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09-08-2008, 12:09 AM
A very nice morning before i left today.

A dog house fairy delivered a dog house to us this morning, big enough for me and even has straw in it, Thank You Bikeguy from me and doggies.

And Junior, now Champ, the dog that was with the big pit found at Passion Play Grounds and had to be put to sleep because of damage to him and had this puppy with him that was not too damaged and would not leave his friends side, Went home today, to his original owner, that someone called me and told me about. I went to athe owners house and informed him of finding his dogs and the fate of one and at the time he asked me to find the puppy a home, me thinking he did not want to lose another dog that way, yet he offered to pay to havehim neutered and get his shots. Friday, he had all that done and upon calling the owner and telling him the Vet bill, i also asked if perhaps he would be intereted in haveing his dog back, hoping he has healed some from the trauma of losing them. He had i guess, because this morning he came after him and Junior/Champ was all over him and home they went.

So, my house and dog sitter, has only three dogs to care for, down from 8 or 9 last weekend. Hope i do not come home to any more and all are safe and at home with their families.

And i hope the lady who called me late last night found her dog when a dog lose on the streets, ran up to it and caused her to lose control of hers and off they ran together. Certainly not fair to her, because someone else does as they please and ignores the leash law and the safety of others.

Please Keep your dogs confined or on a leash, for the safety of your dog and others.

09-08-2008, 12:37 AM
So nice to hear the original owner showed up.