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06-02-2004, 05:39 PM
A little off the beaten path, but, if you build it they will come.....or something like that. Thank you to the owners of this board.
Seems that there are quite a few people that read this BBS from around the Eureka area and probably much farther out than I even have an inkling about, that share similar life lessons. If anyone is interested in gathering to discuss life altering illness, chronic pain, high mountains to climb or maybe even just completed a long journey into a world of illness and back, or even to lend a sweet word to others, well, let's talk. Maybe the 1st thing to do is to use this forum to just discuss where we are in our life walk. It could just start here and keep going as long as we want it to. Or not. Or go somewhere else.
I am feeling gratitude for the ability and the freedom to speak my truth and share with others./deb

06-03-2004, 08:00 AM
Deb, I think that is a great idea. I am deally with a lot of difficult health issues and would love to have people to talk with. I have been in a group therapy class at OGC, but I may be having to stop that class. I am a single 32 year old mother of two great children. In March of 2003 I began having seizures. The are not real seizures though. They are pyschogenic seizures. I also have fibromylgia and polymyalgia. Most people around do not understand them. I can not drive, work, or sometimes not even care for my children. I am lucky though because I have a wonderful, awesome family and friend support group. I think that everyone could have somebody to talk to. My email is mls_1271@yahoo.com if anyone want to email me about getting together to talk or just using email or this message board to dicuss what is going on in our health and life issues. Thank you all so much!/Missie

06-04-2004, 09:37 PM
So good to hear from you, Missie. Got home from the med school in Little Rock a few hours ago and I'm pooped, so won't be long winded tonight. Just want to acknowledge you and let you know that I'm not familiar with some of your medical difficulties, but am going to research them a bit so maybe I'll get an idea about what's going on. Sure sounds like it has been quite life altering, but still you're hanging in there doing all that you can. Having 2 children is a blessing and also having the family support is so very important. Was wondering if you live in Eureka and if you've been staying in touch with Geekfest for a while. There are a lot of very compassionate, caring individuals that are here from time to time and it's strange that you can feel like you know them without actually ever even meeting them in person. Yet, a sharing seems easy and maybe it's just because they are honest and really do care and it shines through like a soft light. Stay in touch and I will also.

06-04-2004, 11:08 PM
Greetings Deb & Missie,

Deb, how good of you to move our continuing thread here to the gratitude journal. I'm sure everyone will find their way. Missie, welcome, though you may have been here longer than I have. I say welcome just because a number of us were getting to know one another on a thread in the open forum with this same intent, sharing with others of like mind and getting to know others who can understand those life-altering experiences that we've gone through. I have lived in Eureka Springs for 10 years now though I must admit, it seems like yesterday that I pulled out of Colorado with my then-partner and left our home and the corporate jobs behind, along with a whole lot of bigots, to come to Arkansas (of all places). LOL It seems that one thing after another has changed and altered ever since I set foot in Eureka. I'll admit that, sometimes, I think about going back to where I came from, but that's not going to change anything back. So, I may as well stay where I've learned to love a whole lot of people. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

Missie, I know of most of the medical conditions of which you speak, except one - polymyalgia. I can infer a lot from the name, but other than that, I know nothing of this condition. I can imagine, however, given the rest of what you're dealing with, that all of this together has been quite life-altering for you. Thank the powers that be for a loving, supportive family!

I am very familiar with seizures as I had incontrolled seizures for more than ten years. I will have to disagree with you on one statement. Psychogenic seizures are just as real as any other kind, and certainly, YOU know that from having them. There are so many kinds of seizures that most people don't even know about that I can see why you might preface it that way, but please, don't do yourself the disservice of making it sound unreal because it's not. Your suffering is as real as any person with seizures, no matter what type they have.

I was on the state BOD of the Colorado Epilepsy Foundation for three years, and I remember many times, sitting in the office and working on one project or another, overhearing conversations between clients who would try to make light of their "kind" of seizures because no one knows much about anything other than the traditionally known generalized tonic-clonic or "grand mal" by the old name. Absence of "petit mal" seizures, clients would almost be embarrassed to admit they had because some felt guilty for using the same services as some of those who had the BIG ones.

Sorry to get off on that subject. I just heard it so many times. I want you to feel supported, and here I am, arguing with you. I apologize if I offended you. I just want you to know that I realize your suffering is as real as anyone else's.

My own medical story is pretty jumbled, actually. Currently, if you've seen someone getting in and out of a maroon 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan ES and TRYING (I mean that sincerely) to access her own wheelchair before getting into it, that would be me. I realize there are other people who have done this themselves, and I'm finding I'm not as strong as they are. Given I've been an athlete most of my life, that surprises me, but it's true. I found out in the middle of 2000, when I discovered I had over 200 blood clots in just the thigh portion of my right leg, that I have three genetic predispositions to clotting. Though I was put on Coumadin in the hospital and not allowed to leave until my blood levels were therapeutic, I had six more DVTs (blood clotting incidences) in the next six months. That has much to do with what's wrong with my right leg as all of those were in that same leg, which I'm finding out is NOT all that unusual. I also have degenerative joint disease in my right knee that is pretty severe, and a knee replacement isn't doable due to the clotting problem. Also, a Baker's Cyst behind my knee keeps me honest if nothing else does. I get reminded quite often that my right leg doesn't like me much. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

There are other things, enough to more than fill my Medic Alert card to the point where they no longer put anything on it other than my name and number and a big, bold "there is a lot of medical information on file; please call 1-800-XXX_XXXX". Hehehe, I'll admit that, at 50, I didn't think I'd be completely falling apart at the seams, but it at least appears that way.

So much for me. I get bored talking about it because, as much as it has absolutely turned my life into something so completely different from what I recognize that there are times I don't even feel like the same person, I also get tired of thinking about the specifics.

Deb, I hope your trip to the medical school was fruitful and not too tiring and that you got some answers that lead to relief. That's what I wish for all of us - relief.

Good night, ladies. I'm tired, and at the moment, my hands are hurting, and I'm kinda tired of listening to myself talk. LOL That happens a lot more often than I'll admit.

Blessings to you both.


Jeannie Jones
06-05-2004, 12:24 AM
Well, I have much gratitude to you, Ms. Deb, for opening up this location. Ooh, it feels good over here! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif I had been awaiting your return to your home, and to the other thread.

Missie, I was going to say the same thing as Shimaka, that although your seizures are of psychogenic origin, your body IS having them, for real. Also, of course I know of fibro, but did not know of polymyalgia.

It's a great accomplishment to be able to care for your children with such serious medical conditions. It's good that you have good help from family and friends, but sometimes there are things that you need to talk about, that you don't want to bring to your loved ones. If you're needing to withdraw from your group therapy, perhaps you might find some support here to fill that need. I mean, we can try, anyway. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

Shimaka, thanks for further explanation of your knee situation. Girl, what a load you pull daily! I'm sure you've had many "down" moments in your travails, but here you are, determined to go ahead and achieve and accomplish.

Love you, ladies, but I'm about cross-eyed from being all day on the computer, so I'm needing to close.

Thanks again, Deb, for leading us here. I never explored this side--got so caught up in the other place.

Loving blessings,


06-05-2004, 08:32 PM
Thank you ladies for your support. I guess I said something I did not mean to say, because I do know my seizures are real, believe me I can feel the pain so much, but it is my subconsouis that triggers them to occur.
Shimaka, I know that you know who I am. I am Missie that worked for Dr. Bell's office for several years and then the Arvest Bank. I guess I did not realize how bad your legs had gotten. I know you will keep your head up high and hopefully we will all be able to support each other.
Deb, I am glad you got back from your trip ok.
My group therapy is actually stopping all together next week. So I guess I do not have to quite because they are doing away with the group. So that makes me feel a little less quilty about stopping it. I do not like to give up....and you never know what might actually be working for you.
Anyway ladies I again want to thank you for the support and look forward to getting to know you all better.
Have a great week-end! Missie

06-05-2004, 09:50 PM
Missie, are you able to request that you be in another group if that is what you feel is needed? I know that OGC has several different types of groups going at the same time and it seems that you could ask to continue in another group.
Was reading about polymyalgia. I had never heard of it before and it is quite entailed and seems that it has differing levels of effects and in different parts of the body, but especially the upper shoulders, neck and forehead.
My doc doesn't believe in fibromyalgia, so what I have is, for one diagnosis, rheumatoid arthritis. That is also a disease that effects different people in different ways. The problem that I'm having with it medically is the drug that they're treating it with is being titrated up, but the sed rate is also going up when it should be going down. That tells how much inflammation is in the body. I really do think that I have the fibromyalgia because of the deep pain upon any movement in not only my joints, but muscles too.
I am going to read about psychogenic seizures because I am also clueless about them. For 10 years I worked with clients that had varying levels of seizure activity, all from epilepsy. Was so close to them that I knew when they were experiencing an aura, just prior to seizing. Would clear an area quickly and ease them into a comfortable position on the floor, all the time talking and soothing them. Some people were hit out of the blue and down they would go. I remember how exhausted they would be and have to sleep for many hours to recuperate. Then, every muscle in their body would ache. As the years went by, medications improved and many people were managed much better. My baby sister also has "grand mal" (tonic/clonic) seizures and loses days when they happen. It also seems that she is managed quite well unless under stress either otherwise medically or emotionally. She has been diagnosed with MS and Crones Disease. It's the MS flares that seem to induce the really bad seizures.
Anyway, I will read more on the psychogenic ones.
Great to hear from you Shimaka and Jeannie. If any of you just peeking in to see what this is all about have a desire to speak out about your experience in this very human area, please join us. I have an idea about us getting together, like in the real world (what and where is real though? http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif ). I'm hoping that all of the people that were a part of the discussion on the Open thread would join in here. However Spirit is leading is how it will manifest (oh boy, another one of my humble opinions http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif )

Jeannie Jones
06-06-2004, 12:45 AM
Hi, folks,

Did the "big shopping" at Wal-Mart today. I'm just feeling totally played out and feel that I lifted things that are too heavy. I get a 12-pack of 24-oz. water bottles, I find a guy or wait til someone comes to that aisle, and ask him to get it down for me, into the cart. That's the last thing I get, because it's so hard to push the cart with the water in it.

Mom (84-y/o) gets a motorized cart, and she just u-turns in the middle of an aisle and just clips along like crazy! She usually ends up losing me a few times, so I really get my exercise prowling aisle after aisle looking for her.

So anyway, we leave the heavy things in the cart for the check-out person to scan, and ask for assistance to the car. When we get home, I take the light bags in, MOM takes the heavy stuff (!) and I take the scissors out and cut up the water 12-pack, and bring it in in Wal-Mart bags, 2 bottles at a time in each bag. That even feels like too much, but I just want to get it DONE and don't want to take 6 trips to do it, or ask Mom--she already does enough.

Well, I hadn't planned on going into the boring details of our shopping trip, but just to say "hi" and glad to see this thread still active, love y'all, and maybe tomorrow I'll be able to write about something more than shopping at Wal-Mart!

Love and appreciation,


06-06-2004, 01:09 AM
Ah Missie, thank you. 'Tis nice to put a face with a name and know who I'm talking with. Yes, I, too, hope we can all support one another, if not here, then we will find somewhere appropriate. Deb was kind enough to move this thread from the open forum where it was quickly disintegrating so I am glad she saw the right time and just followed spirit to where we are now. Who knows where we'll end up? At least now we all know each other, and if need be, we can contact one another through email to set up whatever we need to.

Missie, does this mean you, too, are no longer able to work? I do think that is the most frustrating part of having a chronic, degenerative problem, especially if anyone around you doesn't quite "get" it, and you spend time and effort having to explain yourself.

Actually, sad though true as it is, I've had to leave the clinic and BOTH doctors to go to the clinic in Berryville in order to actually have someone treat me who pays attention and isn't treatint me like a hypochondriac. I also think that the clinic in Eureka is so busy, and has gotten so many orders coming down from on high that they have ceased being able to treat anyone who has any problem beyond what ten minutes can fix. I transferred my medical care from Little Rock back up to Eureka, and went with Greg because he had mostly treated me in the hospital for the clotting incidences I had, but that turned out to not be a very good idea for reasons I'd best not state on a bulletin board where other people have access. Best left to private communication.

Missie, I don't know what your personal situation is like, but do you have support at home? Do the people around you know enough about your condition, and care enough, to want to back you up when you need it? These are SO important, especially when you're prone to fall into unconsciousness at the drop of a hat. I realize I'm not the healthiest person myself, but I'd be happy to be on your list of people to call when you need someone to be with you. I know what it's like to be there, and though I haven't taken any meds for seizures for a long time, I do occasionally still have a breakthrough seizures when I'm severely stressed. After my breakup with my partner 8 years ago, I went through over a year of one after another after another, and actually thought of finding a neurologist here and going back through all that process of finding what meds would work best. Scared me half to death to even think about it, but I did. Fortunately, as time passed, and grief and mourning healed, so did the seizures. Guess it means I'll always be prone, but if I can find a way to behave myself and not get stressed (yeah, right!), then I won't have to worry about it.

Deb, have you recovered from your long trip back and forth to LR yesterday, and how are you feeling? I just can't help but remember what that trip back and forth felt like, and I know it can just drain you forEVER, it seems. I hope you rested well and are feeling a might better today.

Jeannie, I'm so glad you found your way over to us. I knew you would, even if no one wrote to you directly, but I think Deb was getting ready to do that. You are such a comforting presence to have around, and I'm glad that you're here. ;)

As I told Deb last night, if we want to set up something a little more private so that we don't have to be concerned with folks just peeking in for curiosity's sake and never knowing who it is that knows all our business, there are plenty of ways to accomplish that, and I'd be happy to set up any of them that you'd like. It's always nice to know that geek talent still comes in handy even though I can't work at it full, or even part-time anymore. So, I set up email lists and private forums, and moderate bulletin boards and do Websits, just to keep my fingers in the biz still.

Guess I'll sign off as I'm really tired tonight. One thing that has been a constant struggle is insomnia, and then, when my body can no longer stand being awake, I just crash and burn. Did it for 20 hours yesterday, and another 8 today - this afternoon. And now, I'm ready to sleep again. Damn! That's what I get for having spent most of the week not sleeping at all.

Missie, remember what I said about being there for you if you need someone to call. I don't make the offer lightly, okay? http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif And, that goes for any of you if you're in a situation where you need someone. If we're going to be support for one another, then I consider that part of support if someone needs it. Okay?

Thinking fondly of all of you, glad to know who you are now, Missie http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif, and looking forward to another day tomorrow. Guess I'd best go check a couple of places in the open forum to see if anyone has decided to have me for dinner tonight. LOL Sorry, that's what it feels like sometimes. Deb, thank you for that one question you asked today. I think you know which one I mean. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif


06-06-2004, 07:59 AM
Thank you all for taking the time to care in what is going on in my life. It means alot!!! The kids and I have moved back in with my mom and dad. They live upstairs and we live downstairs. It is a great set-up. My parents and my two sisters do understand my condition and we have all reserched it so much that we get a better concept of it all the time. My children are also great. I do not know when I am going to have a seizure at all. I can just fall over like a tree. I fall down stairs, on the concrete outside it seems like everywhere. I can not drive or work. I have had to file for disability and it takes forever. I carry a pillow with me all the time..lol to put under my head so I do not bang it up to bad. Of corse that is just the seizure part of it all. The fibro and poly just kill me too. It all mixed together is hard to deal with sometimes. I still see Dr. Bell. I guess since I worked for him for so many years, he really pays attention and has great bedside manners. He is trying everything he can to control everything. I have been to several neurologists and rhuemitologist(spelling) and they just send me back to Dr. Bell.
The depression and stress play a huge factor in my conditions.
Ok well enough about that for now. I would love to somehow meet in real life. It is great to be able to put faces with names.
Once again thank you all so much for your support. Have a great day and do not over do it!!!

06-06-2004, 10:08 AM
Missie, do you mind if I ask if you've been able to get quality care of OGC? Care you're comfortable with? If you'd rather not answer that, I can understand that too. I have been very fortunate in that department because, even though my therapist left Eureka Springs less than a year after we began (and I never really thought it would take a year, much less longer!), she moved to Little Rock, which is where she had initially come from, and I would go down there to see her because I really didn't want to change therapists. It's hard enough to break them in. Changing them, and then having to break in a new one is harder than breaking in a new doctor, I think. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif Anyway, after awhile, we started alternating in-person appointments with phone appointments at my request. She was not at ALL sure this is something she would be able to be effective at because she is a very visual person, and she felt she had to "see' someone in order to really be able to use her skills at figuring out where a person really was - if they were being straight with her, or lying, or trying to cover stuff up, or whatever. She got a very pleasant surprise after giving in ONLY because I'm very auditory, and I was the one who was supposed to be benefiting. I'm so glad she gave it a shot because she is really quite good at phone appointments. I swear sometimes that the woman reminds me of my mother. LOL We'll be in the middle of something, and out of the blue, she'll say, "Phyl, uncross your legs and sit up straight." Hehehehe, and she is NEVER wrong. So, she got to find out that she has this skill she didn't know about before so . . . (here comes the good part) . . . when she moved to Anchorage - yes, that's right, the frozen tundra of Alaska, it meant that I didn't have to change therapists at all. She is still registered in Arkansas, and because of her experience with me, she has tried phone appointments with a number of her other Little Rock clients and found that they all work out pretty well. So, I feel like, in a way, I helped her find a gift she had that allowed her to continue to make a living all the while she was building up a local client base there, and now, even though she has a thriving clientèle in Anchorage, she has one day/week set aside for her LR clients, and spends that day on the phone. We call her. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif It may not make a big difference to most people, but after going through as much as we did to get to a point of trust for me, and a place where she knew me so well, I just wasn't willing to compromise and try someone who might not be as good, and I also didn't want to have to go through all that beginning stuff again. It's just too painful. I hope you are able to find someone you feel good about long-term because we all need that kind of support when dealing with chronic illness, especially multiple chronic illnesses. If there's one thing I remember so very well about having seizures, and in a way, I still deal with it, there's such a loss of control you feel because you really don't have a clue when you whole day is just going to be shot to hell, or when/if you might be out with friends somewhere and just have a seizure happen. I know it gets frustrating, and my hope and wish for you is that the perfect person shows up that can be your professional support, that you feel you can trust, and if you need to add medication to your seizures and fibro, etc. medication, then you can get that all balanced out so you feel comfortable with it. One thing that is exceptionally good is that many of the medications they might give you for anxiety are also anti-seizure drugs in one way or another so sometimes, you get lucky and get double play out of them.

Sorry, I really got off on a tangent there. I am so glad for you, Missie, that your family understands and has studied up on their own even, and are there for you. That's wonderful! I'm very sorry that you have no warning. Perhaps with time, one of two things will happen, and we'll just have to address the angels on this one - either they will go away OR you will develop an aura. I'm not saying they WILL happen. I'm saying perhaps one or the other will happen. You may already have an aura yet haven't had enough experience yet to know what it is. At least if that happens, you'll know you have enough time to hit the deck, so to speak, or lie down on the couch or bed or wherever you are. I'm sure not being able to drive had made a huge dent in your ability to feel independent, and I'm so sorry that has happened to you. We all pray that all of us at some point can get to a point of feeling like we're comfortable with the place we are at. That's actually why I started therapy, to gain some resources to be able to deal with my disability. What I didn't realize at the time is that I also had Post-traumatic stress disorder which was really messing up my head combined with everything else that was going on. Thank God for therapists with heart!

Jeannie, how are you doing on the transportation front? I know that you and I first connected when you were trying to find a way to come to the next geekfest gathering, and I think of you often in that regard. You do know that I'd be willing to come and get you if you don't have a way, don't you? And, if it's a late night, and you decide you'd rather stay over, that can always be arranged. Heck, both of those apply whether it's a geekfest gathering or not, okay? Missie, I know you're local and can probably get a family member to take you if you want, but if you ever need a ride, let me know too, okay?

Deb, have we ever talked about your transportation situation? Can you drive at all? How do you get around? Heck, I'm a great chauffeur so just call me James, but do CALL if you need me, okay? LOL

Are you all rested up from Friday yet, Deb? Oh, btw, did you notice where I used you as an example in that response in the open forum? I figured you did since I noticed your one question that I thanked you for yesterday, but I did want to ask you about it and see how you felt about that, and if that was okay to do. That whole situation had me so frustrated I was about to throw someone across the room, which in my condition, would be a really blatant miracle {G}, but it hasn't stopped me from feeling that way anyway.

Ladies, thank you for allowing me to go on and on and on. You've been most gracious to not tell me to please shut up already. I'll be the first to admit that I have no talent for brevity despite being a journalist by first trade, but then, I never write anything short. Maybe that's why I can't write short posts either. LOL Anyway, thank you for your patience with me. I figure God isn't finished with me yet. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

Go carefully, my friends, and have a lovely Sunday!

Love and hugz,

06-06-2004, 12:29 PM
I would never tell you to shut up, Shimaka. Also, it did not bother me at all that you used me as an example. I saw your frustration in the thread that you're referring to. I do wonder at times why you continue on when some people are so rude. The one statement telling you to quit referring to your physical problems really made my hair stand on end. It obviously came from someone that has no clue. There is a lacking of respect for others so often that I just have to look away when cutting statements are made. It seems that I am becoming more thin skinned as my time moves forward. The written word can be so beautiful and soothing and even healing. This may be boring to some, but Xcesses have dulled the taste buds and, seems, the ability to maintain decorum. Know that I love a good verbal/written tennis match (of sorts)as I am as onery and even at times as quick witted as ever, but just as a good debate has guidelines, so does interactions with others. I guess on this BBS, the lines are drawn much farther out, given our freedom of speech. I'm not going to be able to change, nor do I want to, the way people treat each other. The world is unfolding exactly the way it is suppose to and I have no right to even attempt to interfere. I do have the right to speak my mind, and for that I am feeling gratitude.
You are so kind, Shimaka, to offer transportation and your time to others. I drive still, though some days I know better. Don't handle congested traffic, long drives or night driving well. There is NO WAY that I would attempt to drive into Eureka on Blues Fest Weekend. Also, think I've had enough Blues and Jazz Fests to last me many lifetimes. They're a lot different now than they used to be. Think that's because of all of the motorcycles. The noise is deafening to me. It actually hurts my ears and my psyche.
The Little Rock trip, which is going to the U of A Med School, has wiped me out for 2 days. Did find that I will be having hand surgery on July 1st. It's like carpal tunnel surgery and should help to have feeling come back into my hands and also relieve some of the pain. They can't do surgery on the bones and ligaments that are causing the the majority of the pain though. Will still have to wear splints to help with that. Won't be able to drive or do much for 2 weeks, but it'll be ok in that I have family close by to assist.
My Rheumy Doc will not even look at my neck and lower back which is where the majority of the debilitating pain is from. I used to walk several miles every morning, but haven't been able to in a couple of months now. Spinal arthritis, I guess, is just something that you live with. She said that the treatment would be the same, which is the Methotrexate med that I am taking. Am thinking about going back to a chiropractor that I have a lot of confidence in. Don't have insurance, so have to be careful with expenditures though. Ok, that's about enough about me.
Sure am enjoying this thread. So glad that you are here, Missie. Is it your family that had (has?) the float service down Rock House Road? Are you the teacher in the family? I get people mixed up a lot, so forgive me if I have done this in your case. You don't know me, but seems that the 1st time I took my son (who is your age)on a canoe trip, David (your Dad?) rented us the canoe. That was 10+ years ago and we had a blast!
Here's hoping that everyone is having a great Sunday. What a beautiful day in the Ozarks!
Hi Jeannie and here's to hoping that you and your Mom don't have to go back to the World of Wally any time soon. Feels like I always have to be reprogrammed when I'm in there for more than an hour. I look like this when I come out: http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif: and http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/eek.gif combined http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

06-06-2004, 09:42 PM
Such a beautiful day today, I recognize that, but there has been so much pain to deal with that it feels like I've seen the day only through squinted eyes. I feel a need to sleep and sleep, but even that escape is being intruded on by dreams of pain or some type of barrier to whatever state it is that no pain is felt.
I've looked at all of the sites suggested, but guess reading isn't making me feel any better. I go to my Rheumy doc on the 22nd and am going to ask about a pain management referral. The last time I asked her for help she gave me a script for Mobic and had it filled.....$120.00 and I had to refuse it because I sure didn't have the money. In asking her for Darvocette N100 she said that she could not prescribe that. My son is going to go in to the exam room with me next time so that maybe she will HEAR me. I'm not adverse to using a gender trick....anything that will help is okedoke in my book.
Like you told me one time, Shimaka, I'm just going on like I'm journaling. Sometimes it can even help others when they see that someone maybe is having a hard time like they are. Also, I'm sure that others have gone through days like this and would like to share. If I'm able to type and be fairly coherent, guess I'm not in too bad a shape. Then again, think that I've about done as much of this as I can handle. latergaters/deb

Jeannie Jones
06-07-2004, 12:29 AM
Oh, maaaaaaan! I just wrote a whole long post and lost it. Well, I guess that's not what I was supposed to send. Welllllll, one problem seems to be that I have something in mind when I start out, then I forget for sure what was said. Then I go back to the board to reread all the posts, then come back here and lose what I've started, no matter what route I take. Sigh.

Y'know, Deb, I did sit here in my room with that negative ionizer thing going for 2 whole days. Finally I turned it off forever. The air did feel kind of--I dunno--crispy. Probably destroyed more brain cells.

Y'know, Shimaka, I love the idea of having our own BBS. It's generous of you to offer your services in that way. Thanks, also, for the transportation and hosting offers.

Deb, when we knew each other so long ago, who would have thought that we'd reconnect in this way! "Synchronicity is God's calling card." Love it. Hand surgery--big stuff. When is it scheduled? If you said that above, kindly disregard the question. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif Girl, your bright spirit has sure touched a lot of folk.

$120 for Mobic! It's slightly stronger than OTC pain relievers. Neurodoc gave me some samples and said 2 in AM, 2 in PM. It does help some, on top of my other meds. Don't know what your situation is, but have you checked out

www.themedicineprogram.com (http://www.themedicineprogram.com)

You may qualify for free meds, if you're not on another kind of program.

Missie, what is it that you want from a neurologist? Don't mean to be nosy, but you did say that they keep sending you back to Dr. Bell, and I'm just wondering what you're needing that they're not giving you? A proper diagnosis? Falling down w/o a moment's notice must require a lot of planning. (What an odd-sounding sentence!) Hope you always have someone with you. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

I'm just so happy we have this little forum--it's like a warm, comforting hug, coming here.

Mom and I usually go out for Sunday dinner with our friend/neighbor, Avalee, and we took her to her favorite place, 'cause her birthday's Tuesday. She told me to dress up & make up because our friend Elmer would bring over his jazzy orange sports car and she'd photograph me in it with her digital camera. Elmer really wants to see me get together with my friend Steve, in CA, and said that he wouldn't be able to resist a photo of me in his jazzy car! He's so silly (in a fun way--you know what I mean).

So Elmer comes driving up in this totally new different kind of jazzy car that we'd never seen. I don't know how to describe it or remember what it's called, but it did some amazing tricks automatically opening & closing the top. So we did pictures, then over to Ave's (that's short A as in have, not long A as in Ava). We got to look at the pics there, then she e-mailed them to me.

While at Ave's, she wanted us to watch a video of a children's musical program she attended at her son's church a month or so ago. He lives in Chicago--they had a small congregation w/ a building, but not much money, and merged with a big congregation Philippino church with no building, but with lots of money. They love it, it's a great fit. Anyway, I saw on her computer that the film was 48 min. long, and I thought--oh, no, I can't DO this!

But I did it. It was delightful. There were 2 Philippino instruments, and other instruments, and the sound was so sweet and wonderful. The children were adorable, and ranged from quite small to early high school, I'd say.

By the time we got back home (I was dyin' for a smoke--yes, I'm a smoker) it was 4:30. Fed cats, changed clothes, checked BBS, checked mail, then finally at 6 it dawned on me that I hadn't taken any meds yet!

Well, Deb said above that she felt like she was kind of "journalizing" with this board, and I see I've done that with this post.

Well, love ya, gals, time for me to go. Hope you have a bright tomorrow, and I hope your pain eases up, Deb.

Til next time--


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06-07-2004, 03:07 AM
I think we're all journaling in a way, Jeannie. And, I've always found journaling to be such a gift to me. Writing has always been my preferred mode of communication though it frustrates some folk when I would rather "work things out" or "talk things out" through email than on the phone. I just am more able to say what I want, and I suppose some would look at this as a shortcoming. I just look at it as that's the way I communicate best. I am easily intimidated by fast talkers who over talk me, which means I frequently can't get my point across so, if it's something important I want to discuss, I'll take the written word any ole time I can.

Deb, I want to thank you so VERY much for what you had to say in the beginning of your first post. You have no Earthly idea how much I needed to just HEAR that from someone. Now, here is one of those places where I'm not so comfortable being on a public forum, but . . . here goes. I've had to fight alligators to my armpits, physically, lately, and when I end up fighting alligators in other ways too, I end up with no spoons the next day, and I know it before I ever go to sleep. I suppose I could do, as many have suggested, and just LEAVE IT ALONE, ALREADY, but there are times when standing on one's principles is more important than personal comfort. I guess that is something I may have to rethink because my body doesn't agree with me as much as it used to. I'm quite sure there are a number of people who would be positively THRILLED if I adopted the attitude of "you're just not worth it!" and perhaps I will, after I've beat myself into the ground enough times. The one thread you are speaking of, I felt I had no choice but to respond though. By the time I saw it, they had already taken two full pages to diss me, and I hadn't had any chance to defend myself at all, or even offer a word of clarification. I have a feeling that at least some of the message may have gotten through as the thread stopped dead in its tracks pretty much once I posted. Actually, I was hoping SOMEone might have been ashamed of him/herself, but I think that's just wishful thinking.

And, you're right about the comment about my physical situation. But then, I'm looking at the source. Ever since the election, and I was either brave or stupid enough to actually take a stance on the issue, I've been public enemy #3 - James and Lucinda being #1 and #2. One would think that, once people have won, they would be happy and let it drop, but since that isn't happening, it just seems they must be completely mystified that so many people voted against their way of thinking that it came out nearly 50-50, and all the time since then has been spent in trying to find ways to paint the figures in a different light.

The same group has done their level best to try to destroy my bulletin board, Bridging the Gap. People coming on and searching through the archives for anything they can find and dredge up from God knows how long ago, and try to use it against me. Then, publicly making really crass and rude statements before demanding to be removed from the board. And now, hehe, sorry, I have to laugh, they have the 'nads to call me a bully for changing the board rules so that no one can just come by any ole time and use the archives as a weapon. You have to be registered and log in in order to have access to the board now, and that has really po'd some people off bigtime. Ahem, as my father was prone to say, if you're p*ssing off a lot of people, you must be doing something right. LOL

Anyway, I don't know that I have it in me anymore to be a political animal. I've been an activist most of my life, usually fighting for someone else's rights, and now, I'm going up against city council to fight (I hate using war terminology for these things, but that's the only language they give us to use - perhaps we need a new dictionary of political language) to get this town accessible so, at least for once, I'm fighting for something that will benefit me. I don't see where this should be a fight at all. According to the ADA, Eureka Springs, and every other American municipality, was supposed to have submitted their plan for making the city compliant with the ADA by 1993!!! We're just a tad behind. LOL I remember when the fight was going on at the time, and I was very vocal about getting curb cuts put in downtown (and I surely had no personal investment in it - just didn't want to see people in wheelchairs, walkers, even parents with baby strollers, have to fight to get from the street to the sidewalk. But, no, we couldn't do curb cuts. My God, you want us to take away our Victorian authenticity!!!!! You'd think I had asked them to pave the streets, put in flush toilets, dump the cobblestone, and get rid of the street lamps and lamplighters! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

I apologize, ladies. I just realized this sounds more like a post that belongs in the open forum than here. Mea culpa, mea culpa. For me, I was venting to friends who understand my physical situation, and whom I feel I can trust (which is a big issue for me so thank you for being women I CAN trust), but I can see why someone else might think I was just going on with the political fight. sigh.

Deb, I am so sorry that you are still wiped out from the trip to LR. That's another of those things that's much easier if shared, my friend, so, if you find yourself having to make the trip alone, please don't hesitate to call me. I'll be happy to ride shotgun or share the driving with you if you like, and having someone to talk to can sometimes make that trip a whole lot shorter than it really is. My last few times down, either my friend Thomas or Steven Gary went with me, and often, one of them would drive and just allow me to relax if I could. That is such an incredible gift to receive, I never knew how to appropriately say thanks. Thomas has babysat me through a number of harrowing experiences physically and medically, and it just baffles my mind how much having that person there who cares for you can do for you. I'm single now, and since I haven't always been single, ad even though it's been eight years since I was married, I'm finding that to be one of the harder aspects of being physically challenged because I also have no immediate family here. Throughout my life, I have always surrounded myself with what I will call my "family of choice" because I live pretty far from the family homelands in PA. I do have a feeling, though, that even if I were in the family-close-by category, I would probably have m family of choice too. People in that category are just so special because they've "become" family, and you get to pick them, not just end up with them. Hehehehe. Oh, please, don't get me wrong about my family. I have one sister who is three years older than I am, and we communicate several times a week via email, and often over the phone - I think the world of her. If I were close by home, I have a feeling that she would be in my family of choice even though she is already my sister.

Jeannie, I wanted to explain something geek-related to you that might be helpful to you with the posts you are "losing". One, if you need to look back on the thread you are replying to, scroll to the bottom of the page, and unless the topic has gotten too long, it will all be there for you to see without having to go to another page.

Another thing that comes in handy is the ability of IE to open more than one browser window at a time, which can save you a lot of time and grief if you need to look back at anything and the topic has gotten too long to view all of it at the bottom. Once it has gotten too long, they provide you with a link to view it, and it's "supposed" to keep what you've already written, but I never trust that.

Anyway, what you can do is, click on File, then New, then Window. It will open another instance of Internet Explorer with EXACTLY the same page you have in front of you so you actually have two copies. You can use either one to either go back and look at the topic, OR click on the link at the bottom to get to review the topic. Your post will still be safe in the second window that is open so you don't have to worry about losing it. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif I've been saved many-a-time by using this feature.

Anther thing you can do is copy and paste when you've already written to the clipboard so that, if you use your usual method of going back to check out the topic, when you come back, if your post is gone, you can just paste it back into the window. Does that make sense? If you're not used to using copy and paste, the really easiest way, I've found, to use it while on the board is to use the keyboard shortcuts so you don't have to quit typing rather than the mouse, which requires you to take your hands off the keyboard. As long as your cursor is within the text box window, use Alt-E, then A. That selects all the text, and you'll see it all highlighted. Then click on Alt-E, then C. That copies what is highlighted to the clipboard, and it will remain there as long as you don't paste anything else to the clipboard in the interim. That way, you have it "saved" temporarily s that, if you lose it when you come back to your post, it's really easy to get it back. Just put your cursor in the box by clicking inside the box, then Use Alt-E, then P, and it will paste all that text you copied to the clipboard right back where it belongs. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif I often use this as a way to "save" what I've already written just in case a problem develops on my PC so I have to close IE for some reason.

Then, my personal favorite is to not write your post on the board at all, but write it in Notepad or Word or WordPerfect or whatever word processor you use. When done, you can use the same shortcut keys as above to copy to the clipboard from the word processor, then go to the board, and to the screen where you want to make your post, click onside the box so that is where any text will go, and click on Alt-E, then P, and voilà! The whole post you wrote in the word processor is pasted into the window on the board, and all you have to do is click on Submit, and you've posted. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif You'll never have to lose one, single brilliant word you've written ever again! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

Can you tell that I must have lost a lot of posts myself at one time? LOL Sorry if this just looks like a geek lesson instead of a supportive post. I hope this is one way I can be supportive too.

Missie, and you too, Deb, and you Jeannie, I hope that your Sunday was lovely and spent in the company of those you love, and who love you. There simply ain;t nothin' better. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

I drove into town this evening to collect on a dinner invitation that is a weekly gift from two friends in Washington state. My good friend, Bev Wilkinson, and I used to eat fairly often at Myrtie Mae's despite the fact that I couldn't really afford it. We did this for years, dating way back to when she first became a geek client in, oh, 1996 or 97, thereabouts. Last year, she met and fell in love with her soul mate, and they were married in Provincetown, MA in a beautiful oceanside ceremony. Then, in October, Bev moved to the Pacific Northwest to be with Patty because Patty is still working and won't retire for another year or two. They plan, long-term, to split their time between WA and Eureka Springs, but until Patty retires, most of their time will be spent in WA. Anyway, the first Saturday after Bev moved, I got a phone call from the two of them, and Patty asked me if I had thought about what I was going to do on Saturday evenings now (since that had been Bev's and my standing date for almost 8 years). I told her I hadn't really given it much thought yet, and she told me that THEY had. What those two wonderful brats did was set up an account at Myrtie Mae's in my name, and I was told that every Saturday, I was to go and have the prime rib special, something I absolutely LOVE there, and it was on them. What an incredibly thoughtful gift! Well, yesterday, I wasn't feeling well enough to even leave the house so I went in tonight and had dinner on them instead, picked up a few groceries, stopped to see my friend Thomas at his carriage depot, then came on home. I cannot believe how much that little bit of energy expenditure has completely wiped me out! (I did get some protein in me though, which I really needed as lately, I've not been able to eat much - too bad it's not showing up in my waistline). I basically only had dinner, sat with friends and chatted awhile, and shopped at Hart's for maybe 15 minutes, and that was it. Of course, that means twice of getting the chair both in and out of the van, setting up and taking down ramps, etc. too, but even with that, it's only four times with the ramps. I just feel like such a woos for not having any energy at all. I'm anemic right now, and a recent treatment protocol put me in bone marrow suppression so my marrow isn't producing as many blood cells of ANY type as it should so I'm blaming the extra energy loss on that. I pretty much had already known my immune system was shot already, but the bone marrow suppression makes that far more pronounced so I'm like a walking magnet for picking up just about anything that happens to float on by. I think I have a doctor's appointment sometime this week, but if not, I'm going to make one. Just too many weird things going on that don't make sense to me.

