View Full Version : 1 home today, and Pug in to take it's place

09-01-2008, 06:20 PM
From the country, out east by Kings River, male un-neutered pug dog, fawn and black, of course snorts, banged up back legs, one swollen and sore from cuts, no collar or id chip but has an idenifying mark I will not talk about, until 5 days are up and he can be adopted out. He is skinny and and has been out a while. Found in a lady's yard under her car, yesterday in an area often used to dumb dogs, everyone out there has a few strays they have taken in.
Belongs to none of the neighbors she tried.

Know anyone missing a pug or are you or inerested in adopting in 5 days,

Call Jan, 417-310.2555. He is home with me. Thanks.

How very sad is all this?????????????????????????????

Sorry, no pics yet.I have no cord yet, Juniper or Lamp Chopp, anyone out there, help please, again...

09-01-2008, 07:44 PM
Hi, my name is Max already. When Jan picked me up today from the lady who's car i crawled under yesterday to get shade, and i was scared too, Jan took me to see a friend of hers, that has a pug and she had told that first lady to call Jan because the shelter was full, and that lady who has a pug like me, named me Maxwell, said i looked like one, whatever that is. Jan just calls me Max and that is okay with me. That first lady fed me but she made me sleep outside, i was scared a little. But i stayed on her porch because i was tired and she gave me food and water last night and this morning too. I am very hungry.

Jan gave me food and water too and i ran around and tired to get some of al l the other dogs food. She has a lot of them. Some inside and some outside. a bunch of them. Then she put this stuff on my legs, that made them bubble white stuff and it felt funny and kinda stung, then she washed them with soap and water and then put this stuff in a tube on them. They hurt a little, all those scratches and cuts. I do not know where i got those, but they feel a little better now. I still limp on one leg, it still hursts some.

I am very tired from my long journey and did not know where i was or where my family is. But i am going to take a nap now, right up in the middle of Jan's big bed with the big soft comforter on it. Come after me later okay, i am very tired now.

Snore, snore, snore...