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Kim Yonkee
11-02-2008, 01:02 PM
Bring your own bag, box or bucket. Focker's now has bulk dry dog food @ 45 cents a pound.

If you don't have a bag, box or bucket c'mon down to Focker's anyway. We have the bulk dog food packaged in 18# boxes or we can load you up, 3 pounds at a time, in our wide variety of recycled plastic bags.

We also have bagged dry and canned pet food for cats and dogs plus the potluck pet food for cats and dogs. That's the stuff sold by the case (24 cans/$8.) It's been very popular. People come in and buy one case, then they come back and buy the cases 4-20 at a time so, apparently, cats and dogs like it.

(I know ours do.)

We have some new people food too: Frozen sandwiches, suitable for microwaving. We have 12 different kinds and, based on our extensive taste tests at Focker Labs (otherwise known as "munching on the inventory"), they're pretty good.

There are lots of different breakfast sandwiches, biscuits and paninis. (I'm eating a Bacon Western Omlet Panini as I type. It's good.) Plus lunch sandwiches like meatloaf, hamburger, and various kinds of subs... steak, turkey, ham, salami, and an "American" sub which includes almost all of the above (plus American cheese.)

Oh, and speaking of salami, we also have bologna, cotto salami, pickle loaf and ham for those who prefer do-it-yourself sandwiches.

We spent the morning wedging at 3 door cooler through a door that's about the same size as ... uh... the 3 door cooler. But, like Elvis, the cooler is in the building. We'll turn it on in a couple of days and fill it with more new stuff.

I'm making myself hungry... and I happen to know Kendra is out in the store arranging a gigantic batch of 3 for $1 candy bars. Time for dessert!

Come munch with us at Focker's....

W.T. Focker & Co. Discount Grocery
369 Onyx Cave Rd. (1/3 mile off 62 E on the right)

Open Mon - Sat: 9-6
Sunday: Noon - 5

Jan Ridenour
11-05-2008, 08:44 PM
Lots of new items hitting the shelves....daily.

And the dogs are Loving the new bulk dog food...