One more thing before I close. Thanks so much, my dear friends, for putting up with my long-windedness . . . I know I've heard from each of you at one point in time or another that we're all a praying bunch no matter which particular brand of prayer we do. I found out recently that this MRSA infection that I've acquired, and that is now systemic, and that they have not been able to kill, carries with it a 70%-75% mortality rate. It immediately made me wish I was NOT such a good researched. of course, I didn't just take it but checked it out with my MD as well. The other things I have going on certainly have the opportunity to be fatal, but I have been so very blessed to have walked through the valley of the shadow of death so many times, and still comes out on the other side, especially with the clotting episodes. Anyway, I wonder if you would be so kind as to include me in your prayer lists or whatever it is you do to keep track of who you are thinking of when putting in a few good words. I would be forever grateful if you'd include me in your thoughts, prayers, sending of white light, candle lighting, incense burning, whatever it is you do in your own faith tradition. Muchas gracias mes amigas. You have become such precious souls to me in such a short time. How wonderful! Thank you for any energy you can direct my way, but please, don't take any away from yourself in the process. We ALL need everything wen can get. Deal?

I'll admit, I'm a little . . . okay, a LOT scared by all this. And then, I get mad at me for feeling scared and tell myself I should have more faith that the Universe is unfolding just the way it is supposed to. In any case, thank you, and thank you, each and every one, for your openness and willingness to share. We have, indeed, created something beautiful here, and not by mere coincidence (which I don't believe in anyway). I believe we were all directed with lots of angelic help to be at the right place, at the right time, and to be open to whatever the Universe had to offer. I feel so very blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being open to the direction of spirit. My love to all of you.


06-07-2004, 09:36 AM
Shimaka....do not ever say sorry for writing to much. To me this is a sounding board for us to say what we think, how we feel. or just what ever we want to say.
Everyone of you are in my prayers and thoughts everyday since the time I have meet you on this board. You all seem like very wonderful ladies that I am excitied about getting to know.
Deb....yes I am from the Sisco family that lived on the Kings River and ran the float trips. My parents are David and Becky, my sister that went to school to be a teacher is Fonda, I am the middle and then I have a younger sister Cathy or she goes by Cat. I loved living at the river but when they starting changing things by adding the new bridge and paving the highways we new it would not be like it used to be so we found a nice big house in town that is off in the woods a little so that we still feel like we are in the country some.
As far as OGC goes, so far I feel very comfortable. However, very soon my therapist is taking more time off so I will be seeing another therapist. In a way I am looking forward to it. The therapist I have now has promised to keep in touch because she wants to be in on my sistuation and the healing part of it. Plus the new therapist may have some new insight that we have tried yet. I am on several different meds...anti-seizure and also anxiety meds too, and sleeping meds and anti-depressants.
As far as the neurologists go....that was all at the beginning of my illness when I did not believe that my mind could actually be the cause of something that hurt so bad. I finally believe and everytime someone (friends) suggest that I need to go to a neurologist or a neurology hospital I still tell them that they can not help me, that I am need a mental hospital before I need the neurology part. LOL
My day yesterday pretty much started out with a seizure while giving my son a bath in the morning. Pulled thru that one and went with my mom, son, and niece to go to the lake to see my sister and her family. My daughter had spent the whole last week with them so I was missing her very badly. They all went swimming while I sat in my chair and watched. Which was ok. Eventhough I would much rather be out there swimming it was fun just to watch them. I did ok in the heat which of course was my mother's greatest fear. After returning home though I did have another one with unconcouisness for about 6 to 7 minutes and then waking up from that mom said I had another seizure. I was very wiped out from those. It was basically laying on the floor untill I had enough strength to get the the chair and then more time until I could get downstairs to bed.
Today my daughter is back home and I am very excited about that.
Shimaka....I know the feeling about having great friends that move away. I have friends that took me into their home when I was in a mess in my life and they have since moved on to several different places, but have always been there when I have needed them. They are my children's God Parents.
Deb..I am glad to hear that you are having hand surgery if that is what you need. I am sorry to hear that your back is in so much pain. Like I said before you are all in my prayers.
Ok so maybe I have been rambling on to much today. If you asked a question and I forgot to answer it I am sorry. Please ask again though.
I hope you all have a great day.

06-07-2004, 10:01 AM
It sure is good to hear from you, Missie. Thanks for sharing your life, the positives and, well, the scary parts too. Have a wonderful day in the Ozarks/deb

06-07-2004, 10:14 AM
Jeannie, in reading this earlier today, I thought of you (many, many years from now). Not just because of the Jones, but because of your smiling, positive, de lightful attitude http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif.


The 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud lady, who is fully dressed each
morning by eight o'clock, with her hair fashionably coifed and makeup
perfectly applied, even though she is legally blind, moved to a nursing home

Her husband of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary.
After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, she
smiled sweetly when told her room was ready. As she maneuvered her walker to
the elevator, I provided a visual description of her tiny room, including the
eyelet curtains that hung on her window.

"I love it," she stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just
been presented with a new puppy.

"Mrs. Jones, you haven't seen the room ... just wait." "That doesn't have
anything to do with it," she replied. "Happiness is something you decide on
ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not doesn't depend on how the
furniture is arranged, it's how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love
it. It's a decision I make every morning.

When I wake up, I have a choice; I can spend the day in bed recounting the
difficulty I have with the parts of my body that no longer work, or get out of
bed and be thankful for the ones that do. Each day is a gift and, as long as
my eyes open, I'll focus on the new day and all the happy memories I've stored
away just for this time in my life."

06-08-2004, 01:26 AM
Good evening, my dear friends,

A slow day on our own little thread, I see. I hope all is all right with everyone and that it's been a relatively pain-free day for those dealing with pain, and a good head day too, and I ain't talkin' 'bout hair. LOL

I hope y'all don't mind if I tell you about my day. I need to talk, and it's 1:35 in the morning. I need to go to sleep, really, but I've always been an insomniac, and the events of the past several years, and their affect on my body, has not helped much in that way. There are times I go days and don't sleep at all, then make up for it all at once, but I never know when it will happen so it's a little hard to plan sometimes.

I didn't realize that today was my doctor's appointment until this morning when I called to check. I knew it was this week or next, but I'd lost the card, and, well, you know how that goes. I found out it was at 3:30 so I had plenty of time since it was only 10 AM.

It was a harrowing day all the way around, even though when I called those I had promised to let know I was home safe and sound, I said I was fine, that I was just happy to have some answers. And, I did get some answers today, answers that made sense, and to me, most of the time, that's FAR more important than anything else. I realized later tonight that, after I had told the couple of people I had committed to calling that, there was much more to what I was feeling than what I was letting on, even to me.

I think I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was dealing with a MRSA infection that is three+ years old. That's a stapf infection that's the super bug type of staph that's resistant to all the usual antibiotics that has always killed it off in the past. It's likely, I'm told, that I picked this up the first or second time I spent a week in the hospital for a DVT (blood clots), and that, though I literally begged three different doctors to please culture something of the skin infection I have that keeps getting worse all the time, for some reason as yet unknown, all three, including the dermatologist I saw, refused.

In March of this year, it started to get worse almost exponentially. And by April, when I had a doctor's appt (new doc, thankfully), I showed him a new breakout that had formed in a not very public place (and no, not south either) - his first words were "I HAVE TO CULTURE THAT!" I kissed him. It was just a knee jerk reaction. I was so happy to feel validated for some reason that he felt he should at LEAST do a culture, and that's how they found the staph. They did a sensitivity test to find out what antibiotic would work, and that's how they found out it was the MRSA instead of regular ole staph. It's gone on long enough now that it's systemic, no longer just a skin infection, and he started me on an antibiotic called Zyvox, apologizing for the price. Well, I was used to having people apologize for the price, but I had NO Earthly idea that the d*mn drug cost $100 per pill, as in $1,400 for a 7-day supply! My pharmacist actually whispered it to me when she looked it up, like SHE was embarrassed. I took it like a good kid despite the fact that it made me feel absolutely horrible from day 1. By day 6, I was shaking uncontrollably, I could NOT eat, and I realized that I wasn't able to put a full sentence together. I had a date with a couple of friends for dinner, and it was excruciating to try to have a conversation. I would begin a sentence, and lose myself on the third word, and the fourth, the fifth, and sometimes, wouldn't even get through the sentence at all. I felt like someone had taken about a hundred points off the top of my IQ!

Three days later, I went toxic. I literally could not feel my body, ANY of my body. Skin, muscles, anything. Could walk but not feel my feet touch the ground. Would sit down, and the only way I knew I was sitting is that I stopped all downward motion. It was pretty scary. And, it was like I had this really small tunnel for vision. And it kept getting smaller. I finally faxed my doctor's office because I didn't think I could call and make a full sentence to tell them what was happening. In the end, I had to quit taking the drug before it was able to do its thing, and I had been told it was the only drug on the market that could do the job. I knew I was screwed. Didn't know what else we would do.

We did other cultures, and they came back with bacteria, but not staph. I was not elated because I knew something was wrong. It didn't seem right. Today, I found out why. Sorry for the big intro, but I didn't know how else to preface coming into today. I felt sorry for my doctor today because he spent a lot of time apologizing...first, because he trusted the preliminary results of the cultures, and of course, he wanted to give me good news. When the actual test results came back (I didn't know the others were preliminaries), it was found I'm basically infested with the stuff. That's the first time a word like that has been used. We were almost at the point where I was going to have to go into the hospital to have a PICC line put in and have IV therapy every day for a month with another drug that hadn't been mentioned before because you have to be hospitalized and have it IV in order to have it at all. It's called Vancomycin. I don't want to know how much it costs. All I know is it's more expensive than Zyvox. I realize the pharmaceutical companies have to pay for the R&D, but sometimes, I really think they are just out to take advantage of us. The only reason this drug, and Zyvox are so expensive is that the people who need them are desperate and have no other choice. Sh*t, just tell someone there is a 75% mortality rate with what you have, and you'll FIND the money if you have to rob a bank! And, they know it.

As it turns out in the end, my doc had an hour consultation with an infectious disease specialist. The guy, as soon as he heard about the medications I was on asked if I was okay several times until I guess my doctor realized he needed an answer. <G> Evidently, the anti-depressant I take, which is Effexor XR, like any other in the SSRI family, raises seratonin like most of us know, but what my doctor didn't know (because I asked about drug interactions) is that Zyvox basically sends your seratonin level out of sight. I OD'd, in essence. That's what happened way back when when we weren't sure if it was allergy or if I had gone toxic for some unknown reason, or whatever, and I had to quit taking the drug.

So now, I have to taper off my anti-depressant, which scares the bejezzuz out of me! I told my doc that was like taking estrogen away from a woman with no ovaries. I couldn't guarantee I wouldn't kill someone. Anyway, after I taper off the anti-depressant completely, I'll take the Zyvox for a month, not the usual two weeks. BUT, if it doesn't make me too sick (it acts like chemo so I know I'll have to deal with THOSE side effects), and I can tolerate it, I won't have to do the hospital or PICC line. Whew! I'm praying. And I'm scared. D*mn, thats hard to admit. I had enough stuff to deal with without this. And, I'm VERY angry at those three doctors who refused to culture something when it was most likely still just a skin infection that could have been treated much more easily, and wasn't life threatening. Now it is. I do feel blessed though. The powers that be have seen fit to let me stare down my mortality several times and walk or wheel away from it. Even if we take away everything else, and just look at the clots (all seven of the incidences) and genetic propensity to clot, most people never learn they've had a blood clot or have any kind of predisposition. It's grieving family members who find out. I am so very blessed in that department so I must not be through here yet. I'm still hanging around even with the odds against me so many times. I surely don't know why. I'm not exactly saint or angel material, and I'm just the average Jill on the street, yet the universe has seen fit to allow me to actually live through some pretty harrowing things that have killed people a lot stronger than I am. Now, I need to find out what it is I'm supposed to be doing. OBVIOUSLY, God isn't finished with me yet!

So, my friends, I'm thrilled to have some answers, and to KNOW I wasn't crazy that day that everything just went haywire. The infectious disease specialist said he was surprised I didn't 1) just die, 2) kill myself, or 3) end up in a padded room. He said that, any time he's had that happen before, where someone is taking an SSRI and takes Zyvox, they end up psychotic and hallucinate, or just kill themselves, or, or, or . . . Lucky again. Blessed again. I guess I really should stop asking why, but it's difficult to explain. I don't think ANYone would feel worth of THIS many chances so I doubt I'm alone in that.

I'm quite sure my therapist will be thrilled to hear this news because I went through a major crisis right before that BIG DAY when I had to stop the Zyvox. I actually kept my promise to her and called her because I felt like killing myself. She didn't want to laugh, but she did tell me, Phyl, NO ONE keeps that promise! LOL I guess I'm just stupid. I did. Now, we have a reason. It wasn't me. I hadn't completely lost my anchor. It was the meds!

I'm still scared, and a month is a very loonnngggg time. But, I'd still rather have it be like this than the PICC line and have to show up at the hospital every 18 hours for a month. I just hope and pray and meditate and visualize that this will work, and the other will not be necessary so it can be OVER WITH. Kill off those little buggers once and for all. Much as I hate to kill anything, they are killing me so it's WAR! I had a chat with them not so long ago and told them I didn't want to kill them so if they went away quietly, I wouldn't have to, and they could find somewhere else to live. I even offered to find them a suitable home. They didn't seem interested. They're REALLY happy where they are. I'm so sorry gang, but you're outa here!

Thanks for letting me vent, gals. Whew! I hope I can sleep tonight. Man, do I need it. Blessing to you all. My love too.


Jeannie Jones
06-08-2004, 01:34 AM
Well, dear hearts, I'm so grateful for y'all. Thanks, Deb, for the forward about the blind woman. Have always loved that one.

Y'know, girl, it's so grand that you have left behind your shyness, brought us over here, and are sharing more info. about your physical difficulties.

Shimaka, you are just a continuing inspiration to us all. You do so much, even living alone with your "disabilities". Thanks for the helpful hints re: the computer. The way I want it to work is the way it worked when I had an earlier version of windows--open windows would stack on top of each other, then you could click out of the top window by the red X at top right, and the previous windows would remain. Now if I stack 'em up, and click up top, they all go bye-bye.

Sorry, dearies, no energy today. I have a friend I'd like to invite to join us--don't know if she will or not, but I'll ask her.

Missie, glad to see you're still "with" us here.

Love to y'all,


06-08-2004, 05:28 AM
Good Morning ladies.
Shimaka, I am sorry but also glad with the results that you found out at the doctor yesterday. It is horrible news to get, but at least they have figured it out and can start to treat it as soon as you get off your antidepressants. How long will it take for you to tapper off? I am like you I can not imagine tappering off, but if that is what has to be done to help save yourself then I know you are strong enough to do it. I also feel like all of us are here for you and will help in any way that we can. Thanks for sharing with us.
My day yesterday was a full packed day. Had to go to the bank, pharmacy, OGC, Health Dept, and Wal-Mart. I thought I was going to fall apart by the end ofit, but I held through. The good news is that they increased my Lexapro to help with my depression which just seemed to get worse everyday and also Louie my son was able to get on WIC until December so we can get assitance with milk, cheese and stuff. Every little bit helps. I did end up having a big seizure and unconciousness at about 1030 lastnight but at least I was in bed. So painful afterwards and even very sore this morning with a big headache.
It seems like my 10 year old daughter, Haillie, is growing up to fast. I am going to need a calander just for her activities this summer. She just got home yesterday and already has stuff planned for today, tomorrow night and Thursday and 4 full days next week. I dread when she is a teenager if she is this busy now. Oh well, I am sure it is good for her. She loves her friends so much!
Well I think I will try to take it easy today. Although, I do have to bake some goodies for a yard/bake sale that we are having for the Rock House Cemetary. Well it is not at our house, but at my aunt's house in Berryville. I will also make a few beaded pieces of jewelry to sell. Making jewelry does help to relax me until I get frustrated with the the piece I am making....LOL!
So ladies I hope you all have a very good day and try to keep the pain levels down. I am so very happy that I stumbled upon this group. I know God just sent me here because he knows for sure that I need all the support I can get.

Bye for now....Missie

Jeannie Jones
06-08-2004, 12:35 PM
Wow! Shimaka, I hadn't read your last post before I posted mine--you can see how close together the times are. I'll go back and study on your post after lunch.

Missie, you seem to do so much! It's great that you're making cookies after going to all those appointments! My hat's off to you.

Deb, always grateful for your continuing this thread and for just bein' you, you little sprite with such a fine mind!



06-08-2004, 02:11 PM
WOO-HOO everybody; we're so hot, we're cool!
You took us into the hot topic status, Jeannie. From the looks of things, this is the 1st for the Gratitude Journal. I'm just feeling gratitude for that. Think we need to nudge a few more people to come over here? Just have the feeling that maybe they aren't aware that we made the leap.
I'm having a good day and my energy level is up. Love it when that happens. It's the pacing myself that I'm not too good at when it happens. //deb
p.s.think I hear thunder....my garden is feeling gratitude for the good rain we got yesterday. I know because she told me 1st thing this morning. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

06-08-2004, 03:11 PM
"Hello" friends,
Must admit I've been "lurking" and "learning" what a brave and courageous bunch ya'll are. So enjoy the personal accounts that go to make each of us the person with the view-points and feelings we have.
Really enjoy the peaceful,tranquil, en-"LIGHTENING" mood of this very special place.
Hope to continue learning moer about us all.
Still awaiting my results of MRI. Have Dr. appointment tomorrow, I have missed so much work the past few weeks, afraid they will consider me a "liability" and fear they will "give me the boot" as soon as it's advantageous for them. God must have "abundant plans" for even me.
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif PEACE**LOVE**TWISTED-LIGHT**

06-08-2004, 07:28 PM
Steve it is glad to meet you here.
I also do not know when to stop before I have overdone it. That ot one of my huge flaws. I have worked so hard all of my life, which yes I know I am not that old, but it has made me where I have a very hard saying "no" and I try to do everything I can. Sometimes my mother yells at me still because I am overdoing it.
Well I did not get cookies made today. I thought today was wed.....so I will have to make them tomorrow. I did however get several pieces of jewelry made and laudry done. I am pretty warn out and tired tonight. My daughter has a friend over so they are wanting to go outside with my son and catch fireflies, so I better go for now.
I hope you all had a good day!

06-08-2004, 08:21 PM
Hello Shimaka, wherever you are. Maybe you slept in late today. It's after 9, so time to get up http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif!
Fireflys are really starting to increase in number. What fun to have kids around for neat stuff like this, Missy. I like to just sit out on the porch at dark, shooing the skeeters away, but watching these miraculous light critters. Maybe they could be our totem or mascot. Or maybe just leave 'em alone and enjoy watching them. Gotta remember to keep things simple. I did stuff outside today and got plum tuckered out, but it's the getting chores done kinda tired, not the disease kind of tired. I like this kind best and am very much in gratitude when I can pull it off and experience grubby, sweaty, stinky kinda of tiredness.
So nice to hear from all y'all today. Shimaka - waiting for you to make my day http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif
p.s. good to see ya' here sTeVe

Jeannie Jones
06-09-2004, 12:26 AM
Well, it's 12:34 and I so enjoy that! I know, some would say "get a life", but if a digital clock can amuse me, well, ya gotta know how simplified MY life is! I'm not a clock-watcher, but I do seem to hit it at particularly fun times--like a straight or three or four of a kind in poker. Now from mentioning it, I've got my mom and Ave, our friend/neighbor doing it too!

Anyway, HI sweeties--

How wonderful that Mr. sTeVe has joined us. Y'know, I had been thinking this afternoon that it would really be great if we had sTeVe's lovely presence in this thread, then the next time I checked in, there he was! Love it! I've had a couple of times today when I knew exactly what someone was going to say or sing, so I guess I'm on a roll.

sTeVe, I hope you don't mind if I call you Steve, 'cause it's easier to type! Hope you get your MRI results tomorrow, and that you'll be able to sleep well tonight. Of course, you know that if your work lets you go, then it's in reality freeing you for the next thing.

Back when life seemed more "normal", I would say that I hope your MRI results prove you to be healthy (or something like that), but now I'm working on freeing myself of judgement and polarity, and the above would just pull me back into judgement and polarity.

We don't know why we have these apparent illnesses or dis-eases, but we do know we're on the "light" path and our seeming "problems" must serve a purpose in this. How on earth would we 4 link up if it were not for our conditions?!

Every moment of every lifetime we've lived has led us to this moment now. That's my belief. As we come closer to the grand "transformation", the pressure has us almost nailed to the ground. There's my 2 cents worth, anyway.

Shimaka, yes, I've tried it in the ways that the bbs would suggest one do, but I STILL somehow have managed to lose posts! I've found a simple key for me, though. I open up this page, close it down into the tray, then open it up again by going back to the page again through my "favorites" and hit "post reply", and put that one in the tray too. Then I right-click on an empty spot on the bottom and choose to "tile windows vertically", so I have my reply on one side, and everybody's posts on the other 1/2 of my screen. Works for me. I like it. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

So, hey, Deb, not only are we flamin', but you've brought us into a second page! Do you get bit by chiggers, ticks, skeeters when you're outside or do you wear bug spray all the time? If there's a bug in the vicinity, it'll bite me, and I don't go for putting stuff on, so I just end up staying inside all the time.

If it's your sub-conscious that's triggering your seizures, Missie, you must be some powerful manifester. When you learn to harness your ability to do that in a positive way, there'll be no stopping you, girl!

Shimaka, that's quite a horror story with 3 doctors refusing to get a culture of your infection! I was telling a very close friend of mine (hope you don't mind) about it, and she said that she felt the doctors were all trying to prevent a lawsuit by ignoring it. If they had run the culture, there would be proof, then maybe you'd have grounds to sue the hospital or someone (covering the med. community's ASSets, as it were). Anyway, she said that and that "we Lightworkers are wearing out and breaking down, but pieces of us are still here"! She said "Nefalia sends her love".

Well, sweet'ums, that's all I can do for now. Been resting up from Sunday, and tomorrow we've got the chirodoc, which means getting up 3 1/2 or 4 hours before leaving the house in order to get a shower in. It takes me so long to "gather" myself.

I wrap you in my love,


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06-09-2004, 03:27 AM
Ohmy, friends, I had this nice, long post here, and I inadvertently fell asleep before I posted it. That's not all that uncommon, but what was uncommon was that, like happens all the time, I went to clean up all the extra letters and stuff that were at the end of where I quit writing, only thing time, someone "insert" was turned off, and all those nnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwww that was all over the place wrote over what I had written instead of appending to the end. Arrggghhhh!!!!!!

One other thing that irritates me about IE is that it doesn't have an undo function so if you accidentally do something like that, you can't undo to the last point you were at. So, I lost everything. I'm so sorry. It was a good post too! I'm going to "try" to do an abbreviated form here and hope I don't fall asleep again. @##^%$@*&$(*

Deb, you were right. I DID sleep in, mostly because I spent at least three times as many spoons as I had yesterday. And, I've kind of run both sides against the middle of late so I've been doing a lot of sleeping all day kinds of things. I'll get up, have some coffee, feed my furry child, then fall asleep again. I did that several times today. Woke up around 11 PM or so when a guy friend called and asked me how long to boil corn. LOL Some things never change, I swear. It made me smile to type that so it must have been a good thing. He's one who always does most of the cooking in his place and for his lady, but every once in awhile, he just gets lost and doesn't know what to do. I'm the consumate bacherlorette so one can tell the minute they see my house. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif Actually, my various and sundry physical limitations haven't exactly made me a better housekeeper either. That part frustrates the heck outa me. But anyway, when I was married, I always did the cooking so at least I usually know the answers to the questions. Hehehe, poor guy. He does try, at least.

Steve, welcome to the family. And thank you for your wonderful note today. It made my day. I'll tell ya that it just makes me reach out and give you this huge spirit hug every time I see your signature line. You're a very special soul as are we all, and I do think this is one of the many places you belong. How nice to have you among us, bro.

Missie, I was thinking that I hope you might find it in yourself to get a helmet made especially for people like us who find ourselves on the floor more often than not without any notice. I realize if vanity is a problem, then, well, it can be an issue. A friend of mine who shares the same clotting factor problem (we met on an email list for clotters) sent me a helmet in the mail last year. I mean, this thing is meant for this purpose! I had had a particularly bad weekend and had fallen out of my office chair four times in three days, all four times landing on my head! Ouch! The last time, I literally cracked my noggin and ended up in the ER with a broken or cracked cranium and this HUGE hematoma on top my head that looked like a peak. I know I'm not from this planet, but this hematoma made me look like I was from the wrong one! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif About four days later, as I stumbled into the bathroom for the first time in the morning, I accidentally looked in the mirror, and was so shocked it was unreal. I looked like a victim of domestic violence. Over the next several days, I found myself watching in horror as it filled in, and the blood that had been contained in that hematoma took advantage of gravity and draine down my face until I had raccoon eyes. It turned out to not hurt a thing though, in the long run, as my SS disability hearing was that week. Looking like that didn't hurt my chance one little bit.

Anyway, the story only serves to prove the point that the helmets really can make a difference so, if you were to get one, even if you only wore it at home where your loving family is so supportive, it could prevent some disastrous consequences at some point. Just something for you to put in your pipe and smoke it and see how you feel about it - offered by someone who cares about you, a lot.

Jeannie, I'm so glad you found a way to work out the browser problem. There really is no reason that any version of Windows past 3.1X should NOT work the way I described to you, but it seems you have found a way to do it anyway. You could do it the way I suggested and save several steps, but I also know that, if you already have a way that works, why fix it if it ain't broke?

And I'm so sorry that your spoon supply is low today, or was low, uh, yesterday. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif Maybe you gave some of your spoons to Deb. She was on a tear and had more spoons than usual. How great, Deb! Just try, and I know how hard it is, to not overdo it when you have one of those days so you won't pay for it the next, okay? You are both so wonderful, and so special. This little meeting ground, or any other we might pick, is so special because we put our energy together and make it so.

You have all given me so much support today, thank you so much! When I posted last night/early this morning, it felt so lonely in here. Honest, it was eerie, kind of like the walls echoed. I don't know how else to explain it. But then, it could have a lot more to do with my state of mind and spirit than anything to do with the "place". I was feeling pretty alone at the time.

My furry child just came up lookin' for lovin'. He so rarely does that that I just have to take advantage of it. He's such a doll, and definitely my totem. His name is Medi, which is short for Medicine. His full name is Sheih Sheih Medicine Peke - a Pekingese who somehow KNOWS his royalty heritage and expects to be treated likewise. LOL Look around the place, Medi. Does this look like Royalty to you??? Heheh, but luckily for him, he thinks this IS royalty, and I've never allowed him to know differently. At times, I think he only keeps me around because he's not tall enough to reach the can opener. LOL But, let me be sick or feeling particularly down, and he's on me like glue on post-it notes. I do believe that our furry friends are so good for us, and they give us so much unconditional love. I am so rich!


Deb, please try not to overdo it on your good days, just like I was going to ask Missie. It's so easy to wake up and feel like we have more spoons than we have, and go out there raring to go, thinking we're invincible again, when we never really were in the first place. Please, do take care of yourselves. You not only have your own families and people who love you, but now you have us too, and we'd like to keep you around. Please, be good to yourselves. We love you! S M O O C H E S ! ! ! ! !

My friends, I know I didn't cover half the terriroty I covered in that first letter, and I apologize for not addressing more things from your wonderful notes of today. I just realized I'm nodding off again, and Medi does call so I gues, even though it's not even 4:30, he wants to go OUT and to get his dinner. He's early, of course, but how does one fight with a 14-year-old Pekingese who thinks he's royalty? Hehehe, especially a Leo with a short man's complex? LOL

Thank you, once again, so much, for your support and loving, caring natures that you've been so kind to share with me. These next six weeks could be difficult, and I may need more help than usual. I promise that, if I need something, and any of you are in a position to do something, I will not hesitate to call on you. you have my solemn word on that, and I take such things seriously.

Go carefully, my dear friends. You are in my heart, and in my thoughts and prayers. I hold you all up in prayer and light and love and think of you so often. Thank you for becoming like another family to me. I think you are all simply WONDERFUL!


"I often have wandered in deep contemplation. It seems that the mind runs wild when you're all alone - the way that it could be, the ways that it should be, things I'd do differently if I could do them again." ~ John Denver

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06-09-2004, 05:00 AM
Wake up to the fresh smell of rain and the peacefulness these Ozark Mts. provide. Our "Great Spirit" sure knows how to make a day start off wonderful. Good morning, "GLW"
(Gratitude Light Workers) and hope you slept or rested better than I. Oh well, early is good. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome aboard, never was much to join things, but I wouldn't miss this forum for the world. Passing out hugh armloads of spoons, so take what you need plus that many more as we face the day. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Have Dr. appoint. at 10:30, so say your Hara-Krishna's for me, as I will for you. Will ketch ya' up when I find out "what condition, my condition is in".
sTeVe. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

Today's Positive Affirmation:

My heart is filled with love therefore I expect everything in my life to work together to create wondrous blessings
for me this and every day.

06-09-2004, 06:08 AM
Blessing to/on/for you Steve, my spirit brother. I shall be thinking of, blessing, and praying for you at the appointed hour, and before and after.

Yes, I realize it's only a couple of hours after I was going to bed.

Obviously, I didn't. Medi had other ideas, as did my rather pain-wracked bod. Argh! I'll live! I'm too mean to do anything else. And, too determined to not let this damn thing win!

Sorry! That was not exactly in the language I would like to put forth. But, it's sure how I feel.

Good morning loves!


06-09-2004, 06:16 AM
Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:
The way I want it to work is the way it worked when I had an earlier version of windows--open windows would stack on top of each other, then you could click out of the top window by the red X at top right, and the previous windows would remain. Now if I stack 'em up, and click up top, they all go bye-bye.

Jeannie, if you don't mind my asking, what version of Windows are you using?

If I'm not mistaken, which I very well could be, you should be able to stack to your hearts content AS LONG AS you aren't a Virgo about it and don't stack them exactly on top of one another so that the Xs line up. Does that make sense? I wish I could draw it here for you. If you want to stack five or six windows, go right ahead. Just make sure that the exit X of 1 doesn't sit right on top of the exit X for 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6. They can be real close, just not right on top of one another. Then, when you click the top one, it should only close the top one. SHOULD is the operative word here. Depending on your version of Windows, this has a chance of blowing up in MY face. LOL

The other thing to make sure to do is to set up your default settings so that it is not set up to open windows all in the same one so that, when you double click on a folder, it will open a new window rather than opening it in the same one as the old one, therefore getting rid of the old one. You DO have a choice in that. If you don't know how to get to it, let me know, and I'll draw you a roadmap. {G}

Love y'all!

06-09-2004, 06:35 AM
Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:
Shimaka, that's quite a horror story with 3 doctors refusing to get a culture of your infection! I was telling a very close friend of mine (hope you don't mind) about it, and she said that she felt the doctors were all trying to prevent a lawsuit by ignoring it. If there were proof, then maybe you'd have grounds to sue the hospital or someone. Anyway, she said that and that "we Lightworkers are wearing out and breaking down, but pieces of us are still here"! She said "Nefalia sends her love".

(emphasis added by Shimaka)

Jeannie, first, please tell Nefalia that Shimaka sends her love. What an absolutely LOVELY name. I'm sure it must have originated in the same place as Shimaka, which is with Spirit.

Second, about the part of your quote that I have highlighted: You know, I always thought that people on the path, so to speak, didn't get into suing other people. I'm beginning to change my mind. NOT, please understand me, because I think we need the reverse of that and suing everyone, but because the legal system is there for a reason, and remedies are there for very specific reasons. Many of us have never sued anyone because we don't want to appear to be a part of this litigious culture of ours. But, who ever said you have to become a part of the culture in order to take advantage of your rights?

In other words, I have considered a lawsuit, and I've advised the person who holds my financial durable power of attorney to please feel free to do so on my behalf if I am unable, and my sister, whom I love dearly, know that, should she get one of those phone calls every family member dreads, she has my permission and full support to pursue whatever legal remedies she feels are necessary and right, given the situation.

Please, Jeannie, pass this one to our Nefalia, whom I would love to meet, btw. It's actually the opposite of what you have written here. It's not that I would EVER have considered suing someone for doing their job, for trying to pin down a definitive diagnosis so that a proper treatment plan could have been implemented.

NOW, in a very real way, it's about NOT doing their jobs at a time when this would have been nothing more than a skin infection that required intervention. Due to the negligence (yes, I realize those almost sound like fighting words) of those three doctors, I no longer have a skin infection. I have a systemic infection that doesn't just hurt my vanity a little bit. It has a 75% mortality rate. There's a big difference between the two. And, according to two family doctor, and now, an infectious disease specialist, it is obvious from the records that, had this been DX'd at an earlier time, especially when I first asked, which was well over two years ago, it would most likely never have become systemic, and I would not now be facing those numbers I don't like to look at, nor the treatment (which I'm glad is there, but is far from pleasant or without its own BIG risks involved, not to mention severe discomfort). So, yes, I have considered having my attorney draft a letter to X, X, and X and detailing out exactly what the problem is, exactly what could have been done to prevent said problem, and what remedies he is seeking on my behalf. I don't know yet. Haven't made up my mind. I've never initiated a lawsuit before so it's not like this is something I know the rules to, but that's what attorneys are for, I'm told. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif I already have a whole pile of bills sitting on my desk that Medicaid won't cover. And, given the amount of money I get on disability, I know I'd be making $5 a month payments to enough people to eat up the entire amount of my monthly check from now to eternity if something isn't done to remedy the amount of these bills.

So, it's possible I may end up with no other choice, and that saddens me. No choice means, well, it's not up to me. It does make it look better in court, but I'm not trying to make anything look like anything. All I would like to see is a bit of fair play.


I apologize that, for a moment there, I got a little hot, but I sprayed myself with Medi's water sprayer. Whew! LOL I'm better now.

Love y'all!

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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06-09-2004, 09:07 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Shimaka:
[B]Blessing to/on/for you Steve, my spirit brother.

AHA! I'm so twisted that I thought that sTeVe might be my spirit SISTER, being that (he/she) is also twisted. Maybe 2 twisteds equal an untwisted twisted http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Yep, yep....feeling the follys of the previous 24 hours. Shimaka, the quote you presented at the end of your emails kinda sums up my attidude about this:

Life is not just a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving
safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside,
thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming:" Wow, what a
@->-->-- --<--<-@ @->-->-- --<--<-@ @->-->-- --<--<-@ @->-->-- --<--<-@
I love it! Thanks. And I ended the day yesterday with 1 spoon in which I used to put myself in the shower and wash away the dirt and stinkiness to become my usual lotus flower being. uh huh http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

The garden is so happy this morning that she is singing, "the hills are alive with the sound of music" She just can't control her emotions sometimes...that's what I love about her http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

Being that the weather has so cooperated, I will be staying inside today; on and off of this contraption. I'll be tuning in to see what sTeVe has to report. Also, checking to see how everyone else is doing. Shimaka, I have definite opinions about the suing issue, but need to gather my thoughts as it seems a bit painful to talk about right at the moment. Jeannie, much comfort obtained at the chirodoc. Is it in Branson that you go for that? Whew - long way away, if so. Missie, Shimaka's idea about the helmet is a great one (in my humble opinion). I've seen them save people a lot more pain and discomfort than even the seizure causes. Do you have any sense of an aura prior to having them? It can even be the nuance of an aroma. Can others see it in your eyes just prior? Even having a few seconds of an indication can help a lot. If I'm becoming too personal, please let me know. Have a great day. Are your children in any kinds of summer programs? My grandkids are signed up for the library program. Looks like fun for them. latery'all/deb

Jeannie Jones
06-09-2004, 11:41 AM
Originally posted by DaBee:

Jeannie, much comfort obtained at the chirodoc. Is it in Branson that you go for that? Whew - long way away, if so...[QUOTE]

No-no-no-no-no! Chirodoc HAS to be local. At first I was seeing him 3 x a week--now once a week--but he is definitely local!

Neurodoc is in Branson. Don't see him again 'til I think October. That's just too long a trip for Mom and me to do very often.

Glad you're back to your lotus-blossom self. I've just come out of the shower all fragranced and feeling better--surely don't do that as often as before my condition got the better of me, so to speak.

[QUOTE]...Missie, Shimaka's idea about the helmet is a great one (in my humble opinion). I've seen them save people a lot more pain and discomfort than even the seizure causes...

Ditto--if you just fall, how can you position a pillow strategically?

Don't have any more time right now--gotta keep on gettin' ready. Will be back later.

Also, SHIMAKA, my friend has some more private information for you that I'll e-mail later.

