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10-06-2008, 09:10 PM
Craftsman Powder Coat System

Purchased New last year, used it once to powder coat a paintball gun,
and thats it, works great, has some red left in the powder cup, manual
and all original accessories included....


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Apply a durable, protective coating to any metal component quickly,
easily and safely. Coating is electrostatically applied, then just
place coated item in a 400 deg. oven to cure and you're done. Fast and
environmentally friendly, coating is chip and chemical resistant.
System features internal air generation (no compressor needed.)
Variable speed switch.

Powder-coating can be applied to iron, steel, aluminum, stainless
steel, titanium, and also chrome-plated surfaces. The Craftsman Powder
Coat system will allow you to obtain professional results at home at a
fraction of the cost. Superior to aerosol and other liquid coatings in
flexibility, corrosion, and chemical resistance. Over spray is simply
swept up and disposed of in household refuse. The system includes the
accessories, application gun, and detailed instructions.
Powder-coating, like other high-quality coatings, can only be applied
over a bare metal surface. Removing corrosion and old coatings can be
easily accomplished with abrasive paper, wire brush, liquid paint
stripper, or abrasive blasting. Once removed simply wipe with acetone
or paint thinner, allow to dry, and coat. The only components you will
need are an object to coat and an extra toaster oven or non food prep
conventional oven.

Benefits of powder-coating:
# Ease of application
# Environmentally friendly
# Fast and easy to clean up
# No fumes or overspray
# No harmful solvents or toxins
# Very quick 10-30 minute cure time
# No CFCs
# EPA approved process

Required safety equipment [Items NOT included]: rubber gloves, goggles
and dust mask, non-food preparation oven, electric or gas.

Located in Seligman, MO, but the wife works in Lowell M-F