not contain any weed seeds so there’s no worry about plucking sprouts from the garden following application, as with some types of manure."