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Many years ago, when Agnes Whistling Elk and I were working with Jaguar Woman and I had my first opportunity to study the scrolls of the Seven Clay Pots, Agnes told me that one of the things the clay pots speak of is recognizing one another in this lifetime. The scrolls say that those of us who are feeling isolated, who so often feel adrift on a vast expanse of lonely consciousness yet understand many things to which others seem blind, would find one another. That is part of what makes our circles so strong and vibrant and filled with light. We are all children of an awesome force; our test is to find our way through this wilderness, strange and unknown to us in many ways, to locate our sisters and brothers and support one another. Our first lesson is to understand that we are here to learn, here to find our way back to the Godness that we are. I do so look forward to continuing on this magical journey with you.

In the Coiled Serpent, you are going to have the opportunity to work with great elder men in the second level of the pyramid which holds the sacred halls of initiation, wonderful beings of light, as you focus on healing the wounded aspects of your own male shield. You do not have to have taken the first Course in this series to receive maximum benefit from this Course. When the Sisterhood of the Shields say that we need to heal the abuses of patriarchal energy, we do not mean in any way that the quagmires in which we find ourselves today are men’s fault. Nothing could be further from the truth, because we are all in this together and we have all gotten ourselves here together, male and female, alike. Many years ago, Zoila told me that I must never forget that it was woman’s choice to give her power away to the patriarchy.

So in doing this work, know first and foremost that we are not looking to affix ‘blame.’ It’s not a matter of blame. It is about understanding the energies that are at work here so that you can learn how to heal and choreograph that energy towards a higher good. It is about taking responsibility for what is: the great wounding to your own spirit shield that resulted from the drastic imbalance between the energies of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine when the goddess was forced underground so many thousands of years ago. Earth is a female planet; she is the great womb for all of life upon her. In order for Mother Earth to heal and for all of life upon her to flourish and thrive, there must be a return to equilibrium between the energies of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. You cannot heal the world unless you first heal yourself.

This Second Initiation of Light is your opportunity to really focus on your male shield, to fill it with light and heal it as you cleanse and heal your third and fourth chakras. Then, in our Third Initiation, you will hone in on your female shield and fill it with healing light as you move to the higher chakras. That is how we heal the imbalance, by filling our male and our female shields with light so they can really shine out in the world and become as beacons for others. This is what the return of the goddess that has been so long foretold is all about, returning to balance and harmony with the gods and goddesses of our existence. As Jaguar Woman said, “To understand the message of the clay pots, you must have an ability within you to open up your heart to such a degree that you become full of light … meaning the ability to bring a kind of radiance into your own being and also project it into the world.”

We are going to work with the Wheel of the Dark Sorcerer to look at exactly how this wounding plays itself out in our world and in your life. Then you will be able to see clearly what agreements you have made, mostly through the conditioning of living under the patriarchy, that you are now ready to change for all time, with the love and support of your brothers and sisters. You will create wonderful ceremonies to bring in the energy and healing light of Grandfather Sun as you release the old, negative karma that has been built up through lifetimes of living with a wounded and out-of-balance male shield in a wounded and out-of-balance world. This is how you change your own DNA on your pathway towards enlightenment. You will also place the sacred symbols of this initiation on your Sacred Gourd as you work to create your own Book of Initiations.

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best wishes for your webbsite and teachings, i enjoyed your story.