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08-01-2008, 10:09 PM
Tonight Wolfie, as he was named by someone who adopted him and brought him back, passed away today from heat stroke, something that could have and should have been prevented.

But, i want to say in the two months i had him, he was a joy, a pain in the butt sometimes, very smart and needy for attention all the time. Sometimes he would slowly crawl up into my lap and bury his head in my shoulder, just needing a hug, and i was grateful to be able to give it to him. We had decided to just keep him and keep him as busy as we could, and just recently he became a playmate to the the most recent pup we got in. I had made an appointment to have him neutered and shaved just next week, because his thick black hair was just so hot for him.
He was a blessing to Know, and nurse back to health when he came baack from his adopters. I was also talking to a Border Collie rescue hoping to get him a home where he could be a real Border Collie and do herding, as is their nature and breeding.

Wolf, Thank you for gracing our lives with yours for just a short time and I am sorry i left you outside this morning, while I went to chase down 3 other dogs running on the hiway this morning. We loved you and still do and will miss you greatly, driving us all a little crazy.
May you be cool and herding lots of sheep around green meadows and say a doggie Hi to Buddy and Autumn for me. Rest in peace and play big beautiful boy. Forever in our hearts and heads, please accecpt the tears for you today.

08-02-2008, 07:32 PM

I am always touched by your love and care for all dogs, every post I read.

I am lifting you up in prayer, that you might remember the joys of Wolfie.

You had no way to predict the weather when you left your house, please guilt yourself no more.....remember the fun and even the aggravations that were part of your life with Wolfie.

All dogs go to Heaven, Wolfie's is a great, green sheep meadow.

Peace to You.

08-04-2008, 10:52 PM
Thank you for the kind thoughts, and words. Thank Goodness I know where they go, to romp and play, chase balls(Autumn) and bark to their hearts content (Buddy) and herd sheep in lush green meadows(Wolfie) and swim to their hearts content, they all love the lake, and with 3 dog losses this year, I am blessed that I had the benefit of them for a short time, as with Wolfie, 2 months, and Buddy, 3 months, and my beloved Autumn for 13 years, and as I type this, I am surrounded by Munchkin, Jasper, and a new one, Chance all sleeping around me, full and content after dinner and their walk and in the air conditioning.
I am blessed, and it's all about the dogs for me right now, and with each one that comes and goes I will learn something to pass on to the next one that comes into my life. One big happy family, we have been with each of them and will be with all the new ones that come.
Doesn't mean it does not hurt sometimes to lose them or find them in awful conditions, as with the 3 puppies dropped off at the Pd at midnight a couple of nights ago. Vet trip tomorrow with the little guys and I will be lucky if a come home with any of them. They are so sickly and skinny and eaten alive with ticks and fleas and internal worms. The dogs Ican handle, it is people and and their cruelty to their animals I have nightmares about.
So every kind word or thought that comes my way, gives me energy to keep trying, so
sincerely, I Thank You, and bless you and yours, Jhawkr.
My son graduated from K.U., is there a connection to K.U. for you?