View Full Version : Kennels,Collars,Leashes,Treats,Doghouse and Money Fairy

08-20-2008, 08:14 PM
visited me and the doggies today, all in one day! Wow, are we blessed and grateful for these good hearted folks believing in us and helping us out.

Thank You, Andrew, Celeste, Rags, Larry, Jet and Carlton(?), Redhead, and Happy's foster Mom, Droxie for kennels(2), doghouse (1) money (?) and lots of kindness and support. I truly fo appreciate it and oh for Paul, who tood the stitch out of Happy's tummy for her.

Happy is a new dog. She showed up at a ladies house on Ridgeway, a couple of weeks ago, in heat and she took her in. She had a stitch in her tummy, from a spay or something. It was a tad old we think? She is very cute, black and white, spots and large unique areas of black, on her rump above he tail, and around her llike a saddle and her ears are black and there is spot of black right in the middle of the top of her head, very heavy, too heavy, with short little legs, like a jack russle and about that tall, but very around, tubby, quite rolly polly. Sweet personality, cuddles to women, shy with men, but warms up quick. Seems very active and healthy and a happy dog. Sad to think she is lost from someone but no calls for her in the last few weeks.

I adopted out 3 last weekend, put one down yesterday and got 4 in two days. are fat and cared for, one is along time stray, skinny and black and has a hurt hip, Happy is here with me, the other 3 at PD doggie jail, and they did nothing wrong, innocent until proven quilty.