View Full Version : new web site for Buddy Helping Buddies!

08-26-2008, 09:38 PM
A very nice lady in New Mexico that does dog rescue and web sites has done me a great favor and set up a Web site for my mission and cause.
You can see it at this link:


Soon a Pay Pal account will be added, and stories and more dog pics and stories and away we will go now, into the big olé world... Little olé us, me and the doggies and all of you who are helping me to do this and supporting the dogs, We so appreciate it and hope and pray i am doing the right thing by them, the lost and homeless dogs and cats, of which there are way too many... Thanks you all!

Bright, Thanks, a friend came to show me how to do this.
Sue, Thank you too, no mis spells this time.