View Full Version : 2 new doggies, Thursday, the 4th

09-05-2008, 09:49 AM
1. a female chihuahua, another one, found in vicinity of Community Bank parking lot Thursday am. She is Fawn color with some white and the tallest ears i have ever seen, young, no collar or tags or chip. NO clue. She is being fostered and if no owner comes forward by Monday, she has a home with her Spencer, who fell in love in a matter of hours.

2. a female puppy, perhaps a long haired Chihuahua, with frosted long hair, seal color i think they call it, but it is tan, Grey, white, and fawn.color. She is very cute and and very young, 6 to 9 weeks i am guessing. She was brought in and they said, picked up on Wall st., but not all who bring dogs to me, tell me the truth. Very few actually. Also, no collar, tags, or chip. She has "cherry eye" in one eye, and a small hernia. GSHS will take care of both of those small and fixable problems for her. She will be good as new.

Both of these dogs, look to be cared for, not skinny or tic and flea infested, and used to people.

Call Jan at 417-310-2555 or post or pm. Both will be adoptable on Monday of next week.

No pics yet, but will try to get some.

Changes, the puppy is at GSHS and Chihuahua is at foster home. Call GSHS for any info or to see, The Chihuahua has a home already if no owner comes froward in 4 more days.