View Full Version : Stormy lost her life today

09-05-2008, 06:55 PM
Because no one, not one person, came to see her, or wanted her, and because she had the misfortune of being born black, and got healthy and happy and bigger and bigger and I could not handle her anymore. Physically, with all her young energy was just too much for me and she has been here for a long time, one of the first and and they just keep coming in, 2 or 3 a day sometimes and MY INN has to put up a no vacancy sign.

And today, i do not like this job as much as i do some days. And somehow she knew, when i went out to get her. She usually picks up the closest toy or ball and runs to bring it to me to play and for 5 minutes and a roll in the dirt i could not get hold of her, and she rode to the vet with her head on my lap. They gave me tissues when i got there. And she behaved herself in the vet, and she is never still and not jumping around. She was a big, tall, happy, healthy dog, lost to all of us now, forever.
She will never be that frisby dog i hoped for her,

I have 3 other black dogs, and i do not for the life of me know what the problem is with black dogs. The shelter is full of them, all shelters are full of them. Can anyone explaign this to me? If this is the fate, after i care for them, feed, play, get meds, spay, neuter, rabie shot, what ever else they need, and beg people to help them. Why should iwe do it, just to drag them to the vet in 2 or 3 months and give them that shot, and poof, they are erased from the world, and , well, i just do not know what else to say right now,

Except, her picture, when she was smaller a month ago, is on the pd animals thread, all the others on there have been adopted.

One added point, How long did it take the beautiful WHITE dog with blue eyes to find a home? Spirit, my beauiful blue eyed BLACK dog, is still with me and not one call to see her, that was followed up on anyway.

09-05-2008, 08:40 PM
That makes me very sad. I love Dogs!, I wish I could take them all. I have a huskey, 2 cats that I rescued from the shelter and 6 fish. Sorry you have to go through with the shots. I just couldn't do what you do but I know you have too.

09-05-2008, 08:45 PM
Jan, I am so sorry that things worked out like that for that kid, puppy or how ever you seen her I see them as kid's but unfortunately that is the hardest part of working with unwanted animals. If there is anything within my power to help ya out please let me know because this is one subject that I am becoming more and more familiar with unfortunately. Let me say this though, lets focuse on getting more adoptions and not focuse on the ones with have no other choice with. Look at it also this way Jan you took her from a life that she wasnt wanted and putt her in a place where is was very wanted and gave you another place to maybe get one in that you can and will get adopted.. God Bless all the little, big unwanted babies out there. And lets not forget God Bless all of us that work with and for all these sweet babies. We really do have the animals best interest in mind that all we can do.

09-06-2008, 01:21 PM
I am a little confused. What happened???

09-06-2008, 02:38 PM
She had fullfilled her purpose HERE.............................................. But it makes me CRY all the same........................SHE New it would be hard for YOU............................................... .............................She was a beautiful Creature.......................................... ..................She is needed and loved elsewhere also Jan~~~~ I promise.........MY heart goes out to you............................................... ...........HANG ON there, Yours is a HEART of Gold and she doesn't begrudge you of it...............
There is an animal that needs the SPACE and She knew it.................................HUGS TO U...:hug: I know this makes your job harder but YOUR SO APPRECIATED....................................... ...............jj

09-06-2008, 05:32 PM
oh Gosh, that was nice, and a very kind way to put it all, Thank You so vey much.
And perhaps she taught me patience. Today, i have 3 dogs in the backyard, down from eight a few days ago and one of these has a home tomorrow. And i have two in the house and one is mine and he is always here. So, if i had waited a day or so, i would now have more time to spend with her, to try to calm her down and teach her some manners, as she was just getting way to big for me to manage her youthful energy.
The GSHS has adoped some dogs out and have taken three of mine in the last couple of days. So that is a win-win for a few more dogs and i was there today and saw one come in and go out before it was even assigned a spot. How exciting is that? And one was brough in that was familiar to me and it was reunited with his owner with a trip to town i took. So, a good day for dogs, and maybe a lesson learned to boot.
I have a dog her, very smart, very beautiful, but still terrified of other people. So now maybe i can work with her and get her some confidence and little Champ, who was neutered yesterday and paid for by his owner who gave him up, after being devastated to find out Champs buddy, the Pit he was found with at the Passion Play, and was put to sleep because of the damage he endured, has decisided to take Champ back home, where he was born and raised and hopefully will stay home now that he has been neutered.
He is black too, so i am thrilled about that, esp for Champ, who was Junior before and will be again, because his Dad still lives out there. To go home is a great thing for these dogs, esp when they are loved and cared for.

Stormy is still missed, the back yard seems a tad strange, like something is missing, but she will never be confused or mistreated or lost again and i hope Buddy found her and they are playing. She and my Autumn girl, can take turns chasing the ball.

I still have Summer, the shy one, Windy, the other one i have had a long time that is a shepherd mix, black and tan and the youngest i have. She has doubled in size too, but was much smaller to start with. And Happy is still here. She is the 'wants a lady who likes a lovey lap dog and will let her sleep with her and take her for walks" dog. Young, 1 or 2 and house broke and spayed and only needs rabies and chip. She is small and black and white and will need to live inside with people if she has her way, and so far she has that, but getting too attached to me, needs her own home and person. She can dig and climb if left out a long time alone.
That's it for today!