View Full Version : picures by Juniper!

08-18-2008, 11:04 AM
There are new dog pictures on here of some of the new dogs i have. Some real cuties with great personalities and love people and other animals. They are with the descriptions of the individual dogs.

payrenees mix dogs, one large, one medium, and a Black Lab, an old girl 12, bu looks and acts much younger, very well behaved and house broke and spayed and raised with children and used to being the only dog, will tolerate others but will not share foor with other dogs, people yes, dogs no. i have
2 black labs, both females, 1 young, 1 old
2 payrenees mix, gentle dogs, 1 large male neutered, 2 yrs and 1 med size female, also young and very pretty
1 Pit, bulldog mix, as i am told, female spayed, and gentle, 2 yrs house broke
1 black and tan shepherd mix puppy, 3or 4 months and very sweet and calm for a puppy, female. very uniquly marked, to see is to appreciate.

Call me to meet and greet any of them, 417-310-2555 for Jan