View Full Version : Mulch More, Dig Less

03-25-2009, 11:02 PM
In an article this month in Mother Earth News, it explains the workings of arbuscular fungi, which is in all good soils. It's kind of the nutrient rich soil structure that is present when all is balanced. This keeps healthy the soil tilth, crumb structure and it's part of the nutrient storehouse.
This article talks about how to plant over an area without retilling it. It's called Stubble Planting. Stirring the soil destroys the structure that is so vital. I think that is why Ruth Stout's method and Lasagna Gardening is so vital to healthy soil, along with this Stubble Planting. This is a good article about building nitrogen in your soil, but being aware of "surface chauvinism" (the tendency to think that what we see at the soil's surface level tells the whole story and that's all we need to know) is vital. More mulching and less tilling is key.