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08-15-2008, 12:43 PM
ADOPTED< 08-17-08

Munchkin, as we call him, is a fawn or golden neutered male, older guy. A chihuahua breeder says he is a mix and part "apple head" chihuahua. He is leash trained all though one needs to go where he wants to go, or he balks. I have had him for quite a while now and know him quite well, considered keeping him as he as bonded with me and sits with me, sleeps with me and has a big problem with men and a small problem with strangers. He is a one woman guy for sure.
Gets along with other dogs and cats by just snapping at them and giving them his little growl and they all scoot away from him. His bark, which is not often, only when he wants in or can hear my voice outside, sounds like a bicycle horn or a seal. It is quite cute I must say.
He is recently neutered and has had his shots and is id chipped, which will cost someone $18.50 to change. He has an adoption fee on him which is a $50.00 donation back to the "Buddy Helping Buddies" vet fund that paid for all his treament. He was treated for a chemical burn to one eye but all is fine with that eye now, He has one wrinkled ear from a problem before i had him.
He has had about $150.00 spent on him since i picked him up and is negative for heart worms. He was swollen on one side and cried when he was picked up when he first came to me. We suspect he was kicked and probably by a man, as it takes him quite awhile to warm up to a guy, and did bite the officer that picked him up off the street. Nothing serious as he has old teeth.
He would be very good for a nice lady that just wants some companionship. He is about 7 yrs we guess and know for sure, more than 5, so he is not hyper and yappy and quite content to sleep next to you on a couch or in the bed, and eat and go for walks and he loves to be outside in the yard to wonder around without a leash. He can get out the door quite fast, so that needs to be watched closely because he is too little and old to be out on the steet.
Call me, Jan to meet him, 417-310-2555 and i will be picky, so really want him, please, he needs someone just for him, and he will be there just for you too.
Could be with another dog or cat, he will ignore them. Weighs about 10 lbs so he is not too fragile and has no fear and has short legs and jumps up and down, out the car window one day. He is not a light weight, thinks he is a big, big dog. No clue about children, but i suspect no to young ones. He needs to be handled with kindness and surity as to what is good for him. It is all about him, of course.

08-17-2008, 01:05 PM
It is just amazing how things work in this world of dogs and angels

Munchkin, as we call him, is on his way to his new home and will have the BEST mom in this town. She will let you know who she is. And the understanding she had of his fear, shy based snapping is a God's send and does not worry her in the least, Her heart is way bigger than her logic of having a house full of babies o love and care for, despite the work or expense.
She is one of those who knows she gets much more than the gives to them, from them.
Thank You Girl, for having room in your heart and home for one more lost soul with 4 legs.

08-17-2008, 02:24 PM
oh my goodness...he is fast asleep on the sofa, with Sprout wrapped around him~! KeeKee the kitten is watching over..the others don't know~!

What a sweet love, leetle ears all crooked...leetle face so loving...AWWWW....

new baby, to the house...one more and I am at max~!

08-17-2008, 05:21 PM
I am still in confusion as to how this all came about, like it is a dream or something. And i still keep looking for him and think i hear his funny bicycle horn bark every now and then. He could push open the storm doors, back and front and often went out back on his own, and i wouldn't know it until i would hear his funny little bark. Twice i have gone to the door to let him in.
A little freaky, but i am so glad he is with you. He is the 5th of 5 chihuahuas that i got in custody in about a two wek period last month. It was weird, and i hope has stopped. They just seem way to little for people to turn out on their own, scary. Stupid, mean people out there. not tha any dog should be dumped, but little bitties, wha chance so they have in a big ole busy world alone?

He is a lucky baby, and he will know it before you know it, Thanks forever for giving him a home and love and buddies to play with, hope he learns to play.

Blessings all around