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06-12-2008, 02:18 PM
a part Pit momma and 1 spotted male puppy were brought to the Pd yesterday, found wandering on Magnectic Springs Road, with pup in tow.
Fairly good condition, and pup is rolly polly fat and old enough to e wean and go have his own home. Pit is mostly white with spots underneath and pup is white with dots of black spots on skin and cute as a bug.
Please call me, jan at 417-310-2555 or the Eureka Pd at 253-8666 to see or claim if it is yours. In 4 days both will be available for adoption, get your name on out waiting list, or call if you can help me foster these pets that are lost and unclaimed, as the Kennels are overflowing and so is GSHS.

I need help Please, with come fosters for the many dogs that are coming in uncollered, unchiped and unclaimed. If you have room in your home and heart to help us out for a short time, please let us know, Thanks Jan ACO of Eureka

06-17-2008, 09:29 PM
This pit mom is all alone as puppy is fostered out and finding a home be her forter Mom. Mom is very sweet and a lover as one person called her, who meat her. She also hates the Kennel and loves to run and play. If one gets one the ground, she will crawl in your lap and is not one bit aggressive, not even with the pup. Not toward other dogs, or people or the kids that were around her today. She likes to jump and play and loves to run, she walks on a leash and sits and does down. Don't be concerned about the Pitt, she is a good family dog. She is White wth patches of brindle over one eye and a patch on her back and tail. She needs spayed now and the GSHS has a nice program to help Carroll County residents with 1/2 price spaying.
Please Think about her and talk to folks you know, and see if someone can come visit her at the PD Kennels, or call me and I will meeat you there to meet her. Jan at 417-310-3032, or 2555, or call the Eureka Pd non emergency number and they will call me. Help, Please, she is worth a loving home, raised pups maybe alone and desrves some down time with a companion.

07-02-2008, 11:53 AM
Pitt Mom and puppy have Forever Homes now