View Full Version : Which came first... at Focker's?

Kim Yonkee
11-18-2008, 09:07 PM
Actually, the chicken came first at Focker's. Then the egg. Then lots and lots of farm-fresh eggs.

Boy, do we ever have eggs!

We're up to our pantaloons in farm eggs from gen-u-ine bug eatin' chickens. Two kinds:

We got your standard-sized farm fresh egg in basic brown. Plus we have REALLY ENORMOUS farm-fresh eggs. They're so big they won't even fit in an XL-Jumbo egg box (at least, not with the lid closed.)

Most of those eggs have two yolks. They're so big, I think it would only take one egg to make an omelet. (How big are they?) BIG! Ripley's Believe it or Not ... big. Laid by the Chicken that Ate Toledo... big! Them's some BIG eggs.

Come and get some. (And bring along your empty egg cartons if you have any. Thanks.)

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