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10-10-2005, 12:58 PM
da bee, please be cautious taking mobic; I almost died from taking it two years ago. Within weeks of beginning taking it, I developed horrendous colitis that ended with hundreds of lesions in my colon. While sitting in my rheumatologists office (two of my doctor's didn't know the side effects of mobic at all) I picked up a Veteranian magazine with an article about that group of drugs being given to animals; they give expensive animals MONTHLY liver tests while taking them. When my wife finally researched the side effects of mobic on the net, she discovered that stomach lecions are 'to be expected' while taking the drug, liver damage is common as are all the lesions I got to see on live TV during the most painful colonoscopy in the history of medicine.
The danger of taking mobic did not out weigh the de-habilitating horrible pain that I live with.
Please check it out on the net.

10-10-2005, 05:42 PM
Thank you, i will. I could only buy a half rx because they are so expensive, but have submitted an application to the pharmaceutical company for a program for free Mobic. I've heard nothing as yet. So far, I've not had but maybe 15 of them, but can tell you that during the last week I've felt like I may have a stomach ulceration as everything I eat causes a painful reflux type indigestion.
I'm curious as to what you take as an antiinflammatory (I am assuming that you have RA). Ibuprofen really helps with the RA pain & swelling, but it tears my stomach up. I thought that the Mobic might be something that I can take. I am one to research everything I take, but totally blanked out on this one. Thanks for your concern.
Have you recovered from the Mobic problem?

Becky Davis
10-10-2005, 09:02 PM
Dabee, did you ever try the green tea leaves for awhile?

10-10-2005, 09:48 PM
Gosh, Becky, I didn't....totally forgot.
Didn't you say to brew them, then chew? Please tell me again.

Becky Davis
10-11-2005, 04:53 AM
No take it dry in a glass of water. Or you can get capsules, I think. I know you can get ginger capsules.

10-11-2005, 06:50 PM
Sorry to barge in here.
A natural anti-inflammatory would also be Turmeric (the spice you use in making curry yellow). You can buy bulk turmeric and put it into gelatin capsules; recommended dose is 3x4 capsules, on empty stomach...
More natural anti-inflammatories (about 1/2 down the page):
Other good stuff for your tummy: fermented foods like sauerkraut.
More: http://www.newstarget.com/006488.html

Becky Davis
10-11-2005, 07:41 PM
You can buy it in capsules already. I have some. I take it fairly often. I am sure Dr. Fain has it. I cannot take the acidophilus stuff. It makes me feel awful and upsets my stomach.

Green tea leaves are said to help shrink tumors. Don't know if true or not. Chinese think so. So I drink it occasionally dry in water. It does make me feel better, plus it gives roughage. I think it is very soothing.

10-13-2005, 11:09 PM
I was in Fayetteville today and went by Ozark Natural Foods and talked to the lady in the supplement department. Tried some of the green teas in the bulk area. She got a bit out of each of about 4 Chinese green teas for me to sample. By the time I chewed on the 4th tea she had to run and get me some water as I was a bit overwhelmed with the dried leaves in my mouth :eek: . I was intending to buy the capsulated green tea leaves, but she then talked to me about the turmeric. She said that it is the best anti-inflammatory supplement to take. It was on sale, so I bought a 2 month supply (60 1000 mg caps). Next time I go there or to Fain's in Eureka, I'll get the capsulated green tea. Both are great anti-oxidants plus have many more benefits.
I'm wondering, outsider2002, when you say 3x4 a day, does that depend on the strength? What I got today is called Maximized Curcuminoids 1000 mg. It's a Vibrant Health brand, which I'm not familiar with, but the NF lady said was the best they had. The instructions say 1 (or more) a day. I know that some supplements don't do much good unless you take the optimal dosage. Will read more on this, but it sounds like you must know of the benefits personally and I like to get personal use information.
Thanks for everyone's input on this. Maybe some other folks reading this will find it beneficial, also.

Becky Davis
10-14-2005, 02:31 AM
You don't chew it...just drink it down with water..the idea is so the leaves will adhere to the inside of your intestines and give medicinal effect.
Tumeric is really really good...so you did good. I have been trying to talk my son into trying it.
It also is supposed to keep down free radicals.

Have you ever tried Evening Primrose Oil? Good for lupus, fibromyalgia.

Oil of Oregano is good for local infections.
How did that monkey grass do?

10-14-2005, 08:08 AM
Did y'all read this?


