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08-27-2008, 03:47 PM
Available to adopt, 09-02-08, if no owner comes forward

10-28-08 Spirit has a new home, and she is the last to go of "MY dogs" and i am so proud and grateful for the work i put in to them and the help and support i had from this great community and GSHS and LInds Winter as i can say HEART with any respect now, but that was one, not the Whole, and i wish Sheila and Linda the best and may anouther dooropen for them and their cause and dedication to the animals that need us all sometimes.

Not sure what it is with blue eyed dogs, this week, but here we go again, and to see her is to fall in love and be mesmerized by her eyes and regal look.

Female, Black with barely white tips on back toes and beautiful pointed ears that stand right up, giving her a wolf look. Very unique and beautiful dog, with looks and temperament. Leash trained and did not hesitate to go in kennel for transport. Came into house with no shyness toward other dogs here and they on problems with her, so gets along with dogs and people so far. Ducks a little, but no serious issues have come to light yet, sleeping at my feet right now. She is medium size, like small lab and appears to be young, 1 to 2 years and beautiful white grown teeth. She has not been running long, looks to be in good shape and brought over here to me from Berryville because Berryville tends to put down dogs after a short time there.

I will post picture when i get help to do it. Call me or come by and see her, pm, or post here, and i will call you. Call before you come here and make sure i am home, never know that one. 417-310-2555, Thanks Jan, ACO for Eureka Springs

08-28-2008, 02:59 PM
Lambe Choope came by and took this girls picture and so it will up here shortly. call this dog "Spirit", as there is something about those eyes.

Thank you, for shooting these pics of the dogs, hope it helps them get a home, or their owners.

Lamb Choppe
08-28-2008, 03:02 PM
Here are a couple of shots of Ol' Blue Eyes:


08-30-2008, 10:53 AM
Someone please come and adopt this beautiful Blue Eyed girl, before i KILL her.

She just chewed up one of my cell phones that was plugged into the charger and neither will work now! She got it off the bedside table behind me while i was on the computer and i heard a crunch and looked, CRAP......... I have to order on line or go to Mo. to get another charge, because i have Venison and I am going to SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, but not at the dog.

Please, she is a very good girl,(?) puppy chewing, young i think and definitely has some lab in her, likes to play in water, has webbed toes and a demanding personality when she wants out or food, barks to let you know and also likes to cuddle.
She is willful, so she will need a strong Alfa personality to work with her. She it sharp as a tack, will learn fast. And really can be sweet too, and loves to be outside, no fights with other dogs, but would like to take over, then turns into the puppy again and wants lovin!

HELP PLEASE???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????

08-30-2008, 11:04 PM
A visit to GSHS with her so they could see her if anyone calls looking for her and they, as i think, she may actually be a wolf mix, and some behavior she has would bear that out. Dana called and will come to check her out, and if she is positive for wolf mix, i think she will be removed from community and placed in refuge somewhere, to live out life there. Good facitilities for them.

They have different nutristion needs and handeling and they tend to not bond with more than one family, i have heard. So far, So good with her, but must be watched when she is not asleep because she is a little sneaky, and tend to like cords and wants to run, run, run, despite the cut she has on her foot. I have been cleaning it and applying antibiotic to it, and tried to cover to keep clean, lasted less than 2 minutes before she had it torn off and taking care of it herself. She is proving to be very verbal, almost talks!

Life with this girl has proved to be interesting and might get even more so...

09-06-2008, 09:49 PM
Miss messy Spirit went to the GSHS today.
Funny when they called me to let me know they had a spot for her, i came home to get her and it was raining buckets at the time, that quick down pour that popped up. I looked out to see where the dogs were, expecting to see no one, because they would be in the dog houses.

Not Spirit! She was in the swimming pool they have that was full of water from the rain the last few days and as it was raining, she was playing in the water in the pool, ducking her head and jumping around as i lol watching her play. She loves the water and even tries to play in water puddles on walks.

Hope her new people indulge her passion for the water. She even tried to get in the fountain at the park last Saturday.

09-07-2008, 03:56 PM
Can you email me a larger size of the photos of Ol'Blue Eyes. I neglected to photograph him while at the shelter this afternoon and would like to get his photo up on our downtown board tomorrow.

09-07-2008, 11:48 PM
Thanks, kf5wd, for all you do for the animals of our community to get new Loving and Caring homes.

10-03-2008, 05:02 PM
I Understand Spirit is still at the shelter, please go visit her as she deserves a home and loving people to let her play in water. Potential adopter fell through. Saw her on the board, Thanks!

Please go meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-27-2008, 12:23 AM
I heard from the shelter that Spirit, the blue eyed beauty was adopted recently to a home with a buddy for her to play with, and 5 acres to run on and 3 ponds to play in the water, as that is her favorite thing to do, be in the water.

So I am Happy to announce that all the dogs, that went through my hands as the ACO for Eureka have final and forever homes. I gratefully Thank the GSHS, and esp Paul and Lauren for all the care and attention to detail about the adopters who got what i call, "MY dogs" I have talked to them all and all are happy campers with the outcome and working with the shelter. Please keep them in your thoughts and on your donations lists, as these hard times will be hard on the doggies and kitties too. The staff at the GSHS work hard everyday to help these homeless and dumped babies and God only knows how they do it everyday with so many, but they do and i appreciate all they did to help me and my dogs get out there in the world again.

One sad foot note, Happy, a little girl that was scared of men, but was adopted by one, when i left who she adored, and he her. Recently one morning as she was hanging out with him, she slipped away and attempted her old habit of chasing cars, and got hit and killed. Heartbreaking for both of us as he called me and ask me to help bury her and as i was in Eureka i gratefully, but sadly did help him. She had a strange little life for awhile, misunderstood by many, but in the end, she was very loved and cared for, even in passing. She is off to play with Buddy and Stormy and Autumn i like to think, and no cars will ever hurt her again.

I appreciated my time doing this and learned alot in a very short time. I am currently trying to get my job back, as it has not been filled and many people as i have been back in Eureka to visit, have expressed that they would support me in returning. I will if i can retain my job and all the support i had and so appreciated and could not have done what i did without all the help and support i got. I am ready to do it all again. I have applied to have my job back again just last Friday.

IF i could ask a favor, please let the Chief know, if you can appreciate me having the job of caring for the dogs again in Eureka, that so badly need a break, like we all do.
I still have the kennels and houses, as not all were given away and a place to keep them if i get the honer of having this opportunity again. I made a hasty personal decision and have found that this is just not something i can get out of my system and have continued to do some work in Eureka on behalf of the dogs and with the demise of HEART, more is needed than ever before. It is rewarding and prideful work as well as frustrating and heartbreaking. Such is life i think...

I would be proud to do it again, now with experience and having learned a lot more than i even thought i did. I would be grateful if i could have your support again in letting the Chief of Police know that you think i could do this better and with more understanding now of what is needed and how to do it.

Thank You, jan