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09-02-2008, 09:15 PM
Even i am getting confused with what i have and what i do not, so here is updated list, no pics here, look under individual dogs please
Sept. 2, 08

1. female Black Lab, maybe a year or less, since 07-11-08
not spayed, brought in a stray. her name is Stormy I am considering
putting this dog down, as she is rowdy and been her a while.if
i cannot get her in a breed rescue. Last chance for this one...
2. female, Black and Tan Shepherd Mix pup, to 5 months, since 07-27-08
not spayed, found on Center St. by Divitos. Her name is Windy
3. female, Honey & White Retriever/Pyrenees mix,(?) since 08-14-08
not spayed, Found on Spring S. walking in area or Wild Blue Yonder
one id trait, 2 dew claws on back legs, Her name is Summer
Summer is beautiful, sweet, smart and still a little shy or strangers
Est. age, 1 to 2 years, not spayed, since 08-14-08, one of my favorites
due to calm and sweet nature, and how fast she learns things
4. female, Black and White Beagle, Terrier mix(?) since 08-20-08
spayed, maybe a yr or 2 old, housebroken, her name is Happy.
Happy is small, compared to the others
5. male, Border Collie/ Boxer mix, this i know for sure, owner gave up, so he
would not run off and get hurt and die, like the companion of this dog was
found with on the grounds of The Passion Play. He will be neutered
and given shots and a chip on 09-05-08, owner is
paying to increase changes of getting adopting out to good, loving home.
He is almost a year old and the sweetest dog i have here. Very mellow
and loving, and loves water. He will be a very nice dog, for a family, with
dogs or young kids, very gentle. His owner named him Junior, because he
has his Border Collie dad, but I named him Champ, because he so stuck
with the Pit dog he got lost with, and gave his life, probably protecting
this pup, that lived with on property on Onyx Cave Road.
6. female, Husky/Lab mix, with the beautiful, but Erie Lt. blue eyes.
brought in from Berryville, running around in a parking lot. Not spayed as
far as i can tell. Whatever she is, and there is debate if she might be a
Wolf Hybrid(?), her age is young, 1 to two yrs my guess. She has been
cared for, not your typical stray, and very busy and verbal, pushy,
demanding, and very funny and goofy. She was brought in on 08-28-08.
adoptable on 09-02-08, unless turns out to be a wolf hybrid and then
she will go to a sanitary for wolfs and hybrids.
7. male, Pug, not neutered, but with an id tattoo. Where and what i will not
talk about, until 5 day holding period is up. He came in on 09-01-08 by
a lady who lives in the area of Kings River Bridge. She found him under
her car, scared and shaking, Adoptable 09-06-08.

So, this is it for dogs in custody as i call it, and all are at my house.
Interested in any of them, please call, they all deserve a better life than they have had, and i promise, they will be so grateful for just even a little bit ot attention and love.

To date i have captured 40 dogs, in my 3 months with this job, beginning June 1, 08. 12 have been retrieved by their owners, 12 have been adopted to new forever homes, 7 have been put down, due to illness, and no money to treat, 4 of those were puppies, and 1 has died, from heat stroke recently. GSHS has taken 2 and both have been adopted, just this past week. 1 went to a Breed Rescue. So, out of 40, only 12 were picked up by owners, 28 dogs were throw aways, how sad is that? Now 7 are waiting for someone to love them again. 4 outside, because that is how many dog houses i have, here right now,(3coming in)
and 4 in the house with me, 1 is my Jasper. All asleep around me at this moment. I hope the ones outside do not float off down the hill!

Cats, i have picked up 6, 5 were kittens, 3 adopted, 2 in foster homes or at GSHS, and 1 was put down, an old cat that was in foster care and went into renal failure while i was gone to my Mom's funeral.

I have no idea if these numbers or good, bad or ugly, nothing to compare them to, except i know twice as many go thru the GSHS and all i want to know is where oh where are they coming from...

Since the article in the paper came out, folks have donated food, toys, flea meds, yard kennels, dog houses, treats, collars and leads, big plastic buckets to store food, a roll of paperowels, bottle of pine-sol, money, vet care, a dog bed, yet to pick up, a Webb site, a Pay Pal account in the works, a doomed dog was rescued, countless ideas and words of support and praise for the job i am doing. A few of these donations have come from Tennessee, New Mexico, California and Florida, Berryville, Eureka, Holiday Island, and lets not forget foster care and cat food, Kittie litter and litter boxes, and day visits for a dog at the Eureka water co. and if i have forgotten something, i haven't really, it just isn't here at this moment in my little brain.

2 dogs have been neutered and gotten shots, and both are adopted, and 2 dogs have had vet treatment for illness. There is about $150.00 in unused vet care right now, and about a large bag of food right now. I have purchased bleach, Epson salts, dog food, id chips , flea control, collars, stainless steel dog dishes for food and water, chew bones, gallons and gallons of expensive black gold-gas, car parts, travel kennels and moved and pay twice the rent i paid before i decided to do this this way, and about the time i learned what the city paid to take care of the dogs, i am hired to pick up, paid a 400. cell phone bill, (OUCH) because i went over my plan minutes and have now upped my plan minutes, paying twice a month what i have for the last 18 months, and utility bills are much higher here than my little apt was and i pay them all now that Debbie baled on our lease out here. and have had a few people take advantage of my kindness and help and renege on agreements that have caused me problems and therefore i have caused some problems for some, domino effect. And the land lord is thinking she does not want dogs here, she is thinking about it, as of a week ago. And the city does not pay me on the same day each month and that makes me crazy. Anywhere from the 1st to the 15th. Ouch is the nicest thing i can say about that, and i cannot get an appt with our Honorable Mayor to discuss somethings, and Chief Hyatt comes to my defense every time he needs too, and supports me 100% and dispatchers and officers help me when i need it.

As with most things we do in our life, there are good, bad, ugly, easy, hard, frustrating, funny, sad, cuss words, laughter, and tears, but i could not do this with out all the help i have had and am so grateful for and appreciative of.
and i will not be able to do it, without help from generous, animal loving, understanding folks that know this is not my problem, but a community problem and it will take a community to fix it. Please, do not forget about me, and the doggies who so desperately need us all to get by on. a new month, and probably new mouths to feed, illness to get meds for, and another round of flea and tick meds, and another 5 or 6 bags of dog food and we are talking big bags of dog food. I only with more could see the results of these donations, the dogs that have weight now, and less showing of ribs and butt bones, and shiny coats now because they do not have worms or internal parasites, and energy to play and a dry place to sleep and no one yelling at them "to get away", or having sticks or rocks thrown a them and their eyes are not dull now, and they don't shy away from me anymore and on and on the good goee for these guys and gals.

Thank You all, for all you have done, but please don't stop now....