10-14-2005, 08:52 PM
I have taken Flax Oil and also Glucosamine with Chondroitin, for a couple of years. Would I just add the Turmeric, or delete one or both of the others? I take Aleve when I have an especially bad time, which has been pretty regular for the last couple of weeks.

Becky Davis
10-15-2005, 05:33 AM
I would just add the tumeric. As long as you aren't taking too much of anything that might be a blood thinner....but, I am only a layman at taking herbs and I know they can be powerful. Dr. Fain has an email address. He can answer just about any question you may have.

10-15-2005, 08:15 AM
We have a "Dr Fain' here too. His name is Dr Boatwright. He has been at the same location since about the mid 50's. I take no prescription meds since that fiasco with Bextra, but I ask him a lot of stuff. I no longer go to a doctor either.
My husband has to take several prescriptions each month and I just corner Dr B while we are there.

10-15-2005, 09:30 AM
So, if you don't mind Grayfox, would you tell us what it is that Dr. Boatwright tells you to take and for what? Anything besides the flax oil, glucosamine and chondroitin? Were you actually on Bextra?
From what the gal at Ozark Natural Food told me, just add the turmeric to whatever else you are taking. I'll also add the capsulated green tea next time I go to Fains or ONF.
Anybody know a natural supplement for high blood pressure? Feel that if I loose the extra 25# I'm carrying around, that would help the bp and the cholesterol level. Would probably help with the hip and low back pain too. Right, healthy living in itsself, which is up to me, is probably the #1 way to address these issues. Taking the right herbal supplements would be right up there, too.
I'm thinking about swinging this thread concerning the supplements to the Open Forum to get more input. Wha'chall think?

Becky Davis
10-15-2005, 10:08 AM
Fine with me. We need all the info available.

10-15-2005, 01:00 PM
DaBee.It took me over a year to recover from the colitis effects of mobic, plus I had to consider any liver damage(which is apparently quite common}. One thing that is helping a bit is the silk worm enzyme serrapeptase. Fain has it. My wife first noticed oddly her varicose veins disappearing, we both noticed less pain from arthritis. I take extremely hot baths several times a day for just a minute or two and that helps a lot, but that raises ones blood pressure.
I don't have RA,but degenerative Joint disease > Good luck

Jeannie Jones
10-15-2005, 03:45 PM
I've stayed out of this one, because right NOW, all I'm taking is the chemical drugs that my neurologist has me on. I've had no experience with green tea. One time I was going for a refill at Walgreens, I noticed green tea GUM! right next to me on the shelves. I remarked about it, and said something like I'd been wanting to try green tea because I'd heard so many good things about it, and the pharmacist said that it is a stimulant, and it would disagree with the Parkinson's/epilepsy drugs I'm taking (though I do not have those conditions).

10-15-2005, 04:13 PM
DaBee, Dr Boatwright actually advises my husband more than me. He did agree with me taking the Flax Oil and Glucosamine. He also agreed that I should stop the Bextra when I called the doctors office and told the receptionist my symptoms and that I needed to see the doctor. She said that the next appointment she had was for three weeks away. I told her what to do with her appointment book and hung up. Then I went to Dr Boatwright and we decided on Aleve and the other stuff. I try not to use Aleve any more than absolutely necessary, but lately I've really had to. Like Jeter, the hot baths help and I don't have elevated
B/P so I can do that when I need to.

10-17-2005, 11:24 AM
I used to be on a commercial product that had Turmeric in it, but somehow there was a period of time when it was impossible to get it - manufacturers problem or something like that. That's when my doc told me I could just try to make my own capsules, and take 3x4/day, in-between meals. I don't remember what the recommended strength is, but I know now that I make it myself, the cost is a fraction of what the commercial product cost...

10-17-2005, 01:16 PM
I'm wondering if the turmeric is something that can be bought in bulk at Ozark Natural Foods.
I have an encapsulator and the gelatin shells and that makes easy work of it. Don't know how you would determine the strength, but I'll ask when I go there next.
I started out taking 1000 mg a day of the Curcuminoids, but after a few days upped it to twice a day. Trying to have a positive attitude about the results, and that always helps, but think I really am starteing to feel a bit better. This has been an especially painful last couple of weeks for me. I really was going to get on the Mobic, even though it is a drug because I just wasn't functioning very well, but when Jeter told me about his problems, I have started looking elsewhere. I have taken supplements in the past, but probably because I didn't take them correctly, had no good results. So, again, thank you, Jeter, for your concern and sharing.