View Full Version : Two new pick ups

05-14-2008, 01:42 PM
Two new pick ups
Both came from 23 south, one is a rat terrier tri colored neutered male that appears to be about a year in age with an American Flag collar, no tags, no microchip. The other is a middle age female yellow lab no collar, no microchip. In five days they will be up for adoption. Currently at the Police station if either of these are you animals or you are interested in adoption you can contact the police station at 253-8666 or Lauren at 981-0765.

05-15-2008, 11:57 PM
Tri colored rat terrior went home but lab is still here, at foster home for weekend, but owners can call Lauren, or Police station, Hope owners miss her and come for her, she is sweet.

05-17-2008, 10:13 PM
Still no owner for this blond female lab. Remember she was found out on 23 by Accords on hiway. She has not been running long, she is heavy, not starved and had ticks, but took care of those, and she is very sweet. She was a yard dog and house dog, no accidents in house, but needs leash work.
She is all over and all around me on the leash and gets in front of me and jumps up on me, only on the leash. Not when I come in and only wants to ride in the froor board of the car. She does not get on furniture even when I tried to get her to, just to check.
If any one knows of anyone who likes labs, might let them know, her 5th day is soon, and she will be up for adoption, and will need good loving patient home. She is middle age, not a puppy and not old, just heavy with unigue yellow eyes and very blond. I suspect spayed but not 100%. Very sweet needy girl right now, talks to you when she wants something, out or food or attention.

Or anyone know if anyone is missing their blond lab.? This might be her. Tell em to call police station or GSHS or Lauren. I am fostering her, just because I thought Jasper might like a companion, but he thinks not her, so she will need a home in a day or two.