Many blessings--


06-09-2004, 12:03 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by DaBee:

I'll be tuning in to see what sTeVe has to report.
Hey gang,
Sign me up for one of those "head bangin' helmets" as that's what I feel like doing right now! Dr. only knows I don't have herniated disc as show by MRI, but is making appointment for me to see orthopedic specialist. Mentioned "radiculopathy" which leaves me darker in the "LIGHT". Nothing is ever easy, and I know I'm so much better off that many, but still frustrates the "stuff" out of me still not knowing what causing the pain I know is with me.
Before I forget, was led to this meditation w/music earlier:
Thanks for the support, prayers, and just being my "spirit friends." O.K. for now just bummed a little. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

06-09-2004, 01:03 PM
www.spineuniversity.com/public/spinesub.asp?id=57 (http://www.spineuniversity.com/public/spinesub.asp?id=57) - 37k
this is a decent site to get an idea about what this is. And thanks for the initiating info, Lany. Lany, what was your course of treatment, if you don't mind talking about it a bit. Seems like maybe a whiplash or a bad hit on the head could cause it. (See, Missie, another reason for a helmet)
Glad you arrived home safely, sTeVe. Just take it easy while you can. Are you doing heat/cold/heat/cold? Or do you even know the source of the nerve root problem?
Feel like I'm getting way personal here lately. Y'all can just ignore me if you want to, but I only ask 'cause I really want to know aaannnddd...it might help someone else reading this quietly in the background.
Was wondering also, Jeannie. Does the chiropractor have more benefit than a massage therapist for you?
OK, enough questions for this hour. NO, one more. Shimaka, did you call BreastCare?

06-09-2004, 01:32 PM
WOW!! Thanks for all the info and all the infor, DaBee & Lany. Will keep ya'll posted as I "learn-n-grow". Peace & "Good Health" to all my "Spirit Friends".Think problem initiated with lower back injury at work, and causing sciatic nerve damage, they think? http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

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Jeannie Jones
06-09-2004, 06:40 PM
Shimaka--from Nafalia regarding lawsuit:

First, remember you do not do this for yourself, you do it for all of those who do not know it can be done--all those who do not know their rights.

Second, if your attorney and your doctors are in the same state, hire an attorney from out of state, and I recommend Craig Lauther (sp?) Lowther? [The sound is as in allow--could even be Lauder--Louder?] at the John Q. Hammons building in Springfield, Mo. He is a piranha about things like this.

It is important to remember, it is not about Shimaka--it is about everyone.

Also remember that the Law and Justice have nothing to do with each other.

Perhaps you may not accomplish it for yourself, but you will accomplish it for millions of others. Never ever forget Karen Silkwood.

As above, so below,

Love, love, love,


PS--Nafalia means "I'll be with you forever", and you are right about its origin.

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06-09-2004, 07:23 PM
Wow I had alot to read to get caught up on everything. Ok, I have to ask a questions because I have missed something somewhere. What are "spoons"? My dad has been very very long. Woke up with headache and not feeling great, but had to make pecan pie and pecan bars and peanut butter conflake goodies for the bake sale. I was dead tired after that. I am going to have to take a day off pretty soon just to rest.
Great idea about the helmet. Was telling my daughter about it and my son overheard, so he ran and got his bicycle helmet for me. He is so cute. Shimaka they also say to tell you they love your furry friend.....he is very cute. Yes the kids are signed up for a lot of the summer programs. More Haillie than Louie because there is not much except the bible schools for Louie's age (4). Plus Haillie has two different "girlfriend" clubs that are doing a lot of fun stuff. One of them is going to have a carwash and lemon-aide stand this Saturday at Fred's so they can work and make money for their days of fun, like going to White Water...Seeing Harry Potter...making T-shirts and just fun stuff. They meet every Tuesday. If only I had that much energy.
Well tomorrow is my last day for group at OGC. I will miss it, but I am very gratefull that I have found these new friends of mine. Thank you all for letting me join right in. It helps to know you are all there when I need someone.
Steve, I am sorry you could not find the answer to your pain from the MRI. I hope you are able to get more help very soon.
Jeannie, I hope your appointmant went well and eased some of your pain.

Deb, I do not feel a seizure coming on at all. Some people say that it might take me awhile to figure it out. Its been over a year you would think I could figure out some type of sign by now.

Today and yesterday were also stressful, because I am getting very low on money. I had been using my tax return to live on, but it is just almost gone. I called all of my creditors and by the grace of God they are all letting my skip at least one and some of them 2 payments. I am praying so hard that my disability will be approved soon. Otherwise I will have to try and find some kind of work that I could somehow do.
well, my brain has just gone blank and I can not even think straight, so I think I will say good-bye for now.

Thank you all again so much!!! This is a great group of people.

P.S. Thank you Shimaka for all of the very kind words. They mean so much!

Jeannie Jones
06-09-2004, 07:39 PM
Here y'go, Missie--


[This message has been edited by Jeannie Jones (edited 06-09-2004).]

06-09-2004, 07:44 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by mls1271:
I am praying so hard that my disability will be approved soon. Otherwise I will have to try and find some kind of work that I could somehow do.

Missy, how long ago did you apply for SSD? I'm not going to tell you what not to do, but I want to urge you to read the guidelines on this about working.

Jeannie Jones
06-09-2004, 07:45 PM
I'll be back late tonight--

06-09-2004, 07:52 PM
have fun, Jeannie!

06-10-2004, 05:59 AM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Good morning Graditude Light Workers. Another beautiful day to give thanks for and to receive many blessings from. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Woke up this morning with a peace, and a little back and leg pain. Still thankful to have another glimpse of the beauty that surrounds us. Hope everyone is well and look forward to hearing from you today. GOD Bless, and "Namaste." http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Spirit Friend,
Today's Positive Visualization:

I take an even breath and relax into the Presence of God that dwells within me.
I breathe in peace and love and breathe out tension and fear. I gently connect
to the spiritual force of thanksgiving that is bubbling up within me. I open my
mind to thoughts of thanksgiving. I thank God for the many times in my past
when things looked bleak but ultimately turned out to be a great blessing. In my
mind's eye, I see every situation in my current life as a blessing. No matter how it
might appear to the natural mind, I know that all situations contain the potential for
joy and abundance. As an act of faith, I thank God for the silver lining within each
situation I am now experiencing. I expect the law of thanksgiving to bring miracles
into my life. In my mind's eye, I imagine abundance and miracles flowing into my life.
I combine these images with joy and let them go, knowing that they will create the
good things I am visualizing and thinking.
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif **Peace**Love**Twisted-Light**

© 2002 Institute For Creative Living
All rights reserved.

For information on how you can share this positive
thought with others, send an email to:


06-10-2004, 07:33 AM
Good morning to all! It is such a beautiful morning. I went and sat outside and enjoyed all the birds chirpping. God has given us a beautiful place here in the Ozarks.

Deb, I applied in December and still on my first application. Yes I know just about everyone gets deined the first time, but the lawyer says it looks kind of good since I still have not gotten the first dienial yet. I keep in touch with the lady at the disability office that is getting all of my stuff together. When I got really sick in May and had to stay in the hospital several days they are wanting all of those records and then the records from Dr. Bell and OGC since March. They have them all except for the hospital and I am staying on top of them to get those records sent ASAP.

Well Louie has a friend over this morning and they are running everywhere so I best say good bye.

Everyone have a peaceful and wonderful day!
Love you all!

Jeannie Jones
06-10-2004, 02:02 PM
Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:
I'll be back late tonight--

Hi, Deb--

I had just found and posted the spoons link for Missie, hadn't posted anything else yesterday except for Nafalia's post to Shimaka, had wanted to say something to a few folk, but felt the need to stop communicating for a while. I'd been on the phone for hours, and just wanted to get back to my "mindless" game for a while to unwind.

The funny thing is that when I posted "I'll be back late tonight", what I meant was that I'd get back to the bbs after anaesthetizing myself for a few hours, BUT at just about that same moment, you posted your last post, and mine looked quite out of place after that.

Anyway, I made it back today instead of last night--my verbal skills just didn't seem to be available to me late last night. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Jeannie Jones
06-10-2004, 02:31 PM
Originally posted by Shimaka:
...Jeannie, I wanted to explain something geek-related to you that might be helpful to you with the posts you are "losing"...if you need to look back on the thread you are replying to...click on File, then New, then Window. It will open another instance of Internet Explorer with EXACTLY the same page you have in front of you so you actually have two copies.

Shimaka, THANK YOU for the geek lesson! This way is MUCH simpler than what I was doing.

What we were talking about somewhere else is right-clicking on the bottom tray and choosing "cascade windows". That's where all the x's show separately. That's a really good one, too.

We're so blessed to have someone who knows so much about the workings of our PC's as you do (she said selfishly, though humbly). http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Jeannie Jones
06-10-2004, 02:48 PM
Originally posted by Shimaka:
...I'm quite sure there are a number of people who would be positively THRILLED if I adopted the attitude of "you're just not worth it!" and perhaps I will, after I've beat myself into the ground enough times...

Tut tut--please don't talk about my friend Shimaka like that.

Jeannie Jones
06-10-2004, 04:37 PM
Originally posted by Shimaka:
[B]...You know, I always thought that people on the path, so to speak, didn't get into suing other people...I'm beginning to change my mind...[B]

Okay, before I speak to the above, let me just preface it by saying that the views I will express are my own, and I don't want to offend anyone with a different belief system.

SO--while we wish to be as good to--ummh--the world as possible, beginning with our own little macrocosm of our immediate environs, and then extending from there, it's not so much about "external" rules any more.

More important than the rules (of course, we all want to be good, kind, loving people), is to GO WITHIN for our guidance about what we're doing. Whether that means meditating, just taking a quiet moment to be still and try to listen, or however that translates in your life, don't make decisions based on the external rules of consensus reality, but because of what arises from within and resonates with your entire being.

The more you're able to surrender to the Divine within you, the more you HEED your guidance, the more in the flow you are, you'll find your life flowing more smoothly.

If you have an issue you need to work out, bring it within and see how your possible actions resonate within you--which feels right to the higher good. You may not see in your meditation what your next step will be, but having opened yourself up, you just might find yourself doing the right thing when the need and the opportunity are there.

The more you learn to respect the Divine Heart within, and depend less and less on allowing the mind to control everything, the more your outlook on life will change.

You (we) can and must throw off the cloak of victimhood. (And exclude also being guided by the fear of appearing how we may seem to others. The ego is complex, and often is not our friend.) What we're going through serves the Universe in some way, and how blessed is that!

When you're seeing something as a hurdle in your way, or having pain that must be acknowledged and dealt with by someone else, I humbly suggest that you not look at it as an obstacle in your path, but as part of a kind of scavenger hunt, or treasure hunt, as--well! Let's see what this will lead me to! One obvious thing it will lead you to is other people...people who may need to hear just the perfect word from you, or vice versa, people whose lives may be influenced by yours (and vice versa) and exchanges between you that aren't even on a conscious level.

Someone said this to me some many years back--look at it as if Spirit has set a smorgasbord of earthly experience before you. If you say--oh, there's peas--I don't like peas--I don't want to have to eat the peas, then you're not partaking of the whole gift of life. I know that's sometimes hard to remember when you're wracked with pain, but I do believe it to be true.

When Joan of Ark found out that she was to be burned alive, at first she said--oh no, y'don't. I recant--just don't burn me. But then she remembered that she MUST be led by her guidance, and if this was what must be done for her life to have meaning in God's plan, then this is what must be done.

Well, I'm hoping that this all makes sense to you, Shimaka dear, and perhaps you know these things already, (or even disagree with me) but my "inner nudge" nudged me to post it anyway. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

With love and respect,


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Jeannie Jones
06-10-2004, 04:51 PM
There are others that I'd like to address--like--Hi, Lany, so glad to have your input--and addressing her pain, but I'm tuckered out of communicating again, and hope to get back to it later.

Surrounding y'all with a pink fluffy cloud of love--


Page 3 already!

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06-10-2004, 10:07 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:
[B] Well, I'm hoping that this all makes sense to you, Shimaka dear, and perhaps you know these things already, (or even disagree with me) but my "inner nudge" nudged me to post it anyway. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

Jeannie - I know that you addressed this to Shimaka, but I peeked in and read it also.
About a month ago, a therapist gave me this same advice. I was stuck and couldn't move and was hearing so much noise going on in my brain that it kept me stymied. She simply said to take it out of my head (quit intellectualizing) and put it in my heart (chest, place of "feeling") and let it stay there for a while. Went to a meditative place in my being and actually visualized this writhing conglomeration of stuff moving from my head to my chest. All of the noise stopped and I finally became calm. Calmer than I have been in a very long time. After a few days, the ponderings came back to my reality in the form of answers or maybe things being settled. The mass confusion wasn't there anymore. I still go to my head with stuff easily, but now I know what to do about it.
Thank you for your wording on this, Jeannie. It puts it in a more genteel (sp?) feeling place than I'm able to put across.

Shimaka, don't know where you went, but I'm sure missing you. Please let me (us)know that you're ok. Your bad infection must really deplete you of much energy. Have you started the antibiotic therapy? Will it have to be done intraveniously?

Missie, how did your last session go today? There's no chance of you being able to go to another group? If you're on the Title 20 program, can't you go to group free for as long as you want?
Am glad that the gal at SS is working close with you. As long as they're still asking for more info...that's good. Have they asked you to be seen by an independent physician for their purposes?
So cute about your kids helping you with the helmet idea. Maybe an organization could help you with it. Know that they make specific ones for people with a seizure disorder. I'll look around and see what I can find out.
I slept 10 1/2 hours last night and I'm still dragging. Nature of the beast, I guess.
OH, thanks for the link, sTeVe. Hope you're feeling more comfortable tonight and sleep well.

06-11-2004, 02:32 AM
Lany, it is so cool that you are doing much better and just about over it all. That was a lot of therapies to go through.
Hope you Mom heals up real quick. Nice of you jumping in there for her.....good daughter you are. I'm having the same surgery on 7/1 and wonder how it all went for her, i.e...how long the surgery took, did she have to stay over, much pain involved. The hand surgeon told me (not much) that it would alleviate some of the pain that i have in the same hand caused by rheumatoid arthritis. I thought that maybe while they were in there they could put my hand bones back where they belong and get rid of the nodes, but he said no. Said that they would put an injection of cortisone into the base of the thumb and that would help a lot. In expressing my fears about cortisone he said that one only has side effects when injected into the muscle, not the bone. So does your Mom have any of these other problems, too?
I've seen lots of women around my age that has had this surgery and most say that it didn't help much, but I choose to think that maybe I just got ahold of the naysayers.

Becky Davis
06-11-2004, 05:10 AM
One of you touched lightly on social security disability. How difficult is it to get it?

06-11-2004, 08:52 AM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif "Earth Tones" http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Good morning friends, hope all is well and everyone feels the "good energy" of the day. May we all be blessed with peace, harmony and balance. Have a gro-o-vy day!
sTeVe. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Today's Positive Affirmation:

Today, I choose to focus the power of my thoughts,
imagination, feeling, and beliefs ONLY on those things
I desire to create, refusing to add any more energy to
the old patterns I wish to dissolve.

Jeannie Jones
06-11-2004, 12:18 PM
Originally posted by Becky Davis:
One of you touched lightly on social security disability. How difficult is it to get it?

Well, Becky, I suppose it depends on many things--the severity of your condition (is it truly DISABLING?), and whether it's likely that it may be healed, being 2 of the major factors. Most folks say that almost everyone who applies gets turned down the first time. That's why there are lawyers advertising on TV who say they'll help you apply AFTER you've been turned down.

We know that there are plenty of people out there who try to cheat the system, but there are also truly disabled people out there who, after being denied, don't have the strength or the persistence to challenge the denial. Also, the forms to fill out are a lot more difficult than tax forms, and many people without help are simply not up to that task.

On the greater Geekboard, you mentioned having trouble sleeping due to your pain, and in your Gratitude Journal thread you mentioned joint pain. If liniment can set you free, that is so wonderful. And what a gift Chris was for you! Have you tried any of the natural remedies for sleep, like valerian?

Wishing you a pain-free day, http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif


06-11-2004, 01:32 PM
Awesome day in the Ozarks. Certainly starting to look like summer.
Becky, do you (or if you're asking for someone else, they) have a diagnosis? That is the prime question in any of the assistance application processes. Are you (they) able to hold down a job, and if not, how long has it been since they (you) worked. Much more to it than this, but that's the starting point.
Missie, hope you've gotten the rest that you've needed. Does also being tired add to your seizure activity? Stay in touch.
And sweet miss jj...I'll speak only for myself, of course, but your belief system is on the same stream of white light as mine. My spirit smiles, and deb's face does too, when reading your posts. Yep, sometimes I'm walking closer to my spirit self than my physical self. Hmmmm...just thought....maybe I have multiple personalities http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif.
Shimaka.....we're still waiting to hear from you....but actually hope that you've found comfort in a good 10 hour rem sleep. Sweet dreams.
MVsTeVe, always appreciate your good words for the day. When they have the next Geekfest-A-Rama, will you and yours be attending?
I sure want to meet everybody.
Lany, you always put a smile on my face (both of them http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif also. Guess it's been a couple years since I've heard your music. Are you playing anywhere regularly? Being that you're busy right now helping your Mom, that's probably filled out your daily dance card. I love to hear you play the flute. Do you also play the piccolo?
Gosh, hope I haven't left anyone out. If I did, please don't take it personally. Oh, and hi to you out there that are bashful. Even if you aren't like us blessed people that have been given an odd set of physical tasks to deal with, there's something that draws you here. Spirit can work in wonderous ways! Just let it guide you.
Well, Spirit guided me to stay home today. I didn't put up much of a fight. Was all ready to go and even had on a dab of makeup, then things started to not work, like my spine and hips. I caught on to the nudges real quick. All of those really important things that I was going to get done today can certainly wait till next Monday, or Tuesday.
Hope you're all having great days...time for me to take a little siesta. Ole!

06-11-2004, 02:11 PM
Spirit Friends,
Was led to this site, hope you enjoy:



p.s. Let me know what you think.

06-11-2004, 03:22 PM
sTeVe, I am held spellbound in the world of sacred geometry. I only came out for a moment to thank you for this link. Ahhh, this could be the synchronistic course. If you can't find me for a while, you know where to go look http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif/deb

06-11-2004, 03:56 PM
Originally posted by DaBee:
sTeVe, I am held spellbound in the world of sacred geometry. I only came out for a moment to thank you for this link. Ahhh, this could be the synchronistic course. If you can't find me for a while, you know where to go look http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif/deb

About a year and 1/2 ago I was given a copper pyramid which I originally set up in our living room, much to my wife Maletha's dismay. I have since reassembled it in it's own special place in the woods in front of our log house. I frequently just sit under it and feel the "earth energy" that is generated. Kinda' trippy I know, but had earlier experience in a copper pyramid in Sedona, and this is just as strong vibrationally, maybe stronger since it has us to belong personally to. Glad you are pleased, remember: peace, balance, harmony.
sTeVe. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
P.S. Anyone touched "Spirits with Shimake lately, miss her input?

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06-11-2004, 05:14 PM
P.S. Anyone touched "Spirits with Shimake lately, miss her input?

Yes. Shimaka is very tired and, hopefully, getting bunches of zzzzzzzzzzs now.

How are you feeling today, sTeVe? Very interesting about your pyramid. I had a friend way back in the post-hippie but hanging on days, maybe '74, that also had a pyramid in his house that he would meditate in. I wasn't so tuned in to metaphysics back then, but looking back, he was ahead of the time, though not really, with it dating back to pyramid building days and before. His awareness was just at a different level than mine. We all grow in the light either not at all, or at different rates.
Did you make the pyramid yourself? Do you find that you feel better physically when you stay within it for a while? Fascinating./deb
p.s. I'm putting the little multi-colored icon up because I'm curious as to what it is about. Is it cammy colored or tie-dye colors? Seems like since it lives right next to Mr. Cool it would be a tie-dye. Wha'cha think?

[This message has been edited by DaBee (edited 06-11-2004).]
woops, just read that you were given the copper pyramid.

[This message has been edited by DaBee (edited 06-11-2004).]

06-11-2004, 05:49 PM
When I received my pyramid I enlarged it to fit me(adding lengths of copper tubing w/couplings) to enable me to sit within.
As with all tools for spiritual growth, the cross, quartz crystals, and yes, pyramids, remember they are only tools to make us mindful of the Great Spirit we know as GOD. Just as a hammer enables a builder to perform his tasks easier, these "metaphysical objects" are just tools to help us put our mind with ONE.
Our house if filled with many iron crosses, buckets of crystals in and around everything, and I have several smaller pyramids hanging in different rooms to energize us and keep us "mindful' of GOD"S greatness and HIS faithfulness to our needs. HE wants us to be "Blessed" but desires us to be "thankful and share our many blessings" with others. Kinda' sounds like witnessing to me. What do you think? Give everything to GOD, and we will receive ALL.
All this is my motivation to help others find peace, harmony, and balance, hopefully saving a few from some of the costly mistakes I make and have made in this beautiful journey called" LIFE"
Hope this helps, and sheds a little "LIGHT" where you need it.
p.s. 1.never noticed the little "tye-dyed" guy before, have to let him join us more often( We can call Him "Cap't Trips" after Jerry Garcia)
2.Also well wishes for Shimaka,3. and I'm feeling pretty good, back still sore, but I'm being careful. Thanks for asking.

My e-mail smholifield@mvtel.net.

**add this variation to the other I gave ya'.
www.crystalinks.com/medmusicwhlight.html (http://www.crystalinks.com/medmusicwhlight.html)

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06-11-2004, 08:38 PM
Hello to all of my new friends. I just wanted to check in and say that yes I am still alive. I have had a rough time since yesterday afternoon. I guess I have been borrowing to many spoons. Love that story. It was so perfect and true. Well I am facing a horrible headache and I am off to bed to try and get that rest that I am still needing.
Wish you all a very peaceful and great week-end!
Love to all.....Missie

06-11-2004, 09:04 PM
Missie, I'm signing off for the evening also. First just wanted to tell you that I looked up sites about helmets for people with seizures. There's plenty, but nothing about maybe an organization that will help people out with them. Was wondering if Little Flower clinic could help. The are a great bunch of people and are helping me to get some of my meds from the drug companies free gratis. There's a lot of paper work involved, but LF does it all for you. They might know where to go about helmets. Worth a try. Have you ever been there before?
Found one interesting site while I was looking and it was about a newly invented helmet that helps to cool the brain and diminish the instances of seizures. There's only a few in existence, but how cool http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif to find help in the future without something being invasive or chemical

06-11-2004, 10:35 PM
Before I take the chance to read what looks like some fine posts, and quite a few of them, I wanted to just take a minute to tell y'all, yes, I'm here, I apologize for not being by in the past day and a half. I have three emails asking me just where the heck I am because y'all are super folks, and good friends, and you worried about me. I didn't want anyone to worry, and I'm truly sorry. I've just been kinda snowed under with lots of stuff related to everything we've talked about here. sigh. Thank y'all for becoming such a wonderful and close-knit family so quickly, and being so supportive and nurturing of one another - all of us. It's wonderful.

Okay, I'll go read now, but I'm here so not to worry. As my friend Thomas always asks when he calls to check on me, he wants to know if I'm "vertical and above dirt." Hehehe, and the answer is yes, absolutely, I am.

Love 'all!

Jeannie Jones
06-12-2004, 12:01 AM
Hello, sweet friends--

OMG, OMG, how did you slip in there before me, Shimaka! I must have not hit "refresh" before submitting my post! Thomas' remark was worth a good hearty chuckle. Glad to hear from you. Well, I'll leave it in here anyway:

Thinking that Shimaka may be sleeping a lot today. I don't recall how long it will take for her meds to be titrated down to nil so that she can begin the mega-antibiotic for her MRSA. I believe she said she needed to be off-med totally, and I don't envy her that. I know that w/ some meds, if you withdraw from them too quickly, they can cause seizures, and w/ her history, I hope they're letting her titrate slowly.

SHIMAKA, WE LOVE YOU! You can do this. I know you can. Keep your eyes on the prize--the removal of the systemic staph.

Sweet Ms. LANY, yes, letting people help you can be a very odd feeling when you've been fiercely independent. ASKING people, in my case, to help me would have been extremely difficult before my ego and I had come to our present arrangement. Yes, there are still instances wherein it's uncomfortable to ask, but as Shimaka has said, "I'm still a work in progress". http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

I'm grateful, Lany, that you have squeezed in some time to talk w/ us, even with your heavy, heavy workload. Been wondering if you've still gigged on your feet or if you sat down with your legs in such pain. I expect that if you could be situated comfortably, that the gig would take your mind off your pain for a bit. Intense focus on something other than our pain can work wonders!

Also glad, Ms. Lany gurl, that you've been seeing our chiropractor friend. She was the first one to tell me that the muscles in my right neck & back were extremely more developed than my left side. Part of my condition is the thickening of the muscles. She was also the first medica that I rotated my neck for, so that she could see it binding and tightly jerking all the way around. LOVE her!

Love y'all, bye for now,


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Jeannie Jones
06-12-2004, 01:06 AM
Steve, hope your pain is reduced today. Pain, pain, go away, DON'T come back another day!

Glad you posted the Crystalinks link--it's been my favorite metaphysical site for years. I had another fave called I think "Spirit Web", but it's not happening anymore. It had links to a large amount of other metaphysical sites.

Your speaking of your copper pyramid reminded me of something I bought some years ago from a catalog that was my fave. It was called "Tools for Exploration" and they've changed their name, but still have the copper circuit--here's the URL:


BTW, when you posted your Crystalinks variation, it didn't come through as a link because of the brackets. That's something that PMilam taught me on the bbs. If you remove the brackets, it'll light up.

Have you checked out the copper circuit thing yet? If I'd been able to afford it, I would've bought the extra dealie that lets you put like a medicine or something in the little glass jar that connects with the bio-circuit. They say it works!

Well, ladies, I wanted to say something to everyone tonight, but my focus is fadin' fast. But I can send you my love, and I'm a-doin' that right now!

Love, love, love,


06-12-2004, 07:13 AM
Good morning friends, another beautimous day ahead, hope all are well, and healing, peace, and balance gifts are awaiting us all.

Ball of light

Form a bowl with your hands and now imagine holding a ball of pure golden light. Try to feel the radiation of warmth and the healing power of the light. Imagine its light energy increasing simultaneously with the volume of the ball, nurtured by your spiritual light. The ball expands as you widen the distance of your hands, until your hands are spread in a pose of invocation. After a while imagine that the spiritual force of the immense great ball of light flows into your heart, while the ball of light diminishes. Allow your hands to form another light bowl, pushing it towards your heart and physically feel the light radiate into you. With more practice you can meditate without gesture and start to work with pure imagination.

www.telecom.at/solaris/yoga/meditat/alfred4.htm (http://www.telecom.at/solaris/yoga/meditat/alfred4.htm[/URL])[/url]

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06-12-2004, 09:03 AM
Well, my friends, good morning!

Am I ever glad I made my post last night real quick before reading because I flat fell asleep so hard that three calls from a friend on my cell went unanswered, and the cell is sitting right beside me. So, I'm glad I checked in first. Is so good to see y'all posting and telling your stories, etc.

Mr. Steve, what a wonderful gift in the pyramid! I'll just bet that the area outside where it lives is gorgeous too just from the energy it brings in and focuses there both when you are in it and not.

How is your back feeling? And, do you yet know the next step in the process?

One of the beautiful processes I have watched unfold with fondness over the past decade or so, especially here in Eureka Springs, is the enmity with which eastern and western medical practitioners used to view one another is nearly gone altogether. There may be some lingerers, but for the most part, practitioners, students, patients, advocates of both "schools", if you will, have almost completely come together as far as a mutual respect and sharing of purpose. Then, of course, I live in Eureka Springs, AR, where the nuts chase the squirrels. Maybe it hasn't happened anywhere else yet. {G}

I will never forget the first time Dan Bell sat down beside me and gave me a choice of going to physical therapy or chiropractic treatment. I had to catch my breath before I could answer him! That was more than six years ago now. It has certainly happened many times since, and with more than Dan, and it goes both ways.

For so long, I was torn between what felt like two worlds - feeling somewhat "guilty" if I had need of anything allopathic in nature because friends of the metaphysical variety (which was just about all of them http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif) would remind me that I should be able to handle anything with spirit, and if intervention was necessary, surely naturopathic or homeopathic or eastern or Chinese medicine would do the trick. Somewhere in my consciousness, I knew we didn't have to draw such hard and fast lines. So few things are ever so black and white. There are so MANY shades of gray, are there not?

And now look, here we are, a whole group of folks having found one another, and all of us in one way or another, have mixed up our "pathies" as it were. Chiropractic has saved my life more than once. It has saved me from surgery many times, and acupuncture has helped me to treat pain after surgery that I will SWEAR helped to make that healing go easier and made the repair stronger.

To me, this is like a dream come true. My first full-length book was written, I believe, for you, Missie, specifically, and less specifically though certainly applicable to anyone going through recovery from illness, dis-ease, injury, etc. of any kind. It's not been published, at least not in paper form, but perhaps it is time to put it together in a form folks can read online and just offer it as a gift to the Universe because it truly was that for me.

I hope all of you are feeling more rested today. Heck, I hope III am. LOL Even though it is me, myself, and I who has not been posting, I have missed you all though I did manage to read most of the posts before falling asleep last night. I was waiting on that friend's cell phone calls so hadn't even taken my bedtime meds, and obviously, I missed that complete set of dosages. Slept like a log, methinks. Don't even remember any dreams.

There are times, too, that I do wonder if spirit doesn't just gently nudge me off to sleep when someone might be "working" on me in spirit, if that makes sense. I've come to think that must be part of it. Because, otherwise, I'd be falling asleep out in public or while riding my scooter or chair through the grocery store or Dollar store, or driving, God forbid, but that simply doesn't happen. It only happens when I'm sitting down and comfortable and safe and in a place where it's just fine for me to get knocked upside the head for however long it takes. I figure that spirit is just tinkering with me, and getting help from a few of my friends still in 3-D too. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif Thanks, once again, to all of you.

Missie, I have the helmet that I was telling you about the other day, and I am not using it right now, have not needed it in awhile. It you would like to use it as long as you have need of it, please, just say so, and I will find a way to get it to you. There's no reason for you to go without when I am rich with what you need.

How's that bake sale going, anyway? I hope you will take some down time now that you will be done with this project. Surely, your family will understand. You just have to allow yourself to understand too.

Miss Jeannie, oh, you sweet thang, checking up on me in my absence, and your questions and conclusions and all that were said of me in my absence by you were so very loving and nurturing. Thank you! How are you feeling? I have this picture of you in my mind, and mind you, I don't have a clue what you look like, but in it you're so strong on invincible, reaching out to help others, and not, for some reason, taking the same care with yourself. Oh, I realize we are all "guilty" of this from time to time, but I wanted you to know what keeps coming to me from you. Thank you so very much for our shared friend's postings. I have been thinking on this and these ideas in my spirit journeys, and I'm SURE in my dreams, though I do not remember them. Of course, the message makes all the sense in the world. I did learn long ago that, often times, people need someone who isn't afraid to do the "unthinkable" that they have been thinking about, in order for them to find the courage to be able to do so for themselves. I guess I just didn't see myself as being one of those who would be out there doing it.

Please, take care of my friend, Jeannie.

Miss Lany, how nice to see you come back. I wasn't sure after you visited us first time still up in the open forum if you'd come back again, yet here you are for a third time. How wonderful that you have decided to join us, even if only in what is now your limited time capacity. I agree with whichever of these wonderful, kind souls - I do believe it was sweet Jeannie - who commented about what a wonderful daughter you have been to your mother for taking on her load too. Just remember to take care of you first or you won't have any spoons leftover to help anyone else.

I'd like to offer you the use of my keyboard if it would help you because it is more than likely a lot less heavy than yours; however, it is also more likely than not not as versatile as yours. Depending on the touch your like, mine has a light, almost organ-like touch, and I got it when I was going through hand therapy as there was no way I could start out after surgery on a piano. The touch was too difficult. Mine is also 70 keys instead of 88 so it is shorter and lighter, has a stand, music holder, pedal, etc., so if you have need of something that isn't quite as heavy - or possibly as versatile - let me know, and I'm sure we can get this to you if needed. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif Of course, I wish I could say I still had my Fender Rhodes to load you, but even if I did, I doubt either of us could lift it to carry it anywhere so I doubt it would do you much good unless you were camped in one place to play for a month or so, and then we could get Charles or a couple of "Bubbas" to help put it up and LEAVE it up. In a way, it was a lifting of weight from me to give it away a few years ago. There is a delightful young lady in the high country in Colorado, gleefully playing it now, and just knowing that makes my heart sing whenever I think of it.

Deb, you sweet woman, you! Ah, you've come to be such a sweet presence in my life in such a short time, as have you all. Thank you so much for hunting me down and making sure I was okay and on the up and up. You, my friend, are so very special, and gifted, and wise. Don't forget that wise, either because I have this feeling you do forget it from time to time. You are a gift, not only to us, but to this community as a whole. That comes from spirit, love, not me. In 3-D, I don't know you, and I don't know what you do, or how you do it, but it's important that you keep doing it is what I'm being told. Keep on keepin' on. I just got this flash of the caricature of the Keep on Truckin' logo. LOL That be you, DaBee. And thank you so much - you and Jeannie, I believe it was - talking about the tapering off of my meds so I can start the antibiotic therapy. You're so thoughtful! Actually, it is quite a stretch to call this tapering off. It's kind to call it that. I'm going from 300 mg QD to 150 mg QD for a week (that's now), and on Monday, I stop, and I start the antibiotic at half strength for a week, just to make sure that the severe reaction I had the last time was a fluke cause by drug interaction, before we go full bore for a full month after that. So, no, I'm not really getting the full advantage of a gentle taper as has always been the case when I've had to completely go off something before that needed to be tapered. I took Neurontin for over 4 years, and when I tapered off that, we took like 3 months, and a 100 mg at a time. Paxil took, I think two months, and 5 mg at a time. You barely notice it when you do it that way. Trust me, I'm noticing this. I'll keep y'all updated as it goes along.

And, I have to say, because of your starting us up again here, Deb, I have the gift of NOT being alone when I go through it this time. Yes, I may be in a house by myself, though at the moment, a friend in need is staying here for a few days. But, I feel like I've got all of you to hang onto, and I'll yell if I need to talk or vent or if I need something.

Miss Becky, I'm glad to see you pop in. Hopefully, you will do so more often. One of the beauties of something like a support group like this is that it doesn't matter if you're in Hot Springs or Seattle, you can still participate just as easily. Steve's waayyy over there in Mountain View - heellllllooooo sTeVe . . . ! ! ! ! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif So, Becky, please do join in if you feel the desire to. Obviously, we're just a group of folks who were fortunate enough to have stumbled upon one another who share a common need and a common spiritual interest, and I am always in awe things happen such as this unbidden. Spirit, most definitely, is at work among us.

Blessings, by friends.

I'm off for awhile as I need to place a few phone calls this morning. Will check in a little later. Hope that you all have a wonderful Saturday and that we all have as pain-free, accident-free, stress-free day as allowable by law. . . . http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif . . . and as spirit sees fit to grant to us.


Jeannie Jones
06-12-2004, 12:40 PM
Originally posted by DaBee:
...Does the chiropractor have more benefit than a massage therapist for you?

In going back a ways and re-reading, I realize that I didn't answer this, and it was a really good question, Deb.

I felt nudged to explore chiropractics first, and was amazed how well my neck tremor is controlled now. It's not gone, but it's in really good shape. My range of motion in my neck and arms has improved considerably, too. It's not so good that I feel comfortable driving, and only do it in a pinch, but it's way better than it was. (I've got a cat and the keyboard on my lap, and kitty is licking my arms as I type, bathing me with needles!)

I look forward to massage therapy, and have seen phone book ads about "myofascial pain release", which is just what I need, but haven't felt the "nudge" yet to do that. If you look at it logically, it does make sense to go with one therapy (or med, for that matter) at a time, or you might not be sure which is accountable for what.

Dale Johnson did wonderful deep tissue massage on me when I still lived in Eureka. The few times I've had professional massage therapy, it was Dale who did it. He was absolutely wonderful! I can't praise him enough. One time fluid just POURED through my hands. It wasn't like I was sweating, but more like it was raining buckets through my hands! That had to be some kind of needed release.

Well, thanks for thinking of me, sweetie, and I hope you're having a lovely day.

Blessings upon you,


Jeannie Jones
06-12-2004, 12:54 PM
Missie, I hope you got good sleep and that that averted your headache. I hope you're exploring the helmet idea. It sure sounds like it could be a lifesaver.

Ms. Becky, I hope you got the information you needed about SSDI. One friend of mine says that it's as hard to get as a woman with a hysterectomy getting pregnant! Seriously, though, if you or if it was a friend you were asking for, (or if you were simply curious), if you meet the criteria and keep at it, it can be done.

I hope you'll feel free to talk about what ails ya here, but if not, that's fine, too.

Steve, thanks for all your positive messages for us all. I'm so happy you're here and hope your pain level is decreased today.

Well, gotta go--have to eat something, take meds, then set Mom's hair. That's quite hard on me physically, but--hey--she went through the birth process for me. She got a new perm recently from a stylist very near us--we both know I can't do that again, much as I would want to. Thank God I don't have to. But before setting, I also have to cut the back a little more to her liking, so that's 2 procedures, which--well, let me quit moanin' and just close.

Love to all--


06-12-2004, 06:29 PM
Hello to all. I am sorry but I am again going to make this short tonight. The bake sale for the cemetary went great....we made over $2,200.00! Yeah. Except for lastnight at 8 I got a call that my daughter's "girlfriend" group was not going to be washing cars afterall, but sell lemon-aide and bake sale. So I was up at 6 making cookies again. I am very proud of them. There were only 3 girls that showed up and the made over a $100.00. I had also made up a few glass beaded earings for them and they sold fast. So I need to figure out a way to sell my jewelry and to make the most money. Was thinking about setting up at the Sunday Market, but do not know if I could do it all day or not. So if ya'll have an ideas, please through them out there.

