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09-16-2008, 08:30 PM
If you are missing a dog, please call me or the Eureka pd because i have two well cared for dogs, that seem lost since the storm, 417-310-2555, 479-253-8666.

1. A "Lassie" dog, part collie but lighter and shorter than Lassie. She is wearing a Blue collar, no id tags, unsure of chip as of now. Just saw her today where she was found on a porch 2 days ago, at Breckenridge Lodge on 62 west. Call Jenny or Scott if she sounds like yours or someone you know.
Her left hind leg is hurt, as she will not put it on the ground. They are feeding and caring for her and may seek vet treatment for her leg. She is an older girl, gray on muzzle and very worn back teeth, upper and lower and lots of tarter. She is friendly and tired and would like to go home, but is being cared for right now.

2. A " Rin Tin Tin" dog, shepherd mix, female with a black collar that has rubber on it(?) and had been tied in a knot, with a Rabbi Tag from Dr. Pikes office, 2008, Red, #0072.
No ID chip. She has yellow eyes and black hairs down her back and tail, but very light in other coloring. She seems to be spayed and not too old, full grown teeth and very friendly, but lost. NO appetite, pacing a little. Gives Kisses though, so likes other people and is okay with my dogs.
She was picked up tonight at the Evening Shade Inn, Next to the Cat Fish House on 62 east. She is at this moment curled on the floor at my feet and so is here with me. Again call me, if she sounds like yours or is your neighbors. She is frisky and clean and jumped right in the car and rode with her head out the window. Please Come get her.

Mail delivery folks, neighbors, and just people who have known people with dogs, have helped get them home. Please give this a thought and see if anyone remembers these dogs. They want to go home!

I have an appt. with Dr. Pike at 9:00 am and i will take her with me in an attempt to id her owner

09-16-2008, 09:57 PM
Just take in the rabies tag # he should be able to look it up on the puter and give ya owners name

09-16-2008, 10:41 PM
Thanks, just what i intend to do, and never hurts to let doc see dog who might have some info. I hope and pray this one does not turn out to be like some of the other's i have goten that the tag info would not be correct or folks moved and didn't update them.