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09-01-2008, 02:34 PM
I did it anyway, sometimes i am spontaneous, and sometimes just mean, but not on purpose and can learn from others, Thus the question:

A month ago, i brought two dogs here, to help some folks i know. They were moving and one was having surgery at the same time. They also thought the dogs were sick, esp the 12 yr.old lab, and to put them down if bad.
They needed worming, that was all, and in a week they were looking and feeling much better. Arrangement was to pick them up after move and home from surgery, about a week.
For a week they came to see them a few times and gave me dates to pick them up, over and over and over again. No shows every time and then wouldn't take my calls, or return call. Nothing!

I adopted out the 12 yr old Lab just last week. It took a special person to do it because she had aggressive behavior in certain situations. This lady who adopted her, liked that in her, and lives way out in the country and wants a watch dog, win-win for them

Lola, a 2yr old pit was not as easy and scared people that came to look at her, with her aggressive baking and backing away shy and scared. She would not hurt a flea or a child or anyone, but hard to tell with her fear actions. Made her look sneaky.

So today, as i have contemplated putting her down this week, at my expense, i just got a thought and acted on it.

I took Lola down town this morning and told her owner who was at work, "here is your dog, Thank you!" "But i am working! he said "I am sorry," I said, "you shouldn't have lied to me and I do not know where you moved to, you failed to tell me that, so here, she is yours, you figure it out." OR "I can give you a ticket for cruelty to animals, for abandoning your dog, and you can go to court and pay a hefty fine".
I just walked off and left him with the dog.

Now, am I bad, or mean or did I do an appropriate thing? I also told the Officer on duty down there this morning what I did and he said ok, he would make sure she, the dog was okay, no word from either of them this afternoon.

Oh and i tried to call one more time before i did this,oday, and their phone is shut off. I tried to get her in the Shelter, no room. I tried to get her another home, no go. I have 8 other dogs to care for now and she was grouchy at some of them, no fights, just growling and alot of barking at night.

So, me bad, or not?

09-01-2008, 06:57 PM
Saga continues, So no word from these people in weeks. I go to the park today to hear music and see how a couple of my dogs will be in crowds and come back to a note on my door, wondering where they're other dog is.
Next a phone call, this lady yelling and crying so much i cannot understand a word she is saying. I hang up. She calls back, calmer this time and I tell her the other dog has a new home and she is livid. I hang up again.
Next knock on the door, i answer it, guess who? I listen to all the excuses and then calmly say, why didn't you call on these other phones a few weeks ago and why didn't you drive here like you have twice today, a few weeks ago, and what do you want me to do?

They are young, younger than my kids and i have been a MOM sorta figure for her for awile, and i sent her home to write gratefuls for what is good in her life and her dogs, and to see if see can figure out what position she put me in when she stopped communicating with me, and to come back in a day or two calm and we will talk.

now, should i try to get her other dog back, from the good home it has now, to put it right back in the home where it got sick and she couldn't afford to get it vet help when it need it and she still is not working and has lost cell phone and has to have more surgery soon and the landlord will chg them more money if they have 2 dogs, enstead of one and they can hardly pay rent now and the car is messed up. If anything, they are in worse shape than whens she called me a month or more ago and ask for my help with the dogs.

09-01-2008, 08:51 PM
Jan, if you were in your group of friends who talked about these & other problems, your wouldn't be questioning whether YOUR actions were sane or wrong, you'd trust your instincts, observations and the facts in this matter. These are young, well meaning, but irresponsible pet owners who didn't even know about worming a dog and who can't or won't afford vet care.

They used you as a kennel and vet tech for weeks. They became unresponsive to your calls, then ask you why you didn't jump how high? All of the sudden you show back up with one of two hard to place dogs and THEY are calling the shots? I think not, I think they gave up their rights as owners by surrendering animals and expecting something for nothing. Hopefully you collectively learned something from this experience.

09-01-2008, 09:09 PM
Thank you, it is all about the dogs, who get no say so in anything, right now, i just want to check and make sure i am still human, and your insight was just what mine was, even without the emotion of feeling used.

This female in this, stood here and said, "now everytime i look at Lola, dog i returned, i will think of Wolf and hate her". That is when i sent her home to write and think, and if she had been mine that said that, I would have known i messed up somewhere along the line in raising her. Selfish little brat I wanted to say.

09-02-2008, 09:42 AM
...now, should i try to get her other dog back, from the good home it has now...


09-02-2008, 12:35 PM
Alrighty, then! I think I heard you, loud and clear, and i agree! Thanks!

not me am i
09-02-2008, 01:25 PM
jan i would have done the same thing that you done i just don't understand some you give an inch and they take a mile

09-02-2008, 03:30 PM
And that is the sad but true story, so i am just glad that you all agree and i was acting and not reacting to anger, hurt feelings and vindictiveness.

Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

Now tell me what to do with a black lab i have here that is just a big young mess of a pup. She is getting very big, and i have tried to work wih her, and teach her things and she is sharp as a tack, but continues to jump, nip at me, and is just so full of energy that the yard is just not enough for her. She plays too rough with the younger, smaller dogs, not out of meaness, she is just a busy, big girl, She need more than i can give her, and Shelter is out of the question with all the overflow and it is her misfortune that she is a very black dog, and we all know the shelter is full of those.
She has been here longer than an other and is getting so rowdy, she is going to be a handful for anyone. I would not let her go to a home with small children, or one that will toss her in the backyard and leave her all the time, because then she will become a real problem, sorta like she is now.
I am torn, because i know i cannot save them all and she takes up space and time and i could be putting towards more adoptible dogs. So, i think i have to make the decision to put her down, because she is so hyper, i can not take her out around people, i can barely handle her on a leash now, She has doubled in size in the last month.

A nice young couple who are active and have a yard or more and one thing she would be great at, is a frisby dog. She can jump quite high, just standing and dancing around, no tellin how high if she was running to get something, And with some constant work she would be a great dog for someone, Not an aggresive bone in her body, just way to much energy and i cannot put in enough time to wear her out. Damn people who bring these dogs into the world and damn again to the ones who take them home and then just let them run wild out in the world when they are not cute, little cuddly things anymore. A perfectly good, smart young dog, put to death because there are just tons of em, just like her, makes my blood boil.