Shimaka....first of all I am glad to see you are doing ok. To me that seems like an extreme tappering of meds, but I guess docs know best. I would love to try the helmet thing out. I had one yesterday where I almost hit my head on a cement curb. I know that God and/or his angles must lay me down when I hall because I am rarely hurt besides the seizures.

I want to say in finishing that I am thankful for all of you. You have brought light into my world. You have given my sparks of hope that we all need. Thank you so much!!!!!

Have a great Sunday. I think my mom and I decided that tomorrow would be a great day for just kicking back and relaxing. I hope it works out that way.

Love you all......Missie

06-13-2004, 12:03 AM

I am so glad that you are going to actually take a day OFF. I mean, you're not working for a reason, remember? Tsk, tsk, are we gonna have to send the spirit militia over there to keep you honest now? http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Let me know a time and a place where I can meet you, and I will deliver the helmet to you. I put it in the car so I have it with me. I'd feel much better knowing that you have it than not, okay, so please just let me know where and when, and I'll be there.

And yes, you're right, it is an extreme tapering off of my antidepressant, not usually something you'd do, particularly to someone with PTSD along with the major depression and anxiety disorder. BUT, the big thing is that I HAVE to get one something that will knock this MRSA out of me if I'd like to live to tell the tale so I think we're looking at the lesser or two evils, if you know what I mean. I'll admit that I haven't been all that comfortable all week because of cutting the dose in half. I don't like the physical sensation AT ALL that I get when I'm depressed. I mean, even forgetting the emotional component, the physical part isn't exactly peaches and cream either. I hope the Zyvox actually DOES kick in as far as my seratonin level goes fairly quickly.

Was nice to hear that everything was such a success today. Sounds like everyone put in their fair share of work and made it all a success. That's great!

Well, y'all, it's 1 AM, which is usually fairly early for me, but it's been an exhausting 24 hours in many ways, and I'm about ready to drop right here in my seat so I think I'll sign off for now and say I love you all, and Shimaka's gonna cop some zzzzzs. I'll probably check first just to see if anyone else is having a meal of me up above, but heheh, I doubt i have enough energy to do anything about it. I was already anemic before, and the first time on the Zyvox did a good job of bringing out the mylosupression so I know the next few weeks will be hard. I'm going to ask my doc if he'll make sure to do a CBC at least once/week to make sure my blood count stays high enough. I'm sure he won't mind it a bit. We make a pretty good team. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Love y'all!

Jeannie Jones
06-13-2004, 02:07 AM
Originally posted by Shimaka:
...I do wonder if spirit doesn't just gently nudge me off to sleep when someone might be "working" on me in spirit, if that makes sense...

Makes perfect sense to me. I believe this absolutely.

...I have this picture of you in my mind, and mind you, I don't have a clue what you look like, but in it you're so strong on invincible, reaching out to help others, and not, for some reason, taking the same care with yourself...

Y'know I have a recent photo I could post, but it could be fun if we met in a group setting to see if you could pick me out energetically.

Sometime when we're face to face and have more time I'll tell you about when a friend & I were in another country, hearing gunfire in most nights, and the dream she had.

As to the last part of the above quote (oh, I hope I've done the QUOTE B stuff right--sometimes I get it & sometimes I don't)--anyway, guilty. If I'm not taking good enough care of myself, that means I'm not giving due honor to the Divine within. I get embarrassed sometimes when I think that that spark of the Divine sees my cluttered room.

Miss Lany...I do believe it was...Jeannie - who commented about what a wonderful daughter you have been to your mother for taking on her load too...

I can't take credit for that, Shimaka, as that was said by Ms. Sweetie-Pie Deb.

WELL, gotta go--eyes are begging me to stop.

Blessings upon y'all--


06-13-2004, 06:44 AM
Good morning spirit friends,
Know it's early but woke up "hurting a little" thought I'd do something to change my focus. Hope everyone has a gro-o-vy day.
Glad to read everyone has been up and out, it's good for us to visit & learn. Hope to attend chuch today as we've missed more than we attend. Really do have alot to be thankful for. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

There is but one life, that life is the life of God, and it is my life now.
I'm never disconnected or apart from the One Presence; Spirit is always with
me, in me, and around me. That being said, I know that the wisdom and genius
of Spirit is also right where I am. Its ability to see past apparent
obstacles is in me, and active in me.

This day, I walk my path with a deep understanding that I am Spirit's way of
walking my path. Truly, I see beyond the appearance to the heart of every
matter, and my life opens up in the most surprising ways! I am able to do
whatever is before me with skill, with intention, and with inspired
thinking. The work that I do feels like a dance; easy, rhythmic, and in the
flow. There's plenty of time for my relationships, for tending to my daily
care, for my spiritual practices, all the things that help make a beautiful

I give thanks for this understanding, that the wisdom and intelligence of
life walks with me every step of the way. I give thanks for the unending
givingness of this universe that supports me in more ways than I know. And I
give thanks for my willingness to know the truth in a greater way for me,
and for all people everywhere. And so it is.

The GoodStart List
Send your feedback to <mailto:goodstarts@rsibaltimore.com>

06-13-2004, 07:09 AM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif If this works for you let us know. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Haven't tried yet but can't wait.**Peace**Love**Twisted-Light**

What is Creative Visualization?

We are creating all the time, whether we realize it or not. By thinking or feeling about something, it "becomes". Whatever we focus our attention on, after a time, we create it, whether we want it or not. You've no doubt heard the expression, "be careful what you ask for". Yes, very true, but also be careful where you place your thoughts, and feelings, too. They are your creations!

If you have ever made a cloud disappear, you know how powerful your thoughts really are. I am not suggesting that you go out and move clouds around, or make them disappear, just for the fun of it. My personal belief is that a cloud has a purpose, just like everything else. But if you need proof that your thoughts are real, and that they are powerful, then by all means, do it. - As long as you ask the cloud's permission, first!

On a day when there are puffy little clouds floating in the sky, select a cloud. It shouldn't be too big, (this exercise should just take a minute or two). Once you've chosen your cloud, send it your love. Ask the cloud that, with its permission, you would like it to disappear. (Occasionally, they don't want to, and you will know this because they will not disappear! But most of them, however, do oblige.)

Now, focus on the cloud and trust and visualize that it will completely disappear. Do not take your eyes off of it. You will notice that it will quickly start to dissolve, and very soon, it will be gone. Notice that the other little clouds in the sky are still there, but your cloud has vanished.

OK. Now don't forget to thank the cloud!

Even though you cannot see the thoughts that you send out, you can see the effects of your thoughts, by doing this exercise. I know that this will astound some of you. It's not magic. It's a demonstration of how powerful your thoughts are. If you are paying attention, you will understand, completely, that every thought you have goes out into the ethers, for good or not. Be aware of this, and learn to be responsible for each thought, each "creation" that you have. Staying in the "now" moment helps. There's no sense reliving the past, and the future isn't here yet. So try to keep your attention focused in the moment.

If you wish to create or manifest something in your life, then you must first learn how to clear and open up the space within yourself, so that it can be created in the 3rd dimension. I've written a creative visualization exercise for this purpose, which will be published concurrently with this one. It's one way to get rid of the "old stuff" within you, and make room for your heart's desire!

There are three basic steps to manifestation: Conceive it (what is it that you desire?), Believe it (act as though it's already occurred, in every way), and then Receive it! All the while, be thankful!

First, visualize what it is that you want to create for yourself. Write it down somewhere - I put it on my screen saver, and in my "abundance corner" at home - and sometimes on the dashboard of my car. But the trick is to be able to see it as much as possible. Next, use a daily affirmation that resonates for you - WORDS, when spoken out loud, are also very powerful. There are plenty of daily affirmations to choose from on this site, but we encourage you to create your own daily affirmation(s), if you can. Journalizing and writing down what you desire in the smallest detail helps, too. Ten years ago I created a treasure map. On a big piece of yellow cardboard, I glued pictures of everything I desired. Every single thing in that picture has become a reality for me. (It's time for me to create another one!)

Get very clear, and very specific about what you want to create! Remember; be careful what you ask for. Cover all bases!

Once you have decided exactly what you want to manifest or create for yourself, before you go to sleep each evening, feel what it would be like to have it, or do it, or be it. See yourself doing it. Use an affirmation of your choosing, and then, before you fall into slumber, thank the Universe for everything that you have now. In the morning, before you rise, go through the same exercise. The attitude of gratitude speeds things along.

Each night, return to the same creative visualization - feel it, see it, be it, do it, and affirm it. Fine-tune it, and be thankful. If you really, really want something, just do this, and trust and believe that it is already done!

As always, this is offered to you in love and service.

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Jeannie Jones
06-13-2004, 11:00 AM
Oh, man, just lost my post! Well, maybe it wasn't quite right, so I'm back to start it over. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

Thanks, Steve, for the Good Start and the great site. Hope you're able to distract yourself from your pain.

As my needs are met, I tend not to think of "wants", but my major one would have to be God's kingdom come on earth in the Golden Age NOW (always have to add "if that is within God's plan").

One thing that struck me in the creative visualization piece was this:

Originally posted by mtnviewsteve:
...There are three basic steps to manifestation: Conceive it (what is it that you desire?), Believe it (act as though it's already occurred, in every way), and then Receive it! All the while, be thankful.

I think I quoted somewhere in this thread that one of W. Clement Stone's motivator signs posted in the hallways and elevators of Combined Insurance where I worked many years ago was:

"Anything the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."


I know a gal in Eureka who told me that while in "shaman training" she focused on the streetlights, and was able to turn them out, one by one!

I'm thinking perhaps there will be a post from my friend Nafalia later today when she calls, dealing with her story of "creative visualization". I can't tell it, as it's hers, but I think she'll probably want to share it.

So thanks, Spirit Brother, for the morning blessings, and curious what your experience is with Maletha while you try this exercise.

Love to all,


06-13-2004, 05:16 PM
I copied/pasted the compliment you paid my friend Dale, for his message therapy, and forwarded to him e-mail. We have been friends w/him, Roger, and Pat Bryant for the past 11 yrs. Started buying his 2nd's concrete Buddha's, gargoyles, and tree spirits when we first started coming to Eureka some 12 yrs. ago. Pat suggested our next visit to have Dale do therapy message to help my back and/or chakra's. You made me decide to do just that. We usually try to have dinner w/him & Roger at Myrtie's when we visit. Promised Shimaka to dine with her at Myrties our next trip, maybe we could combine and meet with you and anyone else that "can".
Look forward to hearing about Nafalia's creative visualization experience. Where is everyone today, outside enjoying I hope.
"Conceive it (what is it that you desire?), Believe it (act as though it's already occurred, in every way), and then Receive it! All the while, be thankful." http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

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Jeannie Jones
06-13-2004, 05:45 PM
This story comes from my dear friend Nafalia, by telephone:

On my first visit to Dr. Pierce, my low-vision specialist, he told me that my creative visualization powers were so strong that I had created vision where there was no vision, seeing as how I am legally blind with no central vision. My visual accuity is "count fingers at 2' "--just parts of fingers is all I can see--I can't see the entire finger.

Over the years I had worked to always discipline my eyes to not let them wander so that I would not appear to be a legally blind person. I actually spent 8 yrs. in disciplining my eyes not to wander. Because of that, what I did was I created central vision where there was no central vision, by visualizing creatively what was in front of me. When anyone would show me something, I would say "describe it to me and I will see it."

I have owned and run 2 businesses myself, and decorating has been something I have done all my life. People are always amazed at how I decorate, because they can't understand how I SEE how to do it. I have an "eye" no pun intended, for color, texture and patterns, and the creative visualization is how I learned to blend different colors, different patterns and different textures in such a way as even though they may be totally different, I can pull them all together.

Somehow, due to creative visualization, I have developed an eye for color, and when I would paint walls and such I have been able to choose colors which other people would never put together.

My abilities to hang pictures, tapestries, swords, and other unusual items on the walls, including Mardi Gras beads given by Mardi Gras kings and queens that you only receive by attending the grand balls, by invitation, that play such a big part in Louisiana's history. Most people would never put on walls as much as I do, and to make the energy flow, sometimes can be very time consuming, balancing different sizes and shapes, cultures, and time periods.

Although everything I do is eclectic, one room flows into another, which flows into another, for perfect balance. In any room and anything I do there must be perfect balance, or I can sense the imbalance which is there. One little item in the wrong place makes everything out of place to me.

My living room is Renaissance, the hallway starts the trip into the New Orleans aspect of my life, the computer room is a combination of Oriental and New Orleans, and the bedroom is Egyptian. The bathroom is a complete collection of unicorns and crescent moons, and much wysteria from my life in the South.

I use a multitude of colors, patterns and textures, as well as time periods and geographical locations, influences from past (including past lives)and present. Most everyone makes the statement about my home that it is a museum of my life, which has been quite colorful, to say the least.

I have many art objects, and since I follow the goddess path there is much feminine influence balanced with masculine energy. I'm often told, and I can physically see it, that when someone walks through my door they go like "Aaaah!" and kick off their shoes and are immediately transported from the everyday world into the world of Avalon. They immediately relax because they instantly feel the love energy flowing and feel transported out of time.

Those are a few of the things that I do that many people are amazed at, and it just comes naturally to me. This has all come since the physical sight left and the "insight" came.

Occasionally there is someone who comes who is very uncomfortable in the love energy flow in my home and it only takes me a few minutes to realize that they are uncomfortable and they do not stay long, while others do not want to leave.

I believe and I know that my home is just an outward manifestation of my inward self. So welcome to my home, where love's energy flows, and welcome back to Avalon, and welcome to the world of creative visualization. What the spirit conceives, and the mind perceives, you can create.

As above, so below


Becky Davis
06-13-2004, 08:09 PM
I would love to see her place. It sounds so interesting. She lives in New Orleans? What part?

06-13-2004, 09:16 PM
It is so good to hear from you. Thanking JJ for transcribing your spoken word to the written. I am attempting to bring back into view when it was that I visited your home. Of course, time matters not. My sincere elation is that I have finally "met" you. Our paths crossed in an extremely vivid and colorful journey that was out of the usual dream of the planet existence and into the clarity of where you stood. I have held onto the experience and the rooms of beads and colors and vistas and flowing tapestries to be able to connect with the synchronicity that I knew would show up, some where. The key, it has always seemed, is to let Spirit guide me on this journey and to pay attention to balance.
When reading JJ's post from you, the puzzle pieces synchronized. What a wonderful life lesson this is for me. Thank you. Here's knowing that we shall meet again.

06-14-2004, 12:11 AM
Greetings, my friends,

'Tis very late on Saturday night, early Sunday morning . . . right on the edge actually. My sincerest apologies (I appear to be making a lot of those lately) for not checking in earlier. It seems we are on different schedules, perhaps on different timelines. It certainly feels like it to me. I slept until well past nine tonight, haven't even had a chance to see my email yet. I woke up several times throughout the day, but my body was simply not ready to get up, or more like not ready to WAKE up. I actually was up very early, and I'm not sure, but I think I made a post somewhere up above there when I was up then. Of course, Medi goes on his own schedule, and you know that means I go by his schedule too. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif He at, went out, came in, went out, came in, went out, and finally, we both fell asleep again. Heck, I think I fell asleep in between. LOL Hopefully, I'll still be able to sleep somewhat tonight. I can hope, anyway.

To all my friends here, thank you so much for being a bright and shining light in my life. Nafalia, than you for making an appearance here, and Jeannie, thank you for all your efforts in transcribing the spoken word into the written, as Mizz Deb said. So eloquent, all of you. Do you realize that? Do you realize the gift you all are? You are just beautiful! Thank you so much for just appearing in my life at this time. It is certainly good timing for me, and I hope, for you as well. Such an unlikely, yet likely, place for us to meet. Hehehe, it is so enjoyable to come and see what everyone has had to say. It is so uplifting to read of all your spiritual adventures, and your healings, and it inspires me to read of your travails and how bravely you confront them. Spirit truly does walk among us, as always, and as I do believe we have always known.

Finding souls of a like mind is so often difficult in this world, yet here we are, having basically tripped over one another in 3-D. How truly marvelous!

Remember that the offer is still open to set up something a little more comfortable for us so that we can each start a topic of our own when we want, etc. We can either do it as a BBS type thing or an email list or whatever. I just think that, fairly soon, one long thread is going to get kind of hard to manage, if you know what I mean. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

Oh, my love to you all, dear ones. I have a friend here so I must run. Love to you all.


06-14-2004, 07:00 AM
So good to hear from you, Shimaka. It seems that my perception of what is developing with all of us involved and focused on this get-together is akin to building a home. All of us are coming together, in agreement, and each time one of us posts with differing nuances of connection, a piece of us is interlocking or merging, like brick and mortar. It was so delightful last night to have Nafalia do the interior decorating. As Steve and Jeannie had addressed the visualization concept, so was our structure then visible. I just had an idea http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif...maybe Lany could play some sweet flute music. That would certainly help Shimaka fall to sleep, and Becky, too. I don't remember ever seeing Jeannie dancing to flute music, but jazz it up a little and I bet she'd do a tap dance for us. Missie, you'd never have a seizure when you were there, and if for some reason you did, you would have a slow, easy, gentle fall into the softest, biggest pillow you've ever seen. As soon as you fell, you would ease up and feel totally refreshed. It is gentle and refreshing for all of us, and for you reading this now that is just not ready to join us. Why don't you come in and meet us there, first.
Shimaka, I am so grateful that we have an alternative for coming together. I think it is a great idea, but right at the moment, it feels like we need to wait on someone. Been feeling it for awhile and I want to be very sensitive to that. I am practicing sensitization rather than desensitization. It's like shedding an old heavy skin that has much attached to it that is not necessary any longer. It is unlearning; dropping the Dream of the Planet. I already know all that I need to know, but sometimes this other stuff gets in the way of remembering. That other stuff is what I don't want any more.
When MVsTeVe was talking about meeting at Myrties - that might be a great place for us that want to, to gather. We might want to check, if thinking about a specific date, to make sure that there's not a conference or convention going on there. Maybe it's close to time for something like this, huh?
Oh, also, sTeVe and JJ, please tell me more about Dale and the massage therapy.
Looks like a delightful day in the Ozarks!
Talk to you later, friends.

06-14-2004, 07:26 AM
Good Monday to all, gotta double-bubble today as I felt they both inter-twined/or not.
Hope everyone is well, but promise you gonna get better! Have a gro-o-vy day.

GooD Starts
Spirit is the one infinite source of all good, and I am one with it. This
day, I shift my attention to the understanding that everywhere I am,
wholeness and goodness abound. All the resources I need are here for me to
use and to share. The inspiration I need, the energy required to fulfill
today's portion of the journey, all are right here.

I choose to see things in this way; it is a conscious choice. I perceive the
good in all people, especially in those I find difficult or challenging. I
also perceive the divine goodness in myself. I open my life to good; I open
my life to God. And so it is.

Today's Positive Visualization:

I take an even breath and reconnect to the vision of my success.
In my mind's eye, I see my life, as I want it to be. I remind
myself that God's Divine Design for me includes every good and
perfect gift: health, prosperity, safety, joy, peace, love, and
meaningful work. I imagine myself experiencing this Divine success
in my life now. I relax; letting go of all strain, knowing that it
is God that makes all things possible for those who believe. I
believe; therefore, I will succeed. I affirm that no matter how
long it takes I will never give up. I combine these images with
joy and let them go, knowing that they will create the good things
I am visualizing and thinking.
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
P.S. There is the option for multiple topics post within "Gratitude Journal" as I accidentially started new post, then deleted when I realized I was not on same thread as this. Hope this helps. Just "poke" "Post New Topic" http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif So It is.

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06-14-2004, 09:46 AM
**Blessings received today**
Was just advised by my company that my back injury will be covered by Workers Comp, so I will be receiving about 8o% of my missed work pay. This has really put us in a bind, as bills and expenses continue even if I am not working. “Praise God, thank you Great Spirit.” They have me scheduled to see a Dr. Sprinkle, orthopedic specialist, in Little Rock July 6th. Hope and Pray each and every one of you continue to focus on the needs you have that will help make LIFE bearable for you. Whew! This takes a load off. Let’s remember to count our blessings, even those so many, we’re not even aware of. Thank you for this Day!! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

Prayer candle lit for all.


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06-14-2004, 12:38 PM
Ohmy, Deb, I have been feeling precisely the same thing! I realized earlier today when I posted (and no, I have NOT been to sleep yet) that I needed to put in my post that we would also need to make a post or two here every day for a period of time, just to make sure we caught whomever it is that's still waiting to get here . . . but I forgot to put it in. Thank you for saying it the way you did. How wonderful!

And, sTeVe, what marvelous news! Not only will you get back pay for what you have already missed 'cause I know that's been weighing on you pretty heavy these past few days, moreso than before, BUT you keep getting paid as long as need be, AND you can quit worrying about losing your job for being gone so long. My friend, you can sleep like a baby tonight! And, they will then pay for the doctor's visits and anything related so I'm sure you must feel a tremendous amount of relief right now, eh?

Now, you just KNEW I was gonna say something about this, didn't you?

Originally posted by mtnviewsteve:
They have me scheduled to see a Dr. Sprinkle, orthopedic specialist, in Little Rock July 6th.

First off, it's the day before my birthday so it HAS to be something good is gonna happen. But, other than that, I just wanna know if you will ask him if he'll sprinkle you with faerie dust? It's a cure-all for everything, honest. Mix some change with it, throw it all over the steps to every shop in town, and we wouldn't HAVE an economic problem in ES. And, the tourists love it. Oops, wrong story.

Anyway, sTeVe, you go guy!!! But, I'm serious. Ask him about faerie dust. He can't have a name like that without getting asked a lot of things so why not this?

I mean, I had an orthopedist whose last name was Moredick. Honest! The day I met him, as he's sitting across from me, holding my hand, syringe in other hand, ready to stab the tendon in my thumb (which is NOT fun, I'll tell ya), his name came up, and the poor man blushed at least 20 shades of red. He must REALLY take the ribbing for it. I told him that I was sorry, but if I were him, I think I'd have changed my name a long time ago. LOL That was AFTER he had already caused me a lot of pain, and the lidocaine had taken effect so my sense of humor had returned, and his face was close to its normal color again. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif He said he had thought of it many times but didn't want to insult his father. Oy!

My first pain management specialist's last name was . . . you sure you're ready for this . . . . Money! That's right! As in bucks. And, that was really his name. He didn't like change it to that or anything. Fortunately, I didn't stay with him long. I think it's got to be a sin to be a pain management specialist and be opiate-phobic. But he was. He told me on the first visit that he never prescribed anything for pain except Ultram. That's like leaving out half of the practice of his profession. He said his job was to find a way to fix the pain without needing anything opiate-related. I don't think he took the whole training, for some reason. Almost everything he wanted to do or try was dangerous, experimental, not necessarily something that was proven to work on even a semi-regular basis, etc., but no drugs, they're dangerous. Fortunately, we didn't work together for long. And, his name went along with his practice. It cost $145 to walk in his door BEFORE he saw me. Any time spent was extra, and anything done was extra. Whew! Glad it was quick anyway. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

sTeVe, you have company to go to LR, right?

Ohmy, and I have some serious thank yous to make here. Deb, sTeVe, and Jeannie thanks soooooo very much for the private emails. Nafalia, thank YOU as well since yours came by way of Jeannie too. I really appreciate all of what I've gotten, and I didn't want any of you to think I wasn't acknowledging them, or that I didn't get them. I just haven't had any chance to answer, and my mail has been down now for almost a day. The server isn't picking up the phone for some reason. At least I can get online, thankfully, but I can't check any of my email accounts, or send any mail out at all. So, if anything has been sent since yesterday, I just thought I'd let y'all know that I haven't gotten it. But, thanks soooo much for those of you who have written privately. I appreciate all of your love and concern and nurturing support here and in private, and I just think ALL of you are the best! XOXOXOX

Missie, R U OK?

Today is day one, gang. Started the Zyvox this morning at half dose, and so far, so good. No side effects at all so, if it had been that there was some kind of limit to what my system could take of it, there would have been a problem already, but nope, none at all. It's also day one with no antidepressants AT ALL for the first time in like six years. I think I'm almost more nervous about that than taking the Zyvox. But, this is going to go perfectly! Yes!!!

Love you, gang! I gotta run for now. Much love and many blessings to everyone . . . and my love . . .

Jeannie Jones
06-14-2004, 04:31 PM
Oh, this is all so precious! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

Becky, no, "Nafalia" no longer lives in New Orleans. She did live in Eureka, where I met her and we became friends. She moved away, then I moved away, but we talk by phone every day. Our friendship was immediate when we met, and has deepened over the years to where we now have a bond that seems almost palpable (like you could reach out and touch it--or hang onto the strong cord of it). I have watched her grow spiritually by leaps and bounds. She approaches everything full force, as you do, Deb. I can't really give more info., as it's hers, not mine, to give. She'll give more and more of it as she feels to do that. It will come through me until her computer system is set up, some months from now.

Each of us has a key or keys for the other, IMHO, due to the synchronicity of our gathering in this space. Deb, sTeVe and Nafalia just opened you up full force with the creative visualization discussion. You have thrown yourself into it with everything you've got. You are so beautiful--tap dancing to Lany's flute--kid, you crack me up!

So as we build our creatively visualized castle (oops, I mean house) somewhere above us, could it be rounded? Of course, there would be pyramids within and without. Or maybe we don't need walls and a roof. Whadda y'all think? http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

So in thinking about our own bbs, I can see a couple of topics that I would think would remain constant, like "Building our spiritual house", "Throw me a life jacket 'cause I'm goin' under", when support is needed 'cause we've just gotten challenging news about health conditions, or Shimaka's having a tough day without the anti-depressants, or whatever. Of course, another constant topic would be "Nafalia speaks" and sTeVe would have his "Waking all the way up with sTeVe" for the positive messages of the day, and he has already begun his own new thread.

Just mental meanderings. I really enjoy this format that allows us to go back a few pages and re-read to refresh our memories. I want to read absolutely everything that anyone posts here, so this post-by-post format is enjoyable to me, BUT I see what Shimaka says about how unwieldy it could get after we come up with a larger and larger # of pages. It would be harder to find a previous entry.

If we had some "set" topics and can open new topics if we wish, it would be easier to find prior posts. I'm not crazy about having everything come through my e-mail, though. I'd rather go to the site. My inbox is too full already, and I forget what came before the e-mail answer. Much gratitude for Shimaka for offering her services in this way!

Gotta go for now, but have more to say. Maybe later. I just haven't touched all the bases yet, but need to take a break.

MISSIE--are you okay? Did the second batch of cookies knock you down?

Loving the fabric of life--


Jeannie Jones
06-14-2004, 06:37 PM
Visual images from Nafalia:

I now live in an apartment complex which is built in a circle (a magical circle, of course) in Springfield. It has a 3-acre courtyard in the middle, with a pool, a sunken hot tub, tennis and volleyball courts, clubhouse with a wet bar, and a large barbecue pit. The magical part is that in the center of all of this, there is a pond--a LARGE pond, built in a rectangular shape. In the center of the rectangular pond is a round flower bed with a Greco-Roman statue of one of the Greek gods. In that pond is all kinds of different fish--goldfish, carp, everything.

One of the more attractive parts, to me, is that by the sunken hot tub stand 4 Roman columns. The interesting thing to me is that the hot tub is heated with gas, and the steam comes out from the hot tub from the top of the 4 columns. In early morning, while the dew is still on the ground and the tub is being heated for the day, the steam rolls out of the columns and appears as a mist flowing all around it, and all of this occurs in the early morning hours when the dew is still on the ground. Also in the courtyard, there are many trees with different kinds of foliage, and shrubberies, and large flower beds all over the place, built in circles.

The nice part is even though it's on one of the main streets of Springfield, very busy, that it sits about 1/4 mile off the road, so you have no noise. The beginning of the road which leads to the complex is divided by 4 very large white Roman columns in a row. On each side of the road is a large lion.

The 4 columns are over 100 years old. They were first built and put in front of a large Methodist church, and the church burned, but the columns stood. Then another church bought the columns, and THAT church burned, but the columns stood. Then they went through a flood and were underwater for several years, and the man who conceived this complex some 30 years ago, found the columns, bought and restored them, and they have lined the drive since the early 70's.

There are many hidden amenities within the complex that are quite surprising. Totally secure, all doors are locked. You must have a key or be let in by an intercom system, and at night there's a guard at the gatehouse, and there's a large walk-up to the main entrance, which also has columns and a wonderfully-designed canopy. In the first floor main lobby are the mailboxes, then you go up 7 steps and you're at the main office, which is all glass. When you go back down to the main lobby, then you go down another 7 steps, and you're in a very open place that has 2 large columns and rock walls, and very large glass doors that open into the courtyard. (And of course, this is all red-carpeted.)

Since moving in here and observing and learning so much about this place it is obvious to me that the man who built this place was very much in tune with spirituality, because of all the magic symbols in the courtyard, such as the pool, the hot tub, the flower beds, everything. He used the universal language of geometry to build this place. The complex is 3 stories high with tenants aged from 4 to 92, but it is very quiet, serene and tranquil. It is a community within a city. For me, I have returned to Camelot. I hope you have enjoyed this journey into where Nafalia resides in the "now".

In case you might find yourself envying me for my situation, know that I have been dealing with severe, chronic, non-positional vertigo for 7 years and I seem to grow weaker and no one knows why. The attacks used to come occasionally, but now they come every day. Tomorrow at 4:45 I am having an MRI for systemic sciatica, to see where they'll do a nerve block. Not looking forward to it, but, hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. So keep me in your thoughts, please.

As above, so below,


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06-14-2004, 08:29 PM
Took me a while, but I finally saw it....it is a rotunda. Supported by a spiral on top and underneath. The windows are made of air and they curve. There is a table but tall like a bar that curves with the windows. The draperies are made of spun crystals that allows soft billows of fresh air to come and go without resistance. There are many more rooms and this seems to be one of the turrets within and without. I am only glimpsing at one "frame". There are many more frames and many more rooms and turrets about the rotunda. There are numbers, but they are not clear. They are in the glass beads that spiral within the spiral. They are not moving though they appear to be. We are there on a tour. Our opinion is very important. I thought that the guide was an old friend of mine, but I could be confusing her with Nafalia, as they are similar in structure or maybe energies. That is all for now.

06-14-2004, 09:07 PM
Good to hear from just about everyone. Hope all is A-OK with you, Missie. I have felt pretty good for a Monday. Usually have bouts of the chemo nausea and lightheadedness, but seem to have jumped over it this week. Had the 2 grandbabes today. We went to the library program. I'm so glad that our communities create these summer programs. They are really done well, too. Babes were with me all day because my daughter-in-law has gotten very sick. She is a 30 year old super healthy marathoner. Don't know what's wrong. She's going in for an abdominal CAT scan tomorrow morning.
I have to go to the clinic in the a.m. and my son has to be in Fayetteville for a doc appt. tomorrow morning also. What's going on here?! I'll take one babe with me and she'll have the other and by the time she's taken the chalky stuff and waited an hour, I'll be there to get the other kiddo.
Wish I had me around when I was young with a child. Sure come in handy http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif. Gotta love it! Wouldn't have it any other way.
Hope each moment is easy with the med transitions, Shimaka.
Past my bedtime. Long day tomorrow. Nitey nite all.
Oh, great news sTeVe!!!
Jeannie, can't think of anything poignant to say right now, so I'll just say hi! HI!

06-15-2004, 01:05 AM
Oh, Mizz Lany!

I am so sorry you lost your long post! I just can't handle it when that happens, and it happens too frequently. I've started writing in Notepad and saving every few minutes, or in Word, or whatever word processor is handy. At least, if one does that, the odds of losing a whole post to a mis-clicked button is so much less! We've all had that happen at one point or another. I do wonder sometimes if we, the rest of us, don't "get" it anyway. What do you think?

Deb, am glad to hear of your good for a Monday feeling. I can relate to that description. One reason I think we'll probably remain a relatively small group is that we all have needs more than the average human/bear, ya know, and maybe having a smaller group will allow us to know those intricacies of each other's schedules and when we need the most "boost". Does that make sense in this dimension? http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif I know it did where I just was. Just wondering. LOL

Was just thinking if, say, for instance Steve always goes for PT on M-W-F, and it makes his T-Th-Sa morning HELL on wheels. A small group would come to know that pretty quick-like and then would most likely all direct some extra poofy power his way at those times. ?? Am I coming through? I know we ALL have those little things like that, and I look forward to more "knowingness" about when to reach out to someone in particular, though I'll admit, I've been getting the nudges from spirit in that direction anyway. I guess the 3-D affirmation helps some too.

Jeannie, thank you sooooo much for all of your time and effort in typing out Nafalia's posts to us. I really appreciate that you are willing to do that for us, and I do so appreciate her words to us as well. Thank you both, btw, for the note this afternoon. It meant a great deal to me. To be honest, now that I think of it, I have no idea when it was written. My email was down for 36 hours, and it all came in at once so I guess I was just thinking everything must have been written then. Duh! I don't think so! Even Dear Abby came in a lot later than usual. LOL

And, in addition to being Nafalia's official transcriptionist and translator, you are such a beacon of hope and light for us here, and speaking for me, you have most definitely brought a HUGE ray of sunshine into my life in a big way.

I did not leave the house today, and I also did not sleep today and thought I would be fast in the sand man's castle by now, but now, I'm actually pretty wide awake. In a way, I feel like I'm learning a whole new method of consciousness. At least, a whole new timeline thereof. Perhaps, it's just learning more about how time really is just a construct we made up so that life would make sense. But, I also need to take care of my body in 3-D, especially now that I've started the antibiotic therapy, and this antibiotic is a chemical agent that acts on the body like chemo so, mayhaps Deb and I could be some support to one another here through this time. I already know what this drug feels like after a few days, having done it before it went ballistic on me before, but I am not going to rely too heavily on that remembering because we had a number of things wrong - like conflicting things going into my body at the same time, and I'm being oh, so very cautious, and attempting to be something I have never been - a good girl. LOL I will let you know how things progress on that front, which may be more important in the long run than the physical thing. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

Missie, I misses you! Please, let us know you are okay, and if you aren't, can you let us know in some way via a family member, or just post a few short words so we know how to reach you if you need us. I don't know your last name or would have gone looking to see if I could help already. I have the helmet in the van just waiting for you to give me the word. Only thing to remember is that I sleep weird so I may not respond right away, or I could respond in ten minutes or less. Sigh. It's all in spirit's timing. I KNOW it ain't mine. LOL

Just as a little aside for all of you to know - I eat every Saturday evening at Myrtie Mae's so that is the one thing in my schedule that is almost always the same. Sometimes, if I'm especially ill, I won't go, but it's got to be pretty bad for me to miss that engagement.

You see, Saturday night they have the prime rib special at Myrtie Mae's - LOTS of protein considering the price and the amount of food. My friend, Beverly (who would LOVE this group, btw,) and I used to frequent Myrtie Mae's together going back all the way to when my geek biz was going full time about 80 hours/week and thriving as well as ME thriving. She got married to a wonderful gal and moved away to Washington State October last, and on the first Saturday she was away, I got a phone call, asking me what I would be doing on Saturday evenings now. To be honest, at that moment, I was grieving at her loss from my life here in Eureka, and I was having a lot of trouble dealing with it so the question actually kind of caught me off guard and almost sent me toward that edge where I wouldn't have STOPPED crying had I started.

Anyway, I said I wasn't sure yet, hadn't made up my mind. Well, with Patty, her wonderful new mate, in the background talking at the same time, she told me that, from now on, every Saturday, I would have prime rib waiting on me at Myrtie Mae's, courtesy of them, that it was already taken care of, and I was just to shut up and not argue with her. LOL What a truly wonderful gift! Patty got on the phone and told me that she figured I'd be eating dinner with them at least 3 times a week if they were here so they wanted to do this for me now, and whenever they come to visit, they will join me. Ain't that just a really cool thing to do for someone? I know there is no way I could afford to do it on my own, and I suppose they knew that too, so it's a very cool gift, and sometimes I take pictures if friends are there, and I'll call them on my cell phone if time allows. It becomes a family night even if I spend the time physically alone.

Anyway, after all that introduction, ANYTIME that anyone has the inclination to eat at Myrtie Mae's on Saturday night, or just wants to stop by for a drink with me, have a Coke or ice tea or whatever, please feel free to come and sit with me and join me. It's the one time I know I'll be in town (like I said, unless I'm in poor shape, in which case, you'd know about it anyway) so I want to make sure you ALL know that, absolutely, you are ALWAYS invited. Okay? Okay! One of the wonders of rolling into MM on Saturday evening is that I never know who I will see or sit with or whatever so it's always a joy no matter what. Please, feel free to make yourselves a part of that joyful celebration any ole Saturday you feel like it, okay?

Gotta run. I can feel a zzzzz or three creeping into the sides of my eyes. Love y'all more than I can say. G'nite, sweet prince and princesses, and any who we don't know are here yet.


06-15-2004, 01:47 AM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gifWell, what do you know, they're talking about us this morning. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Hope everyone is well, got up to take muscle relaxer and back to bed, I hope. Here's today's positive thoughts and good starts,will check back in to see how ya'll are later. Have a gro-0-vy day.

Today's Positive Visualization:

I take an even breath and relax into the Presence of God that dwells
within me. For a moment I experience the ease, simplicity, and
joy this Divine connection brings to me. I allow myself to remember
all the wondrous things that God has done for me and I am filled
with thanksgiving. I commit to living my life with the "attitude of
gratitude" http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif and I expect to receive the abundance and joy the law of
thanksgiving provides. In my mind's eye I see myself going through
my day filled with thanksgiving. I combine these images with feelings
of joy and let them go, knowing that they will create the good things
I am visualizing and thinking.

