View Full Version : A good home for a great dog

11-24-2008, 05:59 AM
We are looking for a good home for one of our pets 'Maggie', we love her and want to make sure we find the right home for her. Staci adopted her from the pound when she was a new born. She is, we think a mix between a beagle and (maybe) a yellow lab, she’s not a large dog, she’s about the size of a beagle. She is a great dog; she will get along with other dogs (after properly introduced) has been fixed and loves people. She is a great hunter, last week when I returned home she had dropped a large raccoon without a scratch. . If you have problems with deer, armadillo or any other animal in your garden she is your answer. She needs room to roam so a rural or large fenced yard would be perfect, she is house broke and likes to come in but loves to be outside hunting. Although she is a great outdoor dog she loves attention and affection.

We are living between KC and HI right now due to a death in the family. Our house in KC is in a neighborhood without fences and Maggie is not a dog for this situation. If you are looking for a great pet she is the one.
PM me or email me at j.folk53@gmail.com