View Full Version : Dog food fairy

08-18-2008, 10:52 PM
A great BIG THANK YOU to the doggie food Fairy that dropped 4 BIG BAGS of Doggie Food at my front door for the Doggies, WE appreciate it oh so much!

They really like to eat, esp. the ones that were out on their own a while. It is nice when it comes in a nice clean bowl just for them and they do not have to fight for it. It is so really nice when they stop gobbeling it in one quick bite, then chokeing and spurting because they were afraid it was going to go somewhere or someone bigger was going to do it. When they stop jumping up on me, trying to get it before i have a chance to put it down, spilling it all over the place. I have one that dumps his bowl over so he can eat it off the ground, guess he is used to a little dirt in all of it.

No matter how they get it, they are grateful everyday that they get fed, and have fresh water all the time. They and I Thank You very much for your generous gift.