GooD StartS
Life is beautiful; it was created out of an inner beauty that unfolded into
the universe. I claim beauty as my own, not just beauty of body, but I claim
the full inner beauty of the universe to be revealed in my life in every

I refuse to look at things and call them ugly, for what I contemplate, I
become. I establish a powerful intention to see the beauty of spirit
everywhere in this world. Not only in what is lovely and pleasing, but in
what I personally call unlovely and difficult. The beauty is there to be
seen, there to be invoked, and I do it.

By standing firm on this understanding that what I see, I experience, I
begin to look for the evidence of things not yet seen in my life. Whatever I
desire, I look for it everywhere I am, even in the unlikely places. And I
find it, within my very self, revealed by the power of spirit's natural and
perfect laws of manifestation. I give thanks for the way this universe
works, and I celebrate the beauty that I discover everywhere I look. And so
it is.

Jeannie Jones
06-15-2004, 02:52 AM
Well, hootie-hoot-hoo!

So many late posters tonight! Usually Shimaka checks in around 1:00 or so, and I'll come in an hour or so after. When I checked in just now, I was so surprised to see all the late activity.

Y'know, there's so much in everybody's posts that I say "oh, yeah" to or something like that while reading that I never seem to acknowledge on the bbs. Also, if you're down and I forget it in my posts, my heart is with you. Just wanted y'all to know that.

DEB! Of course it's a rotunda! That's super--perhaps inspired by the columns and the statue in the courtyard. So are the draperies spun glass as in fibers making like a light mesh, or tiny spun glass beads, tinkling lightly in the breeze? Y'know, the whole thing feels quite familiar to me. I'm thinking like maybe in reading of the Ascended Masters, about retreat places above certain geographical locations. Your vision and description are quite beautiful.

LANY, glad that your Mom is coming along quite nicely and that you'll be able to give Deb some helpful information.

SHIMAKA, was it 7-7 that's your birthday? (I'm workin' from memory here). That would put you coming in a Cancer. I came in with the sun in Taurus, Cancer ascending, and the moon in Capricorn, with a Grand Trine earth and I don't remember what all else. I'm told, though, that as we are "transforming" we move more away from that. Know that we are always with you. If you're having a "down" time, know that you're not alone.

Tap dancing to a piccolo! Love it! So sorry your post flew away, Lany. I sure know what that feels like.

Oh, and Shimaka, I'm very glad to bring in Nafalia for ya. We work pretty well together. I've helped to edit some writings of hers, and know how to respect the material. When you're talking in person, it can be just one long sentence, y'know. When you can LOOK at it you can SEE it, but when you can't, and you're putting it on paper, it's a different story.

Deb, N. remembers your coming to her house in Eureka with J.Y. She remembers you as an artist.

sTeVe, hope you're sleeping by now--sorry you're having a rough night. Why is your Good Start different than the one that came into my mailbox today?

Becky, love ya. Hope you enjoyed the description of N.'s environs. Hope you're sleeping well tonight.

Missie is still among the missing. Y'know, I remember her posting her e-address in one of her posts. Also, I think her e-address is in her profile.

Wella good golly Miss Molly it's late, and I've got a big day tomorrow with Wal-Mart, Walgreens, cig store, and I'd better get myself tucked up.

Wishing a bright good morning to all,


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06-15-2004, 09:18 AM
In my sleeplessness,early this morn,I ran across this site that may interest you.
"JJ", don't know why mine is different than yours, must serve a purpose! Enjoyed your post this morning as we seemed to have the "NightOwl-Blues".
"Shimaka", the safety director will be taking me to L.R. for Dr. visit, shucks!
Hope everyone has a "beautamous day".
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif sTeVe.

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Jeannie Jones
06-15-2004, 11:09 AM
Just a quickie--

Again, Nafalia's MRI is at 4:45 today, and she could use a focused lift.

Love ya, gotta go, bye--


06-15-2004, 11:17 AM
Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:
Just a quickie--
Again, Nafalia's MRI is at 4:45 today, and she could use a focused lift.
Love ya, gotta go, bye--

**Healing Blessings and Prayers of Goodness are being focused on you, Nafalia. God Bless.

06-15-2004, 12:33 PM
{s t r e t c h . . . . yaawwwnnnn . . .

Shimaka is just coming to the surface, my friends, if you'll visualize a slow, gentle ascent from a deep dive, just beginning to come into the light in the water, not quite at the top yet, but getting there . . . ohmy! I did want to check in with my friends and let you know that day two goes along well thus far on the Zyvox. Shimaka is very tired and feeling the effects of the exhaustion that is combined from the sleep yoyo syndrome and anemia, BUT such a huge amount of gratitude for the love and caring of the universe and this group of caring, nurturing souls.

Nafalia, my love to you, sister, and I shall be with you in spirit this afternoon when your MRI happenstance occurs. I'll be the one holding your left hand. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

The strangest of occurrences just came up, and it both confused and delighted me at the same time. A friend is staying with me temporarily as the home situation settles and comes down to finalizing. We never know when we will set eyes on one another, which has its moments of pure joy, I must say, and its frustrations as well. It is such a gift to have such a tender soul in my house at this time. A gift from the universe, no doubt at all.

I was sitting here at the computer, being sort of quiet and asking Medi to do the same, as I look at the closed curtain over the door to my friend's place of abode at the moment. Sleeping in on the one day of the week it is possible, I thought was another gift for my sweet compadre.

And then, my cell phone rings, and in my not still awakened state, I grabbed for it to shut it up quickly, only to notice in the caller ID box the name and cell number of the person I am attempting to "protect" from being awakened. LOL I've been tiptoeing around in silence, wondering why my Medi boy just keeps looking at me like I surely have lost what little of my mind remains. Now, I know why. My friend has been gone since long before I arose even though I was asleep before the return last night, if there was one. LOL Life can, indeed, be a hoot at times.

Well, my dears, I am just wanting to check in momentarily to let you know, as my buddy, Carriage Guy, always asks, that I am both vertical and above dirt. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif We learn so much from one another, all of us.

Gracious greetings this fine Ozark afternoon. Shimaka is going to stumble, literally, out the back door to collect laundry before whatever that big black cloud is opens and drops more moisture on us. This same load of clothes has had three extra rinses. LOL Thank the powers that be for favors both great and small. I'm allergic to soaps of most kinds, and though I use the gentlest possible with no additives or chemicals, sometimes, things could use a few extra rinses. So, 'tis another gift.

Love you all!


Jeannie Jones
06-15-2004, 12:43 PM
Loved your post, Shimaka, glad you're starting the day okay. Forgot to mention, thanks for posting your pic of Medi. What a sweet companion.

Okay, here's the e-address posted for Missie in her profile:


Now I'll go back to the one she posted in the body of a post:


The only thing is, the latter didn't light up in the body of her post. Don't know why.

Okay, REALLY gotta run this time--


06-15-2004, 05:12 PM
Spirit Friends,
Any word from Nafalia? Prayers still resonating from here to her. How about DaBee, guess she's on way home from Fayetteville by now? Shimaka, did you get my e-mail bout "spirit names"? So glad you are adjusting to the medication adjustment, prayers & "LIGHT" to you as always, and to all the rest of the "gratitude greats".

Communicate when you can, my back still sensitive today, guess I did a little too much bending and stretching yesterday. Had hidden by "effigy-flute" in my spirit room from myself and kinda' freaked out until I found it. Traded a large crystal I took with us to Sedona to a young Navaho boy when we stopped at a roadside shop outside the Grand Canyon. He noticed one I had around my neck and said his medicine man had been seeking one for a while. We both were happy with the trade. I told him the crystal had been "blessed" at all the vortex's in Sedona
and he knew it would mean something special to his grandfather/medicine man. Wow! Aren't flashbacks cool, sometimes? http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

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06-15-2004, 05:38 PM
Just checking in very briefly this evening, my friends. Wanted to say hi and wow, I got post 100. Didn't expect to roll over the page, and poof. Kinda cool.

Am not doing so well this late afternoon as the chemo-type effects are definitely kicking in, and I'm trying not to be worshiping the porcelain god. Ugh! Not looking forward to THAT for long. So, have to make this a short one, but Steve, I did want to ask you about this this morning and forgot:

Originally posted by mtnviewsteve:
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gifWell, what do you know, they're talking about us this morning. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

Where? Who? Just curious as if you mean in the open forum, I didn't see it anywhere. Of course, I didn't scrutinize every post because I just can't right now, but was wondering if you'd tell me where. I'd like to check it out. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif Thanks!

Yes, too, Steve, to the letter question. I just have not had a chance, or mostly energy most days, to answer, but I'd like to do that here very soon. Actually, I was hoping we might in person sometime here soon when you're in our neck of the woods. Do you plan on it anytime soon? I do promise to answer. Just give me a little adjustment time, k? Thanks much.


06-15-2004, 05:57 PM
Spirit Friend-Shimaka,
Sorry to learn you are having difficulties with medication, so sending folded hands of peace & comfort to you this night, may peace and calm adorn you!
**The positive affirmation mentioned us, not anyone: "I commit to living my life with the "attitude of gratitude" and I expect to receive the abundance and joy the law of
thanksgiving provides." http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Sorry to confuse ya', I'm better at that than you'll ever know, unintentionally of course!!
Have not tried to plan much since this "haint" of a back-ache began. Hope to see the "LIGHT" and be able to visit soon.
In the mean time you must continue to communicate here and with thought, as I've been receiving many visual messages from you already. Rest sweet, my friend and know the many that support you in this & the spirit world. Remember our "soul groups" that guide & protect us, even from ourselves.
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif sTeVe-O

Jeannie Jones
06-15-2004, 06:23 PM
Well, just got back from doin' the Wal-Mart, Walgreens & cig store trip--could have been worse--last time was much worse. OK but exhausting as usual this time. Always pick up something just a little too heavy, though Mom brings in the really heavy things.

Got groceries put away, cats fed, talked briefly w/ Nafalia as she was waiting for her ride home from the hospital--more in a minute--clothes changed, clicked on the smoke machine, turned comp. on, for some reason SBC DSL Yahoo Internet Explorer wouldn't come in, fiddled w/ that, then gave that up & just went directly to Geekfest, sat down, cat on my lap, sucked a soothing cigarette down in my little silver dragon cig. holder, read posts on this thread, put keyboard on kitty's back--can't believe she lets me do that!--and that brings me up to "now".

Okay, here's the word from Ms. Nafalia:

Thanks for meeting me in the rotunda today, and I have a physical description of it later today.

I have the MRI film w/ me, they'll send the report to [our neurodoc], and we'll probably have a consultation next week.

I saw spirits w/ me, but saw one woman's physical features. She has very thick, full, long, chestnut hair, with deep brown eyes, very penetrating eyes, and heavy eyebrows.

[I don't think that fits "Stevie's Angels" {play on "Charlie's Angels", y'know, though we're more than 3}, unless it fits Mrs. Steve. JJ]

I felt Shimaka very strongly.

So that's the report so far--back to Jeannie here--anyone got a hit on the woman? DEB--is she familiar at all to you? Perhaps someone reading but not posting? Perhaps Mrs. sTeVe?

Did 3 loads of laundry last night and that always hurts me. Was up 'til 5:00, got up at 10:00. But, hey, I'm smilin' and kitty's singing a sweet purr.

DaBee, how did your day go today? I can just see you juggling babes yesterday! Man, what a "gran"! I'm sure you do it with loads of love and a flair that's all your own. Hope your daughter-in-law and son are okay. You, too, of course!

Know what you mean, Shimaka, about soap sensitivity. Sorry about the porcelain God deal. You can do it. You can do it. At least it's not forever.

Rest your back, sTeVe. I sure feel for ya, guy.

Great to hear from Lany last night, sorry she lost her original post that she had worked on for so long.

Becky, I know you're extremely busy and haven't checked in for a while, but love ya, gal.

Missie, hope you're doin' all right. We're thinkin' about you.

Love to all, posters or non-


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06-15-2004, 06:42 PM
Not sure who "mystery spirit" is. Maletha is blond,not heavy, few eyebrows, tolerant , but not very interested in my escapades in cyber-space, though she is one of the most "spiritually gifted", though she would never disclose or admit! She has the most wonderful, powerful effects on people, without even recognizing it. Literally is responsible for "turning my life around" after my 43 yrs. of attempting to destroy myself. God Bless Her! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Soul Group has many I don't recognize, all of ours have combined with this exercise, so there's "power in #'s", right DaBee. "7even crows" adopted my dwelling today and I awoke to their messages, not sure yet what they were speaking , will soon enough, with patience. Have wanted "crow tattoo" for some time, can't justify expense just for adornment. Balance & Peace to all!
**P**L**T-L** http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

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Jeannie Jones
06-15-2004, 07:35 PM
News from Nafalia:

To Steve--In Native American wisdom, crows are the guardians of Universal Law, and crows are cross-eyed, so they see from many perspectives, and 7 is the number of study and wisdom. I guess that's pretty clear if you put it together.

What I saw during the MRI of the rotunda:

First of all, it's pure gold, but translucent. The reason that it's translucent is because beams of Light from Infinity come through the top of the rotunda and make it glow.

In the center of the rotunda floor is a very large circle of inlaid silver. In that circle of inlaid silver there is also an inlaid silver pentagram. Inlaid in the center of the pentagram there is a lapis lazuli crescent moon. Today as I was in the rotunda I was in the center of the pentagram on the crescent moon.

All the beams of light coming through the rotunda changed into spirits of all the people who had gathered around me through the MRI. From the spirits came different-colored beams of light directed at me. Some were blue, some were green, and some were pink which I felt as tranquility, healing, and love. Of course, all of them were around the inlaid circle.

I had a choice of music to be played during the MRI and I chose Enya. Even though there was a lot of pain involved in the lower back because I laid there for hours for the MRI, because of the rotunda and everyone surrounding me, I was able to rise above the pain.

Deb, what I saw was draperies of spun-crystal beads which refracted the light like prisms do. At the very center of the top of the rotunda there is a beam of pure violet light, which hits dead center on the pentagram with the crescent moon.

At any time that I felt drawn away from the rotunda due to the pain or the discomfort, all of you would gently, with love, draw me back to the center of the rotunda and above the pain. Once again, I thank you all for being with me in the rotunda today.

Not knowing what to expect when I arrived there, I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful experience I had. After the MRI was over, and I never noticed this until after the MRI was over, as I was helped and turned to be able to put my feet on the floor, for the first time I noticed a mural on the wall of a wonderful Roman scene of columns and a Roman garden, in muted blues (very Maxfield Parrish). I didn't even notice it when I went in. Did you all paint that scene when I was in the MRI? http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

As above, so below,


06-15-2004, 08:14 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:
[B]News from Nafalia:

To Steve--In Native American wisdom, crows are the guardians of Universal Law, and crows are cross-eyed, so they see from many perspectives, and 7 is the number of study and wisdom. I guess that's pretty clear if you put it together.

Thank you "Nafalia" for sending me here,
www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Dojo/1299/index2.htm (http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Dojo/1299/index2.htm)
within this site, others may seek much, including "Native American Wisdom".

Jeannie Jones
06-15-2004, 10:10 PM
Great site, sTeVe--

So many places to explore--so little time--time--time--

Shimaka--since this lifetime experience in this dimmension seems to be linear, with past, present and future, it would seem natural to measure it by the changing of the brightness of day into the darkness of night--steps along the linear way. IMHO http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif
(You had mentioned something about time a ways back.)

sTeVe et al, didja checkout the links page on that site? Super!

06-15-2004, 11:53 PM
This isn't an advertisement, well, guess that depends on how you look at it. Anyway, I got a flyer today about the Native American Festival and PowWow at Turpentine Creek this weekend. Fri, Sat and Sun 18th-20th. Looking for a web site on the post and can't find one...oh, yes,.....www.turpentinecreek.org . Haven't checked the site out. Seems we'd talked about it at some point. That's right, I had said to someone that you could most likely get smudge sticks, white sage, sweet grass braids and all kinds of cool stuff there. I haven't been to a good powwow in years. Might just have to go. Love the sounds of the drummings. I've gone to some pretty special drummings in Eureka. Don't see what kind of drum is being used for the stomps and dances for this event though. Will have to go and find out. Any of y'all thinking about going?
Ok, now I'm really going to a place that I haven't been before. I have actually missed y'all today. Don't get me wrong, think we're all missable, but I carried all of you with me all day and thought about what your day might be like and what might be said while I was gone. It was just so nice to come home to this special place. Kinda like a secret garden.
Oh, from the site, sTeVe, I loved this:

Believing in Ourselves
For in relating our separate expierences to one another,
in weaving them into coherence
and therefore significance,
a sense of wholeness arises, a totality which,
By virtue of our active participation,
constitutes direct and immediate comprehension
of ourselves and the universe of which we are integral parts.

That is a vague, yet concise description of what we are doing here (humble opinion). Really, maybe it's a secret rotunda within the secret garden. Though there doesn't appear to be any doors, I put together a door for my garden that is magical. I will take a picture of it...I'm not kidding! I have looked at it for 3 days now and wondered where it belongs. At first I tied it in place with shiny blue ribbon and now it is fastened with hinges. It is made of 100+ year old bead board and I washed it to the color of copper that has turned turquoise.
Maybe the signifigance is just the door concept in itsself. Could be very similar to windows, which I am fascinated by. Windows are in most of my dreams and most of my Dreams of the Planet.
I loved reading what everyone had to say today. Made sure to not miss a word. Everything flows like music, uh, not hard rock music though and not Polka music. Maybe it's tap dancing flute music. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif
Jeannie, the J.Y. has not opened to me yet. Maybe a little hint?
Oh oh oh....gotta tell you (I'm so excited, my mind is going zingzing and if you could hear me talk, you couldn't understand me because the words fly past the ears so fast that they can only pick up an occassional syllable)...Spirit has led me to pick up the paint brush again. OK, I'm slowing down so you can hear me now. The "erocktica" is vibrating higher (or maybe it's me catching up to it) and a special new place is going to hold onto it, for me, for all to see.
Forget contracts, forget handshakes; it is now a mutual agreement sanctioned with a compassionate hug. Heart chakra to heart chakra. Love it, love it, love it. What is the world coming to http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif?
Yes, Lany, one at a time. Shimaka reminded me of the importance of that concerning some very vital basic human functioning maneuvers. That's great about your Mom recuperating so quickly this time around. Thanks for sharing about it. And Lany, how are you feeling these days? Was wondering if you have ever played your flute accompanied by a violinist. Seems like that sound would be so beautiful.
OK, little Missy; we're sending out the search parties. You cannot hide for long as we will hunt you down and up. Be well. Uh-oh, think I'm getting bossy now.
Becky, you there? Didn't think I saw you post on the Open Forum lately either. You ok? Speaking of which (OF) kinda scares me because there are some things that I just don't need to know about any more and I get too much information sometimes. It's not really being scared, but it's like a self protection feeling. I will always be grateful to OF because it was our beginning. A few days ago I said something not very nice to someone because I trusted him/her to give me kind information and it was totally not kind. I'm being much more careful about what I read now. Y'all know what I'm talking about?
Jeannie, my day was a long one like yours. When you talked about getting home and after all the chores were done, sat down and enjoyed a cigarette, I swear I could feel it being inhaled and slowly exhaled. I'm sure I've told you that I've quit smoking and that as of June 2nd, it's been 2 years. Smoked for 30+. I honestly don't miss drinking, but the ease that is felt with different special times enjoying a cig is something I'll probably always miss.

Wow, I've just gone on and on, y'all. I'll wind down here pretty quick. Sometimes the ol' Texas twang pops in and I sound as East Texan as they come http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

sTeVe, thanks for being here. Your energy is just so cool http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Somehow I feel an extra boost of support and ease coming from you. I hope you feel the same coming from me. Know that I read that you were going to a specialist in LR and that a safety officer (?) was taking you. When will that be? Am I suppose to understand what the *s are when you post? I usually don't, but think it's cute anyway.

Was wondering if anyone participates in sweat lodges? Know that the last few I've been to have just been way too hot. Would really love to do a sweat, but maybe with a few degrees of heat shaved off.

Nafalia. Systemic sciatica; I don't understand that. I have sciatica, but thought it just referred to the sciatic nerve that runs from a lower vertebrae and down each hip. At one point years ago a "specialist" wanted to sever my sciatic nerve so I wouldn't have pain. I said NO...y'ain't severin' nuthin'. He said byebye, you're not my patient anymore. I said GOOD! And that was the end of my workman's comp. Worth it...had to draw the line somewhere.
So glad the MRI was an unusual experience for you, Nafalia. So glad we could all be there for you. So glad that there's a place to go now. The medical link with the Rotunda reminds me of something that Kryon told about. Anyone familiar with Kryon?

Seems like maybe some of you are just waking now, so I'll let you do watch while I sleep.

Till we meet again in this mode..namaste/deb

Jeannie Jones
06-16-2004, 12:58 AM
DaBee, so glad you checked in. What a great post! So many things I'd like to comment on in it, but I'm really tired and need to shut my act down. No, I don't wake up at night, I just stay up really late. When I said I went to sleep at 5 and got up at 10, I meant both in the A.M. today. Don't usually stay up that late, but finished my laundry really late and then felt the need to unwind for some hours.

Anyway, love ya, gal, what a treasure you are, and I can't WAIT til Nafalia reads your post!

Oh, and J.Y. is connected to your art. You even mentioned his name in O.F., I think, when I asked you about your art. There--now you've got it.

Okay, sweeties, Maybe we'll meet in the rotunda in our sleep.



06-16-2004, 04:41 AM
Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:
...Maybe we'll meet in the rotunda in our sleep.

Oh Jeannie, love, I most certainly hope so! What a wonderful feeling it gave me to read that just now. I stopped by our little haven for a boost before trying to find the sandman, and as usual, am very glad I did.

I just finished off my third big mug of Lipton's Chicken Noodle Soup for the day. It's amazing, I think, how often that old adage about chicken soup being good for what ails you is SOOO true. I had a pretty rough afternoon, as I had mentioned previously, and absolutely nothing had been put in my stomach all day except liquid - mostly water and caffeine free Diet Coke except for that one cup of java this morning. Hard to imagine being famished and nothing either staying down or even sounding good to try to eat all at the same time, but it can happen. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif Then, I remembered I have several boxes of this Lipton soup mix and decided to try a big mug of it. It's all that has tasted good, or even sounded good, all day, but it certainly WAS good...all three times! LOL Am hoping I'll be able to rest now, at least for a few hours. Half-dose day two down. Yay!!!! Day three coming up fast. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif As I said to a friend earlier in the day, since this medication acts on the body very much in the same way as chemotherapy, I feel blessed that this is the only issue I'm dealing with thus far.

Just a few quick notes before I go off in earnest, searching for the sandman...

Nafalia, I am so heartened to read of your experience this afternoon though it saddens me to hear of your pain throughout. It is wonderful to know that we could be there with you to lift you up above the pain. I am honored you could feel my presence with you. And, I think I may know who that additional person is, and if I am correct, it would make perfect sense that it be she. Actually, I am getting that it may be one of two, and both make perfect sense as well as both would not be able to be forthright in joining in with us, at least, not at this time. Yes, I'm being deliberately vague, and I ask your forgiveness for this. I do think I'm being "trusted" with this information though in real life, I know nothing at all. Most people would say, "just a hunch." I think there is a perceived "safety" issue for her, not from us, but from someone else close to her, and for this reason, she is not openly "with us". However, I do feel as if she IS with us, however silent though she may be.

sTeVe, my friend, in answer to your private question, it will come to you in your own good time. Just continue to be open, and listen with your spirit ears, for the gift will come when you least expect it, but it WILL come. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

Deb, I so hope that your Wednesday is everything you would like for it to be. May you feel WONDERFUL! And, thank you for telling us of how you carried us with you all day. What a gift that is to US! So much of what you said in that regard is exactly how I feel as well. It is as if an opening in time just came together where we could all be at the right place in the right time so we could become "us". The vehicle was bound to appear. It HAD to. I am so grateful that this venue was open to us and that we all were open to it and each other when that moment in time arrived.

As for me, it has been a little more than eight years since a very painful breakup of a wonderful, ten-year, loving, giving, thriving, spiritual, life partnership, and now, for the first time since 18 months before that event, I can finally soar again! You all are most definitely THE gift!

Jeannie, I was reading the "Hey Lita" thread this evening much earlier and was reminded of the first time I saw you post there. It brought me such a huge smile to think how little time ago that was in the linear sense, yet how far we have traveled in that time. You are so much more than you've ever believed, my friend. So much!

Missie!!! We're sending out the ethereal search party. As the nice lady in the movie says, "Just follow the light, baby. Follow the light." You're in my thoughts and prayers and meditations and everything else too. I trust you are well, and if you are not, I trust that you will be. Namaste, Missie. Be well, m'amiga.

The sandman approacheth, methinks. Blessings to all of you, my dear friends, and to anyone just checking in, or reading along and not writing for whatever reason, blessings to you as well. Feel free to join us if you want/can, or not. Whatever is your comfort or safety or need.

Mizz Lany, Mizz Becky, pleasant dreams and the love of God, goddess, Earth Mother, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sky, and all of the angels among and with us, and to all of the rest of this loving family as well.

G'nite, loves and lovelies, as the Sun begins to crack just above the horizon . . .


06-16-2004, 07:50 AM
Good Day, beautiful Spirit Friends,
The family certainly does seem to be growing, spiritually and emotionally closer as we communicate. This "gratitude forum" has been a blessing to me a I never really felt I belonged in the political arena. Hope you all are feeling the "best possible" as we awaken to a new, fresh, "en-LIGHTENING" day! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
DaBee, all my little *** symbols are my attempt to incorporate "stars" into my post, reminding me are are part of the "Great Universe", of Life. Peace to you my sweet friend.Remember we are all made from "stardust".
Shimake, thanks to the reply about "spirit names", my "real" concern was "If" you even received the e-mial, the answer will come later , as you said. Hope you feel 'better" today. Do you like, or are you able to drink green tea? With honey, it should help the quezzy feeling also. My 1st memory of green tea was reading how William Bouroughs(spelling) used to sit all day drinking green tea and *smoking herb, discussing a wide aray of subjects with his friends.*also takes the quezzy away and adds the buzzy! Bet you knew that!!!!! Too easy for me to "git off" on tangents!!
Will check back later, got to feel good enough to go to town today, deliver incense, run by vet for Ruby's harmone meds, visit Wally world, etc. Here the PV for today.
sTeVe. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Today's Positive Visualization:

As I relax into the presence of the Divine power within me,
I open my mind to God's thoughts of opulence and prosperity. I
affirm that it is God's will for all the "children of light" to
experience abundance and peace on earth. I remind myself that
God's supply is limitless and that there is more than enough to
go around. I see myself becoming a conduit of prosperity on earth.
As I expand my thoughts of abundance I open to a great flow of
God's unlimited resources. Unlike natural resources, Divine resources
increase as they are used. I imagine my increased prosperity sparking
hope in others. I see my increased ability to give, planting seeds of
prosperity in all the people I help. In my mind's eye I see God's
opulence flooding the earth and God's perfect will of more than enough
for ALL is manifested on earth. I combine these images with the feelings
of joy and let them go, knowing that they will create the good things
I am visualizing and thinking.

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06-16-2004, 09:12 AM
Shimaka, the one little thing that I do on my chem-trail (chemo) day or 2 a week is to pop a peppermint hard candy in my mouth whenever it "swells". Peppermint helps curbs nausea. Sometimes a mild peppermint tea helps too.
sweet dreams/deb

06-16-2004, 12:52 PM
Super http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
11:15a.m. I became a grandfather to a "new granddaughter: Emma Maria",6lbs-8oz.
My daughter "Sarah" lives in New Johnsonville, Tenn.w/her mate Bob Comuzie.
Just wanted to share this "blessing" with my spirit friends, as again I have much to be thankful for. Mother & child are fine,as is the father(Ha!) We will be planing a trip in a couple of weeks, when everyone/everything settles a little. Thanks for letting me boast a little! Sarah teaches special-education at Big Sandy School, Tennessee .
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif **Peace**Love*Twisted-Light**

Becky Davis
06-16-2004, 02:22 PM
Wonderful Steve! Is this your first grandchild? I just can't get over how much I love my little grandson. I have another, but they are twenty four years apart and I never got to be around him as a baby.
You are fairly close and I hope you get to see her often. It is a blessing she is here and healthy. Blessings to all of you.

06-16-2004, 02:30 PM
Awwww, sTeVe, this is so special. Babies are just the very best people. They are still so freshly connected to All That Is. gRaNdPa'S are just so cool, too.. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif and I bet that you especially are!//grandmabee

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06-16-2004, 02:35 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Becky Davis:
[B]Wonderful Steve! Is this your first grandchild?
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Becky,
This is the 1st one I'll be able to see, my son 32yrs. and his wife divorced and they had 2 children, which I never get to see, as my son can't either, one of those nasty divorces where everyone threw stones, not us , but him & her. Oh, still remember them in our prayers. Sarah & her boyfriend have not indicated they even want to marry, and I could really care less,as long as he loves her and is good to her & baby. Oh, these modern times!!! I have always been a free-spirit, and Sarah certainly is. She has always been extremely independent, even as a child herself. Thanks for the "well-wishes."
**P*L**T_L** http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

06-16-2004, 02:42 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by DaBee:
[B]Awwww, sTeVe, this is so special. Babies are just the very best people.
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif DaBee,
Thanks, and of course you're right, "little angels in life" to remind us of all the good we sometimes take for granted. We'll keep on praying for everyone to one day appreciate and be grateful for Life, on it's terms. Peace & Blessings to ya'!!

06-16-2004, 03:03 PM
Jeannie, I didn't know that you wove hats. How do you do that, anyway?
I went back to OF to find our art discussion. Never found it or the J.Y. person. I'm quite perplexed here. What I did find, though, was the fact that I am repeating myself on some things. Like about the smoking cessation and maybe some various experiences. So sorry about that. Think that the repeating myself is the one issue that bugs me a lot. I ask my kids to stop me and not let me go on and on. Instead of a spell check, I need a redunduncy check. Wait a minute, haven't I said that before, too?
We're going to take the little ones to see Shrek II at the theatre in Berryville tonight. It'll be a 1st for them going to a movie. I love Shrek. What a dude! I'm saying that we're going for the kiddos, when, in fact, I want to see it. heehee
What a rain! My garden is singing again. Think it's "Singing in the Rain" this time. Noticed this morning that my cucumbers are setting flowers and the okra is looking healthy and tall as is the eggplant. It's slow but sure. Oh, I've been getting the lettuce for a few days and it's yummy. There are some beautiful vining plants; morning glories, moon flowers, sweet peas, homestead beans, wild sweet potato vines that are inching their way up the spiral. You should be able to see them all soon. They will be bringing all of the fresh green foods that you need, even watermelon and cantaloupe. We shall feast!
Baby time! How did yours sleep last night, Becky? You getting lots of sweet baby sugars? Getting rain in Hot Springs? This is a real drencher here. Yea!!
The pitter patter on my tin roof is lulling me to sleep. A good nap is in order prior to going to the movie tonight, don't you think? http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif
Sure hope all of you are having a really fine day//deb

Jeannie Jones
06-16-2004, 06:22 PM
Originally posted by DaBee:
Jeannie, I didn't know that you wove hats. How do you do that, anyway?

I don't. I have crocheted quite a lot of them, though, some with simple stitches and some with complex stitches. Where'd you hear that?

Ahhhhh, maybe it's this--I remember on OUR thread in O.F. I mentioned that I couldn't do any lapwork anymore, gave my yarn & crochet thread away--loved to crochet small thread w/ small crochet hook--hung onto my cro. hooks, though, (the last thing you sell or give away is your "tools", right?). Then it was either Patt or Christina Moon who said that she enjoyed fine crochet also and had recently been able to do it again, and was crocheting hats. I think it was Patt.

I went back to OF to find our art discussion. Never found it or the J.Y. person. I'm quite perplexed here.

Okay--you are going to feel so silly, but that's okay--I asked you about being an "artisticator" (from your profile), you told me about your "Erocktica", and where they were being displayed, or where they were about to be displayed and the opportunity fell through. Don't remember which. NOW--ya got it?

Whoops--gotta go--Ms. Nafalia calling.

Love y'all


Becky Davis
06-16-2004, 06:41 PM
I remember the discussion about the eroctica. I think it was on the other board.
Yes it is baby time and he has been so fretful all day long. Hope he is not sick.
Last night, he did great. I slept off and on with one eye open.
Gotta go..crying again. Not sleeping over thirty minutes at a time today.

06-16-2004, 06:48 PM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif "Seven Crows" http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

by Carol Malyon

only seven of them

but they hold the world
in perfect balance

between the earth & sky
their flight sustains
a tension of stark symmetry

the upthrust of their wings
supports the sky above them

their fierce downstroke
holds the earth in place

this is the reason
it is always daytime somewhere

to keep the world in perfect balance
requires a constant flight

of seven crows

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Jeannie Jones
06-16-2004, 07:23 PM
So glad to hear these discussions about the grandbabes. Congrats to you and your family, sTeVe-A-RinO (okay, if you just take the small letters, that's see-in--I guess some of my stuff is so obscure as to go unnoticed.) sTeVe--do you watch a lot of TV? seeTV--sTeVe--?

Innywhy, so nice to hear about the kiddos. I never had children and haven't really been around them all that much, either. I've kind of missed out on that whole wonderful sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes glorious, sometimes fear-inducing constantly amazing process of getting them from birth to adulthood and beyond. It's truly a gift from God, and the most beautifully creative thing a person can do.

Sometimes after visiting my dad in the nursing home I'd visit Chip & Sue Chipouras, and it was such a great balance to see their brood wildly experiencing energetic life, compared to the nursing home scene.

At one point in time, Lizzie & Hannah Chipouras would come to visit me, during a time in my life when I had a place for everything and everything in its place. They were little girls, but were visiting as young ladies, being oh so very respectful while looking at my little treasures. It remains a very sweet memory.

I also got to experience the Rebecca/Coyote children a few times, and that was delightful as well. All that exhuberance! It was such a breath of fresh air.

Oh, I just remembered that I babysat for a couple of brothers in Beavertown occasionally, but while I can see their faces, I can't pick up the names. They were all, all these above-mentioned children, just truly a delightful gift come into my life. That was all in the past. They are all adults now, out there in the world doing something, I know not what, but I hope they walk in joy.

Chirodoc has a 4-yr-old named Brook that I get to see once a week now. Sometimes we've gotten to play together, and it's so interesting to me to see how the child mind works. First she thought that I was Mom's mother. Maybe she was picking up on a nurturing attitude or something. Her mom, chiro's receptionist/office person, said that Brook's having difficulty figuring out relationships of people. Anyway, once when there was time for us to play together, Brook asked my mom's permission for me to play with her! Cute beyond words. She has a brand new baby sister now, 4 weeks old. We've only seen her in the sling around Mom's neck.

Well, there were 2 lovely teenage girls, into whose lives I appeared for a time. It was rather a complex situation and I wasn't ever sure if I was handling things correctly. They're moms now, so maybe they can understand my dilemma.

Well, that's nearly my entire life's experience of children. Blessed be all y'all that have or have had them. What a gift you were given.

We're all enriched by the experiences of others.

Need to go now--have something to say to Deb about doors and windows, and portals and gates--but gotta eat something.

Nafalia will call back later, when it's not light'ning in Springfield.



06-16-2004, 09:20 PM
7 was the first number to appear
it was on my lips as i woke
a crystal dawn greeting the world
................then 1 tear

06-16-2004, 09:30 PM
IP: Logged

Member posted 06-16-2004 10:17 AM
Jeannie Jones weaves some beautiful hats.
And Carrie from the apothecary makes herbal goodies, as does Heather Huber, who works at healthworks. All these girls are at the Farmer's Market. Did you scopee out the Sunday MArket, too?
We're almost open up there, neighbor. Soon, soon, not soon enough.

Jeannie Jones
06-16-2004, 10:05 PM
Okay, I see, I think there was a Jeannie Jones that maybe hooked up w/ Coyote. Not sure, that was a while ago. Maybe someone else remembers, from the old Chelsea's crowd. I'm thinking she was a colorful, granny glasses kind of hippie gal, seemed quite pleasant, probably crafty. It was funny to have someone else w/ my name.

Excuse me, but I have to go and finish Nafalia's post. At the end of it, my phone was dying, needed a recharge, so the end kind of fell off abruptly. The last thing she wanted to say was about she had also lived in East Texas (I read her all the posts since her last one, and when she heard that, she really wanted to speak about it.) Isn't Becky a Southern gal also? Step on any of the same tracks?

Okay--I go only to reappear.


06-16-2004, 10:33 PM
Jeannie, I think I walked in your old foot steps.
The youner Chipouras kids were regulars at my house. Now, they are all in my famiy circle, along with their own kids. The 'girls' are all mothers, now, and very good mothers!
The Barden kids were also regulars.. Loren and my son Ben live together, in Fville...

It's been three years now, since we last had kids living with us.. it took a full year to get used to it.

I just love kids, big, little, young, old. It is the finest blessing of my life to have my grandkids close by enough to see often.

Jeannie Jones
06-16-2004, 10:37 PM
Messages from Nafalia:


Devoured the first 4 Kryon books as if a starving soul had just found food. Took the "implant" about 3 1/2 - 4 yrs. ago and have grown in the Kryon energy since, and moved into and through the Kryon energy to the now, which I can't define or seem to put a label on but it's not necessary to do that anyway. I just know that I am in the "NOW". I don't give much thought to past or future, just the "now".

