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05-23-2009, 01:35 PM
Hi TimeBankers,

This week's broadcast has several announcements about interesting community events that are upcoming. There is lots to choose from, so there should be something of interest for everyone.

Last week's broadcast was full of great new information from our members. Thanks again to all members, old and new, who have been updating their profiles, requests and offers. If you have not yet done so, please take a moment to review and update your own information. There are helpful links at the end of this update to assist you in doing that. While you are at it, please think about what TimeBank service you might like to receive or give, then take the next step towards accomplishing that by contacting another TimeBank member for a transaction. It's easy and fun!

An Apology
First, an apology for somehow forgetting to mention that massage therapist Alexa Pittenger attended our Talent Show last week, and talked about the various healing modalities she uses in her practice. We appreciate you so much, Alexa, and all the members who attend our open meetings, contributing community spirit, suggestions and feedback. Thanks again so much for your participation!

Coordinator Mary Wise is requesting that members 'suggest and/or request TBank community work-day projects, preferably for a non-profit or not-for-profit organization, or just in helping out an individual member of the TBank. I feel that for work-day projects, we better serve the community when our efforts benefit those without the financial resources to pay.'

Thanks Mary. There's only so much your coordinators can do, and so we need your input, participation and support to keep TimeBank a viable community effort, though the effort is actually minimal if we are all pulling together. Please let us know when you have ideas are about how TimeBank can better serve you and our community.


A warm Welcome to new member Donna Woods.


Kings River Armada, May 30th

The Kings River Watershed Partnership “King's Armada”

We are in the process of coordinating another TimeBank Community Event, this time pairing up with the Kings River Watershed Partnership (KRWP), for their May 30th 'King's Armada' on Saturday May 30th (the weekend after Memorial day).

For TimeBank members, this is a great opportunity to earn some credits and have a great time outdoors performing very useful tasks!

This is KRWP's second river clean-up of the year. They could use help from volunteers in kayaks and canoes moving down sections of the river collecting all types of litter. Check out the link to their home page at:


To read about past clean-ups see:


As community project volunteers, TimeBank members that participate will earn hours for their volunteer efforts. Also, since not all folks own the means for water transportation, TimeBank members who are willing to loan a boat, kayak or canoe for use by another TimeBank member during this event will also earn a portion of the day's hours. Please contact Mary Wise at:


or 479 363-9879

for details and let her know if:

~you'll be bringing your own kayak or canoe and whether or not you'll have room for another TimeBank member or

~you'll be bringing yourself and need a place in a boat or

~you have a canoe or similar water transportation device you'd be willing to loan to another TimeBank member for the day to allow them to participate.

Mary will be communicating with the event coordinator, KRWP member Ray Warren as to how many to expect.


We got the following message from Heather and Nick at Outdoor Alliance and have decided to feature this as a TimeBank volunteer opportunity. Mary Wise volunteered to communicate with the event coordinator about how many TimeBank volunteers to expect, etc. so if you plan to participate, please contact her at:


or 479 363-9879

'It's XTERRA time in Eureka Springs again! The 4th annual XTERRA Eureka Springs Off-Road Triathlon and Trail Run is coming up and it is time to start thinking about volunteering!

The event is Saturday, June 13, at Lake Leatherwood City Park.

Check out our website for race information and photos from previous years. You may see some familiar faces:


We are very excited about this year’s event. We already have registrants from 11 different states, with racers coming from as far away as Utah & California, and as close as right next door.

We can’t put on the event without your help. It takes about 60 volunteers to make the day run smoothly. If you are interested in volunteering, please reply to this e-mail. If you've volunteered in the past and want the same job, let me know. Time-frames vary from 2-4-hour shifts to all day. All volunteers receive an event t-shirt and free food and live music by Cletus Got Shot after the race, along with our sincerest appreciation. We will be putting together the volunteer plan in the next couple of weeks.

If you can't make it on race day, but still want to volunteer, we will need help the week before marking the trails and setting up for the event. Just let us know.

Come be a part of the excitement of XTERRA Eureka Springs and support outdoor recreation in Eureka Springs! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on June 13! Thanks, Heather & Nick ”


We received the following email message from the WellFedNeighbor Alliance, which should interest you if you are concerned about clean energy. I think most would agree this is one of the most vital issues of our time. Hopefully we can also show this movie here in Eureka Springs, and we are going to look into that.

“Join us for a FREE showing of the outstanding documentary film 'Free Energy: the Race to Zero Point' at the Springfield Library Center Auditorium this Sunday, May 24th at 1:30 PM.

This film is a groundbreaking and inspiring look at the leading theories and practical devices that tap into zero point energy, now acknowledged by physicists to exist in all space as a 'moving sea' of infinite and accessible electromagnetic energy. It is filled with fascinating stories of dedicated inventors and scientists engaged in the struggle for revolutionary innovations that will change our collective future forever.

This public meeting is sponsored by The Discovery Group, an informal network of folks who are seeking to expand consciousness and human potential and improve the quality of life. It was the Discovery Group that gave birth to the Springfield Transition Movement that has grown into the Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance and the Energy Alternative Network.

Lincoln B. Justice
Transition Volunteer
312 West Summit Ave
Seymour, MO 65746
Phone: (417) 935-5552
Email: ljustice@centurytel.net “


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Have a great week, TimeBankers!