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08-02-2008, 02:59 PM
3 dogs here were put down, to do massive problems with their health, no funds to treat serious problems, sad but true. 08-05-08

At midnight last night, someone brought 3 small dogs to Eureka pd, so now, there are 3 more dogs at the PD kennels.
1.beagle mix, small
2.wire hair terriors, of some sort, brown, 2 of them

Unknown sex at this time, but terriors are scared and unsocialized it seems, or someone has been mean to them.

The beagle mix is a little more active,

That makes 5 dogs at the PD doggie jail, and 5 here at my house.

Anyone want to adopt a dog for a lifetime? I have a coulpe of real cuties, healthy, happy young dogs who want a home real bad.

08-04-2008, 05:34 PM
Jan...I really don't know how you manage all of this.
God Bless You..Jan the Patron Saint of Animals!

08-05-2008, 12:30 AM
Yeah, 2 dogs were retrieved be their owners, there is hope after all!

Thank you for the compliment, but i am not a saint yet, not until i find homes for these homeless, lost doggies. Good, loving forever homes, because any one who takes a chance on these will be paid back with endless love and gratiude from them and me.

Upon a closer look and time spent with the three drop offs, I am appauled at their condition, covered in ticks and fleas and all have worms and the little brown wire haired ones, are scared to death, to be out of the kennel, so very sad, and beagle has recently had pups or is going to have pups, but beside her milk being down and a full tummy, she is skin and bones, and has all the problems as the other 2 except she is a little older and walks on a leash and will come out of the kennel to walk.
If and this is the really hard part of this job, with no $ for vet care, when i take them to the vet tomorrow, it is a very hard call, but i probably will not come back with them, because treatment is not in the budget yet, and when they come in threes, who can afford that,
So, if some foster with heart and money to spare do not come forward quiclky, they will most likely be put down out of their misery. A sad, sad fate for them, and no one to hold responsible for this abuse of their little lives.

The pups are brother and sister, the boy being a tad bigger than his sister, and the Beagle, is small and young but obviosly a girl that has had to grow up real fast. I doubt she is a year old yet. The pups are very shy, scared and unsocialized. They eat well but but are so scared to get out of the kennel that they run back to it when i get them out, and if a have a leash of them, they will not move at all. Poor babies, what did they do to deserve this kind of neglect and fear at this young age?
I simply do not get people sometimes...

Can anyone help with these babies, they need vet care and food and lots of loving attention to get them out of their fear of the world, that has not been good to them so far in their young, little lives. I and they need help fast or they will be lost to us, i fear.