Recently have had to deal with a lot of hidden anger and rage from 40 yrs. ago. Thought I had, but found out I had only buried it. Been doing a lot of energy clearing by verbally expressing my anger and rage at my family for what they stood by and offered me no help to get out of. Am finding that the experience is not about them, but about me.


My intuition told me that you would be the one who knew who the mysterious lady is. Was not surprised to hear the news from you about this. Was expecting it.


As far as my day has been, it has been a day of putting the black mosquito net canopy over the bed, and balancing myself on the bed with my cane, working over my head with a staple-gun. It's been quite a feat--quite a balancing act to keep the vertigo under control as I'm looking up and to keep my balance with the cane in one hand and the staple-gun in the other, looking up over my head, which tends to activate the vertigo, but just had to get this canopy up right because it was causing my balance when I was resting to be out of balance, because it was not put up properly and was out of balance, and making me CRAZY. Was smart enough to keep my neck brace on so that I could stabilize my back and neck. [OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod! JJ] It's still hard to keep a good woman down. [!!!]

Haven't said anything about the back injuries because I've been too busy trying to keep my balance!!! And this is after going and picking up the new ottoman for my living room and a trip to Wal-Mart.

A trip to Wal-Mart to me is totally disorienting because of the lights, the noise level, all the movement of the people, not even to take into consideration being overamped by all the merchandise, which appears as one big blob to me. So by the time I leave Wal-Mart, I need 2 Valium, not one (for the vertigo). When I leave Wal-Mart I feel so grateful that I didn't "go postal" while I was there! I just looked up and said "thank you, thank you, thank you" once again that I made it out.

I guess a trip to Wal-Mart to me is like going to the amusement park and going into the "House of Mirrors" in the Fun House! To make this trip even more fun, I'm not sure if it's me being overamped, or if it's why they call Wal-Mart "Wally World". Hey, gang, just imagine what it would feel like if you were going down a water-slide that was surrounded by distorted mirrors--that's Wally World for me.

Is Timothy Leary really dead?

Steve, thanks for the news about the 7 crows. I'm taking them to Wal Mart with me the next time I go.


I waited 50 years for a knight in shining armor and the Universe gave me my wonderful Bruce. We had only 18 beautiful months together, and he died 8 years ago. [She would have said more, but the phone was fading.]


You're an East Texas girl! [Right here the phone completely faded out.]

As above, so below,


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06-16-2004, 10:40 PM
Shimaka, dear, you doing ok? Would you like for me to bring you some peppermint tea and saltines, maybe some 7-up and some hard peppermint candy? Need some more chicken noodle soup? Just let me know.

Jeannie Jones
06-16-2004, 11:08 PM
Originally posted by PMilam:
Jeannie, I think I walked in your old foot steps...

Wow, Patt, I'd say so! Please give my love to any Chipouras you see! Not sure if Megan or Mikey would remember me by name, but the others surely would. I'm so happy to know that the girls are happy moms. Sue wanted the kids to do whatever they wanted in their childhood, so that they could look back on it and remember the fun they had. She loved them so very much. I'm wondering if Chip is in Eureka or the area?

I'm not sure if the Barden kids would remember me or not. I think I talked the most with Rowan. They probably would remember my ex-husband better, Kurtz Miller.


...It is the finest blessing of my life to have my grandkids close by enough to see often.

You are truly blessed, Patt.

With love,


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06-17-2004, 12:07 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:
[B]Okay, I see, I think there was a Jeannie Jones that maybe hooked up w/ Coyote. Not sure, that was a while ago. Maybe someone else remembers, from the old Chelsea's crowd. I'm thinking she was a colorful, granny glasses kind of hippie gal, seemed quite pleasant, probably crafty. It was funny to have someone else w/ my name.

Yes, Jeannie, I know the Jeannie that you're talking about. She and Steve Jones have been together for quite a few years now. She gave me a wonderful dreamcatcher quite a few years ago. Knew that she hadn't gone by Jones when she and Coyote were together, but maybe so now that she is with Steve. Guess the hat weaver probably is her.
Thanks for hanging in there with Nafalia to be able to transcribe her posts to here. I look forward to them. I started a post concerning the Kryon messages, but it blinked and disappeared. It's a sign for me to wait a bit. There's new information coming in and I need to be patient and gentle with it.//deb

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Jeannie Jones
06-17-2004, 12:16 AM
I go back and read and read and read, and then when I get to the "reply" blank I forget so many of the things I wanted to say.

Shimaka, wish I could give you a hug and wipe your brow, sweetie. Y'all are so dear to me--yes, Deb--it's pretty amazing, isn't it? What a good friend you are to offer to go to Shimaka in the night. Hopefully she's sleeping.

I do remember, Shimaka, how we met in the Open Forum--my careless words sure got your back up--and how beautifully you described the space being made for us all to come together here. I think it was in your 3 cups of soup post. Dear heart, I hope your tomorrow is bearable. You may need to have someone bring you a LOT of chicken soup.

Oh, Deb, I meant to speak about doors an windows and why we smudge them particularly, as well as mirrors, but my arms need to stop typing. I did find one link that might interest you before the astrology stuff from last year. Here y'go:


It's also interesting to me to see that our thinking aligns with Plato's about the Divine within.

I also loved that you said in describing the rotunda, that the windows were made of air.

So nice to hear from Becky and Patt today.

Oh, and Deb, Nafalia wanted to speak about the systemic sciatica but the phone went dead. I know, I did intensive "searches" on it, and it's not anywhere, but her explanation makes sense.

Okay, REALLY gotta go now

Love to all, posters and non-posters,


06-17-2004, 12:25 AM
Not sure why, but I am compelled to post a song that my sister, Donna, wrote, a long time ago..

Point of View

I remember years ago when I was just thirteen,
telling mom I thought you were the best I’d ever seen.
Mama said this phase would pass in just a week or two,
puppy love, and nothing more was all i felt for you.

At twenty-one our puppy love had outlived mama’s plan
and I told daddy you’d be by to ask him for my hand.
Dad said, "he’s a good kid, but he hasn’t got a dime.
You should marry money and hope love comes in time."

What’s the point of living if he holds the point of view,
that trading love for money is a wise thing to do?
I wish he knew what I know, but he hasn’t got a clue,
that the best in life lies waiting just outside his point of view.


You won’t have to guess what brings you happiness,
if you know what really matters to you.
You can see the light in the darkest night,
depending on which window you look through.

At ten o’clock the kids were sleeping, news was coming on,
an old friend from our school days was on the telephone.
I told her you were working late, you had so much to do.
She said, "don’t fall for that old line, he’s stepping
out on you."

What’s the point of loving if she holds the point of view,
that trusting in the one she loves is more than she can do?
I wish she knew what I know, but she hasn’t got a clue,
that the best in love lies waiting just outside her point of view.

Love’s the point of living and that’s my point of view.
Trusting in the one I love is what I choose to do.
I’m glad I know what I know and can tell you true,
that a wall becomes a window when you change your point of view.

point of view - c r. caswell/d. farar-russell 1988

06-17-2004, 12:28 AM
wooo woooo..
As I was getting the song ready to post (it was written all in caps), you posted about windows.. maybe that is where the compulsion came from.
Sweet dreams.

Jeannie Jones
06-17-2004, 12:37 AM
Wow, Deb, are we cross-posting or what! Hadn't read yours before posting mine the last I think 3 times!

Well, now I'm REALLY confused! I thought Gina Galena was Steve Jones' wife. All this time of my reading the Geek board, I've pictured this little family of Gina, Steve and their baby. Oh, maaaaan!

And the funny thing is, I had a picture in my mind of Coyote and Jeannie sitting in a back table at Chelsea's, but then Steve was in the picture, too. I just didn't realize that he was REALLY in the picture.

Well, gotta scoot--

Happy morning,


Jeannie Jones
06-17-2004, 12:53 AM
Wow, Patt, cross-posting here, too! Thanks so much for sharing your sister's song. It's so very beautiful. She seems to have a very wise heart. I was hearing a melody and a bridge, but whether they were hers or mine, I don't know. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

Y'know, Deb, I must have been aware at the time that Steve & Jeannie got married, and that's just one of the many memories that went awry somehow in "storage".

Okay, thathathathathat's all, folks!


Becky Davis
06-17-2004, 07:09 AM
Gina Galena did and is married to Steve Jones. Don't remember her ever being called Jeannie.

06-17-2004, 07:51 AM
Ummm, maybe just like 2 Jeannie Jones, there's 2 Steve Jones. Maybe also, I've got the Steve part wrong. I'm talking about the really thin brother in the Jones (included Richie Jones, not a brother) music group that plays the kinda bluegrass/bluesy/jazzy/country uhhh music. Wow, I know 'em when I see 'em. Local people. Sorry to cause so much confusion. I remember when this Jeannie 1st came to town. She had been some kind of a forest ranger maybe. Her and Coyote hit it off real quick, but it didn't last a real long time. She's very thin and wears boots and long dresses and usually has her hair braided and wrapped around her head real tight. Sometimes she plays the tamborine for the group. Remember also that when I had the ice cream shop on Center St., one of the brothers (taller, curly headed, blonde) had a music store down just a bit, close to Center St. Bar and Grill. That's when Manny and Vernon had it. Long time ago.

06-17-2004, 08:06 AM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Good morning, "Spirit Friends"
Wishes of good health and feelings of
"LIGHT" to Shimaka, as we know she is having a "tough" time, pray for stability and recovery for her. Hope everyone else is up to par. Miss hearing fom Shimaka, anyone got an update? I'm still sore but up and moving this beautimous day, fresh rain, flowers blooming, everything in my "enchanted forest" looking lush and green.
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Everyone have a gr0-0-vy day!
steve. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
"'bout forgot my sermon script!"
There is but One source of all life, and that Source is God. I know that
this omnipresent Spirit of Life is always with me. Because it is infinite,
it is everywhere. It is the source of all, the creator and sustainer of all,
the beloved presence within all. It is my creator, and I am made in its

This means that all the wisdom and intelligence of Spirit is within me, to
call upon whenever I choose. The creative essence that is Spirit is within
me, ready to be called into action. The power and ability to accomplish all
things flows through me, a direct legacy from Spirit. The love of Spirit is
in me, flows through me, manifests in my thought, word, and deed.

Today, I give thanks for my eternally present Creator, the Father and Mother
of All, inspiring my heart and informing my choices. This Creator expresses
through me with grace and with joy, bringing more good, more compassion,
more abundant living, and more industrious activity into manifestation. I
give thanks for the everpresence of the Creator in me, and let this word
guide me today. And so it is.

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06-17-2004, 08:17 AM
Thank you for sharing Donna's poem. The message, or reflection, feels of the same as Don Miguel Ruiz in The Mastery of Love. It's about coming from a place of love and not getting your information from other people. It's true that we know all we need to know, just being aware to look within is the key. It's amazing how we all hear 1 message, told in so many different ways. It's the synchronicity of the awareness of this fact that is acknowledgement. Sometimes words pass right by me and I don't "get it". With your sister's words, the lesson resonates with clarity. Aho/deb

06-17-2004, 08:47 AM
I believe Jeannie is with Jerry, Steve's brother and I know Gina is with Steve.

06-17-2004, 09:20 AM
That's right, MotherMoon 12...his name is Jerry. Thank you. So the hat weaver IS Jeannie Jones, wife of Jerry Jones. Is that correct? I'll have to go see the woven hats. She made some awesome dream catchers, so I'm sure the hats are great too.

06-17-2004, 11:23 AM
It was Christina that has been crocheting hats.. I have in the past.. but, a broken finger a few years ago stopped me and I haven't picked it up since then... besides, the whole family has lots of my crocheted hats and scarves.. it was mostly a meditative thing.. like pulling weeds, another of my favorite things to do.

Donna's song was autobiographical.. as most songs are. Our dad always told us to marry money.. none of us ever did. Some might think that marrying a doctor would be marrying money, but, then they don't know Craig. For the majority of his 30 years in practice, he worked for trade, for nothing, and for whatever medicaid and medicare paid. Izard Co. was not then, and is not now, a place to get rich.

Jeannie Jones
06-17-2004, 11:26 AM
Aha! Of course, Ms. Moon! Thanks for bringing the obviously needed clarity to the situation. And how nice of you to pop in here. Hoping you're feeling well, and that you're still enjoying being hatless and free.

Well, I'm glad that my memory is not the only one that's not perfect. It used to be pretty darned good, but, well, how it is is how it is. Don't mean to say that at your expense, Deb, you're such a sweetie.

Ms. Milam & Ms. Moon, hope you'll stick around for a while. It's so exciting to hear from you. Please let us know how you're doing.

Yes, folks, what will we do for Shimaka? If she's on one of her marathon sleeps, she's not getting her meds at the right times. Ordinarily for someone who is going through something that feels horrible, one would say that it would be a blessing to sleep through it, but when meds are involved...hmmm. Does anyone have her phone number?

sTeVe, thanks for the morning lift. Hope your back eases up the longer you're up. Gratitude also to Maletha for "pulling you up from the pit".

I've been up for a while, so my lower back has stabilized. When I first get out of bed and for a little while after, it's a little "iffy", maybe just my "dismount" from the bed. But I've not gone through what you've gone through, Steve. Please don't overdo it today, and rest your back when you need to.

(Oh, Lordy, just lost my post--BUT--hit my back browser a number of times, and there it was! Whew!)

Yes, Patt, the last line of your sister's song is SO perfect, and just fit perfectly in w/ the windows of perception idea.

My right forearm is really hurting. I'm going to try to post a little less today, if I can, it's just that our little "gratitude corner" has become almost an addiction! I really don't have much of a social life at all here, in contrast to my life in Eureka. My very dearest friends are scattered all over the country, and then there's Kamala in Russia. I've been kind of "slighting" them, with all the time I've spent here.

Well, love y'all so much--hope you have a glorious day--


Becky Davis
06-17-2004, 11:53 AM
Patt, Your Dad was a hoot at times. He always used the expression "dolled up". That always stuck with me.
I'd rather my man be a compassionate caring guy than a rich one. But money sure can come in handy. When you're broke at least you'll have a guy who feels bad about it.
Hah..my parents didn't care, rich or poor, just expected the girls to marry someone and get out of the house. Less mouths to feed.
Eighteen in Louisiana was practically old maid age.

06-17-2004, 11:57 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:

Yes, folks, what will we do for Shimaka? If she's on one of her marathon sleeps, she's not getting her meds at the right times. Ordinarily for someone who is going through something that feels horrible, one would say that it would be a blessing to sleep through it, but when meds are involved...hmmm. Does anyone have her phone number?
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Think Shimaka's phone is:
479-253-5295 (new phone book)
Would someone "local" please check on her and let us know? Blessings to ALL.

06-17-2004, 12:51 PM
Just called Shimaka at the number you posted, sTeVe. No answer, but left a message on the answering machine for her to call me back or let us all know how she is doing here at our journal.

06-17-2004, 01:00 PM
Originally posted by DaBee:
Just called Shimaka at the number you posted, sTeVe. No answer, but left a message on the answering machine for her to call me back or let us all know how she is doing here at our journal.

http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Thanks, Sister DaBee.Blessings to ya'

06-17-2004, 01:47 PM
Hope your arm is feeling better, Jeannie. Maybe the too heavy stuff that you carried in from the car is the culprit. Sometimes a little Tiger Balm just lightly massaged in so that the wonderful "vaporous heat" flows through the muscles will help them to relax and let go.
Does Nafalia have her phone service back? Was enjoying her post (via you) when y'all were so abruptly disconnected. Please tell Nafalia for me that for some reason, out of the blue (or from somewhere), a slight vertigo was running circles in my head. It really came front and center when I was hanging clothes out on the line. I had to grab the line to keep from listing. It's been probably 30 years ago that I had a slight vertigo from an inner ear infection. My plan for today was to go file something to do with the annulment at the courthouse. Now that I'm not going to be able to drive, am listening to my signs from the universe : be still. Maybe for some reason, also, my higherself is connecting to what Nafalia is experiencing. Maybe that is how I am to understand. Thank you, I get it, you can stop now http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif.
It is very hot and muggy here and I was in a sweat and somewhat miserable when my son showed up and put a small a/c in the window for me. Now I'm one cool mamma!
East Texas, that will be an interesting discussion. All my exes live there, in East Texas. Also, became aware of Kryon in about 94. Read the 1st few books, and there have been many published since. Keep up by reading the transcripts of seminars. Still find it fascinating and am connected.
Sure hope to hear from Shimaka soon. Can't remember if maybe she was to go to the doc today or not.
Patt, read the song again. It really is so nice. Could be because it is so much a part of your sister, is the reason it resonated so true.
Feels like I'm in a casa magnetica. Better go rest.
Good talking to y'all/peace//deb

Jeannie Jones
06-17-2004, 02:13 PM
Loved your post, Deb, thanks. I keep forgetting we have this stuff called Bio-Freeze that's a roll-on--how great is that--to use as tiger balm. I'll go snatch it from Mom's room.

STEVE, man, I just noticed that you've changed your signature. I hope we didn't over-analyze it to the point where you're not havin' fun with it anymore! I'm sure no one intended that. It was cool, man. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

Also glad, Deb, that you got a call in to Shimaka. I remembered her speaking of cell phones and wondered if those get listed in the regular phone book. Don't know anything about cell phones.

Okay, now I'm really going--just wanted to check in to see if anything had changed on the Shimaka situation.

Love y'all,


06-17-2004, 02:20 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:
STEVE, man, I just noticed that you've changed your signature. I hope we didn't over-analyze it to the point where you're not havin' fun with it anymore! I'm sure no one intended that. It was cool, man. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif No Way JJ,
Today, just didn't put effort into signature as no real meaning anyway, except to give verbal identity to this "twisted-spirit." You are family and I'm thankfully not analyzed enough! Keep teaching as I have much to learn. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
StEvE (see) http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

Becky Davis
06-17-2004, 02:38 PM
My ex had a severe case of vertigo. Docs thought it was MS. Than thought it was his heart. Then decided it was a medication he was on.
As I understand it, sometimes they never know the reason. It sure is awful to have. He couldn't hold anything down. Sure hope they can help Nafalgia.

Jeannie Jones
06-17-2004, 07:52 PM
Well, I (as well as you, probably) have been popping in all day to hear word of Shimaka. I just called also and got a recorded message, but since I don't know what she sounds like, don't know for sure if she still has that #. The msg. was complex, though, and that would fit Shimaka. Definitely not simple.

My best case scenario is that perhaps her friend Thomas (or someone else) came and picked her up & took her home with him.

So hope your day is going well, all, and Deb, no problem w/ Nafalia's phone service, it was my cordless phone battery that crashed last night. Got Mom's phone and hers did exactly the same thing. We usually end up having to recharge NEAR the same time, but this time it was at EXACTLY the same time. Oh, well...

Becky, our neurodoc thinks that Nafalia's vertigo is caused by occular migraine. We'll see what happens when they speak about the MRI results. The official diagnosis is "migrainous vertigo". He'll also talk to her about her back when he sees her.

I did use the Bio-Freeze on most of my right arm today. It's pretty amazing stuff. I remember chirodoc said I had 2 ribs out of place yesterday, from a muscle in constant state of spasm. I guess he fixed it, but last night it was back again. I keep thinking more and more that it's my chair and the way I'm sitting that exacerbates some of my chiro problems. The spasming muscle thing is from the cervical dystonia. Feeling kind of lowish today.

Hope y'all are doin' well. Love ya. We WILL hear from Shimaka. It might be good to hold a positive image for her health so that she may then fill up that space.

Love to all--


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06-17-2004, 08:07 PM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Holding positive Image for ALL our Spirit Friends. Thanks,JJ.

"I know that when it comes time for that great white light to present itself, like water seeking its own level, so shall my soul. I understand the experience is not so much levels and I am forced to go to a certain level once I leave my body. It is basically the level my soul and not my brain accepts. In the meantime, I can rethink life’s purpose, and do and think what will make my soul feel worthy of the light or I can huddle in darkness." http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

Becky Davis
06-17-2004, 08:25 PM
I sure hope Phyl is okay. Any reports on how she is doing with the MRSDA. I just read an earlier post I had missed. I didn't know she was suffering from it.
I don't know much about it, except it seems to plaque nursing homes. I remember when I worked at one that had it there. We kept the patient isolated of course, but had to be very very careful.
Maybe she will post soon and let everyone know how she is.

06-17-2004, 08:35 PM
I take flush free niacin and it has cured my ocular migraines.

Jeannie Jones
06-17-2004, 08:55 PM
From Nafalia:

As everyone, just waiting to hear from Shimaka--holding the positive thought and positive image that she's okay.

Love to all my spiritul brothers and sisters,

As above, so below,


06-17-2004, 10:02 PM
Talked to Shimaka. It was the 1st time I have heard her voice and it felt familiar, like an old friend. She is having problems with the medications and has no energy at all. She may have to go to the hospital to have IV antibiotics as the current one has been found to be not quite adequate for later results of some additional culturing of the staff infection. Her friend Thomas does check on her from time to time. She will be here at some point soon, but did ask me to let everyone know that I talked to her.
Such a nice lady. Feel blessed that I know her. I'll rest easier knowing that she's been communicated with.
Going to Fayetteville tomorrow with the family. I have some great concerns that I want to share, but haven't been able to find the words. Maybe tomorrow evening. Good evening to all and a good manana.

Jeannie Jones
06-17-2004, 10:49 PM
Deb, so glad you reached her. I would feel better about her being in the hospital, anyway, rather than her having to do for herself, feeling so ill. Glad they ran some more cultures from what they had. I'm sure we'll all sleep better tonight knowing you reached her. Thanks so much.

When you're ready to talk, Deb, we're ready to listen. God bless you, sweetheart.

Wishing all a sweet good morning,


Jeannie Jones
06-17-2004, 10:54 PM
Oh, yes--thanks, Mother Moon for the tip on flush-free niacin--N. will get some on her next trip to the health food store. It would be so great if something so simple would have a positive effect. I think they're still thinking it stems from her extremely low vision and forcing her eyes forward, though she has no central vision.

Sweet dreams,


Jeannie Jones
06-18-2004, 01:22 AM
Thanks for the info., Lany, and glad to hear you had a good day. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif How is your mother doing? Is she healing well? I'm wondering how long it will take before she'll be healed to the point where she'll be able to work again and you don't have to do the double workload. Is Julie around?

I'm wondering if there exists anything like wrist or arm braces that would ease the strain of typing morning to bedtime? You must be set up as ergonomically as possible, I'm sure.

Well, thinking about you sweetly, dear one, you're always in my heart.


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06-18-2004, 07:23 AM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Good Morning Spirit Friends,
Sending out "special positive energy" to Shimaka and any others that may be in need. Join me in "wishing" everyone to have improved health and any other special needs.
Thanks to everyone for making this a very caring , loving, family. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
"Good Starts"

There is only One Life, that Life is God's Life, and that life is now and
has always been the source of my own life. I'm not at all separate from the
one infinite presence that has created all that is; it has created me out of
itself. Everything I am is one with Spirit - what I accept lovingly and what
I don't. Those facets of myself that I find difficult to accept with love
Spirit sees as the perfect manifestation of Self.

Because I'm created with the ability to choose, to decide how to think and
how to live, I have the power to allow Spirit to flow through me, my mind,
my heart, and my life unencumbered. Wherever I'm holding myself out of the
flow, I notice those places and release my hold on them. I now choose to let
the infinite and unending love of Spirit fill them with itself, so that any
self-recrimination or self-rejection is completely healed.

I lift my vision beyond what is to what could be, what ought to be. I fully
embrace this day, my life, and all that it contains, knowing that even when
it's cleverly disguised, it's all Spirit in one form or another. It is
always the power within me that does whatever it is that I do, so I let
it.with grace, with understanding, and with joy! Making room in my heart and
life for Spirit to work is no chore - it is bliss. And for this, I was born.
And so it is.

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Jeannie Jones
06-18-2004, 12:28 PM
Lany, sweetie, darlin',

Our "mew chew all" (oh! that's almost too strange!) admiration society appears on many pps of the bbs.

So glad you haven't been troubled by the nerve problems that could touch you through your work. You mentioned stretches to fend them off. Like what? Can you tell us? My set-up is not too swell--my keyboard's in my lap, and I think that's a strain, so any exercise you may have would be appreciated.

Thanks, sweetie--

Have a swell day,


Jeannie Jones
06-18-2004, 12:30 PM

Oops! Forgot! Lany, glad you mom's healing well and feeling well.

Jeannie Jones
06-18-2004, 12:34 PM
My heart is with all today, with specific focus on Shimaka and Deb.

On page 5, sTeVe posted a link that I really like. In it's links, found this. I've been given this before, and have been assured that it's on the up-and-up. I've bookmarked it this time, to hit it each day.

http://www.therainforestsite.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/CTDSites.woa/457/wo/iY10004d100GW30025/ yComponent.0.0.0

Have a lovely day,


Jeannie Jones
06-18-2004, 12:54 PM
Hey, thanks, Lany. You must be running high res. today--we're all back and forth.

In exploring the site linked from Steve, (I promise, I won't keep doing this to y'all) there's a picture on this page that fits in so well w/ the rotunda and the windows of perception that we talked about a page or 2 back:


06-18-2004, 05:37 PM
Wow guys, you have been busy posting. I am sorry it has been so long for me. I need to read to get caught up on everything. Had a backset and had to be hospitalizes again. Finally recooping some, but propably will not get everything read tonight.

Just wanted to let you know I am still alive and with you all in spirit and prayers.
Hope you all have a wonderful week-end.

06-18-2004, 05:51 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by mls1271:
Had a backset and had to be hospitalizes again. Finally recooping some, but propably will not get everything read tonight.

http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif mls1271, http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Missed you and glad to have you back w/ the family. Sending energy prayers of healing and comfort to you. Rest & BE WELL.

06-18-2004, 06:01 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:
[B]My heart is with all today, with specific focus on Shimaka and Deb.

http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif JJ, http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Please let us know if anyone hears from Shimaka or DaBee. Both have been on my mind and in my prayers today. Hope Shimaka is doing better and feeling some degree of comfort. God bless HER.
Want to encourage DaBee to unload when she's ready, we've got a lot of caring spirits wanting to help her if we can, at least listen & give HER an outlet to vent. Burning several "prayer candles" for them and ALL others.
Blessing of Healing LIGHT for our friends as we face today and find peace in family. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

06-18-2004, 06:02 PM
Missie, we have just missed you so much. Hope everything is under control since the hospitalization. How are your children doing? There really has been an empty place at the table with you gone. Shimaka has been very under the weather, also, and her empty spot is very noticable. I have felt you in spirit and just knew that your loving family was taking care of you and the kiddos. If you feel like it, you can let us know how you are feeling and also, is there anything I can do for you?
Healing is manifesting in you and may you have a wonderful evening with family.

06-18-2004, 06:35 PM
Originally posted by DaBee:
[doing? There really has been an empty place at the table with you gone. Shimaka has been very under the weather.Healing is manifesting in you and may you have a wonderful evening with family.

http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Have missed you too DaBee. Hope you've had a good day with many blessings. Maletha & I went to Mtn. Home today, got back 1hr. ago. Thank you for checking on Shimaka last nite. Been praying for both.
Hope all is well and look > to hear more from our spirit friend! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

06-18-2004, 08:25 PM
Hey Lany, I think there's some folks lookin' for ya over on the other side http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif
Great hearing from you. The doc told me that this surgery should relieve a lot of the compression and maybe even relieve some of the pain generally in my hand. I'm grateful for that.
Thanks for your concern. I'm already practicing one handed maneuvers, but it makes hand stands rather difficult; everything else is A-OK!

06-18-2004, 08:47 PM
StEvE, Maletha is such a beautiful name. Whenever you say it so that I can SEE it, somehow her beauty comes through. It must be through your eyes that I am SEEing her essence. It will be way cool to meet you both in this earth dream.
Really enjoyed reading "Good Starts". It's so very all encompassing. The written and spoken word has been fascinating to me lately. Could be because my 3 yr old grandson is putting some pretty complex sentences together. He tries to use the big words he hears and sometimes the outcome just makes me want to roll on the floor, but I maintain my grandmotherly dignity and just smile.............NOT http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif. He told me today that I wasn't a grandma, I was GrandmaBee!!! Am listening to different people and how they communicate with phrasology and inflections and sometimes just the timing between words makes a difference. What just totally blows my mind is that a mere 26 individual letters can facilitate communication between all people on earth, allowing for different languages and symbols, but back to us English speaking folk in the alphabet we use. Guess it's just one of those life things that I get carried away with from time to time.
I have more to say, but want to pause and let someone else talk. You just need to hush me up when I get going on a roll like that. OK, the floor is yours.

Jeannie Jones
06-18-2004, 10:04 PM
Nafalia's point of view:

Not having spoken much about what my physical conditions are, I now feel the time has come to share with you, so that I can understand what has been going on more clearly.

First, let me tell you what my physical conditions are. First is the migrainous vertigo which is the most debilitating of all. It's there 24/7 and there's just no negotiating with it. Then there's the visual thing (legally blind), which I feel has always been a gift to me, not a handicap, but a minor inconvenience. Then I have these numerous problems w/ spinal cord injuries which are 40 years old and have now deteriorated tremendously.

I have always felt as though I was not a part of my biological family because I was so different. My brothers & sisters have always tried to sweep me under the rug because they always thought I was crazy and out of control, because due to the domestic violence years ago, I had to give up my children (put them where they were safe and sound and well cared for, with a silver spoon, and then leave).

It was necessary to run for my life because their father was so violent that I was told by the police and my doctor that I had to get out of this town before he killed me. This is where my back injuries came from.

Never allowing anything to stop me from living and loving and enjoying life, I now at 61 have many complications from what took place some 40 years ago. (I worked as a volunteer with domestic violence for 15 years because of this.)

Up until about 2 yrs. ago I was on the Missouri Board of Domestic Violence, I was vice-president and fund-raising committee chairman of another agency in Springfield, was a fund-raiser for Harmony House in Arkansas, and did much work in domestic violence while I lived in Texas.

I believed that working with other women in domestic violence situations relieved my pain, emotional as well as physical & psychological.

Since all of these physical inconveniences have seemed to take such a great leap and advanced forward so quickly in the last couple of months, I am now NOT able to use my computer to write, which is my passion, or to clean and decorate my own home, which was my working meditation and healing process. I now have an attendant that comes 3 days a week to clean and do household chores and such.

Have been told by 2 specialists that basically the back is shot and it's the end of the road for the back thing. My back will take no more injury of any kind, not even a muscle strain. With the advancement of the vertigo, what was an attack occasionally has now become almost a daily attack.

I've mentioned little about the visual thing, because it never seemed a problem. I perceived it as a gift, and an opportunity to go inward and live inside myself and know me better. All the things that brought me pleasure and joy and were the passions of my life, i.e., decorating, writing, being creative, suddenly had to be stopped.

Life is cause and effect. I now understand. Because all these things had to be stopped, the effect was anger and rage at the man who had inflicted these injuries upon me, and that anger and rage overflowed to my family members, who did not help me when I was in that situation. They did not even take time to see or ask why I was always in the hospital, why I had to have back surgery at such a young age, or why I was forced to spend time in the psych. ward.

The effect of all that anger was that after 40 years, I opened my mouth and told them the anger & rage I felt towards them, because they had failed me as a family and as my brothers and sisters. The effect of that, brought about enormous releasing and clearing for myself.

Upon telling my brothers & sisters how I felt towards them, slowly but surely they have once again started to be brothers & sisters, not only to me, but to each other.

So tonight as I lie here in this bed, telling Jeannie what to post for me, I now understand why all of this had to be played out the way it's being played out. My condition is nothing more than my willingness and my agreement before I came here, to play this role in this part of the drama. Upon that realization, I truly feel I can now move forward in my spiritual growth. It is perfectly okay to raise your voice and express your anger and rage, as long as you do it with love. So I understand.

I took my sixth trip in 2 mos. by ambulance to the emergency room of the hospital today, due to a severe vertigo attack and dehydration. While lying there in the e.r., I kept hearing myself ask "why", "why is this happening to me over and over" and then I heard "why not? you can handle it".

So now I understand that it is all just part of the drama, and that all I have to do is play my part and play it well, and endure with grace and a smile on my face, whatever lies ahead. Because of my spiritual brothers & sisters, I can do this.

As above, so below,


P.S. watch out for unicorns and rainbows--
they're everywhere this time of year.

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Jeannie Jones
06-19-2004, 02:04 AM
Love to y'all,

DEB, so glad you're back and are coming to terms with your upcoming surgery. Hope you and yours are comfortable and happy this morning. One-handed handstands are certainly do-able, yet ya kinda have to start out on 2 first, then switch your weight to 1. Love your study of how people use words. Just love it!

MISSIE! You came back! You've got quite a bit of back reading to catch up, if you wish to. Very glad to hear from you, and it sounds like you're hangin' in there okay. We've been praying for you, sweetie.

SHIMAKA--your presence is so missed here. I know that you may not feel much like communicating right now, but I do hope you're taken care of well. Deb said family was there for you, so I hope that's true in the literal sense (or friend-family). You shouldn't have to be doing anything for yourself now. Well, we just love ya, gal, and pray for your healing.

StEvE-a-rINo (SEE IN) Love it! Thanks always for the wonderful messages of the ever-present Source and your tender messages for those in need. Hope you had a good time in Mtn. Home today. Everyone needs a lift.

Everybody else (I'm fadin' fast) I just love you all so much. Grateful for our space here.

Love to all,


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Kaye Miller
06-19-2004, 07:32 AM
Jeannie and all-
Please pardon my intrusion on your beautiful thread. I am only mentioning this because sometime the obvious is overlooked.

Years ago I was diagnosed with Minears disease. The vertigo associated with this disease literally brought me to the floor and would last for hours and hours. If you have not experienced vertigo, there just isn't anyway to describe it. You don't "hurt" anywhere, but you may be the "sickest" you have ever been.

Anything could set it off....brick patterns on a fireplace, stripes on a shirt/dress and sometime it just appeared on its own. Sometimes I had an early warning system...a high pitched ringing in the ear.

The only thing (before the diagnosis) that could slow the vertigo down, was to sit on the floor-goodness knows you cannot stand-and stare at a "spot" on the opposite wall while holding my head very still. Now, if someone walked between where I was sitting and the "spot", it was off to the races again.

Please tell Nafalia I know how ill she is and ask her if any of the doctors have mentioned Menears (I may be spelling this wrong). I also have an exercise pamplet that Mayo Clinic recommends to their vertigo patients. It is very simple and really helps me when I need it. More than happy to send it to Nafalia if she is interested.

Oh, by the way, a tiny shunt was surgically placed in my inner ear to drain the extra fluid causing the vertigo. Over the years I have lost a great deal (not all, but most) of hearing in that ear, but it is so much better than crawling on the floor because you cannot stand up. (Now you all know why I talk so loud!!!)

Bowing out now.
Love to you all!

06-19-2004, 08:19 AM
Dear Nafalia...being that you have taken the Kryon channelings to your heart, I have felt led to bring some of the words to you. I do not know how significant these will be for you, but do know that absolutely nothing happens in God's world without purpose. It could be through you that the right word is spoken for another.
Sister in lightenment, may you let dis comfort and may you let dis ease fall away, as may we all.

Live Kryon Channelling
March 20, 2004
Can you see and conceive of entities that are out of your perception, but who are assigned to you for life?
Often, you feel so alone! Yet the room around you is filled with a support group. I'm not talking about guides. I'm describing an enormous and complex energy system that even involves the actual planet! You have no concept of the energy and the process that it takes to place a Human Being on Earth. The meetings, as you call them, that occur before you get here are complex and involve many energies and forces that you don't know about. There are agreement-potentials for those you've loved and lost, where part of them stays with you all of your life! There's an agreement you have with your loved ones right now that states that when you pass, part of you will stay with them all their lives. There are potentials all around you, even ones where you do nothing but follow a path that is actually the one you had when you were born. Remember, there are many paths, but you see one at a time. This makes you think there's only one, and that you have no choice but to experience "what God planned for you." This is perhaps the largest of all the misunderstandings of humanity, even that of the Lightworker! Do you seniors remember the phonograph needle? [Laughter] What if it had eyes? It would see one groove, no matter how many tunes were stacked up on the record player. Do you understand the metaphor? Perception doesn't equal reality.

06-19-2004, 08:51 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Kaye Miller:
Please pardon my intrusion on your beautiful thread. I am only mentioning this because sometime the obvious is overlooked.

