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06-28-2009, 08:22 AM
Old Holy One:

Do you know why we teach you about miniature gardens? When we are of the world, we are prey to anyone who sees us. Everyone wants the great people, the masters, the great minds of our time. They move into the world and they are often destroyed. People want what they have, because they shine so brightly. Everyone is attracted to them and can see them. Hidden in the mountains are beautiful ones and sacred ones, but because they do not hide well enough, they are hunted and destroyed. Jade is hidden within a rock. It is not enough that its beauty be left there. The rock must be smashed and the jade revealed and polished. This is not because we want to harm the rock, but because we want the jade for its beauty and value. So I say to you, the better you hide, the better you will be protected. If you hide behind the mountain screens, you will not be seen. You will not be killed. That is why, when there is great wisdom in the world, its beauty shines and everybody sees it, and then the world will take it for their own use. So the great sisterhoods and brotherhoods recall the knowledge and the wisdom. They reveal this knowledge and wisdom through the rocks, trees, and sacred springs, and perhaps through a gnarled and crippled old woman.

-Lynn Andrews, Walk In Balance for June 25th

06-28-2009, 09:39 AM
and so it is.