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07-16-2008, 11:56 AM
from city kennels at Eureka PD, on Passion Play Road

1.To Good Shepard Humane Society for more exposure, still available 08-17-08

Bassett, beagle mix sorta, young, full male, healthy, playful and very cute.
Loves to play, leash trained, needs a forever, Loving, kind home, with a yard and or someone to give him exercise, med size, taller than a Bassett, or Beagle, See at PD>

2.still available 08-17-08

Black Lab, female, 9-10 months old, has very long legs and loves to run and jump and play, will for sure need an energetic owner, very friendly and loving.

3. deceased, heat stroke, 08-08

Border Collie, 2 to three years, maybe, very loving and sharp, smart focused and ver quick to learn. He is blace and white and heavier bodied than most Border Collie's, need a job and loving special needs home without small dogs or kittens to roam out with him, great farm dog, as we know for this type dog. Full Male. Hates the Kennel, depresses him.

These guys and gals are free to someone who will spay, neuter and id chip and register the chip to owner.
I got a dog in, with a chip and no owner registered it in the 5 years it has been in the dog since the breeder put it in, so is no good to find owner.

I also had to put down 2 shepard/chow mix puppies that someone dumped because they had mange, parvo, worms, eye and nasal discharge, yet, as 10-12 week old puppies they tried to play and romp around. Upwards of $1500.00
apiece to treat them and no guarantee they would live through treatment.

How grossly sad is this? They were products of un-neutered male and un-spayed female, to people who would not take responsibility for their decions or the lives they created, and the more people do not get it, the more this will have to be done.
Please, let's stop this massive population of unwanted dogs and cats that someone dumps out for others to take care of, I do not want to do this again, it was really sad and makes me so angry too. Stupid People!

Sorry! Call me, Jan at 417-310-3032 to see or go to the Eureka Pd and look at them in the Kennels, all three are nice dogs that need someone, fast, They are ready to go.
Thank you!

07-16-2008, 03:23 PM
I so wish those who dump or otherwise abuse animal to the point they have to be euthanized had to help the vet perform that task. While is would not affect some, maybe others would get the message. Thanks jdelo for all your caring and giving.

07-22-2008, 12:02 PM
me too.

07-22-2008, 12:11 PM
I still have these dogs and all need love and homes, and it is real hot out there in those Kennels, and boring too.
Can you help them, one at a time, please?