It is so nice to hear from you, Kaye. Please know that there is no intrusion. As we all flow along on the river of life, it is such an honor to meet all who join in, even for a brief conversation. Your willingness to share is a gift. It is a gift to me as it is a very important gift for Nafalia. We are all connected and because, like you said, sometimes the obvious is overlooked, the information can be used in multitudinous ways, and especially to help others.
On a personal note, Kaye. I have been totally deaf in my left ear since I was a small child. That means not knowing the direction of a sound. I can hear a firetruck in the west and look for it in the east. I have no concept of stereo. In conversing with someone, any background noise is disruptive and many time I have to depend on lip reading, which I'm lousy at. At times people think that I am ingoring them. I'm not, just don't hear them calling my name from somewhere unless they're very loud. Like Nafalia with her diminished sight, I can at times be comforted with withdrawing from the world of sound. Silence truly is golden. Being that you also live where I do with the sound experience, am sure you are at one with my words. Then again, your experiences may be similar but not exact. Because of having Menier's, you can also know what Nafalia is going through right now. The fact that you can reach through cyberspace and hold her hand is to be honored. Thank you for the lesson.
Good morning everyone. I am wondering if Shamaka is reading here, but maybe a bit too weak to respond. Blessings to you, Shimaka. Be sure to eat your soup and drink plenty of pure water.
Hope you have a wonderful day Missie. Maybe you can play with your kids a bit. I have fun just watching the little ones run around in the yard.
Thank you again (and yes, I'll thank you every time) Jeannie, for transcribing Nafalia's words. Oh, by the way, I'm still clueless... waiting for something to click.
Looks like another beautiful day in the Ozarks. Aren't the wildflowers just awesome? Nature continues to just knock my socks off.
lv//deb o rah

06-19-2004, 08:59 AM
Spirit Friends,
May the blessings of Mother Earth reach you, each and everyone, and may the HEALING LIGHT of GOD shine on us all. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Today is another chance for us to celebrate LIFE and to enjoy the Spirit Blessings before us. May we ALL give thanks. Hope to read everyone's Saturday "experiences" today.
My daughter Sarah and baby Emma are getting to go home today with proud father Bob to begin a "new LIFE" together with one of GOD'S greatest BLESSINGS.
May we all be receptive of the many daily blessings we are offered. Breathe in the "freshness' of TODAY.Remember "special healing & energy prayers" for Shimaka and Nafalia.
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif **Peace**Love**Twisted-Light**

Remember the eternal wisdom:

Jeannie Jones
06-19-2004, 11:22 AM
Originally posted by mtnviewsteve:
Spirit Friends,

Remember the eternal wisdom:

Oh no! I've got a show on A&E that started at noon about baby boomers. I hope I'm not gonna get a big-screen TV, 'cause there's no room in my little room for it! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Jeannie Jones
06-19-2004, 01:07 PM
Kaye, no intrusion whatsoever! IMO, anyone who speaks w/ kindness is welcome.

For years Nafalia put up with her occasional bouts of vertigo, then, as it got worse, started seeing doctors and specialists over the course of 3 years. (I'm sure she wouldn't mind my talking about this.) One had her coming at regular intervals and hanging upside down for a period of time, convinced that there was a bit of calcium in the ear somewhere which was causing the problem. (Meniere's was ruled out years ago.)

When N. finally was led to Dr. Sharlin, our neurologist, she was in his office for 5 minutes and he said "has anyone ever asked you if you get occular migraines?" After 3 years of seeing doctor after doctor, he nailed it in 5 minutes.

N. has no central vision at all, and slight peripheral vision. When it first happened, she sat down in front of a black & white TV for hours, training her eyes to look forward so she wouldn't look "blind". Peripherally, she perceives shapes and colors, but w/ holes, yet rather than focus on that, she's faced "eyes forward", using creative visualization to create "sight".

In this recent bout of almost constant vertigo, Dr. Sharlin has done test after test, consulting with wonderful specialists, including a biopsy of a piece of artery at the right temple because there was a small sort of mass there. Temporal arteritis was ruled out by this means.

Well, Dr. Sharlin will discuss her recent MRI and her x-rays of her spine w/her in her appointment in early July. Until then, and perhaps even after that time, she just has to hang on and endure it, and take Valium, which appears to have some positive effect.

I guess my friend was picking up on my talking about her, because she just now called me, and I'll let her take over here.


In the first 3 yrs of the reign of vertigo in my life, Meniere's was ruled out. I saw a research specialist, Dr. Rebecca Brown, who specializes in motion disorders of unknown causes. She's the one who stood me on my head and used the vibrator on my ear to try to vibrate a piece of calcium that she said was there, back into place. After that little procedure, I had to sleep for 48 hrs. in a sitting position w/ a neck brace on.

Her next little "circus trick" was to put me through the test that they put pilots through so they don't become disoriented during night flights. The procedures of this test were as follows:

You are hooked up to this high-tech computer, put in this chair that leans back to where you're almost upside-down, and then all vision is blocked out with a pair of diving goggles which puts you in total darkness. Then you are put in the upside-down position.

Then they have this little tiny air hose and they blow cold air into your one ear, and then the other. Then they sit you back up real fast, and tell you to tell them all the names you can think of that start with "A" (or whatever letter they choose). Then they repeat the process w/ warm air. This little "circus show" takes 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. The purpose of it is to see how your concentration abilities are functioning. (As if they COULD function after that, 'cause you're totally disoriented.)

There are many more tests I could tell you about, but why waste the time.

The first time I met my darlin' Dr. Sharlin, he said "do you have a history of migraine headaches?" I said I used to have migraines, now I have occular migraines. He said that they are the same thing. The only difference is that with occular migraines you see bright jagged neon colors somewhere in your field of vision. They lasted at that time for 10-15 minutes. Because I don't have the migraine pain, the pain manifests in vertigo.

But, of course, by the time the colors come, you're in a full-blown cycle, so there's nothing to warn me that I'm having a migraine until that time. After the colors come and go, then the fever and the chills and the weakness appear. It usually takes 2-3 days for that to stop, and then you're just left totally drained for a week to 2 weeks. It seems that now, as soon as one cycle ends, another one begins, so it just never stops. So that's the way this works for me.

For 2 yrs I saw a Dr. Peter Bauth, chiropractor/energy healer. On my first visit, he told me that this did not belong to me, that I was carrying it for someone else. He told me it was very obvious that I was a sensitive, and that that is probably one of the most difficult karmaic tasks in the universe. We worked together for 2 years. He helped me a lot, and we became great friends as well as dr/patient. He would often call me for advice on certain things, and we spoke often of spirituality and many other things. It is obvious that we are very connected in spirit.

Now our time has come to an end as he is moving on, because his knowledge and abilities need to be spread far and wide. He is going to Marietta, GA, to teach. I know he will always be by my side any time I call him (not by phone, either), and that he will continue to work on me.

I was very fortunate that Peter and Dr. Sharlin worked together on this situation. Dr. Sharlin has no problem w/ alternative health care.

Kaye, I thank you for posting and for sending me information that you have, and more than that, because you can understand the unexplainable.

To all my spiritual brothers & sisters, I love you so for all your concern, your prayers and thoughts for me, at this time of my life. I know that there are many who have worse conditions than I and my thoughts and prayers are with them as well as w/ each of you. [Oh no, oh no, she is making me say this--this is forced upon me--JJ] My special love and special thanks to Jeannie, for her time and energy, which she has so little of, because she's willing to give me several of her spoons a day to do the posting for me. She has no choice but to post what I just said because she already gave me her spoons. ( http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif //Nafalia says--I got her!)

Deb, I will respond to the Kryon issue later, but I am getting very tired now. But I do understand the walking of many paths, for this I have been doing for so very long and shall continue to. Love ya.

As above, so below,


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06-19-2004, 01:44 PM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif A "rather" late delivery for our "Good Starts" today, but useful, just the same. Happy gro-o-vy Saturday.
sTeVe http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
There is One Life, that life is the life of God, and that life is my life
now. I am always immersed in the infinite creative presence of life, always
partaking of its ability to have wonderful new ideas and move from the realm
of idea into form. I know that my job is simply to let my mind and heart
rest upon the ideas I find the most compelling or the most fulfilling; the
natural Laws of this magnificent Spiritual Universe do the rest.

This being my job, I take it both seriously and lightly. I take it seriously
in that I spend plenty of time being quite sure that I entertain the kinds
of ideas I want to experience in the world. I deliberately and consciously
choose how to think about things, and what to believe about life...for this
is what I experience. I take it lightly in that no matter what I've created
in the past, consciously or unconsciously, I can create something new and
wonderful simply by changing my mind. I can choose something new. I can
realize that whatever the choices I made yesterday, they're old news. The
point of power, the point of creation is now! I revel in this ability to
create something new, something joy-filled, something that brings more good
into the world, by means of my conscious intention and the natural laws of

06-19-2004, 08:14 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by mtnviewsteve:
[B] http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif A "rather" late delivery for our "Good Starts" today, but useful, just the same. Happy gro-o-vy Saturday.
The quote from Good Starts was especially significant for me today. It also spoke to a friend far away. Thank you, StEvE.
Wanted to touch base, but am too antsy (or is it antsee) to sit here for a stretch. Gonna go make some Jell-O. It always makes me happy. There's always room for happy. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Becky Davis
06-19-2004, 08:35 PM
Someplace right outside of Springfield is a homeopathic clinic. For some reason, Dr. Sharlin rings a bell. I wonder if he works there?
If she has not been there, she should and get a reading from Carolyn Myss. It can't hurt and maybe they can find the answer. I also heard of something like this once called Eagles Claw..does that ring a bell.
Nafalgia, my very best wishes are with you and I promise to pray breathfully throughout the day..just whispering your name to the heavens to find you relief from this affliction.

Jeannie Jones
06-19-2004, 09:29 PM
Nafalia's on the phone and she's dictating a part of her story:

Actually my history in Eureka began in the early 70's when the High Hat bar was still in existence, when Manny & Vernon had the Quarter downstairs from the New Orleans Hotel, and when Crescent Dragonwagon had the Bon Appetit Restaurant. Susan Storch had just come to town and opened her photography shop in the New Orleans. I was married to a man named Phil Miller. We were Phil & Nancy. Also at that time, James Yale's art gallery was right next door to the High Hat.

Chelsea's was a 2-story apt. house, and James Yale lived downstairs and Julie Kahn lived upstairs. Miss Millie from Paducah (sp?), Kentucky, was still alive and in town, drinking beer, living across from Beau Satori. Dixie had the Mercantile dress shop, and Elaine, who later had the Bazaar, had a small stand on Spring St. that she sold some sort of food out of. That was when, as Susan Storch said, "we all just kinda crawled into town at the same time". '72, '73? Somewhere around there.

Actually, the only 2 policemen in town were Rob Haller and I forget the other guy's name, but neither one of them needed to carry a gun. They walked the streets of Eureka rather than riding in the car. The New Orleans corner "bench" was full of street musicians and much happiness abounded. No one complained of too much music then. It was the time when Eureka was revived, when the hippies had come to town. Larry Mears and Kurtz Miller, and everyone knew everyone and loved everyone and there was no dissention, we were a happy family.

I first started out managing the Bon Appetit for Crescent Dragonwagon and my now ex-husband, Phil, was the cook. At that time, Austin, a very fine drummer, asked who we were, and was told that we were Phil & Nancy. Austin's reply was "that sounds like the name of a plant". That's how rooted together Phil & I were.

We were talked into moving to Eureka by George Remenar, who is a teacher at Eureka High now. He & Phil had grown up together and gone to high school together.

After leaving the Bon Appetit, I went to work as manager of the High Hat bar, thus became known as "High Hat Nancy". Phil & I rode a Harley, and there were 2 other bikers in town, Tom Henson and Dollar Bill.

Tom was a fine artist and a very famous hair dresser at Judge Mayberry's wife's salon. They had him released from Huntsville Prison in Texas, so that he could work for her. Dollar Bill was an extraordinary artist with his carpentry. Judge Mayberry put them both in the custody of Phil & me, because they were "out of control" and we were the only other bikers in town. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif That was my beginning in Eureka. I was in Eureka at that time a total of about 3 years. Left for 22 years, and then returned, without Phil.

I then opened a shop on N. Main St. called "Nancy's Closet", across the street from the Grand Central Hotel. I sold clothes from Pakistan, India, Morocco, & Rumania. I was in the shop about 3 years, bought a house up on Singleton, as a matter of fact, an 850-square-ft. bungalow, which was either the first or second house built in Eureka proper. Needless to say, it had to be rebuilt from the foundation up. The address was 21 Singleton St.

When directing anyone to my house, I never had to tell them the address, because they always knew it by my front porch. Even people who didn't really know me knew it was my house because of the front porch. The reason for that is, it was screened in and decorated as a living room, with crescent moons everywhere. The crescent moon has always been my logo. After all, I do walk the goddess path.

So for those of you who do not recognize the name "Nafalia", perhaps the name "Just Nancy" will ring a bell. So some may know me, some may not, but now you do, as we are now brothers & sisters in spirit.

As above, so below,


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06-19-2004, 11:37 PM
I've witnessed many times the comradery that people of the 70's (moving to Eureka) share. All confirm that it was a time of coming together and connecting. Truly a village. In your telling of what was happening when you were there, Nafalia, there were some facts that I had never heard before and I found them to be quite fun to read. Just a couple questions. Was Dixie that had the Mercantile Dress Shop the same Dixie that worked at the historic hotels in the late 80's & early 90's? Seems that she and Kara were good friends.
Just curious as to where the Bon Appetite was located. Seems that so many of these people are still here. A friend of mine moved he and his family all the way from Wisconsin in the 70's because of what Clear Springs School had to offer. There were many more that followed them from Wisconsin.
So very interesting. Thanks for sharing your memory.

Jeannie Jones
06-20-2004, 12:49 AM
Originally posted by DaBee:
...Was Dixie that had the Mercantile Dress Shop the same Dixie that worked at the historic hotels...?

No, Deb, it was Dixie Winters who worked at the hotels--love her so much--I can't remember Mercantile Dixie's last name, but maybe Patt does, can't remember when she said she arrived here. I'm thinking that the location of the Mercantile was later the first place Debbie Clark had her "Pink Flamingo".

...Just curious as to where the Bon Appetite was located...

Okay, if you're standing in the New Orleans Hotel lobby, facing the street, on your right is where Susan Storch had her "Imagery", and on your left was the Bon Appetit, next to the New Orleans. At one time, Dave & Martie Davis had it. She ran the front, and he did the cooking. She later became mayor and he/they later had "Cafe Santa Fe" down on Main Street--Mexican rest. Can't remember if they had the Bon Appetit when I landed here (in '78 I think) or not.

Yes, Deb, it was a very sweet time in Eureka. There was some fine music on "the bench", and the tourists seemed to enjoy that, the colorful characters, and the general ambience.

I remember that Butch Berry (sorry, can't remember his actual first name, the councilman) had a dog named Dude. Occasionally Dude would walk me to work at the Crescent. I so enjoyed that. That was later, though, in early to mid-80's, I think. Eureka sure has had some stellar animals!

Well, I could wax nostalgic for hours, but I'd probably get some of the names & dates wrong, and my arms are kinda hurtin'.

I so enjoy your posts, Deb-o-rah (sounds like a cheerleader) http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif Didja make your Jell-O? Was it red?

Love ya, little firefly with the BIG light--


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Jeannie Jones
06-20-2004, 01:12 AM
Originally posted by Becky Davis:
Someplace right outside of Springfield is a homeopathic clinic. For some reason, Dr. Sharlin rings a bell. I wonder if he works there?...

Becky, no, Dr. Sharlin's the head of Neurology at Skaggs Community Medical Center in Branson. He's really excellent and is well respected in his field.

Let me pass on Nafalia's thanks for the information you gave her, and we're both wondering if Eagle's Claw is a condition or a remedy? Didn't know Carolyn Myss is in MO. Is it difficult to get to see her? We both thank you for your prayers on her behalf. Please don't be offended when I tell you that there's no "G" in Nafalia.

Love you, Becky, & thanks for posting,


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Jeannie Jones
06-20-2004, 01:29 AM
KAYE, so glad the shunt has kept your migraines at bay. Whew! What an experience that must have been! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/eek.gif Are the exercises you were talking about very simple? Her spine is kind of hanging by a thread--very, very fragile. She recently saw a chiropractor who specializes in "occipital atlas" I think it's called, the only one in 5 states, and he gave her only one exercise she can do. None of her drs. want her to sit down (so she can't use her computer until she gets a particular talking program in the fall), only to lie down, or walk very carefully.

Thanks for sharing your story, Kaye,

Loving you,


Jeannie Jones
06-20-2004, 01:35 AM
Shimaka, I so hope you have someone with you, and will get in touch w/ someone local (so it won't be a toll call) to let us know if you need anything. Perhaps we'll see you in the rotunda. Your chair here is so empty.

Love to all my brothers & sisters,
(and Steve, thanks for the constant inspiration)


06-20-2004, 02:38 AM
My wonderful, loving spirit family -

I feel as if an apology is in order as I just disappeared on you, and 'tis obvious I caused a lot of concern. I wish I cold say that I had some control over what was happening because it would mean I could actually DO something about it aside from work on the spiritual and manifesting calm and peace around me. This is literally my first visit, to even read, since last I posted. I hope you will all forgive me for causing such concern, bordering on worry. Such was not my intention, my beloveds. I truly had no idea this would sneak up on me and literally clobber me over the head with no warning. I had trouble talking on the phone or even writing a quick email, which I still do not understand as writing is normally such a comforting thing for me.

That all said, I want you to know that I carried you with me, and still do. My situation is not over by a long shot, but I have a brief reprieve until I see the doctor on Monday afternoon at which point a decision will be made about continuation of treatment and what form that will take. I wrote a fax on Friday to my doctor, asking if I should stop taking the Zyvox (the antibiotic causing such great consternation in my physical body) since we now know it's only sensitive to part of the staph bacteria and not the rest. He didn't answer, and I decided this evening to stop taking it so will have a reprieve to get back some of my strength before I see him on Monday when we will most likely decide to go with the more aggressive (yes, there actually is such a thing) Vancomycin, which ALL bacterial strains found have tested sensitive to, and it is more broad spectrum than the Zyvox. It is actually only available in IV form so I know that, should we decide to take that course of action, I will need to have a PICC line put in, be in the hospital long enough to establish my sed. rate on the Vancomycin, then be released and return to the ER every so many hours for 2 weeks or a month (as yet to be determined) to receive the next dosage. Somehow, on a tational basis, it sounds like the better way to go. On an emotional, spiritual basis, I'm so exhausted that I don't know if I have enough stamina in me to last out the Vanco, but I'm trying not to manifest that though I realize I just said it. Sometimes, just stating fact sounds like more than that though so that's enough of that.

I love you all, more than I could possibly express, and my gratitude for each of your appearances in my life knows no bounds. Thank you so very much for your kind thoughts, prayers, and healing energy, and your reaching out to me - which I could feel even though I was not "seeing" it written - was so very helpful and fulfilling and healing. What a wonderfully special group of folk you are!

Hopefully, I will be able to post tomorrow, or rather, later today, after I catch some zzzzs and hopefully, reset the internal measuring devices so that I am not on the edge of nausea. That is my hope and prayer so that I can be back among the living, as it were, and making enough sense that, when a decision is required on Monday, I can do so without hesitation. Right now, I feel certain any decision I made would not be exactly from a "completely sane" point of view. I hope that made at least SOME sense.

My love to y'all! And my gratitude in unending.

With love,

Becky Davis
06-20-2004, 06:00 AM
I am sorry, I can't find a thing on eagles claw. It is a condition of a very tiny bone, I think neck, that looks like a claw and cuts off blood, nerves, etc. It is very rare and can even cause seizures. That must not be the correct name.
Dr. C. Norman Shealy has a pain clinic I have heard in Springfield. Holos Practice Reports
Shealys Pain Clinic
1328 E. Evergreen Springfield, MO 65803-4400
(417) 865-5940
A newsletter of networking discussions of alternative approaches to health and illness.
He is very close to Carolyn Myss and sometimes does phone readings. I may be wrong but that is what I have read. In a case like Nafalgia's, where the cause is a mystery, maybe he would help. A shot in the dark.

06-20-2004, 07:15 AM
Happy Sunday, Spirit Friends,
So glad Shimaka is up & about "a little".
Blessings to you "spirit sister" and we will continue our vigil to bring healing,comfort,peace & balance to you, and anyone that needs these earthly gifts. As my old rocker friend, Jim Morrison used to sing,
today let's ALL "Break On Through To The Other Side", and spread the LIGHT!!!
sTeVe. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Good Starts
There is only one source of life, that source is God, and that source is my
source. I know that being created out of god means that my inner nature, my
true self, is one with god. Today I choose to know consciously, in a greater
way than ever before, that I am one with god...not just figuratively, or
abstractly, but totally. Concretely.

The eyes that read these words are the eyes of god, in form, as my eyes. My
hands are the hands of god, my work is god's work. The words that I speak
are divinely inspired; the loving I do is the love of god flowing through

I release anything that is less than this understanding: my life is god
living as me. For this, I give thanks. And so it is.

06-20-2004, 08:53 AM
I've been re-reading Nafalia's post by JJ, and must say they've touched my heart/spirit. Wish Maletha & I had been together to have made our "pilgrimage" to Eureka in the early 70's. Nafalia & Maletha, I think, are the same age. I'm just a few years younger, 56 in November. We were able to do our thing 12 yrs. ago & still doing wonderfully here in our log house in the Ozarks, with 3 chows and cat named "Bird', he's the boss, of course.
A shame Nafalia could not have found a mate, like I have with Maletha, to undo all the pain & anguish of previous lives. Guess we can do our part to help her, as JJ seems to do so well.
Nafalia, when you had the shop, how did you find you inter-national contacts for all the clothing? A shop would be Maletha & my "cup of tea, if I could sell my incense/burners and crystals, etc.. Guess,I really know ,we'd have to have enough money to not be concerned if the business made a profit or not! Oh, well, just dreaming on this beautifully sunny, Ozark morning. Feels wonderful out side, think we're gonna drive about a little, will catch up with everyone later.
**Peace**Love**Twisted-Light** http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

06-20-2004, 10:15 AM
Originally posted by Shimaka:
My wonderful, loving spirit family -

I feel as if an apology is in order as I just disappeared on you, and 'tis obvious I caused a lot of concern.
So nice to wake this morning, Shimaka, and come to the breakfast table with you there. The hearty breakfast of oatmeal and raisins and walnuts with the topping a dollop of the Milky Way was so delicious. The fresh squeezed orange juice spritzed with a sunbeam just hit the spot! Nafalia, your dressing the round table with fresh mint and tiny waterfalls, strands of jasmine and the twinkling watermelon seeds led to a totally perfect ambiance for all of us. We celebrate you, Shimaka, and you, Missie, returning. You were missed. Please, apologies are not necessary. It's us and we understand. We are there with you.
Ease and rest for this fine Sunday.

Jeannie Jones
06-20-2004, 03:42 PM
SHIMAKA! How wonderful to hear from you! You were probably too sick-feelin' to notice your ears a-burnin' from all the prayer bein' sent your way. That's okay. Just happy you're still hangin' in there. I hope you know how loved you are.

The hospital approach may or may not be worse than what's goin' on right now with the Zyvox, but with the odds being that much better for its efficacy, hey, I sure would go for it. Well, when you see the doc you'll be better able to make a decision.

We sure feel for ya, girl.

BECKY, thanks for the further information for Nafalia. I have heard of Norman Shealy and his clinic, and I have heard of Carolyn Myss, but didn't know they were connected. It will be interesting to see how Nafalia feels about this. She has "trust issues" with doctors, and has such a wonderful relationship with Dr. Sharlin, but we'll see how she feels. Love, love, love to you, Becky http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

StEvE--thanks for the trip to your house with your animals and your description of the setting out there. It sounds like such a beautiful place to live.

Oh! I just remembered! Years ago my mom & step-father bought a lot in Mt. View in some area that was being developed (I'm not sure why they bought it). Through the years they checked on it from time to time. He passed, then Mom & I went out there once, and the developers had not created a street to her lot! Then I guess they quit the development altogether, so it seems that there never will be a street to it.

I'm so happy that you have your wonderful Maletha and that she's been able to bring you so much healing. You're very blessed, but then I don't need to tell you that! And a happy Father's Day to you, sweet friend.

DEB-O-LISCIOUS--Well, what a wonderful breakfast you prepared for us, sweet girl! It was heavenly partaking of it there at the round table with the sights & sounds you described, as well as the food itself. Such a constant delight, you spritely thang, you.

Well, we've had so many people post now that I would feel hard-pressed to give individual happy-talk to all, but my embrace includes all posters and non-posters who enter here.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love,


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06-20-2004, 04:42 PM
JJ, didn’t really do much in the way of describing our Ozark paradise. 12welve yrs. ago we were lead to the property we have built on. We spotted it one day after hrs. of driving around, we wanted to live out, but not too far out, private enough we could do our thing, but not be totally isolated. Any way as I said, spirit lead us to what ended up being 6+ acres with lots of overflow, all wooded, tall pine trees, lots of hardwoods, lots of scrub shrubs, the deer trail I originally spotted, is now our long gravel drive.
Well, finding wooded property at the base of one mountain, and the top of another, it was either build a dome or log house, we decided for the log abode. Maletha & I had seen big ones, small ones, so she designed a medium one. We build the logs house of 3hree sided square cedar logs with the outside natural, limbs, knots and all that. She designed the inside with combo living rm., dining rm., and kitchen together, tall ceilings, upstairs full-size loft bedrm, downstairs bedrm., bath w/lg. Tub & double sinks. Beautiful stained glass window in bath. Windows looking out into the beautiful woods from every angle. We have central air/heat but primarily heat with our big woodstove. Everyone that has seen our house says it looks like a combination country store and mountain lodge.
M & I are junk collectors, so we have 2much of everything. We have a 8 ft. open porch, 36 ft. across the front & just recently enclosed the screened in back porch to make my spirit room, for all my Buddha’s, gargoyles, suns, moons, crystals, entertainment center, computer, didgeredoos, walking sticks and canes, plants, cathedral cactus, too many candle sticks, all my daily religious candles, incense boxes, CD’s & stereo.
The rest of the house M has made quite homey, warm and full of positive energy. When we were working for The Ironworks, we purchased and had lots of iron stuff made. All our drawer pulls and cabinet hard ware is hand-forged leaves with stems. She has really done a # on the design & furnishings. We refinished an old Hoosier cabinet back to original oak and have it packed full of old utensils, rolling pins crocks, you name it.
Our outside, what isn’t virgin woods, everywhere our 3hree chows, O0pie, Bubba, and Ruby have made labyrinth dog runs, she has made raised beds, or placed large planted pots, iron trellis’s, iron gazebo, statuary’s, bird baths, log furniture, wind-chimes in ‘bout every tree, and my 8’ copper pyramid at edge of garden & woods. My daughter, Sarah says,”It looks like a galactic carnival has exploded. Enough said, P*L*T-L* sTeVe. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

Jeannie Jones
06-20-2004, 07:00 PM
Originally posted by mtnviewsteve:
...if I could sell my incense/burners and crystals, etc...

I'm reading to Nafalia all the posts since her last post, and here's an idea she has for you:

"Steve, you might be better to sell to a distributor rather than to have a shop or sell to individual shops. Shops have so much overhead. I'll give you the name of a distributor to contact--it's "Music City Marketing" in Nashville, TN. Get on the internet and you can find them. At the same time, if you want some names of shops in Springfield I can give you those. Personally I would try going through a distributor first--much simpler. All you'd have to do is make them & send them to them and they'd send you a check. They do all the marketing--you just work for them. If you're interested, I'll give you more information on how the wholesale market works."

As above, so below,


Jeannie Jones
06-20-2004, 07:27 PM
Originally posted by DaBee:
...Nafalia, your dressing the round table with fresh mint and tiny waterfalls, strands of jasmine and the twinkling watermelon seeds led to a totally perfect ambiance for all of us...

From Nafalia:


Thank you for mentioning the special things that I brought to the round table this morning. When I awoke I felt like I was being worked on by the spirit world. It must have been because we were all having breakfast at the round table and everyone was sending their thoughts to the breakfast we enjoyed together. It must have been my chariot that brought me there.

During the last major thunderstorm here in Springfield, at around 2 AM a huge bolt of lightening awakened me and the rolling thunder which preceded the lightening spoke to me and said "Your chariot is here, Madame". My first thought upon that awakening, was "had the god Zeus come for me?"

Will you all take my chariot ride with me? We would surely find moonbeams and starlight to swing from, if we did. I know that a god or goddess would guide us to the next galaxy.

As above, so below,


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06-20-2004, 07:31 PM
Spirit Friends,
Another cool site:

Jeannie Jones
06-20-2004, 07:43 PM
To Becky from Nafalia:

Thank you for your love, concern, and all the wonderful information that you have sent my way. At this time I feel Spirit is keeping me in Dr. Sharlin's hands for a specific reason. Dr. Sharlin normally sends his patients to a pain clinic or to other doctors to perform the procedure he's going to do on me, but when I last saw him he said "I don't normally do this myself, but if it's okay w/ you I would like to keep you in my hands and do the procedure on you myself, and any other procedures which might follow, as I just don't want you in the hands of another doctor".

I have shared many of my essays on spirituality w/ Dr. Sharlin, and he always is thrilled to have them, and always wants to know "when will the book be out?" Dr. Sharlin is traditional medicine, but is also a very spiritual individual. He and I have bonded very closely, and I have total faith and trust in him. As Jeannie says, I have trust issues w/ health care providers of any sort, but I have none with him.

Over the last 3 to 4 yrs., since I've been in his care, not only has he taken such an interest in my medical condition, but also in my views of life. As Jeannie can verify, he has a great deal of concern for me, so I feel totally at peace to stay within the safe hands of Dr. Sharlin. But once again, I thank you.

As above, so below,


Jeannie Jones
06-20-2004, 07:59 PM
To Shimaka from Nafalia:

Shimaka, even though you may feel like your mind is not in the condition to make a decision, remember that indecision is only limbo, so any decision is better than none. I know how difficult it is, because I'm getting ready to face some very difficult decisions myself--not as difficult as your decision, but decisions nonetheless. I know that without a doubt our spirits and our intuition will guide us to make the right decision. So don't worry about the condition of your mind. Just reach out and take hold of your guide's hand, and any decision you make will be the right decision.

With all my love and prayers for my beloved spirit sister,

As above, so below,


Jeannie Jones
06-20-2004, 08:03 PM
From Nafalia:

Now the evening falls into the nighttime. I grow weary and I know Jeannie grows weary, so I shall say good night and meet you all in the Land of Nod, and there we shall counsel, one to the other.

Love and prayers,

As above, so below,


Jeannie Jones
06-21-2004, 02:10 AM
Lovely friends--

Sprinkling golden fairy dust on your eyelids that you may have a deep, long, refreshing sleep.

Perhaps when we awaken we'll have our round table breakfast outside Steve & Maletha's lovely home, near the gardens and the dog labyrinth.

We'll exchange smiles and hugs, and how-de-doo's.

The table will be decorated today with leaves, pine needles, fallen bird feathers, and crystals.

Perhaps we'll eat manna. Perhaps fruit (must include the lovely mango) & freshly baked bread with butter churned just this morning. OR, perhaps we'll eat sunbeams and drink the dew.

Then we'll have Jell-O. Red, I hope. Either clear or with banana slices.

Through it all, the music of the breezes through the trees, and the birds singing their morning songs.

Then we'll link hands, left palm up, right palm down, and meditate together, just feeling the energy flow around the circle.

The round table is as large as it needs to be. All are welcome who bring Love to the table.



06-21-2004, 04:16 AM
Ah Jeannie, it would make sense that it would be you sprinkling that golden faerie dust. I thought it felt familiar. Thanks so much for that gift, and thanks to all of you for the many gifts I've received this early morning in our place of gratitude, our rotunda, as it were.

It's about time for everyone to be getting up, and of course, time for me to lay my head down and find the sandman. Funny how that works. It's been the first real full day with feeling somewhat like myself again, though I'm still not quite there. In 14 hours or thereabouts, I see my doctor and will, with his help, figure out the next step. Thank you all for your encouragement and advice toward that end. I will let you all know what happens this afternoon. At the moment, my mind is too tired to think about decisions and their intended or unintended consequences. Methinks a bit of slumber may help in that regard. Ohhhh, I must certainly hope so.

'Tis so nice to be back among family. Despite knowing better, on so many levels, I somehow allowed myself to feel completely isolated while this past week progressed. I could fell you all there with me when I would pay attention . . . it's amazing how much energy it takes to pay attention! I guess I found that out without going looking for it.

Good night, my sweet ones. I hope we meet in the dreamtime as I feel we most times do.


06-21-2004, 07:06 AM
Was tiptoeing through the Open Forum and saw one of your recent entries, Shimaka. It was like, thatta girl, go go go! Good to see you at least have a bit of energy of your usual self. Hope you're resting well after that workout. Perhaps today will provide more information toward your healing.//

06-21-2004, 07:08 AM
You will be in our thoughts & prayers today as always. WE have FAITH everything will be to your benefit & advantage. Keep us advised as you are OUR special "spirit friend.
Hope this day brings a "treasure chest" of blessings and LIGHT to ALL. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
JJ& Nafalia, thanks, not really serious about having a shop, just a momentary thought. I have done purchasing, 'most of my life, not anxious to become involved again. Bless you ALL.
DaBee, Where are you? Break back throught to this side & let US break bread w/you.


You are a unique being of "LIGHT"with a special
purpose that only you can fulfill.


I AM unique in the eyes of God. I have a special purpose which I am fulfilling with every activity I do.


In my mind's eye I see myself surrounded by the blessings of God, for God is recognizing my uniqueness. I feel God's love affirming my special purpose and place in the Universe.
I imagine myself going through the day knowing exactly what it is that I am to do and doing those activities with great joy.
I imagine myself celebrating my success with my friends, while I create a feeling of joy and thanksgiving.
I say a prayer of gratitude for all that I AM, all that I have and all that I will become. I combine these thoughts and images with a feeling of joy and let them go, knowing that they will create the good
things I am visualizing and thinking.

06-21-2004, 08:13 AM
You're right StEvE, broke right through, back to the other side. Thanks for reminding me. Have #1 Grandson staying at GrandmaBee's house and I'm easily distracted to him. Last night after (I call him G) G went to the Land 'O Nod (and not the one on 21/62), sat down here and composed quite a dissertation. A fatal error sign popped up and the screen froze. Had to pull the plug after Ctrl/Alt/Del was not recognized. Decided to take it as a sign (again) to just scoot on over to the place that G went.
Have been closing my eyes to something going on in my family because it is painful and only taking side glances is how I am coping right now. My Daughter-in-Law (and also my best friend) has not been able to recoup her energies since she ran her 1st full marathon a few weeks ago. Also, glands began swelling and abdominal pains manifested. Last week she had a CAT scan done and it shows some liver and spleen involvement. Lab tests also indicate liver swelling. More tests will be performed this week, including biopsies. She is now having chest pains and it's an indication that the Thymus Gland is involved. Her Grandmother has just completed rounds of chemo and radiation after being diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease.
I look for all other kinds of things to be the matter (stress, virus, cat scratch fever), but she and my son want to look this square in the face.
Last week sometime I had written a small post and after submitting it, wondered why I did. It was like I couldn't figure out where it came from , but felt a significance for some unknown reason. I'll go get it and paste it here.
06-16-2004 10:20 PM
7 was the first number to appear
it was on my lips as i woke
a crystal dawn greeting the world
................then 1 tear

It was the next day that we received the results of the scan. Not even realizing what I had written, came across the above when scanning back. The significance being that my daughter-in-laws name is Chrystal Dawn. I am not one for melodrama and even try to stay away from dramas, but this goes way beyond that to a place I've seen very few times in my life.
I have been wanting to share this with you, my friends, but short of uttering the words, writing the words are painful.
I know that you all are sending healing light as you read this. I need to get off the computer as C is calling her doc right now for additional information.
Thank you for being here for me. The rotunda is comforting. Thanking you all for being there for us.


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06-21-2004, 10:10 AM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Wow! DaBee,
Sounds to me like you're carrying around a mighty "heavy" load. Of course prayer & Healing LIGHT are being directed to you & yours. Best now, to turn it ALL over to "Spirit", give yourself a break and Let the "Master" guide the Crystal Ship through the Misty Arches , enjoy the dolphins as they dance along your side, splashing fresh, cool, flowers in your path.
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif P**L**T-L**

06-21-2004, 11:15 AM
Yes, sTeVe, you're right. My 1st letting go was to just write that post. As I let go to you and you and you, it is as letting go to the universe. All things are possible.

Odd about that post in that when I sign off, it shows lv</ when I've written lv&lt (love & light) twice now.

Taking the kiddos to the creek now that the rain has stopped for a moment or 2/
ok, once again... lv&lt deb

06-21-2004, 12:31 PM
The doc tells C that it ain't no big deal, things aren't all that bad. Will get the biopsy tomorrow and that will be the telling test. Told her that her chest pains are probably acid reflux...ain't no big deal. I could go into my antidisestablishmenttarianism tirade, but will hold my thoughts about traditional anything and redirect my energies for a more useful purpose. Have to go to the Little Rock Med School myself tomorrow and probably should just rest and rejuvenate for that road trip and meeting up with my rheumydoc.
Realize that sometimes I burst my own bubble and expose myself to raw edges, but maybe it's a part of my journey. I'm looking at calm and balance right now. Thank god/goddess that I have the tools to be able to do so. Also, in living one moment at a time, this moment is perfect.

Jeannie Jones
06-21-2004, 12:40 PM
Odd about the docs' turnaround--first the CAT scan revealed basically all the organs enlarged, now they think it's acid reflux?! As you say, the biopsy is the key. I remembered your saying that your daughter-in-law had no energy, etc., and thought perhaps that was your concern that you would eventually share with us. Glad you did. Now we can wrap her in healing energy.

The mysterious 7-crystal dawn-one tear significance has now been revealed. I hold you and your family in my heart, Deb, and hope you get some needed rest today.

Love & light


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Jeannie Jones
06-21-2004, 01:09 PM

So happy that you may have a few clearer hours as the Zyvox exits your system. Thank God for small favors, eh? Sleep, sleep, beautiful, healing sleep. Then let us know after you see the doc. OK?

Much love--


Jeannie Jones
06-21-2004, 01:16 PM
Originally posted by mtnviewsteve:
My daughter, Sarah says,”It looks like a galactic carnival has exploded. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

Thanks, Steve, for the wonderful description of your home and its surroundings. Love the 3-side-square cedar, with the 4th side being totally natural. I've never seen that done. It sounds like it fits so well in its surroundings.

Your 36' x 8' "Steve's Room" sounds so GREAT! The living room/dining room/kitchen w/o walls really makes the space feel expansive, doesn't it.

