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08-28-2008, 02:18 PM
This Little girl came to me about a week ago, from a lady who found her in her back yard on Ridgeway during that awful heat wave. She kept her and nursed her back to health, couldn't find her owners she was sure lived around there somewhere, and then called me.

To see her, picure today, is to love her, not sure of her breed mix, beagle, rat terrier, just do not know. A tubby little thing with very unique markings on her, black and white and spayed because the stitches where still in her and had been there about a month, I had them removed.

She is a lover dog, wants to be next to you, sit with you, sleep with you and just be with you, tolerates other dogs, don't know about cats. She is grown and about 1 or 3 we think. House broke, eats well, seems healthy, loves to go out on walks and must be on a leash as she will chase cars. a great little watch dog at the door and is not crazy about men, and does not like to be cornered by them, will snap and growl.

She would be a great companion for a women, living alone and wants a lap dog and a reason to get out and walk. She is loving and a "Happy" dog.

Call, pm, or post if you to meet this little girl sweetie pie dog. 417-310-2555, jan

Lamb Choppe
08-28-2008, 04:01 PM
Heck, I posted this once already. Don't know where it went! Here is Happy!


09-02-2008, 03:00 PM
Hi, i am Happy, except i am not very happy right now. You see, i would really like to have a home of my own. Jan has been very good to me, even lets me sleep with her, i like to be close to people, ladies, that is. But she has so many dogs, that it is hard for her to just be with me.

My ideal home, dream of dreams for me, would be a nice loving lady that needs some love too, and i could sit by her alot and she would pet me alot, and brush me. I do not have to go to the groomer, just keep me clean and the tick and fleas off me, i hate those bugs, and keep my nails short so i won't scratch you. I like to ride in the car, and go for walks, on a leash always, because i have a sorta bad habit, i like to chase moving things, like cars, and motorcycles, bicycles and people. But i always come home, but Jan is trying to train me not to do that, says it is not good for me, i could get hit by the car, or someone could kick me or yell at me. I do not ever want to be kicked or yelled at ever again, i do not like that at all.

I am cute, sweet, spayed, and housebroke, if you take me out a few times a day and before bed. I love to go on walks, and play, and do not like to say our in a yard all by myself for a long time. I do not chew one shoes or furniture and just want to be a companion and give back as much love as you give me.
Please come out and meet me, i am shy at first, just give me little time with you, and hurry, before i have to go somewhere else i do not like. I went o that shelter and they were nice to me, but there were a lot of dogs there too, and they took me outside and i was alone so i dug out and tried to run away because i was scared. They caught me, and i tried to bark and snarl to keep them away, and that was bad, because i scared them and Jan came and got me to bring me back here to her house, where all these other dogs are.

I just want a home and companion just for me, and maybe another little dog for company, but i am scared of big dogs.

Please come and see me and meet me, i will be good...