View Full Version : kitten help!!!????!!!!

07-16-2008, 04:48 PM
Someone just brought in a black and white, lovey dovey kitten from the Hiway in front of the Catfish house. She is small, but wheened and very cute and loving, and need a home, for foster or forever, as I am not well equipped to take care of cats, plus allergic.

If anyone can take this sweet thing, covered in fleas but looks very healthy and is playing and snuggeling, Please call me, 417-310-2555 or 3032.
Do not post here as i am going out to eat and will not be back on line, and out of town tomorrow. She needs help tonight, if anyone can, please????

Or call the Eureka pd and they will forward a number to me, and i will call back if my out of town number is a problem.

Linda, i left you a message on the phone, help or ideas please.