Thanks so much for going into all that detailed description. It sounds like a wonderful house, filled with light.

Blessings of the day--


06-21-2004, 05:50 PM
We are focusing on you, sending Healing prayers of Love & LIGHT to you, as your soul group of loving spirits, please feel our love and comfort as we pray together. Trust we are with you always. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
Your "gratitude spirit friends"

06-21-2004, 08:50 PM
Jeannie, how are you?
Missie, where are you?
Becky, did you leave? Please don't go away.
sTeVe, thank you. How is your back?
Nafalia, are you resting well?
Lany, you been busy? Miss your sweet presence.
Patt, are you there? I was hoping to get to know you a little better. Enjoy the Mary Springer class?
Shimaka, have missed you; glad you're back. Back on your regular meds now?
Kaye, when will you be moving to town?
ummm...that's everyone that comes to my mind at the moment, though there are a few people in which I can't remember their names without doing a search and am just tooo tired for that. Am thinking that maybe it's niteynitesweetdreamtime/lt&lv/deb-o-seeyouintherotunda http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

06-21-2004, 08:59 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by DaBee:
[sTeVe, thank you. How is your back?
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Sister DaBee,
Sore today, but tolerable, thanks for caring, did too much inside today. Will take it easier tomorrow! Switched today from Direct TV to Dish, now I can get Wisdom channel # 264, haven't been able to watch since getting rid of Great Big Satelite. Hope/Pray everyone is safe and doing well too! Will check back later tonite.
sTeVe. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

Jeannie Jones
06-22-2004, 02:12 AM
Yes, indeediedoodie, Deb-a-roonie, feelin' rather raw-edged tonight, and thanks for askin'.

No kiddin', though, have a safe trip and a successful appointment tomorrow. As Steve said, you do seem to have a very full plate. 'Twas asked but not answered, I think, earlier--does someone go w/ you or not when you make these big drives?

Would like to say something to each--you did that pretty darned well, Deb, but I'm outa spoons.

Thanks for the story about your dad, Lany. Inspiring stuff.

Love to all who stop by here.


Jeannie Jones
06-22-2004, 02:14 AM
Oh, maaaaan! If I'd known I was going to start a new page I wouldn't have gotten so goofy. Ho well...

06-22-2004, 07:39 AM
Spirit Friends, http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
It's a beautiful, rainy, stormy, refreshing morning here in the Ozarks. Everything is lush & green, peaceful, and
refreshed, like I hope each of you feel today: refreshed. Shimaka, Nafalia, JJ, Lany, DaBee, Missie, Pat, Becky: Still have all our SF's close to our hearts and in our thoughts as we begin a new day. Hope ALL are well.
sTeVe. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif


This new day is your opportunity to achieve.


Today and every day I am achieving my goals
with joy and ease.


I take an even breath and imagine myself filled with
a sense of success. In my mind's eye I see myself
going through my day easily and joyously accomplishing
my goals. I imagine myself having the time and wisdom
I need to do the things I want to do. I see myself
celebrating my life and my success with my friends.
I combine this image with a feeling of great joy. As
I let this image go I send out thoughts of thankfulness
for all the opportunity and support that I have in my
life, both seen and unseen.

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Jeannie Jones
06-22-2004, 10:59 AM
Thanks for providing the refreshments of the morning, sTeVe, and a happy day for you. Please don't overdo it today, but have a rest to refresh from yesterday's work.

Joyfully, I have an example of the new way of manifesting to share with y'all. Sometime during this past week I was thinking that I really needed to add some color to my wardrobe. Most of what I have is black, a little white, a few colored things.

The next day, after doing laundry, not relishing putting away my clothes, as I only have 2 drawers, I finally pulled out everything that had dwelt there that I rarely wear. So I made the space, & had no problem putting my clothes away.

The NEXT day, our next-door neighbor brought over a bag of quality clothes sent for us from a friend of hers, that were sized too small for them. Well, after making space for it the day before, I drew to me a very lightweight, short-sleeved red cashmere sweater, white Docker jeans, and 4 other wonderful wardrobe pieces!

So what I'm saying is that we can't precipitate change in a vaccuum of stillness. There needs to be a flowing out, in order to get the flowing in. To me, this is an uncomplicated example of it.

In following the guidance of the moment, day before yesterday I called a very dear friend of mind in Calif. She said--well, this is amazing! A few nights ago she had a dream that our friend Marshall walked through a door with her parents. The next day, Marshall called her from Hawaii.

Day before yesterday, my friend dreamed that I walked through a door with her parents. The next day, yesterday, I called her. She was out, but returned my call the same day. Very joyful! Love it, love it, love it!

I read the piece Deb quoted from Kryon to her, which resonated well w/in her, apprised her of the current state of Nafalia's health, and we talked of other things. She loves that we have this forum.

She shared a website w/me. One day she was driving her car, and heard to turn on the radio. At that moment, on a very narrow band channel, someone was talking about a free seminar with the Hickses. She went right to it, as it wasn't far from her. It all rang true to her & she loved the energy.

I found their website, explored it a little, & am sending you a page of it here. Check it out for yourself & see how it feels. I liiiiike it.


Wishing Deb a safe, successful trip, and hoping to hear from Shimaka today about her doctor visit.

Love to all my Spirit Friends,


06-22-2004, 11:30 AM
Jeannie, too cool download, listening as I thank you and Nafalia.
Got e-mail from "Dale",he mentioned he saw you recently, somewhere..He thanked me for reminding him of ya'lls therapy session. He is another "good spirit". Do you also know Pat Bryant? She, Dale & Roger(Mr. Music) are like family to each other. They kinda' adopted Maletha & me. Have a
gre-a-at day! Blessings. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
sTeVeO (talk very openly)

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Jeannie Jones
06-22-2004, 02:18 PM
Originally posted by mtnviewsteve:
...I thank you and Nafalia...

Sorry, Steve, I guess I wasn't specific enough when using the word "she". I can see how you got confused there. This info. was from a friend in Calif., not Nafalia. Believe me, with Nafalia's tiny bit of peripheral vision, you do NOT want her driving a car, besides, she can't even sit down, much less see. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

...Got e-mail from "Dale",he mentioned he saw you recently, somewhere..He thanked me for reminding him of ya'lls therapy session. He is another "good spirit"...

Yes, when Mom & I dashed in to Eureka, on her impulse, to do the grave decorations for our guys in the cemetery there, we had lunch at Sparky's, then on the way home we took 62 and stopped by Roger's. Dale was there, and I got to visit w/him & Roger for just a tiny while until Mom started beepin' the horn.

Now as to Pat Bryant, it's not registering, but she may be one I knew by sight but not by name. Has she had that name always?

Yes, Dale did such wonderful work w/me, his massages were magical. Never asked him if he was inner-guided when he worked or not, but if so, it wouldn't surprise me. Also never asked him if he "saw" anything in our sessions. Sometimes masseurs will see energy, I know.

A woman from Hawaii, who worked on me at Mt. Shasta for free, said to a friend of mine "That woman has burned!"...and she wasn't talking about this lifetime. She's absolutely guided in her massage work every step of the way.

So, Dale works from a mixed bag of tricks in his massage therapy, and if he's still in the business, I would just like to send everyone in Eureka (or anywhere else, for that matter), to go to him, even if you have to drag yourself there.

Well, with Infinite Love for all,


06-22-2004, 02:41 PM
Jeannie said:Sorry, Steve, I guess I wasn't specific enough when using the word "she". I can see how you got confused there. This info. was from a friend in Calif., not Nafalia. Believe me, with Nafalia's tiny bit of peripheral vision, you do NOT want her driving a car, besides, she can't even sit down, much less see.

http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif I was just being thankful, and not thinking too clearly, that would be a "stretch" I guess. Tell Nafalia, for a while I had her mobilized, on the other side.
Have you heard from any of the "Grat-Gang"
today? Hope everyone O.K. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

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Jeannie Jones
06-22-2004, 03:19 PM
Ha ha! There you had her mobilized and I just came right back along and set her up w/ limits, didn't I! Gotta be careful what we say, don't we? I should have left her mobile. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


06-22-2004, 05:33 PM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif Evening, Spirit Friends,
Has anyone talked to or heard from Shimaka? Wonder if she decided to be hospitalized for this next round of medication? Sending Prayers of "Light & Love" to her from all of us. Be well, Spirit Sister!
DaBee, you got back yet? Know you will be safe in the arms of yo' Spirit Friends.
How 'bout ya' Jeannie, let's hear from you and Sister Nafalia, miss your wisdom and input.
Lany, sing us something from the 60's, feel like gettin'a "good buzz on". Lower back & right hip need some r-e-l-i-e-f.
Come on ya'll, the darkness of night is
rapidly approaching, and I'm startin' to
H-h-O-oW-w-l-L !!
sTeVeO ?

Jeannie Jones
06-22-2004, 06:31 PM
A magical "hello" from Nafalia:

Steve, can relate to the lower back, but mine's lower back left leg. Had a good day yesterday, but I guess there was a price to pay because my night was rough, and today has been kind of a down day--in other words, horizontal.

Thanks, Steve, for helping me to be almost mobile again, but there's that Jeannie tellin' you I can't drive 'cause I can't see well enough, can't sit, so I guess I can't be mobile! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif But my spirit can soar like the eagle.

A magical hello to all my spirit friends whom I've been thinking of today. Have especially had Shimaka on my mind, as I'm sure everyone has, and hope that everyone is ready for a very magical, enchanted night.

We're getting close to the first quarter of the moon, so the goddess is coming out of her isolation, to once more enchant us. Bask in the magical enchantment of the moon this night.

Love y'all and thanks for being there,

As above, so below,


06-22-2004, 06:46 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jeannie Jones:
[B]A magical "hello" from Nafalia:
"But my spirit can soar like the eagle
so the Goddess is coming out of her isolation"
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif And that's just the picture I have of you in my mind, Nafalia. When JJ. 1st.introduced us, I thought she was channeling for a "spirit goddess" and that's the image that's prevailed in my mind. Handicaps/illness have never been part of the portrait that's painted in my head. Hope to someday meet you both in this life, for sure in the next journey, and I'll welcome you "driving" us around and showing us the "Magic Kingdom." Blessings to ALL.
P**L**T-L** http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
SteVe (Selective Vision)

Jeannie Jones
06-22-2004, 06:56 PM
Nafalia with the laughing face--

Just had a good laugh at myself, but who better to laugh with you than yourself. Used to, when I was lying down, I would just get up. Now must rise slowly, so as not to spin, put on my neck brace, and grab a cane! What a deal!

Nafalia shooting herself in the foot--don't know what got into me, but about 8 weeks ago I paid $40 to join a singles phone line. Wasn't thinking, obviously, 'cause, guys, just think about this--who's going to want a woman who is visually inconvenienced, can't participate in the joys of the passion of the male & the female union, because of the spine thing, and "spins" while sitting, instead of being able to spin on the dance floor, may have to go lie down at any minute, and has to wear a neck brace & walk with a red-and-white cane. Now, if THAT's not shooting yourself in the foot, what is?! Could've spent that $40 on ice packs and deep heat--would've got more benefit from it.

Got a lot of responses to the ad from my voice, I guess, but how do you tell someone all these things before you ever meet them? Upon meeting them, (the few I did) I was told I was brave, courageous, and quite attractive. But then comes the ..."but"...I really need to be leaving, I have a lot to do! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif (Like I really bought that one!) Oh well, just a shot in the dark. [JJ cackles]

As above, so below,


P.S. Thank God we still have humor!

06-22-2004, 11:01 PM
Good to be home.
Had written a ton of response, huge bunches of well thought (for me) bits of information about lots of different things. Told about a dream I had and on and on and on and it just went poof!!!
This happens too much. Don't think I've dealt with anything on the computer this unstable before. I know that Shimaka had spoken about maybe writing it on Word, then transferring to here, but doesn't seem like that should be necessary.
Long story short....wasn't planning on driving back today but circumstances (and maybe a guide or angel or 2 each or 1 of each)(sorry, getting slap-happy or giddy or ok, i'll hush) http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif ...anyway, made the trip by myself and came home....long day...
Don't want to repeat everything, so will just wait till tomorrow.
Did want to tell you, Lany, thanks so much for telling me about your Dad. That is so interesting. I will relate to C for sure. Makes me relax a bit more too. She went to see the surgeon today and will have a lymph node removed in the regular OR on June 30th.
Thanks Steve and Jeannie and Nafalia for being here. Loved reading everything when I got home. You too, Lany.
OK, Shimaka, your turn to return. Missing you.

Jeannie Jones
06-23-2004, 01:49 AM
Oh, Lany, what great news! So wonderful for Shimaka to be enjoying her favorite thing--dining at Myrtie Mae's. Dining takes a lot less energy than reading and posting, especially if she's trying to read all she missed. She'll post when she's ready, and we will be very happy to hear from her, that's for sure.

Deb, you did the whole back-and-forth trip to L.R. alone! Oh, kid, get some rest. I wish I could say--swing by here, pick me up, & I'll share the driving--but I'm not at all up to it.

The last few times I've lost my post, I just kept hitting the back browser and recovered it somehow, but with your getting a "fatal error" message yesterday, it sounds more complicated.

Well, I know that my chair is hurting me, but are there any office-type chairs that would allow one to sit properly, but elevate the feet? The Office Depot here has lots of chairs, but I've not investigated them seriously yet.

June 30 I'm having a big dark spot on my cheek biopsied. I just wanted to have it removed by laser, but wow-what-a-cute-plastic-surgeon-guy wants to be sure of what we're dealing with first. Dr. Ginger in F'ville had frozen it off three times in the past, but last time he told me I should have it lasered off & they could get all of it (including the root) & there'd be no scar. Well, 3 yrs. later, I have my SSDI back pay to cover it, so I'm just seeing about it now. Dr. Ginger had diagnosed it as "seborrhaeic (sp?) keritosis". It's about the size of a quarter on my right cheek. Once we know what we're dealing with, I'll know if I can buy a computer chair or not.

Will write more tomorrow--right shoulder hurting a lot.

Night-night all you sweet'ums--



Heavenly shades of night are falling,
It's twilight time,
Out of the mist a voice is calling,
It's twilight time,

Sorry--can't remember the rest--

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06-23-2004, 07:43 AM
Good morning, Spirit Friends, hope everyone is well. It's a clear, cool, beautiful morning, on my side of the universe. The day looks to be full of opportunities of Light,Balance, and Harmony.
May we enjoy ALL the gifts this side of the "Magic Kingdom" has to offer. Have a
G-r-0-o-vy Day! http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

Today's Positive Visualization:

In my mind's eye I see myself surrounded with the light and power of greatness. I imagine this dynamic energy flowing through my mind, emotions, and physical body. I see myself thinking great thoughts, feeling great emotions, and doing great deeds. For a moment I imagine what my life would be like as I express my inner greatness in every thing I do.
On my mental screen I see myself
celebrating with my friends the greatness of life being expressed in all of us. I combine these images with joy and let them go, knowing that they will create the good things I am visualizing and thinking.

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Jeannie Jones
06-23-2004, 11:20 AM
Wow! Only 1 post this A.M.--hmmm--well, I've been doing a lot of Net reading this AM, and here's one I'd like to share w/you:


We speak of vibrations and frequencies, and the above speaks about that. I found it interesting. Hope you do, too.

Right shoulder & elbow hurtin' a lot--it's the ulnar compression.

My chair challenge is this--in my little room, I don't have room for an office chair AND an easy chair. I feel the need to put my feet up a lot, and I don't know that there's any kind of office chair which would allow for that. I'm using an (I guess you'd call it an) "easy chair", which I think exacerbates the compressed ulnar nerve. If anybody has any ideas as to how I might resolve this situation, please let me know.

We're off to the chiropractor in 45 min., then late lunch/breakfast at Johnny Corino's, an extra special treat. I usually have wine when we eat there, but can't today because of the coming biopsy on 6/30. Doc said no blood thinners of any kind for 2 weeks prior to procedure, including alcohol.

I don't drink often, but before my 40th high school reunion last year, I asked my pharmacist to review what I'm taking to see if I could have a little wine at the reunion. He said as long as I'm not taking my meds to control or avert seizures, then it would be okay to have a little wine.

Anyway, gotta get ready for chirodoc & Johnny C's. Hope y'all have a lovely day.

All you need is love,


06-23-2004, 12:26 PM
Per Jeannie's request: "Twilight Time"
1958 Hit by "The Platters", Listen & enjoy!
These tunes are brought to you by "Ozark Meditative Music For The Soul"


Heavenly shades of night are falling, it's twilight time
Out of the mist your voice is calling, it's twilight time
When purple-colored curtains mark the end of day
I'll hear you, my dear, at twilight time

Deepening shadows gather splendor as day is done
Fingers of night will soon surrender the setting sun
I count the moments darling till you're here with me
Together at last at twilight time

Here, in the afterglow of day, we keep our rendezvous beneath the blue
Here in the sweet and same old way I fall in love again as I did then

Deep in the dark your kiss will thrill me like days of old
Lighting the spark of love that fills me with dreams untold
Each day I pray for evening just to be with you
Together at last at twilight time

Here, in the afterglow of day, we keep our rendezvous beneath the blue
Here in the sweet and same old way I fall in love again as I did then

Deep in the dark your kiss will thrill me like days of old
Lighting the spark of love that fills me with dreams untold
Each day I pray for evening just to be with you
Together at last at twilight time
Together at last at twilight time

06-23-2004, 04:19 PM
Oh wow, so much to be thankful and thanking for. Jeannie the 2 links are wonderful. When my Granddaughter heard the singing/music on the 1st Abraham download, she fell in love and memorized it instantly. The channeled info from the Abraham group is something that my DIL and I connected with from the get-go. Just read the vibrational info and sent it to C. It is a great, concise explanation.
sTeVE (transcendental vibratory eminator http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif
the words to the song are so cool. And thanks for the song, Jeannie.
The day just seems so crisp and clear. Have a fine day out, JJ. Same goes for all.
Lany, let me tell you about my dream. I was standing in a room and you walked in through an outside door. I was speechless because you looked so different; your hair was very short. Blonde and kind of a pixie cut..very cute, but very different. You were smiling and bouncy like anytime I've ever seen you, just all of the long long hair gone. That is all. Lany, can you or maybe someone else give any ideas about this? Yesterday driving and in L.R., this picture of you with the short hair just kept popping into my thoughts.
Jeannie, the only chair that I can think of is the kind that came out maybe 15 years ago in which the support is at the front and it tips forward and your legs kinda go back. I'll see if I can find one on ebay or something. It's an ergo kinda office chair. Hey, cool about the new clothes and how you made room for them. Think it goes along with speaking to the universe either by word or action as it provides absolutely everything we need. Also, can't think of you any way BUT colorful - even if you're dressed in all gray.
Steve, it is always so nice to read your entries. You are so kind to share and care. How often do you and your sweet lady get over this way? I'm also curious as to where you were born and grew up. Don't know why, just am.
Slept 10 hours last night. Heard some noises outside, but couldn't wake fully to them. This morning on my deck, my nosy raccoon neighbor had scattered paint cans and even opened one and it spilled out. Bet there's one silly looking Raccoon in the woods with turquoise paws and paint spatters. He tore up some potted plants, too. I'm sure he's the same onery toot that has come in my house twice looking for cat food. Sometimes I leave the screen door open just a bit for the kitties to come and go. What amazing critters, but he's not going to be nominated for critter of the month by me. No personal parking spaces here. Maybe pest of the month. Oh well, just a raccoon doing what raccoons do.
Even with all of the sleep last night, need to take a nap. Sometimes I feel just useless, but think it's cause while I was growing up there never was such a thing as slack time. Always had to be on task. Maybe I'm still exhausted from being a kid! Nah, can't blame it on that. Guess there's really no blame...bottom line, I'm having a health crisis and need to rest. Period. So, do any of y'all ever deal with, well, guess it's some kind of guilt for not being up to par? I'll just go take a nap while y'all are thinking about that one http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

06-23-2004, 04:52 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by DaBee:
[Steve, it is always so nice to read your entries. You are so kind to share and care. How often do you and your sweet lady get over this way? I'm also curious as to where you were born and grew up. Don't know why, just am.
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif DaBee,
When we were both working, we used to get to Eureka,a couple weekends a month, lately it 's been every couple of months, and not as often as we'd like.
Tomorrow we are driving to Tennessee to see my daughter/mate & granddaughter. Maletha's daughter/son-in-law & grandson live close by so we'll stay w/them. I'll be off the board til Sunday, so keep the Faith & Hope & En-lightenment flowing. Kinda' dreading the long drive (5 hrs) but if I get too uncomfortable Maletha will take over.
DaBee, I was born in Nashville, Tn. but grew up in Memphis. Moved to Washington State in '74, back to Tn. in '77. Divorced and moved to Mtn. View w/my spirit goddess, Maletha, in '93. Grew up "hard and fast" in Memphis, learned most my negative habits there, and kept most til WE moved to Arkansas, left them (drank all the time, got high-to-o-o much) on the Memphis/Ark.Bridge as we crossed, I turned EVERYTHING over to SPIRIT, and began my ongoing En-Lightening journey. Never will forget my rough times, but so THANKFUL for the LIGHT times I'm able to experience daily. Glad we talked, now what about YOU? http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

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06-23-2004, 08:18 PM
stEvE (energetically emancipated) (this is fun)
Happy fun easy going smooth painless trip for you both tomorrow. It'll be magic with the babes around - how sweet with the new little one to ooh and aah over.
Know that you're busy with packing and getting ready, so won't keep you. Just wanted to wish you happy trails!

06-23-2004, 08:35 PM
Jeannie, found this ergo chair. Guess it wouldn't work if you wanted your feet up, though. It's the correct posturing of it that's the good thing. I remember sitting in one and was really surprised how good it felt. People have told me that they are very comfortable using it at their desks at work. Anyway, here ya' go:


Jeannie Jones
06-23-2004, 09:11 PM
Originally posted by Becky Davis:
...If she has not been there, she should and get a reading from Carolyn Myss...

Hello, Becky, this is from NAFALIA.

Just wanted to tell you this little thing that happened as an affirmation of the Carolyn Myss thing. I receive talking books from the "Wolfner Library for the Blind", and have had about 20 books in my computer room, which I had not bothered to go through yet. I was in there a few minutes ago to see which ones I wanted to keep and which ones I would return. I came across this book called "Anatomy of the Spirit", by Carolyn Myss. Twice I started to send it back, not connecting her w/ what you said above, but something said "no, read this one". So I came in and put it on the machine, and began to listen to the introduction and thought "This sounds like the person that Becky was telling me about. I must call Jeannie and find out." Lo and behold, it was the same person. Jeannie looked up the website, and Ms. Myss no longer does personal readings, so this book must have been sent to me for a reason.

Since I live on a fixed income, and have Medicare and Medicaid, alternative health care is not covered by that, and as we all know, alternative health care can be very expensive, and not covered by most insurance, especially Medicare and Medicaid. So the Universe sent me information in book form.

Thanks once again for mentioning this. Just wanted to share all the wonderful ways the Universe will give you the information that you need.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will come", but the Universe just doesn't say what form the teacher will take.

As above, so below,


Jeannie Jones
06-24-2004, 12:27 AM
Y'know, Steve, I had a feeling a while back because of the wording on some of your posts, that you thought I was channeling Nafalia. Glad we got that cleared up. When I say I've got her on the telephone line, I mean the REAL telephone.

We met when I was living in an upstairs apartment in that 6-unit bldg. across from the Grand Central Hotel on Main St., and N. opened up a shop, "Nancy's Closet", in the commercial space below me. We hit it off right away, and have remained in constant touch for the 5 1/2 yrs. that she's been back in Springfield.

A few months ago, I had an appt. w/ Dr. Sharlin, our neurologist, & Nancy had him work her in around my appt. It was so great--the first time we'd seen each other in 5 1/2 yrs. We went out for pizza afterward. It was also the first time Mom had ever met N., & she said that she could see why Bruce (the wonderful husband who the Universe gave to her--they only had a yr. together before he passed) had been charmed by her. She said, "She's very charming" & liked her a lot.

Hey, thanks, Steve, for the complete "Twilight Time". I thought it was early early 60's, but was surprised to see it was from '58. I remember in early high school that when "Twilight Time" was played at the sock hops, Herbie Hothan (pron. hoe tahn) used to ask me to dance to it. I wondered if he had certain songs for certain girls. Has anyone else had that experience? How very orderly.

Well, in Memphis did you ever bump elbows w/ Isaac Tigrett? A dear friend of mine knows him on the spirit level, but not in the physical world.

In Nashville, did you know a guitar/singer who played in clubs as "Catfish"? Sam Routh. He also did some cheffing somewhere there, and was partners in a sound studio w/ a guy named, I think, Bob Silverman...Silverberg? When I sang with Razz-a-Ma-Tazz, we recorded our tape at Air Studios, their studio, in Nashville, around 1990.

I know Memphis & Nashville are big cities, but these were kind of high profile guys.

Also, did you know that I lived in the apt. just below Roger's Records, next to the Palace Bath House?

Well, enough of that--I hope you & Maletha have a wonderful trip to see the babies in Nash., and I'll wrap you in healing light so your back & leg might not be too painful. That's quite a long drive.

Well, if you get this when you get back, check in, please--we'll miss you.

Safe journey, spirit brother,


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Jeannie Jones
06-24-2004, 12:34 AM
Sorry, gals, I spent my next-to-last spoon on Steve, and need to save the last one for getting ready for bed. I'll be back tomorrow.

Love y'all so much,


06-24-2004, 01:27 AM
Never met Issac in the spiritual or physical. Saw "Elvis", really, when I was young, my Dad was a Cadillac dealer and actually used to sell him cars. Met Leon Russell and Don Nix,as they lived in apts. near me. Never lived in Nashville, but visited a little after growing up, though never met "Catfish". I graduated high school in 1967, went to Memphis State, a short while, and started a so called LIFE.
I did not know you lived near Roger, but was quite delighted to hear the story about Nafalia & you. You both sound like very cool ladies. Glad N. had a "good man", even for too short a time. Actually had heard of "Razz-a-Ma-Tazz", though not familiar with their music. Look forward to hearing more of "your story" later.
Thanks for the "Light" we ALL need more of it. See ya'll when we get back.
P**L**T-L** http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

* Good Starts *
There is only one life, one mind, one heart, and one perfect pure presence
of Life. It is everywhere, in everything and in everyone. It is the source
of all creation, and it is my source. Today I know that whatever the task or
challenge before me in my life, it is present. Whatever it is that I embark
upon this day, that presence is in me.

This is good to know! For whether I am working towards healing, expansion,
or looking to do or become something completely new in my life, the truth is
that Spirit is at work right alongside me. My life is the work of Spirit, in
form as me, with my personality and perceptions, thinking through my mind,
manifesting through my actions, and loving through my heart. I consciously
open my life every day for this wonderful Spirit to be present in me. This
is indeed a choice I make, for whether I choose to be an opening for Spirit
or not, it is always present.

In this opening that I make, joy is born. Healing and understanding have
full sway. Compassion and kindness reign. And abundant ease makes its home
wherever I am. This is the result of consciously making this choice, to know
that behind what I know is the Knower. Within what I do is the action of
Spirit. I joyously take time every day to open my mind and heart and life to
the action of Spirit, and the results are amazing! For this, I give enormous
thanks. And I let this be so. And so it is.

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Becky Davis
06-24-2004, 05:51 AM
Hi Nafalgia and Jeannie...so glad you have the book. I also enjoyed Why People Don't Heal and How They Can. I think that is the name. Been several years since I read it.
Some of her others go so deep, it is hard for me to get into them..well, understand them.
I think she is on Oxygen channel sometimes.

One of those books tell about a bad car wreck. Some folks were out mumbling about being held up and the time it would take to clear the road and all. One lady said a prayer that the poor woman who was injured would be okay.
A few months later a lady came to see this woman and thanked her. Her spirit heard everything people were saying and also heard the prayer and memorized her license plate. When she did recover, she came to thank her.

06-24-2004, 06:35 AM
Blessings to All, Spirit Friends. Talk to ya' Sunday, off to see Baby Emma.
By willie dixon

Could fill spoons full of diamonds,
Could fill spoons full of gold.
Just a little spoon of your precious love
Will satisfy my soul.

Men lies about it.
Some of them cries about it.
Some of them dies about it.
Everything’s a-fightin’ about the spoonful.
That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful.
That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful.
That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful.
That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful.

Could fill spoons full of coffee,
Could fill spoons full of tea.
Just a little spoon of your precious love;
Is that enough for me?


Could fill spoons full of water,
Save them from the desert sands.
But a little spoon of your forty-five
Saved you from another man.

06-24-2004, 09:51 PM
I am in a big cave. The cave is circular with the opening at the top. I don't know how I got here, except it could have something to do with the thin, gold thread that is hanging down from the opening. It seems much too fragile to have been able to lower me in here. I am alone in the cave. There are hazy outlines of others that have been here before, but I do not see them in their being form, yet it is as if a residue was left behind. I do not know where I belong, but feel that this is where I should be, except something is missing. I feel the void deeply, yet know not what belongs in the void to have it no longer be a void. The gold thread seems to be drawing me close as I want to grab hold of it, but at the same time appears to be too easy a solution. Feel that I must walk around in the cave and find out what the secretive niches and dark pockets have in store for me. It also seems that there is a door just out of my clear vision. Or possibly it is within my vision, but the door is blurred as if it was the victim of an attempted erasure. The gold thread is so tempting, but seems that if I even touch it, I will never again be able to approach the door.
I sat on a rock ledge and pondered my choices, and then it dawned on me that...................................

Jeannie Jones
06-25-2004, 12:34 AM
WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? Try the door! Oh--wait a minute--this is the golden thread and nobody has posted since Steve left. Is that it? In that case, DON'T take the door!

There--now I'm on the ledge with you, pondering...

Let's join hands into a circle and feel the energy flow round and round...then take our hands away and feel how it feels to be separate again...then join hands in a round again and feel how that feels for a while. After a time, we'll drop hands again to see how we've been blended.

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Jeannie Jones
06-25-2004, 02:08 AM
Originally posted by DaBee:

...Feel that I must walk around in the cave and find out what the secretive niches and dark pockets have in store for me...

This bit reminded me of one night when I was working at the Crescent Hotel front desk. I believe that's where we met, wasn't it, Deb? At the Crescent, oh, so long ago? Since my shift was always 3-11 PM, it must have been on one of the times I pulled a double, staying through the night til 7 AM.

The kitchen staff very generously left us a pot of coffee after the restaurant closed, so the night shift could stay awake. That night, I went back there to get a cup of wakefulness, and it was the only time I ever entered the kitchen in complete, utter darkness. I entered through the left door, not the one near the dish-washing sink.

Ordinarily one would feel the wall next to the door, one side, then the other, to locate a switch. There were big machines there, refrigerators, freezers, whatever. No switch. I felt my way through the pitch black Crescent kitchen until I found the switch. It was rather eerie. But then there was light!

What a beautiful post that was, Deb! I read it over and over for the sheer enjoyment of it. Did I get it right? No? Well, I pondered and pondered for a long time, and then as I was writing that above possibility popped into my head.

Well, must go. Too late for more.

Love to all sweeties out there--may you enjoy good health and happiness today--


Jeannie Jones
06-25-2004, 02:13 AM
http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif In Steve's absence, I offer you the Good Start for today.


JJ http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif

There is only One. This One is the infinite source of all creative power and
potential. It is the thing that causes everything to be, and it has created
me out of itself to express in unique and joyous ways.

This life is no university; it's not a purgatory of suffering which precedes
something better. This life is the E-ticket ride! My life is the place where
joy abides, where bliss takes root and blossoms. I'm not here to improve
myself or to get something I haven't got; I already have it all because I am
one with it all. I am here to awaken to this timeless truth, to see the
world as it truly is.

I approach everything this day with new eyes, ready to see the glory that's
all around me. I perceive the telltale presence of Spirit in other people -
the ones I cherish and the ones I am learning to love. I perceive the
wholeness of god in all situations and all experience. I celebrate the
beauty of this world, and go about my business creating more of it, no
matter what my business is.

I live with a clear intention: to awaken to heaven on earth, this day, in
this body, in this lifetime. There's nothing to wait for, nothing to be
penitent over. Spirit has created me out of itself to express its divine
nature. And so I do. And so it is.

06-25-2004, 05:17 AM
I live with a clear intention: to awaken to heaven on earth, this day, in
this body, in this lifetime. There's nothing to wait for, nothing to be
penitent over. Spirit has created me out of itself to express its divine
nature. And so I do. And so it is.

Thank you for the above insight to our plight, Jeannie. I did awaken as myself, in this body and lifetime.
You have joined me on this thread and recognized the golden thread that connects us all. We are not alone in the large round cave, I only thought that I was. All I had to do was open the door. There you were. Now that we are on the ledge together, shall we remember to, once again, open the door? Shall there be a knock as a reminder, or will we simply be led, by spirit, to open the door? Jeannie, what happens next?

06-25-2004, 05:35 AM
Good morning, Ozarks!
This is a fine, fine day....and a great one to go garage saleing. Missie and her family are having a big sale at their home. I've told C, so she and my son and 2 kiddos are going to Eureka early this a.m. with me.
Jeannie, it sure may have been at the Crescent that we met, but it seems like it actually was at Chelseas when Martha 1st opened and she had the baby Grand where the bar is now. Later that year I worked at the Basin Park as auditor and would lock it up when I was done with the paperwork, stop by the New Orleans and pick up their paperwork and take it all up to the Crescent as that is where it would all be combined. That was during the time that all 4 historic hotels were bankrupt and the Bank of Wichita in Kansas held them all. They were being managed by a company in Little Rock called SIMI. Their object was to bring them all up to code and sell them off individually. It worked. I was also working at the Crescent in the Crystal Dining Room and my son was being a bellboy at the Basin Park and Crescent and living in the basement before ANY improvements were made. Really nasty down there....the upgrades since then have been miraculous.

Many years later I worked at the Crescent as night auditor. Pretty sure that Becky Davis has also. I love the old hotels. Even as much as they've changed the lobby at the BP, it is still my fav. I've actually worked there as auditor 3 different times.
Now that was a walk down memory lane. Well, gotta get to that yard sale. Missie has her hand made jewelry for sale + am hoping to get to meet her.
Hope all of you will have a wonderful day and weekend in the Ozarks. We are all so blessed to be here; must have been real real good during the last go around http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/wink.gif

Becky Davis
06-25-2004, 05:56 AM
Yes I worked there for three years...Basin too. Fairly scary some nights. Thought the Basin was scariest.
Happy sales to you.

06-25-2004, 10:02 AM
"LIGHT" from Tennessee, http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
"Hellow" Spirit Friends,
Made it to Maletha's daughters house Thursday afternoon 'bout 3:30 p.m. Stopped
1000 times 'fore gettin' here to straighten up, walk a little. Made it just fine, thanks for all the prayers and distance support. Did not expect to "hook-up" w/computer, but missed everyone and wanted to say "You are ALL in my thoughts and Prayers for Healing-LIGHT to shine on you each and every day!
Going to see "Baby Emma" this afternoon and bask in the Sacred Energy only "the children "possess." Can't wait to see my daughter Sarah and her mate Bob too, has been since Christmas. Gonna spend tonight w/friends so maybe can check back in later.
Gotta give the "new family" their space and will visit daughter/grand-daughter again Sat. morning, have lunch, and then just "wing it."
Any word on spirit sister "Shimaka?" Hope ALL is well for her and the rest of my gratitude family. Have a Happy, Peaceful,Balanced, beautimous day.
BLESS you one & ALL. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/cool.gif
p.s. JJ, thanks for the "Good Start" missed it today. Peace, out!

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Jeannie Jones
06-25-2004, 01:12 PM
Originally posted by DaBee:
I live with a clear intention: to awaken...Now that we are on the ledge together, shall we remember to, once again, open the door? Shall there be a knock as a reminder, or will we simply be led, by spirit, to open the door? Jeannie, what happens next?

As we are better and better able to bring the joy to each and every moment, the door will open itself. But there's more to it than that, a channeled being has told me (not channeled BY me). As we merge with the next dimension, the new symbol will be the lower pyramid, or triangle, merging w/ the upper descending pyramid, or triangle, pointed downward and finally anchored, so that we have a 6-pointed star when they merge totally.

Our job as Lightworkers all over the planet, is to anchor in as much Light as is capable of going through our beings through our spines (thus accounting for so much back stress) and to hold as much joy in place as possible so that this might be done. (At least, this is my humble understanding of it.)

It has been said that there will be a spectacular display in the sky which will make it clear to ALL on earth at that time, when the dimensions have merged and the veils have been stripped away.

Sai Baba says that the "Golden Age" will begin in 2004. The "Keys of Enoch" say that this will be obvious to the world by 2007. Then there is much to do before 2012.

One thing that I've noticed on some websites is that the channeled material, for the most part, stopped coming through in the latter part of '03. One channel friend said that that has quit happening for her also in that way. Now more folks are getting it in the guided moment-to-moment way. I'd say we're getting much closer.

My channeled spirit friend said that it's already happened, but we just need to play it out, and not to worry about getting it wrong, as long as our "heart intent" remains good.

One of the Lindblad sisters, can't remember now which one it was, introduced me to the concept of the "simultaneity of time".

Must go eat something.

Love to all--hope Deb & Missie meet, hope Shimaka lets us know she's hangin' in there okay. Y'know, Shimaka, you can just check in without revealing all of the medical stuff if you wish--just do as you "hear" to do in this moment. Happy to hear from Becky, Steve & Deb--


PS--forgot--wanted to share this site w/you & see how y'all feel about it.


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