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08-05-2008, 12:51 AM
deceased, 08-08

with the puppies dropped at the pd the other night. Please see my last post on "and more dogs". The puppies are needing vet care and foster care fast, anyone out there have a heart and time and some money to spend on one of them or both.As you know, i have no budget for vet care and their little lives will be lost to us, if some kind hearted fosters do not step in Now and help them get well from worms and lots and lots of fleas and ticks and help to trust someone as they are scared out of their wits and do not feel good. One little girl and one litle , bigger boy, both brown and alittle black and wire hair around their faces.* 2 months maybe, they can eat dry food, and they need food, as they are skinny little things,Please, can someone step up and help these little pups get a new start on life?Jan, aco at 417-310-2555 or 3032 or call the Eureka pd and they will give me a message and they can be seen at the Eureka pd kennels for a day or so more, i will not let them suffer and be sick for long, it is not fair for them to have been so mistreated in their young little lives. What to do......

08-05-2008, 11:41 AM
Sure enough, just as i suspected, the puppies will be put to sleep today and H.E.A.R.T. from Berryville will step in and get vet help for the Beagle, as she is older and is more socialized. A sad, sad day for this ACO, and those who help me make decisions.
The GSHS is full past capisity, and i have 11 dogs, my limit and all the fosters are full or dogs and cats left homeless and put out on the street. How to have a no-kill shelter or pound, can someone tell me how to do it, or what to do with all these homeless souls
when no one else can will or can adopt them? This is a very frustraing job sometimes...

Oh and by the way, an officer brought in a dalmation dog this morning, have not s, een it yet, more later i am sorry to say, hope someone has just lost it for a minute, i love a good ending!

08-05-2008, 02:41 PM
Jan, I wish we could have taken them all, but just like you, no room. It took so much time and effort to get the Hillspeak group socialized and ready for the shelter, and of course took room up, and without more volunteers to help foster and socialize, this is what happens. It is sickening for those of us that love the animals.

Can you possibly meet me at the shelter tomorrow during lunch time (whatever works for you)to sign one of the kittens I am fostering for you into the shelter? Please call me at home tonight (still no cell phone) & if I happen to be outside or not home, leave a message along with your number. I could take the kitten anywhere between 11:30 and 2:00 tomorrow, don't what to lose a turn.


08-06-2008, 07:25 AM
These are the very reasons we need to get as many animals spayed as possible. We also need to "out" those people who let their pets reproduce and give away or dump the offspring. Until we can stop producing surplus animals there can be no real "No Kill Shelter", especially where there is only one shelter for a given area.

08-06-2008, 02:11 PM
There is one shelter per say, but there are two places that care for unwanted animals and me as Eureka Aco is the second. No competion with the shelter, I am a GSHS member, but fact. They do not take the city animals i pick up off the street, I am City, they are private, in Eureka. They are full and too full, and i have 8 different dogs in my custody, at the Eureka Pd on Passion Play Road, or at my personal residence, as there is not enough room at the pd to hold them.
There will be an article in The Lovely Citzen this week explaning this and why I am asking for donations seperate from the shelter, we are like 2 seperate and owned grocery stores, They do their thing and i do the citities work, but the city does not have a budget for the dogs i pick up and i am trying to raise funds to get them vet care, and spay and neuter, and everything else a dog needs, food, flea and tick control, toys, leashes, collars, metal bowls and buckets for water and food, On and on it goes and that is what the "BUDDY HELPING BUDDIES" memorial fund will do for the city animals, what the shelter does for their animals, but can't for the cities because there are way too many of them, but this is not the dogs fault it got sick and put out by it's owner, so they need care so we can adopt health dogs out to people, and adopting my dogs does not cost like it does at the shelter, but a donation is accecpted for the Buddy fund to help with vet. Please consider the ACO dogs when you are feeling generous, we take individual items like collars, toys or any of the other things we need or cash donations and they can be mailed to the Eureka pd or brought here, in care of Animal Control Dogs
Whew, i am of to take care of my dogs, Thanks for listening or reading all this again and again and again it will come up until folks understand i am not connected with the shelter and they do not help the dogs i pick up with anything they physically need. We do communicate to get homes for the dogs, and they always know descriptions of the dogs i pick up, We are just seperate financially and care wise.

08-09-2008, 02:46 PM
A sad note, The beagle mis mom had mange and the decision was made to have to put her down, because the cost and committment to heal a dog with sertain kinds of mange, if costly and long. How even sadder is the people who dump these animals out in the world to suffer.
And until, like Kf5wd said, until these dogs and cats, esp mixed breeds that are spontanios purchase or pickups are not spayed and neutered and kept in a fence or leash or home, there will be no such thing as no Kill shelters, and how sad is that???????

08-11-2008, 08:13 AM
To second Jan's observation of mixed, home bred dogs, My girlfriend wanted her Chinese crested to have a litter. She intentionally bred it to the neighbor's min-pin. The momma pregnant with a litter of four, experienced problems in labor; a vet intervened to save her life. After $1500 in vet bills, three pups survived birthing.

My friend is now trying to find a home for the last pup, the pick of the litter from her selfish act to breed a dog as an experiment and get a designer pup of choice. Good grief, the momma almost died, one baby did and this friend could barely afford to charge the vet bills, for which she is still in debt today. Momma has gotten edgy, sometimes vicious toward her kin because the pup, now a year old, is having her first heat. What a sad, losing battle this is trying to convince people not to breed dogs, rather then being responsible for spaying or neutering one's pets. I beg y'all to microchip the pets you love for a mere $20 and fix them for about $50 more. The grand total of $6 a month is surely worth for continued devotion of a loving pet.

08-14-2008, 02:34 PM
Thanks, Celeste, it is a very sad job indeed, some days and not the dogs or cats fault they were brought on this earth to suffer until some steps in.