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07-03-2009, 10:10 PM
Great Spirit, Mother Earth, powers of the four directions, power animals, the Ancients, and all the beings of light that love us,

Great Mother, as we see you at the heart of our world, we give thanks to you for our life force, and the gifts of our physical being. With this gift of life, you have presented with the mirrors of existence that elevate our soul toward the highest light. Every day we are faced with these reflections, and they bring us great pain and great joy. In our pain, we forget we are on a great journey. We struggle with the confines of our ignorance, desperately searching for a way to tear away the veils that cloud our vision.

Great Mother, help us on our journey of discover. Give us power to continue to seek. Help us to find joy and courage as we navigate through the dense fog of confusion. Help us, Great Mother, to understand your needs and what it takes to heal our precious body.

In our commitment to you, we make a commitment to ourselves, to our own enlightenment, to our own process of forgiveness and wisdom. In this forgiveness, I make a pledge from my heart to find an end to this weakness and pain, to find a harmony and a balance so that we may more successfully walk with a foot in the physical and a foot in spirit.

Oh, Great Mother, I humble myself to your power. At this moment, I visualize golden white light surrounding me and enabling me to move into my shaman center, into my place of power, a perfect reflection of your innocence. I see the shield that you carry shining like a beacon in the darkness. Your shield is made of trust and faith: Trust that each and every one of us will build a rainbow bridge across the abyss of darkness; Faith symbolized by each of us crossing that bridge, held forever in your light.

Great Mother, we give thanks for your blessings. Ho!

~~Lynn Andrews

07-04-2009, 07:04 AM
Always giving thanks.. Ho!