View Full Version : My Back Yard

Becky Davis
07-19-2000, 07:39 AM
I got up right after daylight to work in my yard this weekend. I was feeling pretty resentful about it too. I went to the fence to throw over some clippings and there was Momma racoon and her three little ones. Two of them did a good job with keeping up with Mom, but the third little fellow just seemed to be having a terrible time. He rolled off of logs and tripped a few times. He finally caught up and all was well. My second trip back to the fence, I had two deer to my left, a third to my right. When they started to run, I softly called out to them. They stopped in their tracks and watched me with as much curiosity as I had for them. That night the air was alive with the chorus of tree frogs. Now how could things be better than this? I was upset and found peace right in my own back yard. For this I am thankful. And today Friday the 21st, I'm just proud that backyard is still there!

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